5 Ways to Please an Identity Thief

Would you hand someone your credit card and tell them to go have a shopping spree, your treat? No. But you may as well be doing that if you don’t take some precautions with your identity. Fraudsters are watching you, and they’ll jump at the chance to steal your bank account number, Social Security number, and anything else they can exploit for personal financial benefit, not caring about the damage their victims may face. If you really want to hand over your identity, here are five fast ways to do it:

1. Reply to E-mail Scams

You know the ones: “Dear Friend, In order to claim your inheritance of $18,000,000, you must open a bank account where the funds can be deposited…” or “You’ve just won the lottery! Send us the processing fee to claim your millions in cash!”

If you want to lose your money and deliver your financial information to these scammers, go ahead and reply to e-mails like these. Once scammers know you’re interested, they will stop at nothing – including threats, sweet talk, and pleading – to get your money. If you’d rather hang onto your hard-earned cash, delete these e-mails and go about your business.

2. Take the Phisher’s Bait

Phishing is another e-mail scam, only not as obvious as the ones described above. Phishers cast out a line and hope to hook gullible victims. They do this by sending out official-sounding e-mails that seem to be from banks, payment processors, or auction web sites. PayPal, Ebay, and the IRS are frequent targets, but scammers are constantly broadening their bases. The ruse is usually the same: the e-mails warn you of a security threat or other change to your account, and ask you to verify your personal information in order to reset your password, etc.

To lose your identity to this scam, all you have to do is click the links provided in the e-mails. They will take you to a login page that isn’t the least bit official, even though it looks like the real thing. You’ll be asked to verify account details like your PIN, Social Security Number, and date of birth – everything a clever scammer needs to pretend to be you. On the other hand, you could report these e-mails to the institutions that got spoofed. That way, you’ll be saving your own money, and quite possibly other people’s as well.

3. Give Out Personal Information Over the Phone

Identity theft has blossomed on the Internet, but it’s not limited to cyberspace. What would you do if you got a phone call from the IRS? They’re having trouble processing your tax return and just need to verify your Social Security number and date of birth. That sounds legitimate, right?

Wrong. These types of calls are made by scammers who claim to represent government agencies, charities, or your own bank. Give them everything they ask for if you want to lose big. Otherwise, record the number and the name of the caller. Then hang up and call the company or charity’s official line. Ask them if the call was legitimate. If it turns out to be a scam, you can report the number that the thief was calling from.

4. Toss Out Your Junk Mail Without Shredding It

We’ve all received those pre-screened offers for credit cards, car loans, and other nonsense. Many people become desensitized to these offers and just toss them into the trash can fully intact. That’s just what thieves are hoping you’ll do.

These offers usually contain your personal information, including phone numbers you can call to apply for your pre-approved credit cards. Some even contain actual cards which require nothing more than a phone call to activate. If you’re feeling generous, throw away these offers without shredding them first. The thieves who use your identity to apply for cards of their own will be most grateful. Or you could make sure that such letters are unreadable before you put them out for the dumpster-divers.

5. Don’t Pay Attention to Your Finances

Identity thieves bank on the apathy or negligence of their victims. They know that some people don’t regularly check their bank account or credit card statements. Days, weeks, or months of unauthorized charges could add up before the victim takes notice. Some thieves even make a large number of small charges rather than a few big ones. This technique prevents those pesky fraud alerts from interfering with their shopping spree on your coin.

To play right into their hands, never monitor your credit cards. Just let them sit for long stretches of time. Don’t even look at your account statements until it’s time to pay up. Then you’ll have a big surprise or, more likely, several surprises. It’s almost like Christmas, but not as enjoyable.

If you’d prefer to keep your money to yourself, check your balances often. Report any fishy transactions immediately. The bank or credit card company will stop further charges from being made. You can also contact Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion and tell them about the identity theft. Whichever credit bureau you call, they’ll alert the others and prevent thieves from taking out loans in your name.

Identity theft is a very real threat, but it’s also largely preventable. Make the right decisions to keep your identity where it belongs – with you.

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3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Please an Identity Thief”

  1. Piero Navarro ‘Motorcars of Distinction’ Florida – Bob Fidler Fraud

    Was searching Google the other day and I saw a mug shot of Peter L. Navarro who goes by the name of Piero Navarro. Peter L. Navarro aka Piero Navarro is the owner and operator of Motorcars of Distinction in Riviera Beach Florida. He has scammed hundreds of people and the victims always do go and report it to the police but everyone gets the same answer that it is a civil matter. Peter Louis Navarro aka Piero Navarro of Motorcars of Distinction in Riviera Beach Florida is one of the most dangerous criminals I have ever encountered and heard about.

    In October 2004, as my husband was dying at Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles California, I was advised by his friend Bob Fidler to gather all of our assets and try to sell them as soon as possible. Bob Fidler said it would be the best thing to do at that time and that he will help me because he knows about these things that he is Judge Larry Fidler’s brother in LA and that he has more experience than me with these things. he told me to get my husband’s wallet and agenda, and all the paperwork in the house and put it in garbage bags and give it all to him to sort out and help me since I was living in the hospital and was busy with my husband. I was 25 at the time and as I was taking care of my husband, I told Bob Fidler what I thought were the assets which we had. Some cars, one of them was a 1988 Rolls Royce limousine, the other a 1995 Cadillac then I gave him the garbage bags with our documents including my husband’s wallet thanking him for helping me.
    The Rolls Royce limousine was bought from Piero Navarro from Motorcars of Distinction in Florida for $50,000. Bob Fidler told me to call and ask if Motorcars of Distinction would like to buy the car back from me and to tell Motorcars of Distinction that my husband is dying and I need to sell these cars because I have no use for them. I got on the phone with Motorcars of Distinction in Florida and spoke with Piero Navarro who said “Yes”, he’d love to buy the car from me, and that he’s glad I called him first because I’ll be in good hands with him. Both Bob Fidler and Piero Navarro said that the other cars we had were of no interest to them to buy them from me and that they are not as valuable as me and my husband think that they are, except for the 1988 Rolls Royce limousine in which they both said they are interested in.
    So Piero Navarro sent a tow truck to pick up the car and Bob Fidler told me that since the car was in my husband’s name, that I had to transfer the title in my name in case my husband were to pass away, that it would be easier to sell it if it was in my name. I said ok and I went with him to a AAA location and signed my husband’s name off the title of the car since I had proof I was his wife and that he was unable to sign since he was in a coma. I didn’t feel like doing any of this because my husband was in bad condition and wanted to be with him at the hospital, but Bob Fidler said it’s necessary I do this. Somehow when we came out of the AAA location, Bob Fidler’s name was on the title and I don’t know how it got on there. I didn’t question it at the time because he said that he knows what he’s doing and to trust him and since his brother was Judge Larry Fidler of Los Angeles and Piero Navarro was a big dealer for Ferari and Exotic cars in Florida, I had all the confidence in them, besides, my husband was falling in and out of commas, doctors told me he might die any time and I was worried, I had other things on my mind.
    I went back to the hospital where my husband was, I waited for Piero Navarro to send a man to pick up the limo with a tow truck from Florida and get paid. Upon the arrival of Piero Navarro’s employee, Bob Fidler was present and everyone agreed to give Bob Fidler the check for the limousine for $30,000 because Bob Fidler said his bank was ‘better’. I started to get worried at that point and called my husband’s friend Ken Roberts who has told me to call him if I ever encounter any problems. Ken Roberts told me to call Philip Zanghi (his partner, close friend and lawyer) and that Philip Zanghi would know what to do in a situation like this.
    During this time, my husband passed away and as I called Philip Zanghi, he asked me to come over at his office for a consultation. I went to his location on Wilshire which was an apartment. While I was there, he said that Piero Navarro and Bob Fidler sound like they were trying to steal the car. At this time, the Cadillac car was stolen from the side of the street, then Philip Zanghi has told me to leave all my belongings and put only what’s valuable to me in my car and just come and stay with him until all this will be taken care of.
    Just before that, and during this time, Bob Fidler said that these guys don’t mess around and that I better skip town and forget about all this or I might end up dead and that he will miss me if that were to happen and he doesn’t want that to happen, also that they know where my parents and family live, that they have my social security number and Bob Fidler said that even he himself is a member of the jewish mafia and that he’s done a thing or two in his life so I should not call the police about anything. It sounded as if he was looking out for me at the time and I believed him. I had no family close by at the time and my husband’s family showed no interest in helping me, my friends were also busy with their lives and my parents were in Chicago, my father being in heart surgery going in and out of Intensive care.
    So I brought all my things up to Philip Zanghi’s apartment, Ken Robert’s close friend, partner and lawyer and when i was all settled in, he asked how will I pay for his help? I said I don’t have anything but $2,000. He asked to hold on to that money and i gave it all to him. After a while, Philip Zanghi said that I must provide him with sexual acts if I really want him to help because it will take a lot of work convincing these men to pay for my car and leave me alone. I felt anxiety because my husband died just a day or 2 before but I agreed, thinking I better do whatever everyone said, hoping that all this will pass soon and they will all give my things back, the car, the documents, my husband’s wallet and everything will get back to normal.
    For the next two weeks I did and followed as i was told by everyone and then Philip Zanghi told me that he was upset with my husband because my husband and his wife were lovers, then Philip Zanghi laid down all the cash I gave him and told me that $1,500 out of the $2,000 I had, was a reasonable amount for me to give him for all the work he did for me. I told him that “I thought you were helping me for Mr. Ken Roberts who sent me to you”. He got angry and told me to leave his house, go to Chicago and never come back.
    I left, got in my car and drove back to my parents. When I got there, i called Piero Navarro of Motorcars of Distinction in Florida, who had my car and I took the situation in my own hands, still hesitant to go to the police. Piero Navarro Agreed to sending me the check for the 1988 limousine and when I received it, I took the check to the back and the banker told me that the check had Bob Fidler’s name on it and that I cannot deposit it, it’s a bad check. I immediately called Piero Navarro of Motorcars of Distinction in Florida and told him what the banker said. Piero Navarro said I should send him the check back as soon as possible and that he will send me a good check which I’ll be able to cash instead. I did what he asked and I waited. When I didn’t hear back from him, I called Piero Navarro back and asked when will he send me the good check? As I was crying to him over the phone, it sounded as if he was masturbating. To make the long story short, I never got paid for the limo, it’s been six years now, like I said before, the other Caddillac car was stolen at the time I visited Philip Zanghi, but the police found it. Then the police let the man who stole the Cadillac go.
    About two years ago, Piero Navarro once offered me $13,000 for the limo and said that he’s having some money trouble and that he’s very sick as well, but he’s doing some changes to his business and everything will be in his wife’s name (Christine Navarro) I believe is her name, and that he told his wife about me, so if anything were to happen to him, that his wife would pay me. Then a year later he said that he has children and priorities and a family and that he doesn’t have to pay me after all. I can try to take him to court but the car is gone. He said he did something to the car that I won’t be able to ever win in court against him, I can’t have the car anymore, and he doesn’t have to pay me, he said.
    My husband was dying and I trusted Piero Navarro of Motorcars of Distinction in Florida that he would pay me for the car he got from me. I also trusted Bob Fidler and the man Ken Roberts sent me to, Philip Zanghi. These are respectable men, I thought. Ken Roberts is good friends with the Clintons and many other high profile figures. I don’t know where the car is now. It’s been six years. I went to the police more than a year ago and told them about these people and reported the Rolls Royce Limousine stolen. Detective Porche of Los Angeles, who was in charge of the limo being stolen laughed about my story and said that he already removed the car from the system as being stolen because it was my fault and now the car is owned by an innocent doctor. Detective Porche of Los Angeles said that I can go to court but that there’s nothing he can do for me.
    I’m scared to go to court against these men and Motorcars of Distinction. I’ve never gone to court before and when I think about it, all alone, I don’t think I will win. Even Piero Navarro of Motorcars of Distinction has told me I have no chances of ever winning. Bob Fidler said that his brother is Judge Larry Fidler of Los Angeles, so he knows the court system, who would believe me? All the costs of the court would bring more grief as well, I’m barely over the death of my husband which has brought me much grief, as I loved him very much. He was my life.
    I also don’t want to die. I think the threats I heard from Bob Fidler will happen if I were to pursue this in court. Piero Navarro said he’d pay me $30,000 for the car and going to court could cost up to $20,000 in court fees.
    I’m 31 now. I was 25 when all this hapend. I realize now that feeling threatened and scared for my life right at the time my husband was dying was not right. I am Romanian, barely in this country for a few years and I didn’t know the American Law. My parents taught me to never cause trouble and to always listen and respect the older people. I don’t want to die, but I want my story known. All my friends and family know it already.
    This is my story in truth, written to the best of my abilities in the English language.

    Ana Mathes

  2. As President and Chief Executive Officer of Wayland Realty and Robbie Hindman Real Estate in Newport, Arkansas, I have seen so many scammers erect from Florida. I heard of Peter Louis Navarro who also goes by Piero Navarro from Motorcars of Distinction. Piero Navarro has a great deal of negative posting on FerrariChat.com as well as the better business bureau. Piero Navarro has been arrested and convicted of fraud and is under federal and state investigation. My name is Robbie Hindman and I am also a deputy sheriff of Jackson County, Arkansas and I have investigated Peter Louis Navarro, also known as Piero Navarro and he is not good news. He has scammed many working class people and I do not recommend anyone doing business with Piero Navarro of Motorcars of Distinction. Hendrik Honer and Piero Navarro own an enterprise in Boca Raton Florida as well as in Germany. I suggest that Peter Louis Navarro and Hendrik Honer are running illegal operations.

    Deputy Robbie Hindman
    Jackson County


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