Cheap electronics, mobile phones and digital cameras from China, Asia

There has been an increasing hype to buy electronic items such as phones, cameras and other electronic items at a much lower price than the manufacturers are selling it. A scammer example along with a price list can be found here. Individuals are looking to buy items for three times lower than the original market price and then resell them on eBay or similar auctions websites. These low rates are not possible, since if it were do you think you were the first to get this idea to make 100$+ per phone? The whole phone industry would turn upside down in days. Companies that claim to sell items at such prices are scams. Don’t look for such ridiculous deals, because they do not exist, period. Small individuals will not get a chance in this market category, because it is regulated by the big boys. Unless that individual is selling copies, refurbished or stolen items. Large company means large budget and if you have a high amount of funds you will be able to buy large amounts of products. If you are able to buy large quantities you will get a price discount.

Any day from now on Asian prices will get higher and higher until someday they meet our western standards. Normal Asian work force is getting one dollar an hour in their jobs. One whole day of work brings them just about enough for our western standards of an hour of work. That means Asian and many third country world peoples work is valued eight times lower than our own western. It only is a question of time when these countries will meet our standards of work and prices stabilize and become higher. It is about time this happens! Every world economy and country has the right to be free of other imposed rules such as we the westerners currently impose on cheap work force countries for our financial benefit. Eastern people have the absolute right to have our life standards and not far from now India and China will not be slaves of our desires anymore.

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This is the way things should be, get off what we are on now


We buy goods worldwide, mainly electronics.
Watch out for in USA, try calling their offices in UK, Canada or NY, they dont exist.
As for China, a few dodgy firms, nothing concrete apart from