Collection Fraud – Collection Scam

Debt collectors are in the business of collecting on your debts. The result is that debt collectors have to employ pressure tactics to get people to make their payments so they can close their account and be paid for their time and their services. While the majority of collectors collect unpaid accounts in a morally responsible way, there are fishy techniques that some of these companies use to get people to pay up, and to pay up now. In fact, some are not actually run by legit companies.

Common Collection Scams to Look For

One of the biggest scams is one in which the collector calls the debtor and tells them that they need to pay off an old debt. An old debt is one that is seven years or older or one that has exceeded your state’s statute of limitations, whichever one is longer. Old debts are to be discharged and the collector is not allowed to call and demand payment for an old debt. Don’t fall for this tactic.

Another common collection scam is when a company buys old debts from a bank or creditor. The company then looks someone up, calls them, and then starts harshly demanding payment. This company does not have any verification that the person that they are talking to is the actual person that has the debt, and they may call all of the people with that name that are listed in public profiles until they find someone who will own up to the debt, hopefully getting them to pay it off. If someone calls you and cannot verify your personal information for you, you should assume it is a scam. Remember not to offer your information to them, but to have them give it to you and also verify where the original debt came from.

One of the most common collection scams is for the creditor to actually tell you that they are going to take you to court or have you arrested if you do not make a payment. A creditor can call you and ask for payment, but under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act a creditor is not allowed to threaten to take you to court, to sue you, or have you arrested. If someone does use this scare tactic refuse to deal with them. Let them know that you know what the laws are.

It’s important to remember that you need to pay off your old debts. If you cannot make the payment or someone is trying to pressure you to make a payment you need to watch what you say. The reason for this is that in a lot of jurisdictions if you make a partial payment or admit over the phone or through the mail that the debt is yours, it will make an old debt new again or will verify that you need to pay off the amount due. If you receive a demand for a payment on a debt that is not yours, respond in writing and let them know that it is not your debt. This is called a dispute and you need to do this, otherwise it is assumed that the debt is yours and it will appear on your credit report until you pay it off.

Make sure to think of yourself first when collectors call. Remember that most collectors who are calling you are not trying to scam you, they are simply trying to do their job. Unfortunately for you, their job is to get their money back from you and this isn’t always a pleasant experience, especially when you don’t have the money to pay. Just remember that you can’t get blood from a stone, and if you can’t make a payment you don’t need to give in to pressure tactics. Remember that under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that you have rights, too.

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  1. Scam artists who claim to be representing “Quick Cash” are making fraudulent, “belligerent” and “harassing” collection calls in which callers threaten imprisonment and demand payment for defaulted loans from a variety of loan providers.
    “Quik Cash” is consumer brand of QC Holdings (QC), an Overland Park, Kan.-based provider of short-term, “payday” loans. NEITHER QUIK CASH, QC HOLDINGS NOR ANY LEGITIMATE COLLECTION AGENCIES HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THESE CALLS.
    Callers identify themselves as representatives of a collection agency called “A.C.S.” They typically confirm the victim’s identity, address, Social Security numbers, and bank information. They reference fake, overdue debts to “Quick Cash, “Sonic Cash” and other fictitious loan providers, and demand immediate credit card payments. They often reference fake court dates and possible imprisonment.
    QC abides by collections standards set forth by the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and the Community Financial Services Association.

  2. promest to lower all interest rates I had. They lied on their promse telling me if they counld not help they would refund my $1,100.00. Now they are telling me a have to do all these other things to get my money back, which one thing leeds to another. I just want my ccard refunded after 5 months.

  3. There is another collections fraud scam which has recently begun making the rounds. If you have ever taken out a payday loan, even if you paid it back in full and on time or have done any business more complex than just buying a money order from a payday loan company, you could find yourself on the receiving end of this con game: Scammers posing as agents and/or attorneys of a fictitious state or federal agency call the former customers of these lenders claiming they owe for delinquent loans and will be arrested and sent to prison unless they pay up at once. The sheer nastiness and aggressive tactics of the callers as well as other factors have lead authorities to suspect that many if not all of the perpetrators are regular nine-to-five debt collectors who are running this scam in their spare time. This would also explain how they obtained access to the needed information. Although state and federal agencies regulate and when necessary discipline errand payday lenders, NONE have any interest in or jurisdiction over any customer accounts, delinquent or otherwise. Unless a borrower obtains a loan through identity theft or other outright fraud there is no way he or she can be sent to jail for nonpayment- period! Don’t be taken in by these crooks, if you get a call from them get as much information as possible, then report them to the FTC. DO NOT give them ANY personal information, and don’t send them a dime.

  4. This is still happening. I received a call from Mike Copeland and Michael Davis. Pissed me off, they started calling at 4 am – first sign to me that something was wrong. I live in California and they were calling from California numbers. What the heck are they doing debt collection work at that time of morning? It is illegal to call before 8 am. I know this because a close friend previously worked for a debt collection firm.

    I supposedly owe a $300 pay day loan that was charged off by the company in 11/09. I now owe $753.86. In trying to understand how I owed a loan I never received, I was transferred from person to person – all with American names, but foreign accents. And the way I was transferred was crazy – you could tell it was to a person in the same room though a different number. The background noise level was always the same regardless of what number I called or called me. Same threats others have received: pay day loan that I don’t owe, going to have me arrested, going to have my family arrested, going to get me fired, going to sue me BUT they have no information to give. You ask them questions they become rude and threatening.

    The numbers I have been called from is 310-974-8964 and 760-514-0145. I tried my best to get information from them but of course, they have none to give. The company’s name that I got the pay day loan from is supposed to be First Cash International – I think. I was told that First Cash International gives loans under over 300 names so they could not tell me the name of the company I got my loan from or the exact date I received it into my bank account. Missed some of the conversation because the accents of callers I have spoken to are thick (sounds Indian) and the background so, so very noisy, it makes it really, really hard to hear. To resolve the debt, they wanted me to write a letter and sign stating that I acknowledged, and would pay the full debt. I was to have this letter notarized. The letter needed to contain my name, full mailing address, ss#, debit card number, name as spelled on my debit card, 3 digits off the back of the card, and the expiration date. They only take debit or credit cards as payment to settle the debt. I also needed to send a copy of my driver’s license and passport with the letter. When I asked there was no address to mail the letter to, I was told that the letter needed to be in the office immediately so I did not need an address – but I could fax it to 714-333-3058. The letter is a new twist to get even more information so I thought I would post to let everyone about it. I would not confirm any of my personal information they had (though they had the right information) feeling that this was a scam from the beginning. So I got off the phone, went online, looked up the phone numbers and did some searching to learn about this scam I had never heard about previously. Just as I suspected – a bad scam that tries to prey on one’s fears!

    So what will I do? Report it to the State Attorney General’s office, put fraud alerts on my accounts/credit reports, and pray that they stop calling. This is the scariest part to me – people who have reported that they do not stop calling. It would seem to me that they would give their scam a shot, and if they do not get the desired result that they would stop calling. So, I guess i will be letting a lot of calls where I do not recognize the number go straight to voicemail.

  5. I had just recieved a call from someone who claims they are from first cash international! I have a $1000 debt that i have not paid off. I knew it had to have been a fraud when he started to threaten me. I could hardly understand what this guy was saying with his strong indian accent. If you recieve a call from first cash international then dont buy in to what they are saying!

  6. Just received the same sort of message/phone call today! Luckily or not so — i experienced the same thing last summer and gave into the demands for money…. but when I started quoting the law this time the person proceed to yell at me and then hung up. THe first phone message was actually hilarious at the end …. again in thick indian accents… “If you do not return this call or disregard this matter, I can simply say, Good Luck and God Bless.” I was like, WTF??? The first person that reached me claimed to be from Customer Affairs and Business Regulations of the Department of Justice (cuz they do this work?) then when asked why the connnection was so bad and where I could call them back — # 530-884-2914 — the “attorney” got on the phone — cuz the other person was her “para legal”. Told me that the name of their company was “Federal Legislators” and she proceed to read me an “affidavit” that was to be filed in California Superior Court at 3 p.m. today….. When I questioned by whom I was being sued she said, “Instant Cash” they own over 300 payday loan companies and I received the loan in November of 09 — so i said, sure, how about I check my bank records and have my attorney contact you back and counter sue for bank fraud and the identity theft you are attempting…. she proceeded to yell at me then hung up!

    Please don’t be stupid like I was the first time I fell victim to this scam. These people are crazy adn have no power!!

  7. Wow, as I read the other posts…I am flabbergasted!! The same exact thing happened to me just a week ago. I received a call from a weird # and I let it go to voicemail. The guy had a STRONG indian accent but said his name was Mike Smith-an american sounding name. He left a VM stating that: Once again you have refused this message, please do not disregard this phone call as it is very time sensitive. If you do not return my call, then all I can say is good luck to what’s about to happen to you and good luck as your case unfolds. I was like, Who in the…..???!!!! He left a # to call back(they call from weird #s but leave even more weird #s to call them back) So i returned the call and this time a “Jeffrey”, again another american sounding name, answered. He proceeded to tell me that I defaulted on a pay day loan and he was calling from the attorney’s office representing Quick Pay Day Loans. When I asked him to give me info as to who I actually owed the money to-all he could say was Quick pay day has over 300 names in their database and he was not able to identify the lender. RED FLAG! Anytime I asked for info such as when I took the loan out, how much, what lender, they would yell and state that they would be sending a team of police to my job or residence to “drag” me to court or put me in jail tonight and drag me to court in the morning! RED FLAG again! Scary thing is I actually had a loan from a check’n’go online but I paid them off 2 years ago. So I was actually beginning to fall for this. They preyed on my fear. I told him that I wasn’t aware that I defaulted but I was willing to make the account good. He then said I could settle out of court. He said I needed to fax a notarized letter with my name, SS#, bank acct #, DOB, and other personal info authorizing them to make a one-time debit acknowledging that I owe a debt of $1,262. He also said to fax a copy of my driver’s license. I was so nervous, that I was actually about to do it!!!! I told him that I didn’t have that much and ask could I make payment arrangements, he started yelling, “Goodbye, maam, you’ll be seeing a team of police to drag you to court, if you want to pay your bills, just GO Away, Go Away!” I was like, Am I in a twilight zone??!!!! I hung up and told my mom and she immediately knew it was a scam b/c she had recently heard about it!! I then contacted the local police and made a police report. The calls have not stopped even after I had the police to call and say he was with the Police Dept. Funny thing is, everytime the officer would call they would put him on hold for a second and then hang up!! Beware everyone, this almost got me, but I did my homework and KNEW I wasn’t defaulted on any loan! And they cannot drag you to court a for a pay day loan!!!!

  8. Same thing happened to me as well. It happened a month ago, and when I called him back and told him that I needed something in writing the calls stopped. However, they started up again today. Once again, I received several calls from someone with an American name but a strong Indian accent. My daughter also received calls from the same person. And he also called my employer. Just like the other posts, his message says that my return phone call is time sensitive, and if I or my retained attorney do not return his call, all I can do is “wish you good luck.” This time also he told me that as of Monday, I would be fired from my job, he verified by name and address, my daughter’s name and my sister’s name, my banking institution. I was driving at the time and honestly do not remember, but I hope and pray to God that I did not verify my bank account number with him. I did file a police report.

  9. I got a call yesterday from a guy named Mike with a heavy accent. I did
    have some pay day loans out that had not been paid. He demanded I fax hima letter authorizing his company to debit my checking account a certain amount every two weeks. When asked if I could mail it he said no I had to fax it! I told him my brother was an attorney and I would have him look over the info and call him back today. He said to tell my brother if he wanted a job to call him and he would give him a job. He also said if I had a brother who was an attorney to get the money from him immediately. He said my brother was a suceess and I was a begger and a failure and needed to fax this immediately and he had a warrant with my name on it ready to be sent to my address. He had my address but nothing else.

  10. I had something similar happen Friday April 23rd 2010. A man called me giving me an american name but sounded Indian. He told me that I took a payday loan from a bank that was a federal bank and that I was going to be arrested either at home, the courts, or my job that he was going to call ssi and tell them i was frauding. He has all my information name address ssn, routing number and bank account basically has my whole life. I have been to the loan agency that he sated he represents but they said i am ok and i am making my payment to them. He stated because I denied some of the information he gave me he was going to turn it over to an iinvestigator and that i would be arrested yet told me good luck and god bless you. My boyfreind told him it was a scam. When I called him back to get more information he refused to give it to me and told me not to call him anymore but it is scary to know that there are people out there that are scamming and destroying peoples lives. I went to the bank getting that resoloved I went to the state police post and states I had to go to the police station in my town which I will do and I am also gooing to call ssi today as well. How can these kind of people sleep at night. I hope they finally get busted and get what is deserved.

  11. same thing as above happened to me today, they had everything, even my full social security # i called and reported it. make sure you let the proper ppl know whats happening just in case they try to use your info w/o cause or authorization.

  12. I received a call today from someone telling me my neighbor had taken out a Payday Loan and hadn’t paid it back; that they put my name down to get the loan. I don’t even know my neighbor well; they must be tracking down neighbors via addresses. This person who called, Keven Rogers, with a heavy Indian accent, told me that if I didn’t tell my neighbor to call him back within one hour, we would be sending the FBI agents, with the Social Security guys to my place to pick me up with my neighbor, that I would be sued and would be going behind the bars! He also said that if I didnt’ want to mess with the legal dept, I better tell my neighbor to call him back at 209-349-3112 or he’d send them to my house. Where do I report these guys????

  13. I have continued to receive on-again/off-again collection calls at all hours of day/night, with a number to respond to, along with the previously noted threats if no prompt reply. The agent stated was calling from Financial Crime Investigators. When I could track the call I submitted a complaint to the BBB of that area. Of course, probably million to one is every pursued. It’s still very upsetting to get these calls atempting to extort, with threats of court, arrest, etc. I received another call this afternoon, and picked up call while caller leaving usual script dialog, in very broken English, with threats. I told him I had spoken with him before, and his supervisor, and that I did not owe any said amount, but he said they say have heard this from “LIARS” before. A little more dialog, then he hung up. How can we get rid of these phone terrorists???

  14. i have a company calling me called DNR Recovery. i think, the first message was hard to understand and they wont confirm the name. wont give me an address, i finally got a state out of them, Illinois. I called the attorney general and she said it was a scam. The # they gave me was 877-855-1624. she said that prefix was not the 1st message thursday saying i would be garnished. called friday, the woman handling my acct was out until monday. called monday, got a supposed supervisor who would tell me nothing!!!!!! i literally read off the FTC rules to her, she said they make their own rules, would give me no info about them or the creditor. confirmed my address, her response was we sent you paperwork, i dont care if you didnt get it!!!total scam!!!!
    they said i had an NSF for $500 in 2008 from a damn pay day loan co. totally bogus, not true!!! be careful!!! she stumpled over her words when i started asking questions so they have not been trained well!!!!
    the pay day loan scams are out there, put them on the spot you will see how dumb they are!!!!

  15. Anyone else out there getting calls from someone called DNI or DNR Recovery???? I cant tell what they are saying when they leave a msg, and the few times i did speak to them, they would not clarify it. I just got my 2nd call in exactly 2 wks, Thursday afternoon, down to the hour. Same girl left a msg, this time saying she spoke to me 2 wks ago, since i had not responded i would be going to collections on monday, and oh yes have a nice day!!!! I had a few nasty conversations with someone, as far as i know didnt speak to the one that left the msg, but i think they all lied about thier names. They are blocking their calls to me because its not showing on my call log, they just leave a number for me to call 877-855-1624. Tried to call that Friday about 3:30 pm, got their voice mail. I recited the FTC rules to one of them i spoke to, her response was dont care, you will be garnished! Even after telling her i did not owe the money, and legally they had to send validation info!!! Total scam, but seems they dont want to give up. Done everything i can so far, alerted my bank, checked my credit report, made a police report.. I would be curious if anyone out there has dealt with these people!!

  16. OMG…this happened to me too! I was like what is really going on. A man by the name of Victor Gibson, heavy Indian accent, called me from 716-442-2824 and left me two messages stating I need to call asap because this matter is time sensitive and if I don’t call back good luck and God Bless. I’m like wtf, what is this about. I tried calling after the first message because he has such a heavy accent I couldn’t understand the phone number, after listening to the voicemail over and over, I finally got the right digits in order. I called the number and someone just answered “hello”. I said what business is this, he said this isn’t a business, I said well why are you calling my phone? He said who called your phone? I said Victor Gibson, he then transfered me to Victor Gibson. Victor was rude and belligerent and asked he can’t get into the legalities but he wanted to know if my last 4 digits of my SSN was xxxx and I asked was why are you calling me and what debt is this for? He said I’m calling for a loan you had with Quick Cash. I said Quick Cash, who are they, I don’t have a loan with Quick Cash, I don’t even know who they are. He said they represent over 300 internet payday loan companies and you may not recognize their name but you had a loan and you know you did. I said until you can answer my questions, I can’t answer yours so I’m disconnecting this call, and I hung up. I called back and asked for the manager or owner, and I was transferred to David somebody, another American name but heavy Indian accent, and the manager was just as rude and asked my name and I didn’t give it to him, all I said was if you continue to call me I will press charges because you are a fraudulant collention agency and he said if you accuse us of fraud we will sue you and hung up. I then realized it had to be a scam and just shook my head because it didn’t make sense. But I do want to report this incident, who should I report it to? I’ll file a police report per previous comments but if anyone has other suggestions please advise. thank you!

  17. an additional note, I am irate that they have my information, that is definitely scary! I hope these people get caught and stopped asap.

  18. Hi Debbie,

    I just starting dealing with this today!!! I was glad to see that the phone numbers matched 877-855-1624. Thanks for the postings. What finally happened? So it is a scam for sure, huh?

  19. Yes, we did yesterday. Charlie said my son took a loan out in 2009 on the internet. I knew it was a scam instantly. I told Charlie to go sell his Slurpys at the 7/11. We filed a police report and reports with the Federal agencies. If he calls back….I am going to tell him to be prepared, because he is about to meet Bubba in the Federal Pen.
    I feel sorry for the folks that are going to fall for this scam, but I have warned all my neighbors and emailed all my internet friends to watch out for this scam.

  20. Call came a blocked call and says call back at this number (716-902-2018 ) man with Heavy accent say I owe him money . Something about crime prevention . I got a pay day loan and left them a check at a store . Was going to do it on the net and changed my mind and deleted it . So it was paid back as soon as I got paid with the check I gave them . Now this guy is calling telling me I will be locked up and now today says he will be calling my job. At the end of one call he says God Bless You . Something else about God. This is my 3 rd call and he even called my house . Lady with a different name lives there . She told him she is going to report him and look him up on the net . Gave him some choice words. He hasn’t called her again but he has called me. She said he calls again she will ask if he has his 75 virgins lined up . ROFL She is disabled and in pain .Maybe that is the only way to get rid of him . Give him back what he is giving . Any way glad to see I’m not a lone. I don’t think they will call my employer . I work for the government . I’m sure they don’t want to get to know them better . LOL Good Luck to All !

  21. “Marie” called me, stated she was going to garnish my wages for a debt with United Payday Loans that was taken out in 2008. She called me (I live in WA) before 8am. I gave her the name and phone number of my attorney. She stated she couldn’t give me her last name, or the address of her business, which is DRI Recovery (877-855-1624). I asked how come I didn’t receive any letters regarding this and she said the creditor had sent me letters but I never responded. I told her how come they hadn’t sent me any letters and she stated because they couldn’t. When I asked how is that legal pursuant to the FDCPA she stated they were the creditors but yet the account was placed in her office on 7/13/10. How can they be both the collector & the original creditor? Please. I actually do have an attorney and have worked with him very closely on matters like these so I know BS when I hear it. Off to file complaints with the BBB, FTC, and post on other pages because I can see this “Marie” has threatened others as well. They also called my place of employment from the number & it shows up on the caller ID as Excel Receivables. Also, further searching shows this number belonging to Ezell Williams and Associates. I’ve already filed complaints with the FTC, BBB and now the IL Attorney General.

  22. They are calling from 409-221-3206 number be ware on this one too! I think they are terrorists trying to get us to help them finance their crap!

  23. Same thing. got the call today. Saying they were in charge of the affidavit that was going to send me to court and they were trying to give me an opportunity becuase their attorney saw through my social security number! that I was a good, updstanding person with a good credit report. I asked repetedly for more information about what, how much, and from when I supposedly owed this. All he would say was it was to “Cash Advance America” and wouldn’t provide documentation. When I asked for it, he said “well if you want to just go to court and hire an attorney for 800 dollars instead of just paying what you owe because you got busy and forgot…and on and on.. ” OF COURSE I do not owe anyone anything and never had a payday loan through those people. Said he was from American Legal Processing Divison, and another time he said something that sounded like “Lion” Investigation Department. Gave American Names like Bob Cooper, thick Indian Accent. Said call before noon today or he would file the affidavit with the court. Number called from and callback number given was (484)696-4807.

  24. Marie called and left a message on my voice mail at work, saying they were investigating a fraud compliant against me and for me to call her back for the details. She left the number of 877-855-1624. When I call her back, she told me that I had gotten a payday loan in 2008 from a back and the check was return NSF. The origional loan acount was 565.00 but now it is up to $1,500.00. When I asked her to verify the debt and to provide me with the original debtor, she said that she did not have it, her supervisor had agreement with the original debtor. She told me that they would not take payments in money or cashier’s checks only credit card payment. She gave me an address in Bolin Brook Il, she even gave me 319 North Webber Road Ste 153. I told her that I would call her back on monday. Thanks for this website, I have seen other scams and wanted to check out the number of the website.

  25. I’ve received several calls and spoke to a Miss Garcia today regarding a wage garnishment related to an unpaid pay day loan with United Cash. I supposedly gave false bank information, etc. I asked for them to contact me in writing, and she stated they could not. She said she could ask United Cash but they were not obligaed to since they had attempted to contact me numerous times.

    Calls cam from 352-353-0338 and 877-855-1624.

  26. Yea the same thing happened to me today as well. I received a phone call from a male with a deep Indian accent as well. He stated that I had defaulted on a pay day loan with “First Cash International” in the amount of 300.00 which was deposited into my account 2/2010. I had never heard of this “First Cash International” company before so I became suspicious. I hung up on the rep, booted my computer up and looked over my bank accounts to find no such activity had occurred. I proceeded to call the “law firm” back — whose name is ACS Law Firm located in “California”. I got another Indian sounding man on the phone who then told me that the funds were deposited in 10/2009 — RED FLAG!!! They couldnt even get the lie together. I told him that his company was a fraud and that I would be reporting him the the Federal Trade Commission, the BBB, and the Attorney General’s Office. He became very frustrated and began to yell so I hung up. I placed fraud alerts on ALL of my accounts and credit report. I also informed the FTC, the BBB, and the NYS Attorney General’s Office. I hope this is the end to the telephone calls. However, reading comments from everyone else it doesnt look like it will be. What a headache!!!!

  27. My kid got a call they threatened her and said if we dont hear from (me) she will be sued. I called 530-331-8232 Anderson and Assc. They had my info, Bank, address, SS# they wanted to confirm the last 4 . I asked who is sueing me they said Quick Cash International and I had 3 counts against me. I said I didnt have a loan and Mike Anderson hung up. I called back and got His paralegal and she said to be in court Aug 4 I said where she said California, I said what city she hung up. He too has a thick accent. Please if anyone has heard from this person please post , I see other phone numbers just not this one. I would feel better also he told my kid Good Luck!

  28. Always contact the Federal Trade Commission, local police department and your local atty general’s offices to report these scams. Another #, same scam: 424 354 1709 (Beverly Hills CA).

  29. I received a call yesterday at work. Same as everyone else. Strong India or Arabic accent. Said his name was Attorney John Samuels. Said I owed $520 for a payday advance from but could not give me the date it was taken out of my bank account (probably because it never was! I haven’t had a bank account for months) He said I had to pay first before they would sent me any legal paper work (wtf) I asked to speak to some one who’s primary language is English and I asked for a number I could call him at. He gave me 707-706-2869 (its an unlisted land line)then said someone else would call me back. He called back 10 minutes later. He told me to email my photo ID to with a statement saying I missed my payday loan payment due to “miscommunication.” I asked how I should pay them back. He said a prepaid credit card or western union. (red flag!)
    I told him to call me back the next day. I ended up calling him back and asking for his California bar number and I herd him say “she wants a bar code” (wtf)
    There is a Robert John Samuels on the State Bar of California. But the man on the phone gave me a different number than the one listed on California’s website. As well as a different phone number and address. He said they would sue me and I’ll have to go to California. So I told him to send me the paper work. He said it would take 3 days to get to me because they were in California (and I care because….)
    By the way, the first minute of the conversation is a very bad connection (muffled and loud)

  30. I have been getting phone calls on my cell phone for about the past two weeks from DNI or DRI Recovery and I can never understand what they say. I finally called them back today at 877-855-1624 and talked to some lady. She talked really fast and I couldn’t catch her name, but she said that I had an unpaid payday loan from 2008 and I needed to set up payments before it went to federal court. I told her that I have never had a payday loan and haven’t even had a bank account in at least 5 years. Then I asked her what company the loan came from and she said United Cash. She said I needed to pay it now or I would be getting court papers. She even had my social security number. Unfortunately for her I received scam calls earlier this year from the Indian guy with an American name and knew that it was a scam. I told her that I wasn’t paying and she could send me whatever papers she wanted because I already told the police about scammers having my social security number. Finally she said she’s see me in court and hung up. I have since blocked the number they call from and will be adding onto my police report from the earlier incident. Don’t give anyone money without checking them out first.

  31. Got a call to my job Monday form a man calling himself Kevin Foster. who had a heavy Indian accent. You could tell he was trying to hold it in and sound Americanized. He begin to tell me how there was a warrant out for my arrest for 3 counts of cyber crime because I took aout an online loan that was in default. he begin to tell me my home address, ss#, and the fact that he had my work number made him seem authnetic. He soon begin to tell me police would be on their way right now, to pick me up from my job and haul me off to jai if I did not pay the amount of 1,255. 00 which was due today. I did indeed have an online loan, but I assumed I was in good standing with the company, so I begin to ask him for more info. I could barely understand anything he said because the phone on which he was using kept braeking up badly. As I begin to tell him this over and over again he became extremely mad and that thick indian accent came out. I knew something was wrong, so I hung up and called the loan company and asked had they sued me or put out a warrant for arrest do to the loan. They told me promptly that that is not them, and don’t give that guy any info. hey do not do business by harrassing people at their jobs. This guy called back over 4 times to work number and even asked to speak to my boss to let them know that police were on their way up to my job to arrest me. I told him screw off and get a life. And send the police so I can give them this number you gave as your contact # so they can get you.he hung up, ranting and raving in that accent… Kevin Foster my butt..

  32. BTW.. It was a 408 area code number and the company I allegedly had a loan out was Quick Cash… Beware. I checked out that phone number and it belongs to a international phone company in California that provides service for overseas companies. Yep…

  33. i just got a call on today saying that i owe a loan amount of 375. and i told them to call me back. afther i had a chance to look it up on the internet. the name was unitedlawyerservices. I knew they were lying because i didnt even have the internet when i was suppose to have taken out the loan. but when they called me back i told them that i will let them talk to my lawyer. and they got hostial and said they will call back in 30 minutes havent heard from them since. the nuumber was7605820311, and his name was bob harris so he said. dont know for sure.

  34. I got a call from a scammer in cali a few months back and he almost got me. Now im getting a bunch from so called ACS as Tom Linafelt posted. Im going to try a new tactic and just ignore them. Glad to know when i got my payday loan from QC holdings they let my info out!!

  35. I am sad to say that I was a victim of this scam. I was scared and paid these jerks the money they said that I owe. I feel like an idiot… If you get a call from these people, DO NOT PAY THEM!! It is a complete scam and they have no valid debt for you. I sincerely hope these people are caught and someone puts a stop to their illegal crap.
    PLEASE DO NOT PAY THESE PEOPLE! Know your rights… you wont go to jail, and by law they have to send you proof of a valid debt before you pay it. DO NOT PAY THESE POEPLE!!!!!!!!!

  36. My wife also has the same thing happening to her. They claimed they were from the Berau of Criminal identification and Located in Rhode Island. Told her all the same as above. She got scared and sent them her info but before they could take any money out I called our bank and then went and drew all but a few dollars out. Left just enough to keep it open until we can change accounts in the morning. I talked to them and let them know they have been reported to the FBI, BBB, FTC ATT for Phone fraud and The AG in Oklahoma and Rhode Island. Also changing our phone number to unlisted. Please don’t fall for this my wife did and now we have to inform socisl security, the credit reporting agency’s etc.

  37. The number they gave me to call back was 401-757-3058 which has no affiliation with BCI which by the way just does forensics. It is a Rhode Island Number but no listing of owner “James Brown was” the guy who called my wife with the same strong accent

  38. I have also received calls from ACS threatening that a police office will be at my home or workplace to show me the paperwork. When I asked them the name of the company, they refuse to answer. They also use American names of singers i.e. James Brown, Chris Brown and a few others. They became angry when I questioned them and why they were asking me for $5,000 and the time before for $1,100 to settle out of court. I have filed a complaint against them with the FTC.



  41. I have had the same thing happen to me also. The person that called me the first time was a Justin Davis with a strong indian accent. He stated I took out a loan in July of 2009 of $400. now i do in fact have a payday loan, but I am currently in good standing. This agency according to Justin Davis is cannot find a true website. Then a few months later, I get another phone call from a Ryan Hernandez (strong accent) stating I took out another $400 loan in February of 2009, Ryan claims that if I settle they will put a privacy guard over my identity and that I was a victim of Identity theft, I think this is a scam! Did anyone have that similar story?

  42. I have been receiving calls alos from a person name David Cook. He has called me three times over the past few months. He has a strong foreign accent. I told him I did not have a payday loan but he insist that I pay off the loan or else he would have the police arrest me. I requested for information but he refused and began to shout at me. I tried to get information about the company he was calling from but he hung up on me. What can be done to stop the people from harassing innocent people?

  43. Oh my goodness..My situation is a tad bit different than you guys..but eerly THE SAME. I did not receive a phone call, but an email. Yes folks, and email for an individual who claimed that he was a Fraud Investigator. The email threatned to find any bank account that I owned using my SSN to start “debiting” the money I supposedly owed them for a PayDay loan that I defaulted on. I contacted the toll free number linked to the email (1-888-457-8585)(the other number is 713-429-5532 which is Houston based)I spoke to a Mr. Wayne who told me that I DID take out a payday loan, he even gave me 2 names of the references I used on the application. When I asked Mr. Wayne when I took out the loan he gave me a date in 2008. At that point, I knew I was being scammed because I DID NOT take out a Pay day loan in that year. I have had payday loans in the past but definately not that year. He also was not able to give me the exact name of the name of the Payday company, and claimed it was because they are the underwriters that work for several. Now this is the fun part, I noticed that my last name was wrong on the email he sent. I told him that in 2008, I did not use that last name. He insisted that I tell him what last name I was using, and did so more than once. In addition to that, he was not able to give me the name of the bank account that was used to receive these payday loans. Don’t ya’ll think that a fraud investigator should have this information? heck, he had the reference info BUT NOT THE BANK ACCOUNT?? Another thing I noticed was that he got extremely beligerant with me when I asked him to forward me a copy of the contract I apparently signed. He told me that they would take me to court and NO JUDGE would believe my story since I knew the references on the application. He finally sent me the contract, and I tried not to laugh at it. it was so generic and listed my bank acct info as “verified” HA. Someone who is a genuine bill collector would encourage me to contact the credit bureaus to report identity theft, instead he became very angry at me. I have emailed the information to the FTC and contacted BBB, sent all correspondence to my attorney,contacted my bank to be on the lookout for any unauthorized debits, and I will contact the credit agencies as well. This is quite frightening that they have this info. We all need to be careful, I think they are targeting people who have had payday loans in the past and they are using scare tactics that some people are sadly falling for. I also found it quite odd that I was contacted via an email address that I hardly even use instead of a letter (he had my mailing address) Know your rights, don’t be bullied. FYI: This guy did not have an accent, he was definately American. The sharks are out, don’t get bit.

  44. The same thing happened to me just recently. Some guy with an heavy accent called me and said that I owed him money from a pay day loan through meta bank. The first time he called, I got upset and hung up on him. The second time he called, he used the name of Mark Davis. He threatened me and told me I would be arrested and lose my job. I called the local sheriff office and put an alert out on credit. I will also be contacting the consumer protection agency. He also had all my information. He called from the area codes of 916 and 854.

  45. This happened to my husband and me just yesterday!! I feel so bad for the people that actually believe the scammers and give them money! When they called my home the CID said unknown name unknown number. I let the machine pick it up. It was a guy with a strong Indian accent asking for my husband and said that he was Victor from the Law Offices of Terry Bailey and he asked my husband to call him back. He gave a phone number and then repeated it again…get this, when he repeated it back, he gave a different number! I knew something wasn’t right when I listened to the message. I looked up the law office he claimed to be from to find out that Terry Bailey is a construction lawyer based in California that sues contractors for bad workmanship! I also looked up both numbers that were left on my machine to find out that they do not exist. A while later, my husband called me from work saying that he got a phone call from a guy with a heavy accent that said he owed a payday loan from back in 2009 and said it was with a place called PayDay USA. They guy told him he was from a different law firm and used a different name. My husband told him he’s never heard of PayDay USA and has never taken out a loan with them. The guy kept pushing for our banking account information. My husband asked for their phone number and the guy refused to give him one. My husband told him to call him at home later at 5 pm. While my husband was at work I looked up PayDay USA to find out that it not a payday loan company, but a payroll service that companies use to cut checks to their employees. Let me tell ya, I was sooooo ready for this Arab asshole to call us at 5 pm. I told him I know that it is a scam and I repeated all the information that I find out about this so-called law office and how they left 2 different non working numbers on my answering machine, and also how they said they were from two different law offices. I told him that PayDay USA isn’t even a payday loan service. That tripped him up for sure. I also told him that my brother works for the Federal Trade Commission and I’ve already called him and he told me this was nothing more than a common scam. In truth, my brother doesn’t work for the FTC, but it was funny cause he didn’t know what to say. He kept saying that he couldn’t give me information on the so-called loan because it was already tied up in the courts. It was all just a big lie. Anyhow, in the end, I eventually pissed him off enough to where he hung up on me. lol! I hope to never hear from these assholes again.

    *Also, another scam that happened to my grandmother involves the Social Security Administration. A person with an Indian accent called her saying they are from SS and they need her checking account information and for her to verify the last 4 digits of her SS number. Just know that the SSA will NEVER telephone you for this information!! DO NOT give it to them!

  46. When I was 17 and living down in Santee I had a Capital One credit card. It expired before I even moved up north and I cut it up years ago. Now this 866 number calls me day and night they usually hang up but when I pick up they claim I have a credit card bill and need to pay over the phone. I didn’t even have a credit card when this transaction was made. So I say i want to see a bill and every time they hang up. So theres a transaction on a credit card that I didn’t make on a credit card I don’t have when I didn’t even have a credit card. LOL

    It almost feels like someone is trying to scam me over the phone. I know what’s up with my finances so this makes zero sense.

  47. the calls from acs are made from india aspecially from the state gujarat
    the person from the name KUNAL NAYAK and RUCHI DESAI are running this call center in ahemdabad city of gujarat state,,
    SANKET DESAI AND UNNATI DESAI are running this call center from the name PINNABLE in navsari city state gujarat,,, RAJESH IS THE manager of navsari call center
    i want to help all american inocent peoples
    plz send this names to f.b.i
    if u need help contact me on

  48. I have been receiving these calls for over a year now. everytime a diff num,name,lending company and amount. They have been everything from a lawyer to the fbi. They have called me and my friends. The calls stop for a while and once you think its over the calls then start again. I have tried everything from calling them on their scams to having my uncle who is a lawyer talk to them. I have even lied and had someone pretending to be the police. Nothing stops them from calling.They do tend to hang up once you tell them the phone call is being recorded but they will call back. Last week they contacted me at work twice both times they were nasty and making threats. I hung up both times cause by now I am used to the calls. After hanging up on them twice they contacted my employer. They begain to try to get my boss to give them my information as well. Once my boss started asking questions to verify who they are they begain to get nasty and yell and threaten my boss. My boss ended up hanging up and contacting our corporate office they then researched the number from which they called from and found out it was a scam. Needless to say this caused me a great deal of embarassment at work. The worst part is I never even got a payday loan I just applied for one and was accepted but changed my mind and refused the loan. All I can tell anyone to do is contact your bank and credit agencies. I had to close my account and open a new one I also had to put a fraud alert attached to my ssn with all 3 credit agencies and change my phone # due to them having my personal information. My friends also had to change their numbers. Lucky for me they only have my work number now and now that my employer knows I don’t have to deal with the calls anymore and come next month we will be having a new phone system so they won’t have my work number anymore. So maybe now the hell will be over for me.

  49. I got two of these calls within the past week. The callback number is: 760-284-4674. At first I was concerned.. then when he started with the lawsuit threats and he actually changed the name of not only the company to which I allegedly owed the money but the AMOUNT as well I knew it was a scam. At that point I just had fun with it and asked a bunch of questions to let him further incriminate himself. After about 5 minutes he hung up.

  50. James Loesch was hired to collect a debt for a judgment that we won. He collected a fee ahead of time at a discounted rate to take over the collections. The agreement was all checks were to be paid to us. He kept telling us he did not collect it yet and we came to find out he collected it 2 months ago. When he found out we knew he wrote us an email that he would like to negotiate to pay us back in November on a monthly basisof $750 a month. After that email I received an email from another collegue that he got the same email.

    Jim Loesch scam is to collect a few judgements for you. Make you trust him and then when you fully trust him, give you a deal where you pay him up front at a discounted rate with the promise he will collect the money and have the client pay you in full.


    And he says this is not a crime!!!! IT should be, but there are no regulations or bonding requirements for these guys.



  52. I received a call a few weeks ago from a man claiming that I had received a payday loan in the amount of $300 in July. I told him he was mistaken and he became rude and started screaming at me. He knew my SS#, my DOB, my address, my moms name and address, my bank account number and bank routing number. I told him I needed to call the bank and verify whether these funds were actually deposited into my account. He gave me a number to call back. I called my bank and they verified what I already knew that I never received the $300 they were claiming I had. I called back and when I told him my bank verified that I had never received this loan, he hung up. Then today I received another call from a different number with pretty much the same story, except they said they were with DNI Recovery. When I first answered the man began telling me I owed on a payday loan with national cash advance, I told him he was mistaken and he said to hold on while he got a manager because he was in training. Then a female got on the phone and began asking me if I was going to pay this debt. I told her it was not my debt. She said well we have your SS#, I told her that I did not care what she had, I know I never received this loan she was speaking of. She got angry then and said “so you are telling me you are not going to pay this deliquent loan” I answered yes I am telling you I am not going to pay this because I never took out the loan. She then threatened to have my wages garnished. I told her I wanted proof of this loan. She told me they have been mailing me letters and I havent responded. I told her I have not received anything and I wanted her to mail me proof. She just kept saying “we have sent correspondence” but she did not offer to send me anything else. I told her I wasnt falling for the scam so she should give it up. I searched the phone number and it came up as a residence in Aurora, IL. The name listed for the number was Martin J. Diaz Jr. The phone number was 630-844-4702. I hope this helps someone else to not fall for this scam.

  53. Do not fall for the company BCI who calls with a very thick accent claiming they are Officer Sarah Thomas running an investigation on you. She told me or my attorney to call her back and they would call the one time and one time only and if I failed to do so, then Good Luck and something else I could not understand. I then called the phone number which was 347-903-7831 that she left and it went straight into voicemail with a man’s voice who also had a very thick accent and they didn’t identify their company name. It just said “Leave a Message.”

  54. WOW this all is so familiar and I too fell for it and paid these American named Indians over several thousand dollars because of the fear factor they used. But after paying off like 3 of these loans (which I in fact did take) and they kept calling saying I owed more but using different numbers and agency names, I started looking online and found out they were scams. How stupid of me. I could have used the money I paid them and not gotten behind if I had known all of this sooner. I filed a complaint with the AG office but know nothing will be done. What sucks is that when they call my work phone we have other coworkers numbers in our messages and now they are calling them. Something has to be done!!!

  55. Got a similar call from 773-902-1509. This is the second phone number to call me with the very scam you all describe. I just report the numbers to the State’s Attorney’s General office.

  56. James Loesch was hired to collect a debt for a judgment that we won. He collected a fee ahead of time at a discounted rate to take over the collections. The agreement was all checks were to be paid to us. He kept telling us he did not collect it yet and we came to find out he collected it 2 months ago. When he found out we knew he wrote us an email that he would like to negotiate to pay us back in November on a monthly basis of $500 a month. After that email I received an email from another collegue that he got the same email.

    Jim Loesch scam is to collect a few judgements for you. Make you trust him and then when you fully trust him, give you a deal where you pay him up front at a discounted rate with the promise he will collect the debt and have the client pay you in full.


    If he contacts you to collect a debt, make sure to let the debtor know that he is a crook. Oh sure, he says this is not a crime. What do you think? Don’t let this happen to you.

    If you pay him, you may end up still owing the money. SO DO NOT PAY HIM!!!! Pay the debtor directly no matter what he says. Contact the district attorney for more information on JAMES LOESCH. He has not paid off his debt. These will be posted until he has paid in full including what he charged us to collect with interest.





  57. So I need to let you all know out there I have been getting the same calls for over a year now. These guys are such idiots ….to keep… instead I got pay back and educated myself. Everytime these idiots call I always start off at them….they try to say they are a payday loan I supposedly went diliquent on….I laugh and scream bull****…..and repeat this back to them …….under FTC regulation they need to provide me.with the business information of their companies name address business lic# and if they claim they are from an attorneys office….. I yell back that.under they have with associations lic# …..anyone who calls you from a is obligated.underneath provide this this info… here’s how .much of.a dumb as theses guys are……first.its.always some.dudes.with INDIA accents….. second.its the same ass****’s that call they just use a name …….I’ve been.hit with national payday advance, quick cash, and American payday loans and much more…they are such idiots….if one calls you stating…’ them. They will call your job or file paperwork and sue you….tell them.this…..come piece of s***…….. you can have half….which is all my debt.and.soon to be damage fees after a real attorney rapes your.ass and.prosecutes you for false a debt agency… advice to all of you is f*** with them ….always f*** with them …..eventually when enough of dead beats maybe can for.a McDonald’s job … scam us out.of.our.hard working.income…….and’s some…helpful advice always……bank of america has a program called privacy assist these will let you going on all the time……and if they say you Owe a debt….if its reported it could be.ligit… however always double.check think.your information has been.compromised dispute it………as fraud and the credit.bureau will investigate… can also check a.businesses ligit the bureau website….a ligit company has to hold a license in the.public. …..hope that helps and… always f*** with them ……..until they get the.picture ….though I.still get calls from.them …like….they arent as.often and they always recognize when…..

  58. Got a call this monday from “DNI recovery.” The same 877 number that everyone else on here posted.I called them back, the story kept changing, was told they had a wage garnishment order to take affect immeditaly if I didn’t make a substantial payment on a loan with “Payday Today.” The call went on, her dates, times ,even year , the loan was taken out kept changing when I made it clear I never had a payday loan out those day (I did have two payday loans that are legitimate, one is paid off, one I am making payments on . I called them both and they affirmed they were not part of those calls, they also said they calls were most likely scammers.) I didn’t let the lady get far, because it was obvious this was a fraud. First she said it was a payday loan from ’10 I defaulted on, than ’09, then ’08 and then “Oh well it must have been the end of ’07,but regardless ma’am you still owe this money.” and then she slipped up and said , “You owe United Payday on this debt and they are going to sue you.” When I replied, “You said Payday Today…” she said agaon, “MA’AM regardless of the name of the company, you still owe them money. It isn’t MY fault that you have so many loans out that you refuse to pay, that you can’t keep track.” The call went on, I kept cutting her off, told her I would be happy to give her a call back after I contacted the sheriff department and did some research and called a bankruptcy lawyer. She told me that if payment was made (the amount kept changing also) by 3pm that day, my wages would be garnished up to 75% lol. They can’t even garnish that much with legitimate wage garnishments. The reason I am becoming more aware of the scams, is because in August of 2010 I was scammed, hard. A man called me with a heavy Indian accent, claiming to be a lawyer with “American Legal Services” and that “mitigation” was being taken against me for a “deafaulted” payday loan with “Cashnet.” I didn’t recall the loan, but did have two payday loans out at the time and thought maybe I had another I forgotten about. The call tricked me also, because my grandmother (who I had been living with as her caretaker) had died a few months prior, and after her passing I moved out of her house to my new home. So I thought perhaps (because the man said I never replied to their letters for months) that since they didn’t have my new address, they actually couldn’t find me! They also had my SSN, DOB, where I worked, and REFERENCES of people I actually DO know (and those people were getting called also and threatend and calling me panic stricken saying they were told they were going to be arrested because I used them as co-signers! A refernce is different than a co-signer,but I thought maybe I didn’t read the fine print and mistakenly signed up two of my close friends to be responsible for my loan!) I was scared, my friends were scared and PISSED as hell at me, than I get to work and the dude had called my BOSS and threatend HER. She was mad at me for putting down her as arefence, I never even did that! He called my employer and asked for my supervisor FOUR times that day .I almost lost my job over it because my boss thought I made her a co-signer on a loan for myself and now she was responsible for it, this is what the man told her. It was the day from hell, I thought I was going to be arrested at work and dragged to prison for “fraud” and “theft” and “money laundering” and all these other things this man had been telling me, if he didn’t receive payment by “6pm” that day. My boss told me to go home, and figure it out, and that I better never put her down on loan application again! I NEVER DID put her down, she didn’t know he called and asked for her, the operator at my workplace stupidly just transfered him to her when he asked for my direct supervisor. He was so convincing, he made the operator think he was a law enforcement officer looking for me. (Even though he told me originally he was a lawyer, his story later changed to him saying he was a cop.) Anyway, being a wreck, having everyone pissed at me and wondering why I effed up their lives, and them all thinking they were going to jail, me almost losing my jobs of FOUR years and the fact that this “American Legal Services” had a website even (but later on when I tried to navigate t, it went nowhere and was in a foriegn language) I gave in! I gave this man my debit card, DL’s info, bank account, SSN, DOB, address! I faxed all this info over and paid him $500 dollars, out of dead grandmother’s inheritance money! Later that night, I did some research online, and found out from the first website I found, it was a scam a TOTAL SCAM! And hundreds of people were being called and falling for it. I never felt so stupid, idiotic, uneducated and weak willed in my life. I tried to call back the number, I told him I KNEW he was a scammer, and that I was reporting him to the cops and my bank! He said he wasn’t a scammer, he was a lawyer, and that if I threaten HIM again he will have me arrested. Thanhe added, “And we have your information, you willingly faxed it over, with a paper stating you owe the money and willingly paid us $500!” Well that is true…and because of that, my bank couldnt’ recover the funds, or do a fraud investigation on my behalf and basically I was told by the police the same thing, but the dude had it in my hand writing that I acknowledged the debt and willfully paid it! I was devestaed…and than had to go and explain to my friends and my boss what happened,which was humiliating. My friends are still furiosu that I ever even used them as a reference on anything. My boss apologized though for overreacting. In December, I was a victim of another scam. This time a check hit my bank account to a company called “1st Protect” in the amount of $249!!! I KNEW this was a scam, and probably part of the same operation as these “American Legal Serivces” scammers. However, the money was withdrawn from my account, and my bank cannot recover it. I filed all this in December with the local sheriff’s dept, so far nothing has come of it, but at least now an investigation has started. The same company attempted to withdraw another $249 with a fraudulant bank draft againt, I have since emptied that account and only keeping it open to see if any more fraud activities are going on to turn over for the police investigation. I will never see the $749 I was scammed out of it, but at least I am more aware , and this time I didnt’ fall for this “DNI” Recovery scam job that tried to threaten $3300 out of me! In a way I am thankful that I was scammed the $749 first, because if not, I might not have known about these scams and paid the “DNI” jokers that amount! This week I am going to hand over the voicemail and number of the “DNI” calls to the sheriff’s deputy handling the case. I hope to God, this can all be tracked and these scam groups shut down!

  59. Maybe if you people didn’t take out payday loans you couldn’t pay back, didn’t take out credit cards you couldn’t pay on , didn’t get yourselves into so much debt that you have no idea where your money is at or who you owe money to, this wouldn’t happen to you. Going online and filling out applications for loans is stupid. Those sites can be hacked very easily and they have the most shady , under the table, people working for them ever! People who manage their credit and spend wisely do not need to take out payday loans, and thus never risk having their information stolen or sold, and getting caught in these scams because they don’t know if their money is coming or going. I am not saying it is ok you all were scammed , that is horrible, I hope you can at least find these people, get your money back and they can be arrested and stopped, it is disgusting. Nonetheless though, it is a result of bad credit and financial choices made out of desperation because of other bad financial choices that forces you all to take out online cash loans. It will get worse before it gets better, especially if these jerks know where you all live! I bet they start posing as cops next and coming to people’s doors , nearly holding them hostage in their own homes. I wouldn’t put it past them at all. Sounds like the only way to escape them , is move, close your accounts, change your name, quit your job, change your numbers! They sound like pretty smooth scammers, they clearly know what works. I feel bad for all of you,but when it comes down to it, really, it is all your own fault for putting yourselves in situations that lead to that.

  60. I have gentleman that has been calling me off and on for the past year. He says he is with Monitoring Criminal Imaging. Phone # (011) 760-262-0970. The number on caller id always starts with 011?? Anyways he wants to collect a debt for Sonic cash net. I do have payday loans, however, this is not a company I have loaned from.

    Today (1/31/11) he called my work number. He told my secretary that he filed a case against me and I have not responded. One – if it was a true collection call he should not have devulged any information. I called him back and he indicated that I would be served tomorrow. I asked for the name of the company and any information. He indicated sonic cash and he could not email or fax me any information – he was not a collector. He was the person filing the case against me. I indicated that I would not verify any information and that I did not have a loan with the above mentioned. He said I would find out all the information when it’s filed with the Court in louisiana tomorrow. I will wait and see.

    At this point, I intend to submit a complaint with FTC, BBB and the Attorney General. (note: I have done this previously – but they change names and numbers). Will write blog back if any information is submitted tomorrow.

  61. Claims to be debt collector from payday loan that I did NOT have. Threatening messages asking for attorney info. and saying “God Bless You and Good Luck”. Speak VERY broken english. Gives American/English name with STRONG middle-eastern accent. ie: Officer Mark Reneiecen, Aaron Thompson, John Adams. Threatening jail time, court fees. Sometimes claims to be from “All American Financial” or “Federal Dept. of Justice.” Claims to “download” a subpoena..arrest warrant…law suit..going to arrest me at work…meet me at courthouse. HILARIOUS considering i actually work for the state level Justice Cabinet! Sometimes claims to be representing CashNetUSA or CashUSA.Net. Call cell, place of business..and anyone you may have listed as a reference on an online payday loan….from years ago! Gave him the # to may attorney….the Better Business Bureau….became irate.

    #s used:

  62. 877-855-1624 Ms. Garcia called and said I didnt pay back an internet pay day loan. I have never taken out an internet payday loan. This is a scam. They may have some of your personal information but do not give them any information. The only thing you need to do is to report them to your state’s attorney general. Other phone numbers that I’ve reported are 760-262-3980 Attorney James Parker (yeah right) and 877-258-1188.

  63. Claims to be debt collector from payday loan that I did NOT have. Threatening messages asking for attorney info. and saying “God Bless You and Good Luck”. Speak VERY broken English. Gives American/English name with STRONG middle-eastern accent. ie: Officer Mark Reneiecen, Aaron Thompson, Mike Davis, Michael Davis, Shane Harris, Shaun Harris,John Adams, John Rogers. Threatening jail time, “a bad situation unfolds”, court fees. Sometimes claims to be from “All American Financial” or “Federal Dept. of Justice.” Claims to “download” a subpoena..arrest warrant…law suit..going to arrest me at work…meet me at courthouse. Sometimes has the nerve to say “God Bless You” or “Good Luck”. HILARIOUS considering I actually work for the state level Justice Cabinet! Sometimes claims to be representing CashNetUSA or CashUSA.Net. Call cell, place of business..and anyone you may have listed as a reference on an online payday loan or anything else….from years ago! Gave him the # to my attorney….the Better Business Bureau….became irate. Also give number to local police fraud division as attorney’s number. Using female “Kim Stewart from Jaffe and Jaffe Law Firm” claims to have sent legal documents to a gmail account. So silly!

    #s used:

    Have posted this with State Attorney General’s website..Better Business Bureau..IC3 who will listen or allow posting. Immediate supervisor at employer has been notified. Just wish the calls would stop on cell and at job. This is RIDICULOUS!

  64. I have been dealing with this hell for the past two days. I recieved a call from someone named Jason Smith who definately has a foreign accent, probably Indian, but I am not sure. He said he was an attorney from California. The more I questioned him, the more threatening and rude he got. After several phone calls, I was able to confirm that I have never even borrowed money from the payday loan place that he claimed to be representing. Although I have taken out payday loans, I don’t owe the $500.00 he claimed that I owe. He directed me to the Customer affairs and Business Regulations of Instant Cash USA, which seems to be able to tell me that I don’t owe money to. Instant Cash USA even told me that THEY DON’T HAVE ANYONE WORKING FOR THEM!!!!! That is the scary part. I have had to have my bank account red flagged, which thankfully my Credit Union is extremely helpful and understanding when it comes to this sort of thing. I am hoping that these jerk offs don’t have enough of my information to do anything with, but believe me, the more informed you get, the more they back away. I went to the police and they could not do anything because I have not been “a victim of any crime yet. I was disappointment by that, but they did listen to me. Please be careful if anyone calls you. I was also told that it is against the law to call me and bother me at my work. Be careful, People, these people are idiots and preying on innocent people.

  65. I started getting calls from a blocked number last week. When I listened to the voicemail it said it was UPS calling about reference # blah, blah, blah. I thought it was a little weird that United Parcel Service’s would be calling me about a package. So I called back and spoke with a female who claimed to be Maria Delgato. She did not have an accent, but definitely used the scare tactic. She claimed that I had never paid back a payday loan that I had taken out from Cash Advance. I had taken a payday loan from Cash Advance back in ’03 or ’04, but it was paid off shortly after. She claimed that it was not paid and that I had taken one out in January 2006, and that I owed $605. I told her this didn’t happen and she claimed that they could trace the loan back to the IP address of the computer that it was taken from. She furthermore stated that if I didn’t take care of this matter right away, that a judge would be forced to rule against me and I would have to pay 4 times what I originally owed. I asked her for physical proof but she just kept repeating that they had the IP address where I took the from. I also asked why this is the first time I am hearing about this and she said that two different collection agencies have revolved the account and sent me numerous notifications and that she and the attorney’s she worked for were my last chance. I told her I was going to verify with my bank and Cash Advance and that I would call her back. I have not called her back and since then have gotten a phone call from her everyday saying that I don’t have much time left and she actually gave me a date and time that my account would be turned over to a judge to issue a summons and that date has passed. Now I got a call today from her “supervisor”. He claims to be Mr. Goldberg. He basically says the same thing, but he added that my employer would be notified of my failure to cooperate. After the first call I did some research on line and first of all I couldn’t find ANYTHING for Unified Portfolio Services, which is who they both claimed to work for. I also checked the phone numbers and I had no luck on the 800 number, but the 716 number was a cell phone registered in NY. I finally went to the website for Cash Advance and right there on their home page is a warning about a debt collection scam, describing exactly what had happend to me. I just hope the annoying calls stop soon! Here is the information I got from them..

    Unified Portfolio Services
    Maria Delgato
    Mr. Goldberg





    THIS IS THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. I have Judge Judy willing to take the case but he is too chicken to do it. Judge Judy will pay the judgment and fly him out but he won’t do it because he is so wrong. To boot he is threatening to sue me for posting these. Well its the TRUTH so it is not Libel!!! PAY UP LOSER!!!!

    James (JIM) Loesch – GLOBAL COLLECTIONS SERVICES was hired to collect a debt for a judgment that we won. He collected a fee ahead of time at a discounted rate to take over the collections. The agreement was all checks were to be paid to us. He kept telling us he did not collect it yet and we came to find out he collected it 2 months ago. When he found out we knew he wrote us an email that he would like to negotiate to pay us back in November on a monthly basis of $500 a month. After that email I received an email from another colleague that he got the same email.

    Jim Loesch scam is to collect a few judgments for you. Make you trust him and then when you fully trust him, give you a deal where you pay him up front at a discounted rate with the promise he will collect the debt and have the client pay you in full.


    If he contacts you to collect a debt, make sure to let the debtor know that he is a crook. Oh sure, he says this is not a crime. What do you think? Don’t let this happen to you.

    If you pay him, you may end up still owing the money. SO DO NOT PAY HIM!!!! Pay the debtor directly no matter what he says. Contact the district attorney for more information on JAMES LOESCH. He has not paid off his debt. These will be posted until he has paid in full including what he charged us to collect with interest.


  67. WOW! I though I was the only one going through this with these assholes! I started receiving threatening phone calls from the right before Christmas 2010, it is now March 2011 and they are still calling me. I obtained a short term online loan (never, ever again!!)paid if off and never thought about it again until I started getting calls from “Mark Twain, Angel Jackson, Christopher Davis, David Jones, Michael Jones” and yes, they all have Indian sounding accents. I have tried many times to get these so called “charges” sent to me in writing and they will not send anything to me. One guy said he was an attorney so I asked for his Bar number and told him my daughter was a paralegal and asked if she could speak to him. He would not give it to me so then I knew he was a fraud and I called him on it and he started yelling at me. I now let the calls go to voicemail and have saved all the threatening messages but from reading about how many people they are targeting, I dont think they will be stopped anytime soon. Now, when I really get mad, I engage them in conversation and tell them to get me someone that SPEAKS ENGLISH and UNDERSTANDS ENGLIST, then they get all flustered.
    I am glad to have found this website, at least I can vent a little bit.

  68. I have been getting these calls for over a year and 1/2. I like a fool paid the first one because I panicked, the said attorney and court. I then contacted a friend of mine at the police department and he called them. I hadnt recieved any calls for about 6 months and now they are calling me again. It is bad enough that this country is sending our jobs over to India so they have all access to our phone lines so they can use them against us. They have our jobs and now they want to scam us besides. WELL I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. Bring our jobs back to the United States and close all phone access off to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sick of being scammed

  69. Wow, I just a call yesterday from a Mr. Carter leaving me a harsh threatening voicemail saying that he was an investigator in VA and that he was looking for me to serve me papers and have the police arrest me for writing a bad check. I haven’t written a check in 4 years! So I ignored it. Well, then the next day they started contacting my family and my ex-husband and his girlfriend saying I am out writting bad checks that they better give me the message or I will be in jail tomorrow. So of course my mom calls me in a frantic and I explain but this harrasing my family and worrying them to death is uncalled for. Then today I decided to call them so I can resolve this issue so they stop harrasing my family. I talked to a Marie lady and she proceeds to tell me that I took out a payday loan in 2007 (4 years ago) that I never paid. I did take out a loan once and it was the last time I would ever do that, please don’t do it no matter how tight on money you get!, but I paid it back. Anyway, Marie then says It was for 300.00 and that I now owe 1000.00 WHAT!! So then I told them that I needed them to send me paperwork showing the original loan amount, how much I paid towards it and what I apprently owe them now. I also asked her to send me a breakdown of what is actually being paid to the payday loan people and how much they were going to make off this because 1000.00 for a 300.00 loan is way to much. She couldn’t do it. She said she didn’t have that information she only had what I owed to the payday loan. She then threatened me and told me that they would call my job and have me fired and arrested their. I panicked and made a payment arraingement with them and they took 150.00 out within minutes. After telling my boyfriend he freaked and said by law they have to show me documentation. I then looked online and saw numerious rip off complaints about these people. Well needless to say I cancled my debit card and moved my money out of that account. I got suckard out of 150.00 and very mad at myself now for falling for this scam. I am going to report them to everyone I know and will have to call my whole family and tell my job what is going on which is very humiliating for me to do. UGHHHH!! How could I have fallen for this 🙁 Anyway, please beware of these people and if they want to take me to court then so be it and they better have documentation of this debt I apparently owe them. If I owe it so be it but I am not giving money over the phone to anyone that can’t provide me with some proof!!!! LESSON LEARNED

  70. I have been recieving these phone calls as well for over a long period of time. Like some of you i did pay at first and again getting calls that i owe them money. We need to put a stop to this. They last time they called my 8 yr old son picked up the phone and freaked out because this a-hole stated to him that mommy was going to jail. Thats where i draw the line. I have filed a complaint with FTC, with the AZ governer, FBI, and still doing what ever i can. Next is contacting our news to get the word out about these people. Its wrong what they are doing and it needs to stop,

  71. Ok so I have received calls from this “david jones” who was a complete jerk. I don’t have paydays lones. They had my email address and the last 4 of my social. As if that’s not scary enough they call again and again and again. They have heavy accents. Very heavy I had to listen very closely to make sure that I was hearing them right. Charges, jail time, I’m a criminal. Here’s the truely funny part they tried to give me my acct # and they gave me my daughters prepaid debt account. Ummm hello not even close bud. I thought I was done with these jerks when they started again. Now there calling themselves cyber crimes unit and that 11am the day after his call I would find myself in court. Ok ppl if someones actually gonna come and arrest you they don’t give you an exact time. Ummm first I have no unpaid loans and besides those are a civil matter and ppl can not threaten to take you to court or use any threats at all. Next I doubt id steal my own idenity so wth??? They are messin with the wrong girl. But that’s fine keep callin me I report every # they call me from and every name they use. In all seriousness. I know that most of us know this is a scam but it makes you extremely uneasy to have someone call you like this. If your gettin these calls ur not alone and report them to the states attorney general make sure you have the name they are using and the # they call from that may help squash this scam. Don’t give in whatever you do. Everytime they get someones money they win

  72. The same thing happened with meto while back and now it’s happening again, but now worse!. Got a call about being sued for $300 and thought it was true b/c I had took out a payday loan but had paid it off right away. So at first I was confused. What through me off was that the loan wasn’t the same name as the one I had taken out. The man gave me the date of when they had “deposited this money into my account” I called my bank and they confirmed I had never had a deposit. They kept calling me back to back telling me if I didn’t pay off this $300 that it will turn out to $6000 because of lawyer and court fees. What was scary was that he had all of my information ss# work information birthday address etc; they had everything!. So I had hung up and told my husband and my husband answered the next phone call from them. He knows the law so he asked the man “if you’re the third party give me the loans information so I can confirm that my wife owes this much” and the man said oh well your wife will be getting sued have a good day and hung up! and my husband called back hounding him and my husband told him oh you don’t like the phone calls so stop calling my wife!…The phone calls stopped for a little while

  73. Recently (Today) I get a 504 area code and 904 from a “James Anderson” from orange county f.l.a.p.d
    Telling me unfortunately I cannot tell you this serious matter over a voicemail so its very important you call me back right now. I called and again hearing a (indian accent) and alot of other people talking all at once. He’s telling me that I owe $1500 and I need to get it paid if I didn’t that the police will drag me to jail. I hung up since Ive been through this with them already. They called me back and told them exactly that. “I already been through this with you guys” he said “oh we’re not representing cash day loan (OMG HOW DID THEY KNOW???)
    So I started to laugh and told them how did you know about the loan? And he redirected the conversation towards how I’m going to pay for this $1500 I asked him why and how I owe this money and he didn’t even want to tell me how this bill even occured. So I hung up.
    WHY did they call my job!!! (I was at work)
    my supervisor calls me over to tell me I had an emergency phone call.
    it was James Anderson!!!!
    so he calls my cell again to tell me that if I do not pay this loan back that he would keep calling my job to make me lose my job! I can’t believe this! At this point I’m just fed up. There needs to be an end to this.

  74. I had an american speaking guy were all me by the name of Michael Klein from worldwide assets 7168333733. He said I had a open act with cash advanced network refused to give me their phone #number said they wldnt want to deal with ms anyways and I was gonna have to pay over 1000me for a 200 loan. He had all my info ss# name he faxed me a letter with the original creditor on it with his address and his bank info ( cause he wanted me to do a bank to bank transfer even gave me bank acct and routing #. I looked up the PDL company to verify loan they had me paid off and at a zero balance they called this guy for me in which h e got irate with her stating. he never told me which company he was representing lol…..little did he remember he faxed me a letter with it all on there. I then decided to search the address he put down 136 highgate ave buffalo ny 14214 and its a residence 3 bedroom 1.5 bath homeowner was a different person. I will be reporting him to the FTC, BBB, FBI. When u threatenme wth jail and try to take money from my family (cause I am a single mother of two with no help ) I research every detail to verify if u don’t send me stuff through mail. I gave in once and lost out in 1500 to a freakin scam and now I make sure!!!!!!!!!

  75. I am reading these posts and I feel like such a sucker and victim. I recently receive calls from such nefarious scammers. They stated they were going to open a warrant out for my arrest, and was going to call my employer, and have them arrested too. I was under extreme pressure from their highly belligerent behavior over the phone. They all had foreign accents, with American names. Names like David Parker, Dominick Turnado stating they are working for some Lawyer/Collection Agency. The phone #’s they called from was 518 621 2694, 714 441 8691, these are fake #’s that pop up on your caller ID. If you dial these #’s they are always busy. They want all your vital information, to confirm your identity. They ask you to write a letter of authorization and fax it to them. FAX # 206 350 1811. They debit your account with a fake Payee name like ACLS MCDONOUGH GA or ACLS GA. They make it seem like you got to pay back a loan that never existed on a high interest rate. Loan for $350 has to be paid back with payment of $797.00. No such thing in the world legally exists. 877 624 2246 is a fake 800# they use also. This scam just occurred to me within this week. I am ready to change my bank account and debit card to protect my funds and my identity. What can we do to protect ourselves and bring this band of scammers to justice for their highly fraudulent practices… These scammers have no soul, and act like it too.

  76. union filing services/portfolio investment service in corna ca is a collection agency scam DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE MONEY if u have call your bank, local police department, get a lawyer, im seeking one also jc christiansen is a scam

  77. Oh my goodness, me and my husband started getting calls at our home and at my husbands work… saying we have an outstanding balance with a payday loan and if we do not pay $645.35 they are forwarding it to the federal business investigation and they were going to show up at my husbands work and have him arrested. I talked with the attorney general and they say just ignore, but the calls are every 10 minutes. He even went as far to say, you just wait and see what Monday brings you it will be bad. Very clearly not from america, could hardly understand. They come across as several different phone numbers. As hard as it may be, just ignore and don’t give them anything. They gave me the call back number of (856) 896-6588 or (856) 210-2580 first name David, can’t understand the last name.

  78. What do I do if they have called me and threatened that that day they were serving me papers and told me I had to set up a payment plan right then or be served. I was at work and getting looks fro mmy boss so I didnt pay attention too much to what they were saying (I know, this is my fault) but set up a payment on one of my prepaid cards… what should I do now because upon looking up this company, all i get is bad reports, scam warnings, etc…


  79. Hi Sergey,We took a peak at your account and yes, you are on one of’s premium, annual packages. For the annual packages, customer’s receive the discounted price since they are agreeing to a full 12 months. This is why we could not cancel your service as you had signed up for the annual plan. Our customer service reps have reached out to you so should you have any questions, they are here to help you.

  80. If you get an unwanted collection call, simply ask them to please hold and DO NOT hang the phone up…simply put the phone down on the counter and walk away. This ties their line up until you hang the phone up. Believe me, after you do this several times…they will get the message and stop calling you. It is really important to NOT NOT NOT give them ANY information about yourself…after all, they are calling you and they should already have your information if the debt is legit. In the mean time, enjoy the silence of your phone not ringing off the hook! One more thing, many phone companies offer “call blocking” lists for either no or low fees. This is another way to weed out unwanted callers.

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