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Travel Agency Scam – Travel Agent Fraud

Would you love to take a trip to a dream destination and not have to pay very much for all of your expenses? Most people certainly would, and that is why travel agency scams are so popular these days. There are many forms for travel agent fraud out there, and knowing when a deal is [...]

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Tourist Traps – Tourist Scams

Although the connotation for the words “tourist traps” is often times less than appealing, many of these places are actually interesting on a less than mainstream kind of way. There are people in this world that would rather enjoy quaint, off-road, eccentric places than the most popular tourist spots. Tourist traps, as a rule, are [...]

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Taxi Fraud – Taxi Scam

Every year hundreds of people, mostly tourists are victims of Taxi Fraud. There really isn’t a lot of attention to them and that is why they still continue to happen. But don’t just think that these scams and frauds are being committed by the drivers. Over half of the frauds committed are caused by the [...]

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Travel Scam – Travel Fraud

Variations on travel scams are numerous and ever changing. If you travel frequently, informing yourself on some of the details about travel scams will pay off for sure. Most travel scams occur in big cities, still if you are in a rural destination it doesn’t mean you can walk with your eyes closed. Language barriers, [...]

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Hotel Fraud – Hotel Scam

Staying at a hotel should have a relaxing effect, rather than making you worried how and where you will be ripped off. Hotel fraud is a big industry and if you don’t check your bill twice you may be charged for unwanted services with your permission. While these below rip-offs are not really dangerous to [...]

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