Black Dollar – Black Money Scam

While this particular scam is usually referred to black dollar scam, actually any worldwide currency can be used for the act. The victim somehow has been involved into believing they can get rich quick through actual money laundering. Victims are conned to believe they literally can wash money. The con artists can be very charismatic, intelligent and persuasive individuals who search for foreign victims with a promise they can get rich quick. Don’t underestimate the skills and the charisma of these scammers! While it may appear rather stupid that anyone could fall for such a scheme, you would have to see such a person in action and witness the almost hypnotic power behind these lying eyes.

Unsuspecting, the victims are being presented with a suitcase full of black paper in the size of real money. Scammers will tell this money is painted black to get past the airport scanners or being refused by the government and as such now painted black. Mixed in this suitcase are a few real bank notes, which are painted with a black substance. The suitcase is shown to the victim. The criminal, appearing as if choosing the black dollar randomly, while knowing exactly where he hid the few real painter black notes, picks the bank note and pours it into a “secret chemical substance” and thus making the black paint go away from the real money.

The victim then is being told that this whole suitcase can be washed with this “expensive substance”. A huge potential return on investment and greed opens the wallets of the victims, who pay large sums, usually tens of thousands of dollars for this supposed secret chemical liquid. After the substance has been bought by the victim, the criminal will give instructions for the use of the chemical remover and all of these instructions will be made to buy scammer a little time. Either that you are supposed to place the substance into a refrigerator for 96 hours… or after you have mixed all the ingredients, they have to stand still a particular amount of time. Of course after you realized you are washing black paper with water and an aspirine in it, it is already too late.

Tips for recognition:

  • The texture of real bank notes and paper is different
  • Background of the real bank note may be visible through the black coat or paint if exposed to light while other black papers remain black

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    wow, did not know people would fall for that

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Think of the word GREED

  3. Anonymous Says:

    may i know more about this BLACK MONEY?

    e-mail me at

  4. fo6rus Says:

    may i know more about this BLACK MONEY?


    i have but i dont now how i clean????????
    what the solu????????

  5. admin Says:

    You can’t clean this! Please read the article, black money is a scam!

  6. thomas Says:

    i have just been approached by a fraudster from cameroon asking me to part with $1500 as transport fee for two cases of black dollar each with $2.5 million dollars.the consignment has been delivered from un offices in drc in nairobi but am too smart to fall in for that crap

  7. zacaria Says:

    I am from exposure to the fraud of installation and Mzalat dollars with what can be done by
    I do not know the article Make.

  8. MIke Says:

    I just been approached with this scam, 2009 nov 24 in EU Hungary, nam is michael. The story was unfolding, many people involved with fraud, the story was that the US goverment transports money this way, to make sure nobody can steal it :)

  9. No name Says:

    the money is first coated with clear glue,preferably paper glue and it is then left to dry…step 2: paint the bank note with iodine purchasable at any drug store without prescription…step 3:hold the iodined note over a fan to dry and as it dries it will turn black…..

    nexxt….pack these bank notes along with paper cut out in the same shape as the real money into a suitcase…and show it to an unsuspecting ,moneyhungry mugu(moo-Goo)… clean it u just need ascorbic acid tablets (vitamin C) mixed with water,otherwise known as the expensive chemical cleaner……people beware….it is scam…

  10. CHAMA KAYS Says:

    Be ware this is a deadly scam one of my friends is losing his house if nothing happens by 8th january 2010, because of the same satanic black dollar, also beware people are using magic in this scam, dont rush to become wealthy.

  11. CHAMA KAYS Says:

    obviously Godfrey should be a potential scammer watch out!

  12. Mandy Says:

    I was approached by man from congo with this black money and thank God l researched it and told them off. They even came with real bank note and cleaned it in front of me but l told them am as poor as a mouse and the left me. What has this world come to?

  13. evans Says:

    black is black and will never be real. scammers are very tricky be watch full if u have to buy tell them to fast clear the job then you strunded with 20 million USD in which i paid my dear 1m USD & i will never see it again but thanks i manage to slaughter the scammer.
    Dear technical people with the blacks i have are u sure vit C tab will work?

  14. jaxern Says:

    This is real. I just recently found out that my own brother fell for such a scheme and lost $90,000. He was duped by two African men. They were still contacting him until he confessed to me about his situation and I put a stop to that. I can’t understand how he ended up like that; I mean he’s an educated professional in his field and yet failed to use common sense. If it is too good to be true, it is. Why would a stranger want to give you money? I would suspect even if a stranger gave me any amount of money. I’m naturally suspicious of Africans (from Africa). Sorry, but that’s how I feel.

  15. ganaika Says:

    two nigerians approached me in srilanka saying usa investing 100million dollers in trincomalee to develop it. asked me to be their business partener,and collected 10000 dollers,after showing trunk full of black notes.however,now both are in police custody….

  16. joseph A.M Says:

    This is real even I my self, there is some one who try to still my money by the same situation, but I was very aware of it

  17. jan Says:

    Same thing happened to my cousin.he’s left with apparently £80000 black money. The 2 black guys said they need as much cash as possible to put in between 2/3 black notes. So my cousin got all of his savings out around £17000 and apparently they wrapped the money along with £80000 and mixed it with “special solution”. EVANS did u manage to remove the ‘black’ on them notes u have??

  18. Timothy Says:

    I’m a black south african i fell in the same trap. I was approached by two nigerians who cleaned R100 note infront of me. They rapped my R13000 with other so called genuine bank notes, they sprayed a chemical which turned my money into a completely dark useless papers, they then demanded a R4800 to clean it,which i refused to pay. How do i remove this chemical from my money.

  19. cepi Says:

    I’ almost became the victim … so don’t belive to dream in where promise u to get much money or make u rich man in quickly. thank to the articel ….

  20. aRE Says:

    omg i am a victim myself.. 2 Nigerians came to me n told me dat der father was an ambassador n dat dey wanted to invest theyre money but bcoz dey r foreigners dey cnt!! dey said dats der father had some issues with the goverment so he escaped to india n he had hes friend over did da arrangement n sended da monwy.. its da same story but da box that was spent to me had da solution broken inside it so i didnt concentrate how da selection of the money happened.. now i still have the boxes, they claim that the box contains 5 million dollars
    i paid 3,000 to get the box from the nigerian embassy.when the solution broke dey said dell go to the embassy. they was a paper inside the box showin how to work the solution. all i wanna know is there real black money can be washed my solution as a form of security? or is it a scam?

  21. Stephen Morgan Says:

    Listen these guys are now travelling around Europe, they have a really cute variation on this scam. They show you the notes, all black and the same size as a 50 Euro note. Next they give you some bullshit and take a genueine 50 Euro note they then wrap two of the black notes together and make a sandwich of the whole thing. Loads of chemicals in a tray then miraculously THREE 50 Euro notes appear after a load of washing in a bucket. Brilliant act and of course all three notes are genuine. The scam is that they ‘need’ loads of genuine notes to activate their black ones, They then arrange a further meeting and they need some real money to activate their black money as the ‘sandwich’ process only works one time with each genuine note. A really clever scam which I am sure will con loads of people. These guys are slick and competent professionals be warned Regards Steve

  22. alex Says:

    I need help. Two men from Cameroon have approached me and said that they have 3.5 million USD in “white negative bank-notes”. They transformed 2 white bank-notes in fromt of me using mercury and a transparent solution. They haven’t asked for any money from me but they want me to join them in their money-making activities. They haven’t revealed to me what they want from me. All I know is they want me to be involved in their money-making activities. What should I do? Am I being scammed? Please tell me your opinions. Thank you!!

  23. Dzember Says:

    I also was a victim of the black money scam. they ask me to use 1 piece genuine money and stack with 2 black notes like a sandwich. The result I get is all my genuine money turn black and the 2 African disappear. I have try to wash with ascorbic(vitamin C) but it doesn’t work. please give me other solution. I just want my money back

  24. sk Says:

    Guys this is the biggest fraud and scam, i am the victim and i lost some money from 3 africans in early 2000. they will just give you dreams with suitcase of black papers.

  25. POp Says:

    I don know how people still believe this. But still will try to use this in a movie

  26. Ben Says:

    SCAM!!!!!!! They took me for over $10,000 and all I got in return was $100. They kept trying to get more from me, wanting me to buy more cleaning solution. Don’t get involved!!! I have reported to the FBI and they did nothing. Seems that this is over their heads or someone from there is also involved, I don’t know. This is a spam scam for sure probably funding some terrorist organization. It must be a big business because I get at least 1 of the scam e-mails per day. Someone is getting wealthy at our gullible expense.

  27. viviane Says:

    I agreed with Stephen Morgan.. BLACK MONEY IS A SCAM AND ALL IS BULLSHIT! dont believe on this.. what they told you all lied.. black dollar or white dollar,chrome dollar all fake ! and please dont get involved, now they are in asia, Indonesia, they almost trick on me, they show me the sandwich trick, but im not stupid..they ask me to get involved in this activity they looking for woman especially educated woman,rich Chinese woman,or working lady to become they sponsor.. PLEASE ALL WOMAN IN THE WORLD DONT BE STUPID ! THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU GET INVOLVED.. they only care with your money not you..they will make you me.

    Note : I know all of this trick because one of them is my ex boy friend.. so i knew exactly what they do.. so please dont believe it.

  28. alf Says:


  29. mario Says:

    The scam is already in PH. a certain nigerian nationals are being caught by the phil authorities. beware of this scam the black dollars these are fake…

  30. jame Says:

    hi i been scamed and they but all my money in btwen the black nots i dont know how to clean it please please help ? and they take some money for ssd solution .is there any way so i can clean my money ??please

  31. ed snate Says:

    this scam is going on in shenzhen, china. beware of doug simonson – usa national. he is involved heavily with the africans.

  32. desy Says:

    guys… i need ur help, last year i meet a guy from french in penang, we had good relationship, he come to my place in jakarta for business like he said, then last month he come back again to jakarta and show me how to wash EUR 50 becoming EUR 150, EUR 50 for me and EUR 50 for him. i saw how it works with my own eyes.

    than he offering me to wash more money, minimum EUR 10000, because its to expensive to buy that chemical…

    i said to him to wait until my money is enough to wash, but i dont stupid like he think of me, i do search in internet bout this black money scam, and i still have good connected with him…

    i want to get him into the prison, but how can i do that?? and advice for me will be good

    thanks guys

  33. irfan Says:

    ha ha ha,this is all story is right my dear all friends,
    i am very very like Anonymous group people,

  34. Juris Says:

    Thanks for this.

  35. K Says:

    Hey guys, I’m aware that there is this scam going on, but I must tell you that there is some real thing as well. Some secret services use black coated currency to fund violent groups, especially the US. They give black dollars to the militants, and some chemical, both kept at different locations. So, even if a note goes in the unauthorized hands, they can’t use it. Even if the lot is looted, there is this way of tracking them. I must tell you that, I believe, its black mercury compound, usually, but the chemical is hard to find and there are a lot of scammers. Its rare, but you may expect it to be real if its in a conflict ridden zone, where many foreign agencies are involved.

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