5 Ways to Please an Identity Thief

Would you hand someone your credit card and tell them to go have a shopping spree, your treat? No. But you may as well be doing that if you don’t take some precautions with your identity. Fraudsters are watching you, and they’ll jump at the chance to steal your bank account number, Social Security number, … Read more

Scammed Again

Have you been scammed recently? If yes, better inform yourself before it happens all over again. Some con artists will try to squeeze every penny out of you even after you may not have any money left. You may receive an email from a con artist who will promise you to provide assistance in getting … Read more

Important Rules Of Trading

This post is an addition to all the traders of my trend follower forex trading system. However, it doesn’t matter if you trade currencies or stocks, long term or short term, these trading rules will help you in every market. You could also consider printing them out on paper and placing them close to your … Read more

Scammers – Scam Confessions

To understand scam you have to get inside the mind of the thief and begin to see what he sees, think what he thinks about and feel what he feels. The following is a statement made from a scammer after the program has been shut down and he/they got away unnoticed. Original was a little … Read more

Trend Follower FAQ

This is a follow-up to my previous post earn money with forex aka. Trend Follower 5 minute trading system. I have compiled a list of frequent questions and my answers. Q: How do I install metatrader indicators? A: Put the indicators in this folder (assuming your default C: installation and usual metatrader platform); You must … Read more

Make Money With This Forex Trading System

I have been a forex trader since more years. From time to time I still trade, but my trading times have increasingly dropped since I feel its more and more boring waiting for the market to give you a proper signal all day. The main reason why I am writing this article is because I … Read more

IP address, Proxy, Socks4 & Socks5

What is an IP address? Just like every house has its unique number so does your computer have a TCP/IP (internet protocol) address which identifies your machine to the internet. An example of an IP address is Your ISP provider assigns you an IP address each time you connect to the Internet. It is … Read more

eMail Conversation with A Thief

This is a second example of a true conversation with a scammer and is a follow up to my conversation with a scammer. We need to be sure you absolutely understand the methods of these crooks who defraud us our hard earned money. Practice makes perfect and so if you read my pages, methods of … Read more