Common Change Machine Scams

When most of us see a change machine we don’t think about fraud or a money making endeavor. While the average person would never think of committing change machine scams, it happens more often than you might realize. In fact, there are change machine owners who are losing millions of dollars per year! Where is the money going and who is taking it? Many people think that change machine scams are not something that they need to concern themselves with, but did you know that it does affect you? In the long run this sort of fraud can have a bigger impact on you than you would even imagine.

Understanding Change Machine Fraud

The way that this works is that people will insert the dollar, five dollar, 10 dollar, or even 20 dollar bill into a change machine. But, this is not just any bill, it has a piece of tape or a ribbon taped to it. Just when the change machine is triggered to release the change the person committing the fraud will pull on the ribbon and actually pull the bill back out of the machine. The result is that they still have their bill and they get the change from the machine. While this wouldn’t seem to be that big of a deal, it is happening more and more often.

The problem with these change machine scams is that many people will continue doing this until they clean the machine out of money. This is especially true at car washes and other places such as this where there is not always something attending to the machine. The result is that the owners of the machines or businesses with the machines can lose hundreds or thousands of dollars a day!

This change machine scam is not just used on change machines though, it is also used on vending machines that supply snacks, coffee, and even soda. The same technique is used, with the individual using a five dollar bill instead of a one. When the machine triggers the change drop the individual will pull the five dollar bill out and not only keep the original five dollars but also get four dollars in change. Not a big deal if it happens once, but again people are doing this repeatedly until the machine is out of change!

Many teenagers are getting in on this change machine fraud and they don’t even realize how wrong the whole process is. To many kids this is just a game, they don’t stop to think about the fact that the change machine really is how someone makes a living, how someone pays their bills, and puts food on the table. If you have thought about committing this type of change machine fraud you should think better of it. Think about what it would be like if someone just decided that they wanted your paycheck. This is what it is for the people that have their change stolen from these machines, so think twice.

If you know of someone who has committed change machine fraud you should be sure to report it to the police. This is a trend that is taking on and while most people don’t think that it will affect them, the fraud causes people to raise their prices on the goods that you would buy from one of these machines or it will not make certain products and services as convenient to buy. Either way, change machine fraud will negatively impact you so don’t commit it and certainly don’t sit buy and allow for someone else to do it.

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  1. If a company is losing millions on a simple scam, they need to invest money in better machines, or probably dont care about the loss. Plus if theyre making millions to begin with, theres no “stealing money from the poor” happening.

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