Bogus Magazine Subscriptions

A variation of telemarketing theft where false, pretending to be telemarketers persuade consumers into paying subscriptions for magazines they don’t want, can not afford or even don’t know of. The subscription is being presented to you with a language so slick you don’t even know you have purchased several magazine subscriptions until you receive your monthly bill.

Deceptive telemarketers may avoid to provide you with an identity or simply fail to give you his/her name or the name of the company they work for. This however will rarely happen, as only a fool would try to scam us without some previous false or made up names. Presented company name and/or personal name may also be valid, but the person behind it is a scammer. The deceptive sales representative may encourage you to make purchases without the total cost. Many times after fees and hidden fees are the factors which make your wallet thinner. You may even be asked to provide financial information, such as your credit card number for “verification” purposes. A big mistake if you do that, since your financial information may be misused for unauthorized purchases or simply to empty your bank accounts.

Before you purchase a magazine subscription be aware of and practice below guidelines:

  • Read between the lines. Is that sweet representation really sweet or just a masquerade of a thief
  • If a salesperson contacts you by a medium with live chat, such as direct eye to eye conversation or per telephone, be sure to listen to the whole conversation and presentation. If anything seems suspicious to you, ask them questions, a lot of questions. If they fail to provide your desired answers hang up or if in direct contact simply say good-bye
  • If you are actually interested in the magazine and would like to order a subscription ask the salesperson for his name, name of the company, address and phone number of the company. Don’t give your credit card or any other personal information before you have verified the legitimacy of the company
  • Ask for the total cost including any later or hidden fees
  • Before agreeing on your purchase make ask for a written copy of the subscription contract with all the terms included
  • If you’re being asked to review a free issue to see whether you like it or not be careful. After you agreed on the free review you may be sent an invoice that you may cancel or in case you like it, continue. Some companies misuse this and you are charged for the supposed “free issue” before you canceled the subscription

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used my credit card once to get cash to gamble. this was at least 20 years ago on vacation and found out there was a casino. i had planned to use my debit card for some cash but would not take it, so i went to the cage and got what i can remember was either $100 or $200 to gamble.