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One of the basic foundations of the judicial system of every free nation is the notion that “no one is above the law”. This concept is very vital in the preservation of social order. In line with this, most laws are enacted in order to protect the underprivileged against those who will use their power and influence to oppress the weak. With this, lawyers are appointed as the vanguards of justice and the seeker of truth. But where will a poor, lowly citizen seeking for relief under the law go, if these so-called advocates of justice are the one trampling on their rights?

Accordingly, the most common form of malpractice in the legal profession is attorney scams. This term is used to denote the ways and means by which a lawyer uses his knowledge in law, in order to deceive the clients and for the purpose of amassing money. These acts constitute a direct violation of the ethical standards and professional code of lawyers. Through the years, people are shocked to hear various incidents of lawyers involved in scams. What is more shocking is that the victims are oftentimes the members of the impoverished sector of the society. They are simple people who are aggrieved and seeking for remedy the law can provide for them, but unfortunately have fallen to the wrong hands. The root cause of this problem is usually traced to greed. The materialistic mentality pushed lawyers to forget their sworn duty to uphold the interest of justice. Instead of catering to the welfare of the client, money became the primary consideration in handling the client’s case. Accumulating wealth at the expense of the weak became the trend, overshadowing the real purpose of becoming a member of the bar.

On the other hand, ignorance of the law and the legal process may have lead clients into believing that their lawyer is acting out in their interest. To put it simply, when the client does not now his rights and how it should be protected, he becomes an easy prey for ill-willed lawyers. Too much reliance on the lawyer’s guarantee that their cause would be pursued may have led these individuals to be a victim of the scams employed by lawyers. True enough, it is not expected that an individual knows all the intricacies of law, but he must at least have the basic knowledge of his rights and how it should be protected. There are many instances when a fraud lawyer is said to have committed a scam against a client. The most common scams are committed by lawyers:

  • Personal injury claims: An example of this is when the lawyer convinces the client to tell lies in support of his claim. Another instance is when the lawyer will confuse the client on the true nature of the case by using legal terminologies and jargons. The client is oftentimes totally unfamiliar with the terms used by the lawyer, making him believe that their lawyer is very much knowledgeable and confident on winning his cause. Also included in the unethical practices by some personal injury lawyers is forcing the client to sign a document he does not understand. These documents may be prejudicial to the cause of the client without him knowing that he is incriminating himself.
  • Pre-mature settlement: In this type of scam, the lawyer prematurely settles with the other party in the case. This is to ensure collection of higher attorney’s fees.
  • Giving false hopes to clients: and retain them to collect further attorney fees. Instead of telling the client the true nature of his case, the lawyer promises or even guarantees favorable court decision, but in fact only delays the case to obtain further profits.
  • Unlincensed Lawyer: probably the worst of all misrepresentation, the supposed-to-be lawyer is in fact, not member of the bar. The person who is representing the client does not have a license to practice law. This most of the time results to the miscarriage of justice, thus leaving the victim further oppressed and victimized.


It is true that at first, one may find it very hard to spot a scamming lawyer from an honest one. After all, they both use the same terminologies and jargons. Though this is the case, it is not impossible to avoid being preyed by greedy sharks in the legal profession. With this, it is necessary to be vigilant, keeping an eye open for possible acts of scams by lawyers. In order to do this, one must seek the recommendation of close friends and family members before hiring a lawyer. Always go to those already trusted by relatives and friends. More often than not, they will recommend a lawyer that they know is competent and trustworthy enough to handle even the most delicate cases. When in the process of selecting a lawyer, it is also advisable to ask for the attorney’s legal certificate. To do this, first hand knowledge of an authentic legal certificate is a must. This is to avoid being represented by a non-lawyer, resulting to mishandling of the case. It is also advisable to consult the local bar association regarding the authenticity of a lawyer’s license to practice. Lastly, but probably the most important thing to do to avoid being scammed is to ask for second opinion. Never settle for the opinion of just one lawyer and immediately hire his services. It would be better to look for another lawyer who offers free consultation fee regarding the merits of one’s case. A good lawyer never promises victory but only guarantees to uphold justice. A comparison of the lawyers’ opinions will help the client to distinguish a lawyer with genuine intentions from the scamming one.


The legal profession is one of the noblest vocations. Sadly, a few rotten tomatoes have created a general public mistrust through unethical practices. People from all walks of life must be wary of these individuals who tarnish the reputation of the profession. No one deserves to be victimized.

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  1. The reading-email scam. In 2008 the majority of small-town Midwestern lawyers I interviewed (whether I hired them or not) either said they did not have email in their offices, or they said they did, but it turned out later that the lawyers themselves did not use it. I find it clearer to communicate by email–especially since my case involves a lot of accounting data–so I only considered lawyers who said they used email.

    Unfortunately, their procedures encouraged bill padding. They had a secretary download the email, print it out, put it on the lawyer’s desk, and the lawyer read it a day or so later. The lawyers replied by dictating to their secretaries, who either composed an email or often, a letter on stationery (which they then scanned and sent to me as a PDF). None of these offices had broadband, and they charged me for download time–as well as the secretary’s time.

    Also, there were some emails exchanged between myself and the opposing party in the case (before I hired a lawyer), where we were responding to each other by top-posting and did not snip the old emails below. The lawyers insisted they had to read each email entire–they refused to consider merely ignoring old material clearly set off in quote marks–and they billed me accordingly. As well as complaining copiously about “having to read email,” which they implied was unusual and a hardship.

  2. I am Elazau from Nigeria,please let me tell you people is not only Nigerians that are engaged in scam other countries are eqaully in it,and please stop deserting the image of our sweet nation nigeria.

  3. Marion Browning-Baker, ex US Army JAG lawyer and currently presenting her status as a US Army Reservist, has been operating her “family law practice” out of her home in Stuttgart, Germany since 1996. The only problem: It is NOT a law practice but a systematic and methodical financial SCAM against every active duty service member, family member, and Department of Defense civilian which she can possibly convince to hire her for her family law “legal services” (which I use very loosely here).

    Her daily ad in the Stars and Stripes (which she is no longer allowed to advertise there) was her ONLY source of clients as everyone who contacted her through this forum became nothing less than her “target of financial opportunity.” Browning-Baker would take any case presented, ask for a $5,000 retainer, make you sign a statement that you will not discuss anything to do with your case with any other lawyer involved which she uses in your case, and then drain you financially for as long as she could – until you fired her.

    Closure or doing what you hired her to do (or thought you did anyway) was never an intent of hers as she drags simple cases out for years. For most of her clients and I have personally discussed this with more than 10 of them who were scammed by her like I was, she got away with anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 per client using this modus operandi.

    Since she bills monthly and provides her clients with no transparency in the process whatsoever, she falsifies bills and charges her clients for no work actually performed, she lies to other lawyers and misrepresents the facts of your situation in order to bill you for more money, she charges you for a full 30 minutes of her time to answer a 1-sentence email with another 1-sentence email, she bills your credit cards without permission, and she even intentionally generates legal problems with your case which result in her being able to bill you for even more money.


  4. Here’s a good one for all of you.

    My moms neighbor (lawyer) property attached to hers and for many years had been interested in her property sending her letters telling her he would get her more money than what was offered by realtors. Claiming he had some land development plan. Also (lawyer) on other side of her whose property did not attach in anyway was listed on the letters as a partner.

    This attorney neighbor executed my moms Will for her. During his deposition he said she was like a mother to everyone in the neighborhood. He claimed he unfortuanately sent his dear friend and neighbor home with the only signed copy of her Will. In his file he only had an unsigned copy. (In her Will she wanted a life estate left to her deaf son to be devided between 5 of her children when he decided to move) He was never questioned about his interest in her property or the letters he sent her including one from the year she passed away. We also had cards he sent to her claiming she was important to him signed with love. They were not mentioned either.

    Nurse gave deposition stating she had talked to my mom about having her affairs in order, guess what? the attorney didn’t submit her deposition for trial but sent her a copy to read beforehand. Deposition couldn’t be read from at trial and she was dismissed.

    He was supposed to be the first witness on the stand. Didn’t show until second day. This attorney should have been subpeoned with a date and time to appear in court. Our lawyer didn’t submit his deposition for trial or any of the other depositions that were taken on other witnesses so they couldn’t be used at trial. While on the stand testators lawyer did everything possible to get him out of testifying.
    Our attorney never questioned him regarding his interest in my moms property or any of the correspondence he sent her.

    Our attorney tanked the trial didn’t use evidence, didn’t submit evidence for trial, didn’t call witness’ it was basically a joke. We had a deposition from sibling whom they claimed took care of my mom that proved she was mentally ill and not allowed to testify in a previous case because of her illness. She had been hospitalized 3 times for mental illness and during her deposition could not even name my moms medications and admitted that I was the one who got my mom everywhere. She was on numerous medications including haldol injections for her mental illness. When on the stand she told the court that she drove my mom to her appointments. Our lawyer obviously didn’t read her deposition before the trial. He didn’t submit her deposition for trial as evidence. We paid out thousands of dollars in attorney fees and the testators of Will paid nothing, yet were able to bring in a second attorney to handle the trial for them.

    We had to have court ordered case evaluation. The case evaluator wrote that in his opinion we had proven my mom had a Will and it would most likely be admitted at trial. That couldn’t be used at trial.

    An estate lawyer was beaten by a tax attorney and divorce lawyer brought in to handle the trial.

    The sad thing is this isn’t even a fraction of the B.S. the legal scam artist’s pulled in regards to my moms estate as the nightmare continues…

  5. “A fish rots from the head down” is the saying. And that surely pertains to the US Army legal system – and their entire corrupt and inbred organization starting with the 3-star general/lawyer running it at the top.

    I personally lost over $40,000 when Captain Matthew Fitzgerald threatened me to do something totally against US Army regulations which he was totally aware. This was solely for his own self-serving and career enhancing reasons as flaunted on his annual rating as his biggest “success.”

    First I reported this to his Army lawyer superiors. What a joke that was! One of his admittedly personal friends did the faux investigation and found no wrongdoing. Then I reported him to his licensing state bar and he flagrantly lied about what happened when formally questioned in writing. His licensing state bar said anyone else would have been disbarred for what he did – but their hands were tied since the US Army lawyers as a federal agency were clearly protecting Fitzgerald.

    So I tried to take Fitzgerald to federal court but could not literally even get my foot in the door because of something called the Feres Doctrine which has been around since 1950. Fitzgerald has been promoted TWICE since this event.

    But it gets even worse and this is the real travesty of justice: Fitzgerald was an Army prosecutor for over four years since this event occurred. He sent soldiers to the Fort Leavenworth prison for violations LESS than what he is unquestionably guilty. Lying to the feds is a crime punishable by prison. Look at what happened with what Robert Mueller has done in 2018 and 2019. Fitzgerald should not be a lawyer anywhere. One day he will also draw a military pension.

    Go to the link and see it all at


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