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Online dating is a big interest for many internet users and also is a large business industry. As such it also has a high potential for dating scam. Predators hunt where the prey is and the bigger the place, the better the potential for fraud to become a success. Looking for a partner online is not any different than any other search – search for a house, a second-hand car, a new mobile phone or any other similarities. In one simple yet important detail they have a common point: there always will be some people who will try to take your wallet on a date, not you.

dating scam

Many people who are aware of the potential dating scam online, the first thing they have in mind is Russia. While it is true that many dating scams have the origin in this country or neighbor countries, it is not the Russians who invented dating scam, further only about 5% of all online dating services/persons are predators. As you see chances for you becoming prey of the real scammers are less than one in ten. Your common sense should stay alert and prevent you going to the wrong neighborhood and in addition to that we will discuss and reveal some of the tricks women or men are using to acquire their targets. Most of the con artists in online dating are female or pretend to be one, so we will reference the scammer as a “she”, but indeed you may replace it with a “he”. Be aware of the fact that there are some individuals out there who may try to extract from you some amount in cash playing on your feelings, but you must not become paranoid about it!

Marriage fraud is not an invention of the internet, nor is it new to this world. It is as old as mankind is. What Internet has brought new is the possibility of using typing to express feelings that requires much less actor skills than face-to-face communication. Paper can bear anything. Even a phone conversation can give you more clues of what’s really going on, but many times a direct conversation is avoided for rather obvious reasons. It’s either because the person on the other side is a scammer with poor talent and conversation skills, or a potential legit date who is shy. Unless you want a shy woman or conservative one, which in turn will most likely become a pain in the arse, you should avoid both. We now will have to look for some clues inside the text:

  • The contact originates from a free personals site where anyone can place her ad for free
  • It was not you who initiated the conversation; you received a letter from a lovely female who was interested in you. Her description of the partner is always very broad that will fit anybody – “kind and intelligent man, age and race don’t matter”
  • Correspondence is always through email and letters are sent regularly sometimes even periodically and often, every day.A new picture is sent with almost every letter and the pictures are often numbered in sequences like (1, 2, 3…)
  • She never asks about your job, possessions or the state of your finances, neither uses the word “financially secure” in her description of the prospective partner. We all know a girl wants to be financially secure and this question is an important one she would ask you if she was honest
  • In her letters she talks a lot about trust, honesty and sincerity
  • She does not answer your particular questions though she eagerly states she welcomes your curiosity. Any kind of secrecy should be avoided
  • Her financial situation is very bad and she lets you know from the very beginning how little she earns, including the size of her salary even though you never asked about it. She pretends be a student
  • She doesn’t remember what you have written. Actually, she may even not relate to the content of your letters at all, because she is too busy responding to other potential victims. The emails she writes are pre-written and sent to multiple recipients, with only few words changed along with your name

Scammers are not eager to give away their contact details. Having a postal address and phone number in addition to the email address is very important. Be sure to check them out if they are correct.


With methods described above the con artist will try to establish a thrust bond between you. Initial contact between victim and scam artist is to take the step in starting a relationship. Somewhere along in your conversation she explains that she currently is away in another country and that will not be returning to the States for another two weeks. As you dig and get to know the girl you find out more information about this hot girl. Her parents died in a tragic accident and she has no family or friends who can help her stateside and during the trip she was abandoned by her previous boyfriend in said country with no money to get home. Your next decisions will have impact on your future, with outcome almost the same. If you send the money, the contact will disappear, along with your money. If you don’t send money, the contact will be broken, but your finances will be left unharmed.


There are a number of variations on the same basic scam. Usually the trick is to tell you a sad story on why she needs money. In some cases the scammers may be the one to create a profile on a dating site and wait for a potential victim to contact them. Typically, the profile will include a photograph of a very attractive young woman who will have no trouble attracting would-be suitors. Con artists may also strike up a conversation with a potential victim via an internet chat room or instant messenger like msn or skype. If you begin corresponding with a person with a view to a possible romantic relationship, remain cautious even if the relationship seems to be progressing very well. These scammers are very skilled at building trust and know how to make vulnerable victims fall in love with them. Regardless of the strength of your feelings towards a correspondent, you should view any requests for money as highly suspicious.

Avoiding being scammed is, in fact very easy. Don’t send money. If you suspect a scam or would like to report one, you may visit websites like:

Scammers use similar patterns or even same names and other personal information again and again. Therefore, you may even be able to expose a scam by conducting Internet searches through google on the names used by the scammers or key phrases from their emails.

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194 thoughts on “Dating Scam – Internet Dating Fraud”

  1. I was browsing through the web and found your website interesting. I have gone through the dating scams on the website and my boy friend whom I was dating online was trying to do the same and I sent him $500 last week. I could easily make my mind that I am a victim of online dating scam.
    ‘Onlineguards’ an antiphishing company alerted me about this first but i ignored it at first for which i had to pay.
    I think Onlineguards has stuck to their word – to eradicate cyber crime from the face of the earth.Good work onlineguards,keep up!

  2. I wish I had reviewed this site two weeks and 1500.00 ago. I fell for an internet scammer by the name of Mike Wisdom from the UK from a Craigslist online personal. He told me every sob story in the book and still continues to contact me. What for? I have no idea, but ladies be forewarned. Send money to a relative or someone who really needs it that you know if you know. I wish I had of. I could have enriched the life of someone who mattered. Remember dont be fooled by words like sweetie, babe and I love you. Love equals actions and for the internet scammer, you’ll find none.

  3. Mike Wisdom is an internet dating scam artist.

    He stole 2500.00 of my money with his lies! He uses 7-8 different pictures of himself that are not him

    keep your money ladies..,.mike wisdom is a scammer

    Posted by Valecia

  4. Guys, no offense, but have you had success with ANY kind of dating? How has your experience been finding dates at local bars?

    I am a member through I have attended 4 of their events. I have met some interesting people (guys and girls both) and made some good friends through this service.

    I can’t comment on other services because I haven’t used them. Just wanted to share my experience.

    Jonathan M

  5. Beware of a guy named Frank Ike a.k.a Frank Rolland. He is a scammer who claims to be an american residing in london. He is a liar and a fraud. His email address is [email protected]

    I was his potential victim but i was too smart for him. He never got a cent from me.

  6. iv been talking to an american living in london he has given me an adress in kensinton and there is such a place but dont know if thats where he lives i cant check as i live to far away. i met him on uniform goes by the name of melvin . im so confused now dont know if its a scam as iv’e sent him 100 pounds but he says hes on a business trip abroad and his money stolen i had to send it by weston union .i talk to him on yahoo . have i been scamed?

  7. Most likely yes. Scammers know where and how to get money, and by telling a heartbreaking story to compassionate women will in many cases yield results (financial in this case).

    While there is a slim chance that your “chat buddy” really got in trouble, there is a 90% chance you’ve been scammed. It’s a pretty common type of scam really.

  8. Hi. Has anyone out there been contacted or pursued by a kenneth jenks? Sometimes he goes by “K”… he claims to be in the U.K. Please reply, thank you..

  9. Terry Clem Hargreeves from London UK, civil engineer doing work in Benin City Nigeria; internet fraud and scammer needed cash after on-line talking for 4 wks…………email [email protected]
    is a 100% scammer; states he is 3 yr widowed with 10 yr old daughter!!!
    all lies…………….beware

  10. I think I’m being scammed right now by somebody going by the name Ann Winslet from London who volunteers for the Better Life Foundation.Pics sent show her to be blonde..they are all numbered a0, a1, a2 etc. Never replies to specific questions. The modus operandi is exactly what you described above.
    Be warned..

  11. tery clem gave me the same widow and raising a 9 year old daughter, Lucy story. He was quite charming but came on too strong and said he loved me at 3 weeks of messenger (Ist Red flag). He asked me to close my Match account because he didn’t want to lose me to another man (2nd Red Flag). He asked me to send a Wii game to his daughter in Nigeria ($450.00 w/sh) because he forgot to bring it from London and his daughter was bored while he was at work. He said he couldn’t get one in Nigeria. He promised to get the money back to me (the final and obvious RED flag). I searched the internet and found this site. Sorry, Terry, that’s all I needed. No one should ask for money or favors like this so early in the relationship/non-relationship. I’m out. Thanks Bustathief!!!

  12. Beware of a guy named : Henry Hanson Summerville. He is on a greek site advertising he is a sensitive good trustworthy person.

    I wish I had read this page 2 weeks ago as I had fallen prey to a man who promised me marriage after 4 months and he is in Ghana and had a dealing with gold and needed some help. I went a borrowed money from friends and family as he could not get money from the UK (where is daughter is or the USA Portland where he lives. I send a large amount of money to him and promised he will be coming on the 14th of February 2009. I waited at the airport for 4 hours and he disappeared with the money and set me up waiting.

    I just wish I know where to report this man and try to recover this money back from him to pay family members and friends back.

    I am still in shock as I never expected it from him after so many months of a very nice relationship and promises.

  13. Terry Hargrave Ken gave me the same sob story as above however his wife died 3 years ago in child birth and his parents died 10 years ago, told me i was a vision, the only woman he could ever love, blah blah blah etc
    I also met him on maybe i should contact them and let them know that a scammer is using their site to con vulnerable women

  14. Hi all, I am writing a book specifically on women who get scammed by men through dating sites. I met a women on a plane to London that had unknowingly fell victim to a scam, she was so nice and so sucked into the whole story it was difficult to convince her that she was getting scammed.

    Because of this experience, I am researching this type of fraud (that often never goes reported by the victims). I would appreciate if anyone that has fallen victim to this would contact me. All info will be kept purely confidential, but I would like to publicize this type of scam more widely so we can prevent this happening to others.

    email: eddie at bovak dot com

  15. Scammers from

    These guys should be ashamed of themselves. These men tried but no man will EVER scam me out of my hard earned money. I have posted the following information on other scam prevention websites along with the pictures sent and reported them to the FBI.


    1. Tino Headwhite (Asked for $2900)
    [email protected]
    In Canada by way of New York and Arizona
    Stated Profession: Engineer
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Children: Son

    2. Alex Vega (Asked for ($10,000)
    [email protected]
    In England by way of Texas
    Stated Profession: Engineer
    Marital Status: Widowed
    Children: Son

    3. John Schneider (Asked for $5000)
    [email protected]
    In England by way of New York
    Stated Profession: Engineer
    Marital Status: Widowed
    Children: Son
    Welcome to IC3

    To file a compalint with the FBI:

    The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA).

    IC3’s mission is to serve as a vehicle to receive, develop, and refer criminal complaints regarding the rapidly expanding arena of cyber crime. The IC3 gives the victims of cyber crime a convenient and easy-to-use reporting mechanism that alerts authorities of suspected criminal or civil violations. For law enforcement and regulatory agencies at the federal, state, local and international level, IC3 provides a central referral mechanism for complaints involving Internet related crimes. read more >>

    Filing a Complaint with IC3
    IC3 accepts online Internet crime complaints from either the person who believes they were defrauded or from a third party to the complainant. We can best process your complaint if we receive accurate and complete information from you. Therefore, we request that you provide the following information when filing a complaint:

    Your name
    Your mailing address
    Your telephone number
    The name, address, telephone number, and Web address, if available, of the individual or organization you believe defrauded you.
    Specific details on how, why, and when you believe you were defrauded.
    Any other relevant information you believe is necessary to support your complaint.

  16. I just need to correct the person Henry Hanson Summerville ‘s name as he contacted me and busy making arrangements to repay all the money that he borrowed. He is indeed a good person but because of certain circumstances he could not get to me and could not make contact with me. I just want to correct and make his name clean again.
    He is a respected person.

  17. i am in the process of finishing up with my scammer. so much money, so much grief. i learned he was not even the person in the picture. how sad, to be so taken in. so hard to beleive the world is not an evil place. theres not even a safe place to meet people, the world just got smaller for me. i wish i could speak w/others about this, that is the only way i know to share my pain. but again, no trust on the internet. My scammer used the name MARK WILLS, he has been staying at Zamza Guesthouse and working with a man named Samuel Addotey. I think he is in over his head, not to mention bad karma. Im disgusted and shocked at how many men and women are taken so advantage of. god help us all.

  18. Terry Clem from London, civil engineer is a scammer. He lied that he was in Spain and needed help with a tax situation. He was not infact in Spain. He was adamant that he needed some Euros and when it was obvious that he would not succeed, he never contacted me again. He was online for 2 weeks very charming and romantic. His pictures show him to be mildlt retarded I have to admit!!! That is why he is still scamming even after four women have exposed him. I doubt that he has a daughter named Lucy and I don’t think he is British or German. He sounds west african or jamaican. He is looney!!! now you know.

  19. I must say that my mouth has not gotten off of the floor yet after reading all of the preceeding messages. I too was scammed by Tino Headwhite, whom I “met” on Black and White He was as smooth as they come. I had only been on the site about a week when I met him. I instantly had red flags up about him as he never initially wanted to talk on the phone. Yet, he was always online…I mean always!! I would check back at all hours of the day and night and he was always there and he never wanted to talk on the phone. He professed all of this great life enduring “love” for me almost instantly. I have no one to blame for all of this but myself because I knew better but I allowed him to con me and to smooth talk me and I actually began to feel sorry for him. I mean, we were supposed to meet up in Atlanta after he came back from Malaysia. He provided me with e-confirmations of his flight schedules and purchases both going and returning to the states. He had it all mapped out and I just let him explain all of my concerns away and I trusted that maybe I was being too hard on him and that maybe I should give him a chance. Well I gave him more than a chance, I gave him $1200 when he said that he was robbed outside of his hotel in Malaysia and that he was not able to pay his hotel bill and he could not get back to the states. Though I was reluctant, he used every ploy to get my emotions caught up and I eventually gave in to him because I felt sorry for him. He promised to pay me back…sent me text and email messages to “feel better and trust that he would pay me back because he loved me so much he could never hurt me.” Yeah right. That bastard still continues to contact me saying that money means nothing to him, only our relationship. No money has come back to me and it never will! Ladies, BEWARE and AWARE PLEASE!! Also, I must be a magnet for this type of scheme because I too was contacted by Alex Vega, John Arnold, and Ronald Evans…all Engineers, all traveling overseas dealing in oil and gas. All professing massive love very early. I have advised Black and White Singles so maybe they will devise a system to alert all unsuspecting females. I googled Tino and thats how I found this site…he struck long before me…same email, story, everything!! I am filing my complaint also.

  20. Watch out for Jonathan Dolph. He claims to be an American living in the UK but working in West Africa with UNICEF. He has a 15 yr old daughter in the hospital undergoing treatmeant for a car accident that happened 5 years ago. His wife allegedly died in that car accident as well. Both his parents are dead and his sister is 28 yrs old and is a nun. He has pictures that he took from a website called focus agency. He uses the pictures that are located in commercial and the models name is Casey. When I confronted him about this he says that was during a time in his life that he no longer does that and his nick name is Casey. He tried to get me to send $200 dollars to Joyce Chen in San Francsico and when I did not he got brutal. He told me he loved me within the first week and claimed he wanted to marry me. He deleted everyone from his facebook page. I met him using the application on facebook called Are You Interested. Watch out!

  21. watch for this person his name is federico galonii, an amercian working in nigeria, he needs money right away, oh he wanted to marry me, don’t trust him he is the web site Latinosinglesmeet under lordschoosen his picture is posted with a child, so watch out

  22. I have been contacted by Terry Clem. He sounded too good to be true. Thank you to all the women who posted the fact that he is a scammer – saved me a lot of heartache etc. He comes across as very romantic and caring. He told me the same story that his wife and second baby died in childbirth. He also told me about Lucy his 9 year old daughter. Thank you again everyone and others beware !!!!

  23. Let me add another scammer to the list…Ronald Evans. He is posting his profile on Black and White Singles. Supposidly he is in oil and gas, an engineer or some sort of variation of this. He is out of the country. He sends a generic email, the exact same one mind you, professing a lot of interest. He needs a dictionary and a few English courses but don’t be fooled thinking that he is sincere. Be aware! He will ask you for a yahoo chat id so that he can begin communications there. Usually, his yahoo account will be something like evans2kn02 or evans2kn01.

  24. I met a man on the site name of Nicolas Sean Morgan, design engineer, has lots of money, said he loved me after a week, and wanted to marry me!! Said he was In London on a contract……hasn’t asked for money yet!! I asked him for proof that he was a real person, and he became very upset…….said that if I loved him why would I question him?? that I should trust him til he arrived back in the states…..talked to him in person, sounded Middle Eastern….there needs to be a web sites that list names and where they puport to come from or live, and the link should be on every dating site……….that would stop alot of the scammers!!

  25. forgot!! I told him that I was going to send him a suprise, and got his adress…..looked it up on Google maps, and it was a small apartment flat… fancy hotel like he claimed!!

  26. I met a man who said his name was Matthew McCoy on yahoo personals. We chatted every day for a week. He said both of his parents were deceased and he was an only child. He had to go to London to collect a check for his parents’ estate or something… he wanted to fly back to the states, but needed money since the check for 500 pounds wouldn’t cash for some reason. He wanted me to send him around $600 through Western Union. He said to send it to a man named John Harris who supposedly was a travel agent in London. He kept asking me for my address and phone number… thankfully I recognized right away that it was a scam. Ladies, please don’t be fooled. This man had multiple pictures of himself. Very believable…

  27. I met a guy through a dating site, he told me his wife and young boy died 7 years ago in a car accident while he was at work , only his girl survived , the girl is now in Nigeria and he asked me for money to send her since he is in the sea,and the weirdest thing that she got 2 lines a 14 year girl got one english, one nigerian line , and the english number is reported on WHo CAllS ME SITE “that a poor guy woman are asking for money” . I don’t even think that the pictures he sent me are his and his daughter was so blond as a baby and now she is almost black . Maybe am mistaking but it is not good what is happening.
    And i think he is the same man that L.H mentioned

  28. I too encountered the same Matthew McCoy as the person named Lucy (May 17th). Same scam, but of course I knew something didn’t add up. People you don’t know shouldn’t ask you for money – at least normal people don’t. And he too said he was from the states but his grammar seemed iffy at best.

  29. Thank you for all these information, Terry Clem just told me he will be traveling to Nigeria tomorrow, he is widow and has a 10 years old girl, living in London, so now I know what will be his next step.

  30. I have 2 to add to the pot. [email protected] – alais Ward Martini and Dennis Ajose. He is a 53 yr old architect, widower, parent deceased when he was 5 live with his uncle in england who is currently in China building a mall with his 10yr daughter. Someone stole 40,000 from his bank and now he has no money to return to his home of MN. Loved me after 1 week, asked me to remove my profile from Never called me a was available by im a lot in the beginning but once he got stranded and I have no money to send him he is rarely available but lo and behold a man named Jude White, 55 widower works for the UN has 12 tr old son, from Italy live in LA has office and apt in NY. email [email protected] also goes by Joseph White. He is now trying to hook up with me. Both guys pics look like men in their 30’s both men very good looking of course.
    Just thought I’d let you gals know about them. You’d think they’d be a little more creative in their M.O.’s Same story different names/faces.
    I’m sure it’s probably some real dip running this.

    Oh well, at least they got nothing from me. You don’t fall in love after 1 week of IM.

  31. Hello Ladies,
    I feel your pain. I too was almost taken for money. My guy name was Anthony Gomez([email protected],[email protected]) from supposedly Fremont Ca, but doing Civil Engineer work in England for bus station. He told me nice things about himself and his mom. Then the perfect picture started unraveling.

    He had to have a surgery and needed money $1200.00. Also, his mom could not give it to him because she was sick and had paid off the barn house. I almost sent the money to a third party as his request but was not able to. He asked me to send $400.00 to a friend in PA. through western union.
    I’m glad I was not able to gather the funds to give to him. Please be aware of him. He is on every dating site from UK, Craigslist to CA.

    Please be careful women, because we are lonely and looking for Mr. Right we become opportunist for predators.
    Take care

  32. Hi ladies be aware, Ward Martini a/k/a [email protected] also is now trying to scam $3000.00 for money for airfare for him and his 10yr old daughter from China. Very Romantic said his birthday was same as mine on 6/17, If he tried to do it to ANNE and did not success, now he is doing it to me, but thanks to this site I got the same story about being and orphan at 5yrs old and an uncle raised him in England. What a scammer said he was an engineer/architech and was building a mall in China and someone took $40,000 from his checking account and now it is being investigated by the bank and he has no money to come home. So, ladies be aware of this piece of no good man who is living off good woment with good hearts OH, he also wanted me to donate over $1000.00 dollars to the orphanage of little girls who are unwanted in China, got mad because I donated directly to the orphanage and not to him.

  33. I am being contacted right now by a Guy named Kenneth Jenks that is in the UK and wanting to come home to NC?? He said that he is waiting on a shipment of cars to clear customs in London and even sent me a letter from the port authority saying that he needs to bay the clearence fees before they will clear the cars? I am wondering if it is the same Kenneth Jenks that someone on here is talking about

  34. I think that this Terry Clem guy might be using a different name. His name is James Yorke. He is saying that he is an international civil engineer. He lives in Madison, WI and now in South Africa doing civil engineering work. He never asked me for any money but when I called him on the phone, I could tell that he was not British or American but African. I also use a website called This tracks where the person is and how many times they have read my emails. My email tracked this person in Nigeria. It tracked him twice in Nigeria. Now I know that he was lying because he told me that he was in South Africa. What upsets me so much about this. Is first of all, this sort of thing has never happened to me before. Second of all, this person was very romantic and I really trusted him. I feel very fooled. I didn’t lose any money over it besides calling him. But if I hadn’t called him then I would of never found out. It just breaks my heart though because I as a person I try to be very honest and would never do something like this. So, beware,this Terry Clemen may be using a different name now as James Yorke.

  35. Seems like this Terry Clem is too popular…
    He contacted me at match,com in April, sent me a lovely letter, then told me at the second letter his sad story: widow, no parents, 1 daughter, engineer living in London, no friends, just workers. Im 8hrs of difference with London, After four letters we chat a couple times, he said he wasnt anymore at match because he was impress by me!!!! ha, ha…
    The strange part was when he told me he wasnt too skill with msn, suddenly logout without an explanation; I had a similar experience before with another guy so i decide to stop having contact with him. Does this pics descriptions are familiar?: (he is blonde, tall, slender) 1) He with a green field background, caring a parachute. 2) He is sitting at the kitchen, behind a table, with half of the pic cut. 3) He is smiling at a patio, near garden bricks.

  36. I have come across several of these “men” who all lost their wives due to some cancer or car wreck….yada yada yada. they all have a son and travel outside of the US for work but live in Florida. LOL

    They all want to chat on IM. their facebook profile has NO friends and they all have a “hot looking” man for their profile pic. Are You Interested on facebook is where you find a great deal of them.

    I have gotten used to picking up on their stories real fast. They see I am a widow. So, they ask: do you own your home? do you work? how do you take care of yourself and kids? it’s the same crap. broken english in the typing, too. Once I realize who/what they are, I let them know I have dear friends who work for the FBI and that usually makes them disappear.

    What a scam. It’s pathetic.

  37. anyone heard of a man basketball coach in Nigeria @ univ of lagos. parents died when he was 15 or 16. met him on myspace. uh played with denver nuggets and then went to spain to coach and now in africa. suppose to come back to states in a few weeks. has not asked for money. kinda sounds he has lots of money. no children. he says i am his soul mate? send me a piture…. looks like a model.. all signs he is not real. chat on line almost everyday….help anyone.

  38. Matthew McCoy has also contacted me…although he has yet to ask me for any money. He has given me the same story…dead parents, in UK straightening out their estate, adopted…blah, blah, blah…he’s been sending me pics, emails, and IM’s now for days. I have been talking to several people lately and they’ve all wanted to meet, and I felt something was up with him so I’ve been googling, etc… forever. He keeps asking me to pick him up from the airport though…which I am not doing, nor had any intention of doing.

    Next IM I get from him, I’m going to call him out and see how he repsonds, lol…

    Ahh, internet dating.

  39. More and more dating sites are adopting new technologies that help them keep “the bad guys out.” Device identification is one such technology. It enables the dating service to spot fraudulent behavior by the computer the fraudster is using. Once identified they can keep the scammers out.

    I know it works because I just interviewed a co-founder form Chellaul who is a new ThreatMetrix customer. They kicked off 1,500 scammers within the first few weeks.

    Dating customers will be glad to know that more and more sites are adopting this technology.

    Check out the blog at the ThreatMetrix web site that tells the Chellaul story.

  40. Met David Williams ([email protected]), widowed father of girl aged 10 and boy 12 who are being raised in England while he works in US and travels for business. We talked for a few weeks, grew quickly attached, he sent beautiful flowers, he even spoke to my children on the phone and made them promises of being their new daddy. We had tons in common and trust built quickly. He was off on business one day and he called Monday morning in a panic to say he had just been robbed at gun point & all he had left was a few dollars in his pocket and his cell phone. The manager of the hotel he was suposed to check into was taking him to the police station to make a report yadda yadda. An hour later there was another call the now they were refusing to let him into the hotel as he had no money and could I send him enough to check in for the week until his bank could send him a new card? Hew was supposed to flyt o see me after this trip as I was having surgery and he was bringing his kids and we were going to discuss getting married in detail etc.

    Needless to say I sent $700. Thursday comes and th emanager is demanding more money and his workers are striking as he does not have emough to pay them. Can I send more? I refuse and we get into a huge arguement over the phone with my son listening in which upsets him greatly. When he pushes me to take out loans & use credit cards etc to help him I remind him I am about to be off for a month with no income and he obviously has no respect for me demanding so much for me as ill as I was. He made one more bid then I hung up.

    He has written a couple more times, apologising and professing his love and undying affection yet after reading here and doing a bit more checking on a few other cites… BEWARE DAVID WILLIAMS of Los Angeles, CA, UK, Lagos, Oil Engineer, Civil Engineer, Widow of 2 children, Belgium born having lost his parent at 17 in England.

  41. Was checking out a guy and happened on this site.
    This segment from a writer here furthered my suspicions and ultimately validated that he was a scammer in the extreme.

    April 14th, 2009 at 3:14 am
    Watch out for Jonathan Dolph. He claims to be an American living in the UK but working in West Africa with UNICEF. He has a 15 yr old daughter in the hospital undergoing treatmeant for a car accident that happened 5 years ago. His wife allegedly died in that car accident as well. Both his parents are dead and his sister is 28 yrs old and is a nun. He has pictures that he took from a website called focus agency. He uses the pictures that are located in commercial and the models name is Casey. When I confronted him about this he says that was during a time in his life that he no longer does that and his nick name is Casey. He tried to get me to send $200 dollars to Joyce Chen in San Francsico and when I did not he got brutal. He told me he loved me within the first week and claimed he wanted to marry me. He deleted everyone from his facebook page. I met him using the application on facebook called Are You Interested. Watch out!”

    He called himself Arnold Dolph, [email protected] single dad of one son 12 yrs. widowed, dead parents… google the name and you will get an address for him in Houston with a phone #.
    office in Houston, Tx in a large complex that also houses “virtual” office space for anonymity.
    the link listed in the above quoted report led me to the photos he had sent of his son.
    the usual MO- Love in the first 2 weeks, charm, intelligence ( use the term loosely 🙂
    he asked for gifts and money etc etc.
    when called him on it, much tap dancing then the goodbye.
    followed by my amazon account being hacked and money taken from my bank account via gift cards to amazon. Beware.
    sick puppy~

  42. Watch out for a Turkish man named Ozzy or Compie Ozgur (real name Ozcan Ozgur). He works in Turkey as an entertainer but trawls Facebook and msn particularly in the winter months looking for his next victims. He uses Zoosk dating and the Are You Interested applications on Facebook. He targets all kinds of women and will claim that he is looking for the right one to settle down with, age is not important and neither is looks as it’s your heart that matters.
    His MO is the same as many scammers: early declarations of love, wanting you to visit him or to send money for him to visit you. Truth is he can’t leave Turkey and won’t get a tourist visa so you’ll never see that money again. He also asks for money saying that he will go to jail if he doesn’t pay off his debts and needs a ‘loan’ from you to prevent this happening. Or he will tell you that he needs money to book your marriage celebrations and honeymoon. As he is already married (he always claims to be divorced) this will never happen either.
    His stories are many and all lies. He is a conman and thief who you’d do well to avoid. His latest success was getting £400 from a woman who thought she was going to be his new bride. His facebook name is compie ozgur or ozzy.osbald and his emails are [email protected] and [email protected]
    Facebook have closed his account twice for his harrassment of women and for suspected scamming but he just bounces back with another user name and the same old crap.

  43. BEWARE GIRLS – TERRY KEN HARGRAVE has moved his target to AUSTRALIA.

    On the 6th September 2009, I was contacted by seemee22 on, the name he goes by is Terry Ken Hargrave, 42yrs old, lives in London. He told me he has a three yr old (Lucy), her mother died three years ago from child birth. His mother died 10yrs ago and father when he was a child. He said he is a Civil Engineer(Contractor)and has a Swedish acsent. He is still on as neck79 with a different picture but same profile as seeme22. Terry is using this email address [email protected].

    neck79 is still going by Terry Ken Hargrave thou, when he changed username from seeme22 to neck79 for it also updated a different photo in my in box, that is when my alarm bells started ringing. I told him that I had stopped but I lied, lucky I did cause now I am making him work for it.
    I told me he has a contract in Nigeria and has taken Lucy with him. He keeps asking me to meet him there in Nigeria. Today he asked me for money as he has not got the currency to pay for a tax fee. Last night I googled his whole name and found him on this fraud site. So I have told him that my money is in investments and cannot get it out, he has asked me to ask someone to lend the money ($5000) to me to send it to him.

    He is still ringing me and emailing me, I am hoping to work out a way to get him court. I have emailed about him and letting as many people I know about him.

    Karma will get him one day girls!!!

  44. hi ladies please beaware of some1 who goes bt the name of gary goody he is a scammer i found out the hard way he got £10,000 of my money b4 i realised. he said he was a construction engineer from either hull or manchester i fell for it no he was from nigeria i am still trying to find him to get my money back please be aware of him.
    take good care ladies

  45. I recently met a guy on the dating website he claim to be divorced male with a 15 year old son, attending school in china, and he is working on a oil rig in Uk, he asked me for 300usd for his son’s birthday, after 3 weeks of chatting online he told me he was madly in love with me i could not believe that, i have seen about 4 pics of him they look very professional, i have ask him to show himself on cam but he claims he don’t have one, he told me that he was coming back to usa in oct of 2009 as his contract will be done in Uk, he claims to make 150,000 but yet can’t send his son 300usd for his birthday, i asked him for some pics of his son he sent me two pics of some blond headed little boy that looks to be about 8 are 9 years old far cry from looking 15 years old as he had stated, i have chatted with him on the phone about maybe 5 times he don’t sound American at all he sounds European, and yet he say he is 100% Irish American, when we chat online he can’t grasp some of my English slang words, at all he keep saying huh , huh , as if he can’t understand me, he claims to be from California , but when i ask him some local things about California he jump the subject to something different, i have not sent him one red cent and don’t intend to at all.

  46. I had a run in with Mr.Tery Clem who claims to be a civil engineer and have a daughter named LUCY who just had her 12 birthday.In june of this year he claimed to have a job in Nigeria. He then ran into problems like
    taxes, no family,no friends,no food and always saying how beautiful i am.
    I just got a call from a legitimate doctor in Nigeria saying he got my number from tery’s phone. He had gotten robbed and shot at close range.
    The doctor may be legit but the story isn’t…he said that I will have to send money to save Tery’s life or let him die. I don’t have to ask what you ladies wanted….so i typed his name and came across this warnings. Oh! Lucy died. how sad…and i met him on This saves me alot of grief. thank you ladies

  47. here’s another one. LOL wife died of cancer, has a dauther almost 3, working outside the country in republic of benin right now but says he lives in Eden, NC. Same M.O. as others (method of operation) – once i let them know one of my best friends was an FBI agent and a US immigrations agent…currently a Private Investigator, they ‘sign off’ IM real fast! ROFL

    this guy goes by “From: Ryan Gutenberg [mailto:[email protected]]”
    another on is Eric who claims to be from NY…works out of the country a lot in Art.

    I wish i could remember that one guy who actually had 2 profiles on facebook (are you interested) with 2 different ages. I called him out on it and he said it must be a facebook error. LMAO!

    ok….so, what out for these guy, too.

  48. Hi guys, I am also writing to warn you of a man who goes by the name Gary Goody. It was only thanks to Val’s comment that made me see sense and I am forever grateful to her.

    Two days after he fleeced £10k from Val he contacted me using the same alias, sob story and presumably piccy.

    He befriended me by email and very nice and said the right things, that his wife had died in a car crash and that his daughter and Mum lived in Japan.

    He also stated that he was a construction worker in Nigeria and that he had knocked down a little girl who desparately needed money to finish her treatment otherwise she would die. The pressure was put on me to hand over this money.

    He even had the gal to call me and I got quite a shock when he sounded very Nigerian

    Alarm bells had been ringing but my compansionate side got the better of me.

    Thankfully due to all my friends, family and particulary to my brilliant son he found this website before I parted with anything!

    I will be handing over the information I have on this guy to the Police.



  49. To all the ladies who have posted on this page:

    I have been reading your comments for the last month or so. It has become clear that the online romance scamming syndicate is in no way slowing down. I have been “online dated” by the Terry Hargrave scammer mentioned numerous times on this site. He used a different name, but the story was the same – born in Europe, civil engineer in England, widower, gorgeous photo, loves me to bits and pieces, goes to church every Sunday, daughter named Lucy, both parents dead, no family or relatives, travels frequently to build big construction projects, has a big and beautiful house, multiple expensive cars… yet need to borrow a few thousand Euros from me for a medical emergency.

    I refused of course, as I had been watching the red flags waving at me the day we started communicating. After putting me on a guilt trip, he tried again a week later, finally “dumping” me because “we cannot build trust”. “Trust” is the key word here – the word that will get us to part with our money. I think they even “blacklisted” me as a waste of time now. Several scammers (I can spot one from a mile these days) contacted me after him, then promptly blocked me from their profiles. One tried to pull a fast one asking me to view his photo album from some site that required me to download a .exe file. I asked why the need in this day and age when he can use the dating site’s backstage gallery, or Picasa or Flickr etc. No answer back of course. Knowing they can’t get me to “trust”, they try to use a .exe file to hack into my computer and steal my financial information. So be careful. They don’t just stop at first rejection.

    There is no “love” with these scammers aka Boiler Room Boys of Nigeria. Every word in their story is part of a well-orchestrated setup, right down to the fictitious hotel manager – to get our money one step at a time. It takes a special form of low-life, scumbag and sleazeball with no heart or soul to use the name of God and young children to lie their way into a woman’s heart then trick her for her money.

    I did IP traces on ALL the emails received from my scammer. The first was from an ISP in California, with headquarters in London, England. All the in-between ones romancing me were from Lagos, Nigeria. The last one just before the supposed trip to Europe was from Australia. Why Europe? Because Nigeria is the only African country that transacts in Euros other than the local currency. To tell me he was going to Nigeria would have been a dead giveaway, as he may have been remotely suspicious I was on to him.

    Ladies, please wake up. We are not dealing with “a” scammer. It doesn’t matter what name or email address or dating site handle. It is a whole international network spanning the globe as this is turning out to be such a lucrative business for them, all thanks to our kind but lonely hearts. The first contact is from some entry-level first-tier scammer who sends out boatloads of emails to whomever. Upon a response, the “Romance” scammer takes over to build trust, using everything he’s got – God,young child(ren) to tuck at our heartstrings, sexual overtures etc. When time is ripe, the “Closer” steps in to help us find our way to Western Union.

    This is organized crime. Because they operate outside of N. American soil, there is no way our authorities can indict them. So ladies, please forget about responding to someone out of country. This is the only way these scammers can get us to send money without first checking them out physically to verify the facts. This is why most of you ladies reported having met the scammer on It is because Match does such a fine job of shooting off profiles internationally several times a week, practically delivering fodder fish to the piranhas.

    I have met numerous good local men online, with real jobs, real homes and real lives. A number of them have become friends or given me business even when a romance did not pan out. There is no need to respond to anyone out of country to find a mate. If we want to use the internet to find a man, we owe it to ourselves to use it wisely and with caution.

    Here is a good site for info on scammers: I learned a lot from there. Just be patient ladies, and all the best. – Helen.

  50. don’t be scam by a toni c moore from charlotte,north carolina sending fraud money orders from money gram thru united parcel and has connections in nigeria this person is causing alot of heartaches please be aware…..

  51. I too was scamed by David Williams ([email protected]) after 2 weeks of talking he was leaving to go to London to try to win a contract. he also told me he had a daughter that lived with his dead wifes mother in the UK he said while he would be in the UK he would visit his daughter. later he told me he was awarded the contract and was worried as it was in Africa and it was in a dangerious area. I begged him to give the contract back and not take it but he insisted he was doing this to secure our future.
    The next day he left for Africa we talked a little on I M after he arrived and he said he was booking a room then and that he was at a internet cafe.
    a couple hours later he came back online and said that he was robbed at gun point by 4 men. and wanted to know if I could send him some money to cover his motel and for food. He and his daughter were suppose to meet me after his business contract was finished. I sent him some money and kept sending him money a little here and there while he was on contact figuring he’d pay me back when he came in. Then the day finally arrived for him to come meet me. he said he’d call me from the airport. but he didn’t.
    I was worried as he always made contact.a day later I get a phone call from a plan claiming to be a doctor saying David was in an car accident on the way to the airport and that the had him unconsious. the doctor claims to have gotton my number off of Davids cell phone. he said david needed 3 different surguries on his leg. and that they could not do it without payment 1st. He said I could make installments and would get back to me on the amount needed.
    The surgury was another $3,000 that took me months to pay for.then when he was finally discharged months later I sent him another $1,000 to refresh his ticket and get Erika’s ticket. after i sent him the money he called me very upset and crying saying the hospital would not give him his passport cause even though the surgury was paid for he still owed for his room.
    that would be another $3,000. He claimed to be from Southlake Texas I in the mean time came accross this site and saw Susans report. I was involed with David for 8 months and have lost at least $5,000. I’m glad I saw Susans report before I spent another $3,000. so beware of David Williams parents died when he was 17 he told me he only had a daughter but told Susan he had a daughter and son.
    here are 2 other e-mail addresses he uses as [email protected] & [email protected] I met him on Christian Mingle.

  52. ALERT ALL LADIES!!Today is Nov.5,2009 and I have uncovered a scam at the dating site THIS GUY IS ALSO MENTIONED IN A POST HERE..ABOVE MINE BY “PAMELA” ON OCT.9,2009: On 11/03/09 a guy by the name of Ryan Gutenberg contated me there. His e-mail is [email protected]. We exchanged e-mails..I never give out my phone number, real e-mail address, or anything that someone can track me have to be safe..right? Long story short..he sent me an e-mail saying that he lived in Sherman Oaks,CA..which is also listed as his place of residence on his profile on the Plenty of Fish site. He said that he worked for IBM in the past,his occupation is an IT Engineer,has a 2yr old little girl that is almost 3yrs,her mother died of cancer,wants to chat on Yahoo Messenger,wants me to send pictures,will be home in a few weeks hopefully, but at the moment he is on contract work in the Republic of Benin. That was the red flag for me because I know where that is(West Africa)and I read I had a gut feeling this was crap. This morning I searched Intelius for him..nobody by that name in the state of California. So then I do a Google search on him and he has another profile on the site called It shows he joined there on Sept.8,2009, left one comment on that date to some woman in Michigan,then a woman from the site left him a note on the 9th.His profile says he lives in Wynne,AR..kid lives with mom in Hawaii..blah..blah. Just go read both profiles at both sites and see what I mean. The Intelius search obviously came up with nothing for him in AR either.He has no Facebook page either.The photos on both sites of him are of the same person but who the heck knows if it’s really!I am reporting him today to BOTH sites.I found this place by searching his name on Google and his name was highlighted in a post here by I mentioned earlier in this post.There is also plenty of hits on Google for Republic of Benin Scam. Be safe everyone!

  53. I meant to tell you in my previous post what his USERNAME is at Plenty of Fish BUT when I just went back there to look…he is gone! I have not even reported him yet..maybe he found this place at the same time I did (laughing but serious) His profile and photo are still up at though!

  54. Ladies, all of these men are Nigerians! How do I know, I went the big step further and MARRIED one! I met him in Malaysia (note to BITTER: Malaysia is full of Nigerians without visas and money who are on the net courting women to marry/or just to get money. They particularly target women in the UK, US and Australia. They spend roughly 20 hours a day on a computer ‘working’. It is their business. They get in through business schools who they pay money to for an initial visa. Nigerians can get into very few countries which is why they need wives and girlfriends). Note to LUCY and HELEN: Western Union is their playground. It is really the only way they can receive money. Also lots of them are Western Union agents and make their money intercepting funds. I note names like Williams and Kenneth – very common. In fact Williams is one of the most common names in Nigeria. I met many nigerians with that name in Malaysia. The other way Nigerians make money is to send shipments of cars and electronic goods back to Nigeria…also mentioned. A favourite pick up line is that they want to help poor children and build orphanages (thats how mine got me!) They are also heavily into Christian sites and churches…joining to make more contacts and setting up their own christian sites to meet vulnerable people. They are very persistent and will call incessantly. Also they always have phone numbers from other countries like England etc easily obtainable over the net or from girlfriends ‘wives’ who buy the number for them and pay the bills! (I know one such girl in UK). I was persuaded to marry mine in Malaysia (rushed into it), sponsor him into Australia, send lots of money to his family in Nigeria, help bring his son out here, pay for his brother to go to Malaysia (who now does the net business and is marrying a girl from here so that he can come in too). He kept me so busy working and looking after his son and him plus paying for everything. Then a month ago a baby turned up to a young muslim girl….plus several other women, some on the net, some helping him with the baby. All never knew he was married. One site he advertised on was where he was a 31 yr old single man named Larry. He is often Larry or Larry Kingsley; or Reverend Kingsley or Larry King or Larry Anos. He also has arabic aliases. His brother is Danial and his friends are Williams and Zion. Kingsley Anosike, or any Anosike is also very common. Once found out they will become violent. Keep up the good work, keep passing the word around. I live in fear and still have to go to court. These men have no conscience, no concept of love – it is just a way to make money and get what they want. Yes their country is in a terrible state and they have all come from poverty but this still does not justify the terrible way they treat vulnerable women.

  55. Hi Jenny, I am really astounded to read your story. I hope you win the case in court and get that horrible liar and cheat out of your life once and for all. Your story really opened my eyes, as I had thought we can protect ourselves so long as we date only local men.

    Earlier this year, a friend of mine told me about a local woman who married an African man with a young daughter. They met online and supposedly fell in love. That was before I met my scammer and had no idea. She married him and sponsored him and his daughter to N. America. Guess what…2 weeks after the marriage, he wanted a divorce and 1/2 share of her house as that is the law here. His true intention of marrying her was to get 1/2 her house. She is forced to sell her house and give him half the money. The law was on his side.

    I have family in Malaysia too but they are distant and I do not visit frequently. 2 years ago, I did visit with my mom. I heard very disturbing news about the crime rate. I was conned out of my change right inside the airport for buying a drink to quench my thirst. And they were so swift at it as well. This I did not expect from a cafe in a country’s international airport. Does the Malaysian government set no standards for integrity on a government-owned property which is also the first entry point for all foreign visitors? That had put me off further visits.

    I guess my only saving grace would be that I do not find African men the least bit attractive and will never imagine myself romancing one.

    Take care of yourselves ladies. Falling in love is beautiful but do so with caution in today’s world. – Helen

  56. I too have been contacted by Ryan Gutenberg ( [email protected]) through Matchdoctor. He contacted me a couple of weeks ago, and was very pushy about chatting on Yahoo messenger. He states he is in West Africa at the moment doing contract work, but hopes to be home in a couple of weeks (home to him being Sherman Oaks, CA). Once he said West Africa, red flags started going off in my head. I’ve chatted with him a couple of times just briefly on Gmail chat….most recently this past Friday. He keeps pushing for me to ‘make time’ for him on chat…BS to that! I’ve asked twice for more pictures from him, and he has yet to send any. I am now going invisible on Gmail chat so he can’t see when I’m online anymore. So watch out for a Ryan Gutenberg, ladies!

  57. I am so glad I have found this site. I have been chatting to a guy called Gary Goody who I see is a scammer. Alarm bells had started ringing. He seems to say all the right things but very full on so I was getting a bit suspicous. I have read the stories from others who he has “romanced” so I will be ignoring him.Thanks girls

  58. I have also been speaking to a guy by the name of Gary Goody – Who yes says all the right things but to be honest a bit too upfront. He has told me yesterday that he has landed in Nigeria for the first time on a work related trip. Has offered to pay for a ticket for me to go over (yeah right!) and also has a daughter in Japan living with his mother and that his wife died in a car accident with their baby son three years ago. He has not been with anyone else for the last three years and has spoken to God who states that I am his future partner (yeah right again). He is on the Friends Reunited Dating Website under the name of CharmingNZ – Have a look girls the pictures are of gorgeous man who we would all love to meet. I have sent a report to Friends Reunited Dating also.

  59. In response to my last comment – I only hope that the guy in the picture catches up with this scammer ! It is not fair thast his pictures have been used !!

  60. Greetings,

    In an effort to keep this communication brief and to the point, I met ‘someone’ on an internet dating site who used the photos below to represent his self. Although I was suspicious, I continued communication with him via phone. We did not have the opportunity to meet, because according to him, he was scheduled to leave the county within a few days of us communicating because of a business deal in Nigeria. Within two months into a phone-only conversation he asked me to send him $17,000 to purchase a certificate (for security purposes) so that he could receive the proceeds of his business deal, which was due to yield $800,000. Needless to say, this confirmed my suspicions that he was a fraud.
    Below are all the email communications I have received and the statistics he used.

    Name: Andrew Jude Beckson
    Age: 46
    Height: 6 ft
    Status: Never married, no children
    Education: Ph.D. in Business Management
    Salary range: $100,000 – $150,000
    Residence: Franklin, Georgia
    Birthplace: Malaysia (Father black from England, mother from Malaysia – parents married over 40 years)
    Church affiliation: Good News,
    Phone numbers: 678-389-9619, 0112348021196560, 011233543889100, 01123414097120
    Email: [email protected]
    Other site he is on:

    Profile posted in

    46, Franklin, GA
    Seeking Female 40-60 I need a Bride..
    I am very simple and easygoing..I am easy on the eye and easy to associate with,I dont get upset easily and it takes little to make me smile..I love watching Movies and going to the Beach,so all i am looking for is someone that will come with me to the Beach..Lol…I dont know how to swim and i pray i find someone that will teach me how to swim,But its not compulsory you must be a swimmer before you can get yourself talking to me…Money is nothing but something that will all pass away at the end of the world,So why destroy a fellow human because of Vanity..Money comes and Go,But what matters more to me is Taking Care of Your loved ones and Family..Am happy being an Accountant But it will Fun having someone to think and Grow with you..I know My Queen is 100% Out There and Am gonna Find Her Know Matter How Far Away She Lives From me..Smile I am simply Looking for someone that will cook with me Cos i love to Cook and Eat…I hope that wont be a Problem,Cos i could eat 7 plates of food in a whole day….Lol…I will be in the Kitchen around 3;15am cooking instead of Sleeping…Lol…I just want a best friend,someone that understands that all it takes in this world is for two people to understand each other deep and all other things will work perfectly..I am in search of a woman that will spend the rest of her Life with me,Cos i am not getting any Younger and its tyme i settle down with One Queen…I know my Queen is Out there and God will send her to me..I want To Hold My Queen With My Strong Arms and Make Her Feel Safe and Secured..

  61. ladies Terry knows what lonely/divorced ladies want to hear and is great at making us feel like the queen of England……………run from him…quick

  62. I guess I was really a gullible fish who caught the bait on plenty of fish. I was really fished out on this one.
    Well I met a guy with screen name alexander999. He seems genuine, infact I think he genuinely resides in the states. Long story short, we chatted for about a week and exchanged phone numbers after that. We talked for hours and hours every day for five whole months, never missing a day. We exchanged emails, text messages even sent him a birthday gift ( not dumb, wanted to verify his address) turns out he was living with his mum. He gave me about 4 different phone numbers. He lives in Detroit MI.
    One day I saw his profile online again at hte same website and asked him about it. He claimed his nephew set him up so he went to confront him which ended in physical altercation.
    His nephew reported him and so he has a court case, he used all his money to pay for bail and he needs money for his lawyers.
    I was frantic, I thought my one true love was going to be put behind bars
    I sent him $500 and a couple of weeks later sent him $300, which I had to borrow at his request.
    In all I spent about 1500 on him with fees and all.
    I called his phones, all 4 numbers, then I realized the one number which he gave me as his lawyers number was actually his cell phone. Then I realized it was a scam
    I called his mothers home phone with a blocked number, which he answered to his surprise. Promised ot call me back but didnt
    I called that number again and left a message and then he called me all mad and threatened me if I called again. Then he said he was gonna pay the money when he wanted and how much he wanted. He also claims his mother threw him out of the house because of my message.

    He deleted me off his facebook. Should I contact all his friends and family, cuz I copied all their names before he deleted me.

    It’s still ongoing.
    I don’t know who to report to. FBi or small claims since I have all the western union receipts of the money sent.

    His name ia Alex William 32 yrs used to play football in Wisconsin claims to work with a car company

    he’s also on black people meet

  63. PLEASE HELP! I met David Williams via We quickly hit it off – says he lives in Arkville, NY – email is: [email protected]
    His son’s name is “Bailey” – will be 12 years old on December 10th. Bailey lives with a a nanny they both refer to as “Nana”. David left for San Antonio to bid for a “project”. Says he is a “Marine Engineer”. He got the project, and is now in the UK.
    Just tonight I found out that his credit cards were stolen. He wants to wire me some cash so that I can send Bailey a PS3 Slim (PlayStation?) in time for his birthday. Sirens are now going off –
    How dare this jerk play with my feelings! UGH! Does he sound familiar? Please help!

  64. I don’t think you should. these men always tug at the strings of love. He wants you to feel guilty if you don’t help…. well so be it then… take it from me. If he really wanted to buy his son a gift, he’d find other means of paying…. hellooo… electronic check.
    Do not send anything Colleen, you’d feel even worse after you can’t get your money back.

  65. can anybody tell me if the name James Raley is a scam name, please, my heart is breaking……..thank you so much for your time, he found me on and his ID on that dating sight is “beautifuleyes554”, his email address is [email protected], this man also has a very beautiful photo also, someone please help me w/any info if possible before I lose my heart to this guy and my 20 year marriage

  66. some of the best ways to find out is to play detective search for his name on intellius or something, you might have to pay though. it might give u a slight idea about the state where he resides, his home phone number if can also ask him for his home phone number and cross check with what you have oh and one more thing. It’s Christmas send him a Christmas card, to the address he gave and make sure its received. Just my 2 cents. try to find out as much info as you can about this man,don’t be gullible like some of us : WHEN HE BEGINS TO TALK ABOUT MONEY PLEASE GATHER YOUR SKIRTS AND… RUN!!!

  67. Ward Martini the one I previously reported has a daughter and was in China building a Mall, he is still on line doing it to other women. So ladies be aware, his handsomeness and great letters of expectations when he comes home to the U.S. and marry you will touch your heart, you are human, but please run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. The scammers don’t rest in fact he was online all morning since 3:00a.m. till 10:00am, so he has another poor woman online scamming her.

  68. Ok, Richard Hans [email protected] or his 18 yr old son Kenny Chuby are supposedly from Fredericksburg, TX, UK, Scotland, and Malaysia. Richard is a widower and only child with no family other than his son. He was raised by a nun. He told me he has 4 million and was starting his own business. He was having trouble and the nun needed a kidney. He asked me for 1500.00-3000.00 or what I could send. He didn’t get a damn dime. We don’t speak now, but he told me I was his soul mate.

  69. Has anyone seen the name Ben Park email [email protected]? I have suspected from the beginning that he is not real. Sounds too good to be true. Widowed with 12 yr old son, John. Wife and daughter killed in automobile accident. Living in Fl. Engineer working in Scotland and Malaysia. Proposed on the third email.

  70. Ladies:

    I feel your pain immensely. My now ex-wife fell victim to one of these scammers back in 2007. Can’t remember his name, but she made (stupidly) many calls to Nigeria and talked for hours on end with him. She was so naive and convinced that he was real. Caused the reason for my divorce from me. She was set to go over to Nigeria and meet this SOB (pardon my language, just can’t get over the pain this dope caused me). I pleaded to her that this was a SCAM, but she didn’t listen…until I showed her the website to various dating scams and frauds. Luckily she didn’t go eventually but it cost me dearly…well over a thousand dollars in phone calls and 13 years of marriage.

    It hurts me as a male knowing that you all are going through literal hell dealing with these cons. I would trade my life’s being just to help out in any way, but the risk for this is high, being a male since many of the scammers are also male and could pose death threats on me and notify their possible cohorts here in the U.S. – and they have ways, no doubt, of tracing e-mails, their origin, no less IP addresses.

    I wish each and every one of you the best in pursuing these scum scammers and hopefully one will get caught and prosecuted by every possible law enforcement agencies throughout the world. You all should NOT ever have to go through all that to find love. It exists, yes…but unfortunately, some people prey on women to only get one or the other things…sex and money. It kills me. It really does.

    I welcome any input you may have.


  71. I have received numerous emails from three men who will not talk to me on the telephone and send very romatic emails.
    Two of them gave me a telephone number. When I call the number, no one ever answers even when I cal numerous times throughout the day. No voicemail set up.
    I would love to find out if these are scammers.
    I have not given them my address nor will I.
    I did request a mailing address from one of them.
    They are all foreign.
    Any suggestions will be welcome.

  72. If you stumble into a web dating site and you see a name similar to:
    -Leya Amid
    -Laila Mamadu
    -Leila Amidu
    -Laila Amadu
    Be sure that’s a scam.
    She will try to get money out of you. She also have a a phone number in Ghana to make it more real. She uses the same excuse of needing money for: visa, marriage, internet bill, health, etc…
    Make sure not to give any private infos!!!!!

  73. Please please be careful to this names:

    -Leya Midu
    -Leila Madu
    -Leila Amidu
    -Laila Mamadu

    This is a potential scammer. She gives also phone numbers. She uses same excuses as always: money for visa, marriage, sick parents, internet bills, etc…
    She will disappear after she got enough money out of you!

    Be aware!


  74. Ladies watch out for Marcus Blum, supposely lived in witchata kansas, and minneopils MN. Manchester, England just left on trip to Nigeria, hamesome guy LOL Having conversation with him but know he is a scammer. He says he’s into antiques business and is supplying to a business in Nigeria. Has not professed love nor asked for money. But has sent peoms and asked for phone number. He deleted his profile off I will paly this guy to find out all the infor I can and will post later
    His email addresses are [email protected] and [email protected]

  75. Well, the flames are out and the carnage is still smoking. James Kenneth is hard at work. He is an engineer in Nigeria, and loves to call you Baby. Lots of hard luck stories but when he gets to the states, he will cash his $60,000 paycheck to pay you back and buy you a ring. His son fell and was severely injured and needed meds and food. They don’t have meds and food in Nigerian hospitals? And who is tutoring this almost 10 year old boy while he is out of the states with his dad? Oh yea, they are on the plane right now to the states. Except Daddy didn’t book the seats. Hum! The photos are of one crazy gorgeous guy, every middle aged woman’s dream, and he can quote love letters. BE CAREFUL!! He will take your money and your heart. Remember James Kenneth, what a scumbag!

  76. Hi
    After reading all these posts, I can be sure that I hv bn conned…I feel so so stupid becos I sent money to him….

    He goes by the name of Vick Wallet ([email protected]). Just turned 45 on 1st Jan 10 and has a daughter (Omar) who just turned 8 on 2nd Dec 09. The daughter was said to be living with a full-time nanny in London. We met on and exchanged email addresses thereafter and telephone nos. I’ve spoken to him on many ocassions. He even sent me photos of his daughter and himself.

    He is an independent contractor who is supposedly in Perth, Australia for a project. He then said he had to go to Hkg and then to Malaysia to order some materials for the project. It was when he said he was in Malaysia that he had run into problems with his bank card and cud not withdraw money he needed to pay for the materials and that if he didnt pay for the materials, the supplier wud not release and ship them to Perth. I was so sorry for him that I borrowed money to send to him. I spoke to him yesterday afternoon and he still tells me that he is trying to get the cheque for his project to pay me back but he has bn very distant and its becoming more difficult to contact him….I’m really really really doomed now….

    Is there anything I can do?? HELP!!

  77. Kasm,

    After my close brush with these con artists, I have done some investigating. I have spoken to law officials in my area and once the USD is in their hands on international soil, it’s too late to do anything. It cannot be traced and they didn’t do anything wrong if “we” willing sent them the funds. I’m sure he requested Western Union and perhaps asked you to send it in a “roll”. The reason for the roll is so that you are not questioned about the situation. If you max out the $2500 per day limit, Western Union’s Fraud Department steps in to question you. These guys do not want that to happen! They will coach you on what to say should this be the case. I decided to lead this guy on and let him believe that I would be sending the money so that I could try to get some information out of him as to how this all works. I am on a mission to help other ladies who have been taken in by these sumbags and maybe even help some who have yet to be scammed. Unfortunately this has to be a lesson hard learned. They will sweet talk you to the point that you will get cash advances from your credit cards, borrow money from friends and family, so on and so forth. They are telling “us” want we want to hear and in my case being a widow, lead me to believe that I had found what I had recently lost. What losers. Even after I told this guy I was on to him and his scheme, he still had the nerve to phone me and ask me to send him $3000. I could not believe the nerve of this guy. PLEASE, PLEASE, BE CAREFUL!!! They are looking for prey and unfortunately they have had their feasts. I would not recommend to anyone, tell your family and friends to stay away from that site, predators are lurking in the shadows. Too bad for the legitimate good guys. I am so sorry for you and my last words to the jerk were, you may have knocked me down but you did not destroy me!

  78. I don’t even know if I’m being scammed but I’m getting almost the exact same thing from 2 separate guys on this site.. There has been no request for money – wouldn’t send it if there was. Both have professed their love early on, like a week! I mean, hello, who can do that on a dating site. The bad thing is that one says that he is in Iraq, single dad. The other is in Florida, single dad. But neither one can type – I mean, its not just typing, its bad sentence structure. And yeah, the one won’t answer questions, keeps saying to ask him anything, he will keep no secrets. But he never answers and when you question it, he just apologizes for not answering the question. The soldier in Iraq – he stated his rank in a WIERD way – not how a soldier would normally say it – sadly, makes me question him. Now I don’t know whether or not I’m just being completely paranoid!

  79. My friend talked to a John Morgan who supposedly lives in Haledon NJ..checked it out..not true. He claims to be in London settling his dad estate worth 7-10 million. However it changed to 6 million. Like he forgot what he told her. shortly after they talked on facebook they love eachother going to marry her. They will live in motel until check clears. He told her the lawyers and him are doing paperwork to get things settled. Wouldn’t you know before papers could get filed he was walking to his lawyers office and got jumped for his bags with all the paperwork to “settle” the estate.Her tax returns come and all of a sudden he is on a flight home. She went to pick him up today and waits four hours after his flight lands. He ignores her calls. After four hours, a “cop” answer and says he is detained and he can’t talk to her maybe tomorrow. All these things and address not matching and other stories she still believes him. Jerk is good. Look out lady they will take you for everything you have including your emotions.

  80. Hi Ladies Anthony Gomez([email protected]) from supposedly Fremont Ca is for real i have met him once but it dint work but i liked him he is a really nice man please verify whatever you post on here cos you my be breaking an innocent relationship

  81. Here’s a new twist on the same scam: a gay version of what many of you have talked about.

    A guy contacted me on Myspace last June, (named Alex Flowers,)and told me to contact him on a Yahoo e-mail address. Said he was originally from Manchester, England. Half-Cuban, half-British. 27 years old. He never met his dad. His mom died a few yaers ago. Grandparents could not handle his being gay, so he was kicked out of the house with no family left. Moved to the US, went around from place to place until he ended up in Seattle WA. He was now an art dealer, and at the time he was writing me, he was in Benin looking for native antiques. He said he hoped to be back in Seattle in a week or so.

    The fact that he was in Africa on “business” already made me suspicious. There were several other “red flags”. When I asked him more about Seattle, and what section of town he lived in, he didn’t know much about it, since he was only living there a few weeks. He sent me pictures of himself, and he was quite attractive. When I sent him back some unattractive pics of myself (I was 42 at the time with a flabby stomach,) he said I was gorgeous. He told me he was falling in love with me after only 3-4 e-mails back and forth.

    I finally said to him something to the affect of “I can’t believe you can’t find a boyfriend with the body you have. You must have men (and women) all after you. You seem too good to be true. I’m almost expecting you to ask me to send you money, or ship packages to Benin, or try to sneek out King Lyumba’s fortune, or something like that. I really can’t fall in love via e-mail. Let’s chat by phone when you get back.” I never heard from him again.

    Almost the exact same thing happened just this past week via Yahoo Personals. This guy was 29, named Tom Edward ([email protected]). The sob story was a broken relationship with no family, the city was now San Francisco (that he just moved to, and knew nothing about,) and the “art dealer” was now in Turkey. Major difference was his English wasn’t perfect (spelled San Francisco wrong) and his questions about my being gay seemed strange….as if he wasn’t gay. Made it seemed like being gay was something you caught like the common cold. Two e-mails back and forth and I sent the same “too good to be true” e-mail as above. Haven’t heard from him since.

  82. Anyone familiar with Stanley Krison? Claims to be Australian, but sounds like an African accent to me. He designs jewelry for a living and sells his designs to jewelry companies. Almost always available to IM and on phone. Has Ghana cell phone because of business in Ghana. Supposedly lives in Miami, FL with a daughter, age 16. Will be coming to see me in the DC area in April, after a trip to Ghana for business (buying gold). Has not asked me for money, nor would I ever give him any, but same story, i.e. widower, only child, gives to an orphanage in S Africa, etc. No record of him on white He has sent me his photo ID health card which matches the other photo he sent. Yikes.

  83. Has anybody heard of Daniel Terry? I met him on yahoo personals the email is [email protected] He claims to be Austrailan describes himself as an “open book” working as artitect engineer was working in Nigeria. he has 9 year old daughter Barbara and is divorced from wife Lisa who is a real cheat according to him, i bet not. He could not return to Australia (geelong Victoria) until he payed his taxes to the Nigerian government he was about to cash a cheque for the amount of $150,000 usd but needed my help. Terry scammed nearly $10,000 from me in a very short period of time. I am so broke now and have learned my lesson not to be conned by loneliness every time the money was sent, he made another excuse that he could not get on the plane. he was hit by a car twice, arrested on the plane for carrying cocaine that was put in his bag after it was stolen. he only took 3 days to ask for money and always wanted to talk on messenger he used the words “baby i love you so much” “i will be your daughters new dad” (my daughter severley disabled) please help me i swear in the name of god i need to get home to Barbara” Daniel Terry emailed me a few weeks ago i set some bait out for him to find out what he was up too i said i was about to claim 5mil inheritance which is not true, he was quick to say “i love you baby, you will get your money back if you give me another 300 then changed to 2000 usd to pay these taxes again. he claims to be working in Newcastle uk and cannot cheat anyone cause of his profession and his god fearing ways. be careful Ladies this one is a real jerk and gets very nasty if you say no. He also likes to masturbate on messenger creepy hey!

  84. Beware of a Dario Ambrose or Roland Ambrose (I guess he was forgetting to change the name in the copy-pasted messages). He supposedly is an art-dealer and construction contractor. Supposedly has an 8 year old daughter (who does not look like him at all). Supposedly lives in Manchester, UK. Kept mentioning that we met on the Mate1 site, although we met elsewhere

  85. Watch our for Mitch Davis, a smoothe con artist I met on, along with Arnold Mueller Scotman on E Harmony. Both ask for and received money. Sad story, daughter dying, the other one was stuck in Nigeria and needed money to get home. Both very smoothe. I fell for it hook line and sinker, I am also familiar with Stanley Krison! Watch Out! They are good, and I was extremely gullible.

  86. My friend has been emailing a guy that found her on a religious dating site. Beware of this weirdo “Sam Cruz” or Sameul Cruz. I knew it was a scam from the start but my friend did not want to hear it.. Now she knows im right. Luckily she didnt give any money for his stupid “petroleum contract deal”. He asked her to be his partner and approve money transfers from her bank acct. Said he was an engineer, and living in Finland working for Neste. Going to Dubai to execute a huge crude oil contract. (this contract was the most fake, stupid looking thing I have ever seen) He cut and pasted the “shell” oil logo and it looked halarious. i hope we are not this stupid folks! Besides I heard him on the phone.. he used the computer to alter his voice. He used religion to try to convince her, this is so wrong. Please watch out for this mad man.

  87. Watch out for [email protected]

    he is claiming to be a contractor in england .
    when i queried him a bunch of personal questions he stopped
    writing , obviously because i busted him .
    has the gall to send photos of an adorable son , Cody .
    I am a pretty educated savvy woman , and I fell for his charms .
    because he is adorable in his photos . A cross between russel crowe and george cloony . don’t these scammers have something better to do ?

  88. Hi,
    I can’t believe myself ! I sent out $2500 to Malaysia ! First she needed fees to pay for her last exam in med school and then she killed her mom and and her only sibling was starving ! God ! what stories they can come up with… Just beware of Malaysia !

  89. Okay so I believe I can add one to this list. Says his name is James Landauer. This morning his Zoosk profile said he lived locally through out the day it has changed from Washington, to Medford, Oregon and now says Las Vegas, Mexico. He contacted me on Yahoo messenger and is very sweet but he normally lives in San Francisco, is a widower with no family. He says he is in Malaysia for two weeks and wants to come home and retire. Dont know whats up but the profile thing is bad enough not to go there. Be careful on this site. So far no good has come of it for me.

  90. The message is to tibby who submitted a comment about her guy contacting her from gyana, my mother in law has had a similair thing happen to her, he claims his name is john morgan and he is in his mid-50’s saying that he lives in canada, he is a widower with no family except for himself and his 16 year old son. He said he owns a jewelry store in canada and that he had to go to gyana to buy gold and also said that he is inheriting alot of gold that his grandfather owned. He sends pictures of himself and his son both having redish hair, he also sends pictures of gold and gold rooms and will also put your name on an authentic looking document saying that if anything happens to him you are to get all the gold. This man has toyed with her for 6 months and asked her to marry him over the phone, he always has contact by phone or by im. He has a heavy accent, which he claims is italian, but my sister in law talked to him once and he sounds like he is african american, he has been held up in gyana due to so much paperwork and red tape getting the gold to bring back with him, he wanted her address to have it shipped to her and so he could come back and meet her in the states and both get married, ever since the man has been telling her that he is coming here, he hasnt showed and still talks to her everyday, he said his son was bored there and wanted a video game sent to him for him to play, so there went that money, now they were coming to the usa again 2 weeks ago and got into a bad car reck, the son is in bad shape but he came out of it ok and you guessed it wanted more money sent even though he is supposed to be so rich, anywho can anyone tell me if they have been contacted by a john morgan who claims he has a 16 year old son named james and is looking to get married, she found him originally on a dating website.

  91. Hey mary avent
    I also had been contacted by this james landlauer. The story was the same except that i did not see the changes in his location on the zoosk website. He got defensive when i approached the issue of not really knowing who the person really is and people are not always honest. He was defensive that seemed irritated that i was cautious and not super trusting. He also asked me to pick him up at the airport as he is flying into portland supposedly. there were things that made me uneasy such as not being able to google him. However when i downloaded yahoo messenger onto my computer i noticed that he had a profile. The profile said that he was 47 and lives in los angeles. He told me he was 42 and that he lived in medford oregon. Thank you for posting your experience cause my search led me to this site and saved me some money and heart ache.

  92. I still cant believe it has happened to me…as we all feel the same way and out approximately $7000….I know , crazy.

    Met on Zoosk in Nov 2009..same stories as above

    His so called name is Robin Shaun Meyer or Shaun Mcnish or Shaun Robin Meyer…but that I found pictures of him on internet dating scam under “john Williams and Marcus Craig Poulson,”..amazingly, he ‘feels violated that someone is using his pictures for evil deeds,” when I confronted him.

    As all others above, I believed, esp when conversations and passages were read of the Bible together…I tried everything to understand and at times, still am not 100% convinced he is a scammer, but thats my own weakness..

    I believe this will only make me stronger in many ways

  93. Looks like our Civil Engineer is now in Cairo, with his 16 year old son. He is a widower, no other family. Well, of course he is very handsome and son is as well. He goes by name Greg Henry, from Chicago. Well, on and on and this “well to do” engineer needs $3,000 to pay the motel in order to get his luggage and leave. Plans to come to Atlanta on Tuesday, April 26th. Of course, he is madly in love with me. I was suspicious from the start, but when I got a phone call in the middle of the night by someone I could barely understand…I knew something was up. He claims to be part German and Italian. He was able to write to me in German immediately when asked…so someone there is German. However he has lived in Chicago for 25 years?….So, I was prepared when he asked for the money…I simply said “absolutely not”, and of course how could I “Not Trust” him. He writes well at times, and other times not, I am sure they are taking turns. He sends poetry, list of wonderful things we will do together…carriage rides…moonlight walks…etc. WELL GUESS WHAT? I found his son’s photo on the modeling agency website in Hawaii…name is Cody….check this site to see if photos are there of your “Amazing Man”. I did not find his photo there…maybe someone knows…his photo 40’s ish man with silver hair, gotee, sitting in front of painting of Gondola in Venice…and and another standing at the rail of a boat or ship with mountains in background. HEADS UP LADIES!!!!Oh yes was able to check on his email adress, only info listed was that it was activated just about the same day he started contacting me. One last thing…he emailed confirmation of flight information to me…I did notice that it had not been paid for. Stay Safe LADIES………website for photos possibly being used is Kids name is Cody.

  94. Sarah,

    Watch out because I had the Bible verses sent to me….”I am a gospel man”.

    And God has sent you to me story…
    “can’t you see we are a match” sound familiar? Also, the sweetie,
    baby, honey lines? When we meet at the airport “I will kiss you all over your body?” dream he talks about?

    Get away while you can…he is a liar and I am not sure it is a “he”, something makes me think it was a woman writing…..

    Watch out ladies …. do not send any money to these liars……..

  95. To ER,
    Your description of the picture of 40ish guy sounds like one I have from
    james smith. Mine is a photo he is taking of himself wearing a orange shirt, trim goatee, black glasses in front of a large photo of a gondola or canoe pulled onto shore. I also have one of him leaning against a railing but on a building patio, no glasses and a mountain in far background – actually looked like colorado but he says it was Ireland on a business trip. Met him on mate1. He is now working in Turkey as a construction site supervisor but says he’s from Georgia.

  96. Kay,

    It sounds similar, but the photos I had really looked professional, maybe portfolio of someone that models. Other things sound the same,
    construction, engineering, out of the country, etc. Out of the country
    always gives them the opportunity to need money, because they are not in U.S.A. They are robbed, or child is sick, cannot cash their checks….Also, they have no family anywhere…you are the only one that can help.
    Also, will send airline reservation confirmation to you…but notice that it says it “is not confirmed until paid”.
    When you get that “unsure feeling”… trust your instincts and stop communicating.

  97. I have been scammed by James Raley [email protected] having met this american guy on a yahoo personal site some 3mths ago supposedly away working on an oil rig in the uk returning to australia after the contract finished,he is suppose to be an Australian citizen, he has a 11 yr daughter living with a guardian in melbourne, she is home schooled his wife died 3yrs ago, I have sent numerous ammounts of money in the last week through western union to the Uk…there are 2 other people involved both whom I have soken on the phone to…one is a Russell Gray, manchester a so called booking agent for rig workers…and a Jason in Melbourne Victoria in which I was given a very strange Phone landline number which was when I really got suspicious..a number I have never seen having lived in that city for many years..this guy is good his last request was for 8000 pounds…so glad I never had it. How Can we nail this guy and how can I get my money back……who knows…

  98. Re- James Raley [email protected]
    I forgot to mention I was suppose to pick him up at the airport, had 5 boxes he was bringing back. needed money for excess luggage..he got stuck in london with the volcanic ash closing airports..he was really upset and cryed, he to was involved in the Oil an Gas industry, he is from Mennesota USA

  99. William “Mckinley” Wallace

    Ok, so i just found this website after doing some research on this guy because I was very curious about him and wanted to make sure I was not being dooped…..well I was. In the back of my head and my gut was telling me this is some bulls&%$, but I completely ignored it because of my own insecurities. Unfortunately I was dumb enough to help this N*&%%$ out because he used his “granny” as an excuse and I felt compelled to help. There was a tornado that hit down south including greenville and I assumed he was telling the truth because it was on the news about the damages done (by the way he also stated that he had a house in Memphis, TN that was supposedly damaged). I can say he milked what he could and was able to get me to send $85 in increments for different needs. I just hope that no one falls for this bull….I was new to the social networking and honestly did not realize this shit was going on!

    Some Lies about this asshole:
    -Says 6’2 and about 215
    -Va vet (Marines)
    -Claims to have done work all over the world
    -Claims to speak french, Spanish and some other languages
    -Claims to be Native Indian (said mother is Native and father black)
    -Claims to have 3 classic cars
    -Claims to be greatly religious
    -Claims he works out alot and is in shape
    -Claims to be living between Greenville and Memphis

    Hope this helps any other victims….PLEASE DON”T FALL FOR THIS MAN(or sorry excuse for a human being!) cause he does seem very charming but so was Jeffrey Dahmer!

    ps. using number 662/422-9469

  100. Ps. In re to previous post…….I found out through Don’t Date Him Girl website, anyone in doubt should go and see if you find other stories of betrayal and deceit as I did.

  101. is full of information and has a printable list called they mabe a scamer if that you can print off and keep near your computer. its a great support group too. so stop by and introduce yourselves. thanks, Vicki

  102. I have a question for anyone who has been scammed by James Raley, [email protected]
    Has anyone found that he continues to keep contact either by phone or messenger after you cannot help him finacially any further or does he just cut you off with no further communication

  103. My brother-in-law has been corresponding with a woman who claims to live in London. She supposedly inherited money from her dead husband, she has survived cancer etc. This has been going on for over a year. My brother-in-law has sent her $400.00 so far. He loves her, he worries about her etc. Her name is Miss Sara Mohammed. She claim to live in a two story house. I don’t need to be convinced, but my brother-in-law does. Anyone out there that can help, it would be most appreciated. Thank you

  104. Watch out ladies…the scam is going on Plenty of Fish with a guy going by Hendrick1958. He says his name is Alvin Hendricks from Alpharetta, Ga. Widower with daughter named Bonny. Petrol Engineer working out of the country….

  105. Sorry to hear about people being scammed.However i have been on a dating site and have received emails form very handsome men claiming to be interested in me.There stories are not believable at all.They all claim to have really good jobs and lots of money yet for some reason needs you to GIVE them yours.WHY would any one give a total stranger thousands of pounds?Deep down you must have known you where being scammed,the letters are badly written from supposedly educated people .These people are doing this and are on these site because stupid people keep giving them money.If people didn’t insist on giving their money to complete strangers they would soon move on.If you give them your money YOU are the reason these people keep coming back.I have also found men and women on these site have unrealistic views on relationships.If the woman or man is VERY attractive and you would not expect to attract their attention in a bar or on the street why on earth do you think they would be interested in you on a dating site.It is not about thinking badly about your self it is about being real.DO NOT GIVE MONEY TO STRANGERS EVER!!! Simple.

  106. Ladies beware of a US marine in Irak, going under the name of Michael Arnes, also a widower and have a son, age 16…lost his parents and his wife in a accident and staying in Minasotha US, asking for $2700 to pay for customs in Ghana, because the “US Diplomat” whent to Ghana, and now he must pay to get the luggage out (that he had sented to me, because he will come to South Africa to see me)……BS….Also a soldier of the UK by the name of Kenneth, cut him out as well

  107. Add Brian Stevens to the list of scammers. Found him through Kindred Spirits dating site – but they removed him as he didn’t meet their t&c. He’s also on an Australian dating site, with an almost identical profile. Username stevesall99 or stevesall, email [email protected]. Has anyone else heard of him?

  108. I wanted to add to the commends, someone by the name of Albert Giberson, aka Albert Gibson, aka Larry Nicholson, aka Larry Nickelson, saw my profile on Facebook and contacted me. He was in love at a drop of a hat. His email address is [email protected] also [email protected]..and [email protected]… Claimed he was a Captain in the Special Forces of Air Force, then he said Army. This guy could not make up his mind who he was or what he did for a living he made excuses because he was Special Forces could not give proper info. He claimed he had a daughter named Jane and a son named Henry. He was stationed in Afganistand and suddenly got sent to Africa on a peace mission. His computer was on the brink and borrowed one from Red Cross and made friends with the people at Red Cross and his name was Henry also, funny how the names were the same, he claimed he has several millions of dollars his parents left him, same story he was orphan and widowed 8 years ago and raising 2 children. At the end Red Cross was leaving and he had no computer to use and blamed me for the computer, and asked me for $900.00 for a computer and a router so we could keep in touch with his children and me. I refused because I got sick and real quick broke it off with me. Next day he was online with someone named Jill, most likely telling her all the lies he told me. Ladies, there are lots of scammers in Africa working out of a cafe and I know they will be sought out. His pictures of children, parents and friends are all fake pictures of someone else. Don’t believe what you are told, investigate, there are sites you can check out the info and lies.

  109. Kells White is another scammer, his real name is Daniel Scott from Australia. He uses multiple alaises, had a son (ranging from 10-16 y/o) wife and 3 older children died in car accident 5 years ago. Occupation is real estate developer. you can find him on with all his aliasis email addresses. He wanted total trust, wanted to talk on private email address only, asked for my home address so he could send a present. Became very angry when I gave him a differnt address.

  110. I ran into Greg Henry on late May/early June 2010 timeframe. His profile was funny and well written which interested me. He said he was a civil engineer from Gastonia, PA, working in Cairo, coming back to the States in a couple of weeks. Got suspicious when he got very personal very quickly and noticed a couple of times his emails were very poor English and grammar. (Someone else writing at certain times?) Became very suspicious; fortunately found this website and recognized the physical description of him, that he had a teenage son (“almost ready to leave home” as he described it). The main photo on his profile sounds exactly like the one described above – trimmed goatee, very handsome, standing in front of a picture of a gondola. He never scammed me, so I can’t say for sure what was going on. I just went with my gut and discontinued contact, thanks to the information on this site.

  111. According to the Civil Engineer who was in Cairo, going by the name Mr. Dawn Miller originally from Canada (claiming French is his first language) now living near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with his 12-year-old son Billy (which I was able to find his exact picture that he sent to me claiming to be his son on the internet site that ER provided on April 25th, 2010 at 5:07 pm According to this website this boy’s real name is Alika. This person also claims to be a widower with no other family. He also sent me poetry, list of wonderful things we would do on a date, etc. After a few weeks he declared and vowed his love to only me and that we would spend the rest of our lives together. His photo appears to be a 50ish man with silver hair, small goatee, glasses, holding a black lab puppy. He also sent a picture of himself wearing a silly hat. I have not been able to find his picture on any website. He uses the email address [email protected]. Being the trusting person I am, he was able to scam me out of much money. Claiming to need help with custom’s payments to get his gas station kits out of custom’s that was shipped from Hong Kong to Cairo. Having his passport taken away by the police for not paying the teacher who was home schooling his son at the hotel while he was there and asking that I send him money so that he could pay the teacher and get his passport back. He too used the hotel manager to help him with his scheme of things. He now claims to be leaving to come back to the United States from Cairo on 6/7/2010, arriving in Pittsburgh around 10 pm on 6/8/2010. BEWARE LADIES!!!! He seems to be trying to scam a lot of us out there.

  112. Saw the post from Shai on May 19 asking about a Frank B. William with email address of [email protected] Who else has talked online with him or on the phone? What has his story been? He sounds way too good to be true. Lives in London, moving to the US, originally from Rome and in the fashion industry. Looking for his better half, is a widower with a 16 yr old daughter. Wants to come visit me in my Town/State and will move here for business and for Love?

    BTW Don’t go and click on “Shai”‘s name. It took me to a dating website… Nice.. who is scamming who?

  113. I am looking for information on a man named harley roberts. perhaps scammer. any info is appreciated. He is possibly taking advantage of a friend

  114. Has anyone ever heard of Andrew Collins? Claims to have a daughter 15yrs old. Civil engineer from Manchester Eng. Working on a project in South Africa.Asking for money because of accident at work. I am not sending it.Please let me know if u have heard of him.

  115. claire Says:
    May 28th, 2010 at 9:31 am
    Add Brian Stevens to the list of scammers. Found him through Kindred Spirits dating site – but they removed him as he didn’t meet their t&c. He’s also on an Australian dating site, with an almost identical profile. Username stevesall99 or stevesall, email [email protected]. Has anyone else heard of him?
    Yes claire, is this man?

    bristevesall – 51 år – Oslo – Oslo

    I am always a glass half full kind of guy and I tend to be a “peace maker” by nature, love to make others laugh.I guess you could say that I have a laid back personality, a bit shy at first.As soon as I get to know someone though, my walls come down pretty fast.I am one of those people that you know you can count on, on moving day,I enjoy helping others.I am a very hard worker, but not a workaholic.I try to make sure that my life is well balanced.I go to the gym several times a week .I have a pretty full life right now, but I don’t have that special person to share it with.God gave us all an incredible gift.People seek it out more than anything else on the planet.That gift is Love. Our desire to love, and to be loved is the only reason that sites like this one even exist.The reason I bring this up is because it’s the reason I’m on this site,I miss being in love.There you have it, a little taste of what goes on between the ol ears.Hope to hear from you.


    Hi my emiail

    address is

    [email protected]….add me on

    there and lets get talking…

  116. Little more about him….

    Ziply Classifieds
    Classifieds Advertisement Category: Jobs-9
    Back to previous page
    Details Found!

    Location: Louisville, KY USA (40201)

    Phone: (206) 338-0644


    Posted: Dec 2nd, 2009

    Job Category: Employment/Temp Employment Placement Agency

    Job Type: Part-time Year-Round

    Desc: This is is a work from home job that takes up only about 2 hours of your day and is guaranteed to pay you as much as $1000 a me for more information on [email protected]…..

    This ad is relevant for these locations:
    Clarksville, IN; Fairdale, KY; Floyds Knobs, IN; Glenview, KY; Harrods Creek, KY; Jeffersonville, IN; Lanesville, IN; Louisville, KY; Masonic Home, KY; Mount Saint Francis, IN; New Albany, IN 1 Clarksville, IN; La Grange, KY; Louisville, KY; Shepherdsville, KY 3

  117. I’m looking for information on a guy named Fred Miller. He has 1 son Michael 10 years old, both parents deceased for auto accident, divorced. He is from Manchester England and claims to be an interior designer. He’s currently working in Colorado. We’ve exchanged emails and phone numbers. I’ve questioned him about his voice saying that his voice does not match his picture and that he sounds like an african american man. He says no that he is the man in the picture. Please let me know if you have heard of him.

  118. He sounds too good to be true! after starting slowly dating through the site, then through private emails and yahoo messenger, Im wondering if my guy is a scammer.
    His pics are gorgeous, his story sad, wife died in a car accident left him with a young son. he is an oil expatriate… geologist by trade, lives in Jacksonville FL, born in Ireland, and now is working “the fields” in London, as a consultant, just got a contract, needs to pay fee’s, could he have a “soft loan” red flags went flying! His son and Mom had to leave Jacksonville and return to Ireland, before he finished up this contract…
    Corrighan Ronan, his friends call him Corrie… If he isn’t a scammer I probably will die from relief!

  119. Terry Clem may be going by the name of “Terry D” now. Gave me the same widow and raising a 9 year old daughter, Lucy story. He was quite charming but came on too strong and said he loved me in first week. He closed Match account because he found me.

    After communicating for 2 weeks via IM, email and phone calls, he said he had to go to Benin City, Nigeria for a contract. The first day there, he asked me to send a Wii game to his daughter in Nigeria ($450.00 w/sh) because he forgot to bring it from London and his daughter was bored while he was at work. He said he couldn’t get one in Nigeria. He promised to get the money back to me but I just didn’t feel right in sending it. Well, after weeks of his charm I gave in and have fallen for this slug and given him lots of money.

    I’ve let him know I’m on to him but it does not even phase him. Has anyone spoken to the little girl?

    I would like to upload the photos to see if any of you have received the same photos? IS THERE A WAY TO DO THIS?

    I feel terrible for the real guys in the photos. Like many of you this has never happened to me ever. Even my ex who is a cop, said it happened to him from a scammer in Nigeria. He does business there and saw how poor the people are and when he got back to the states, and received an email from a pool little girl, he sent money so he told me to NOT feel bad just accept it as a good-HARD lesson.

  120. Anyone has info Duane Wilson posted on as duaneloves his email address is [email protected]. Who else has ta1ked to him online or on the phone. Sounds too good to be true an claims to be a contactor in London and just found out that his mother was admitted to a hospital in New jersey. He wants to come back to New York where he’s from.

  121.………Be so careful girls on this site!! If theres a guy with no photo posted,who says hes in the army in Afghan/ the British army.widowed as wife killed in “auto accident” …not car accident,with young son in UK,wh and the son emails you……!
    Dad sends you a pic of a guy in US uniform,then he’s a scammer with multiple entries on this site which I’ve just told them about and they are acting on.
    He asked me for money
    emails are [email protected] and [email protected]

  122. OH MY GOD ! Thank GOD again and again…i found this website by surfing. LADIES !!! i have gone through HELL in the DATING SITE aka AMOUREUX , ASIAN KISSES . A guy named NICHOLAS COLE , Engineer / Kingsfield Director from UK, Manchester gave me a hell of a time since last OCT 2009. LONG long story. I AM A MALAYSIAN a true Asian gal and almost being conned and cheated. YES ! i read all those mails u ladies have submitted and ALL are similar…….NOW , i know THERE ARE LOTS OF BASTARDS ! who are PREDATORS and finding for lonely mid aged ladies as a PREY! the Nigerians create lots of problem in my country as well.They tarnish Malaysians image. Nicholas Cole ( a white English man ) dated with me online i heard his voice, he sent his pictures saying his wife died 2 yr ago with his 2 lovely child and even spoke 2 his mom , 3 months online . He first tried to con me by asking me to buy an landed property in my country by sending US400,000 ( MYR 1 million ) to my account , the Bank officer fr ALLIANCE LEICHESTER called asking me to pay MYR 10K in order to receive the fund (the above said amount )second attempt he decided to come to KL and the drama starts ….i waited 5 hours at airport and he did not turn up and the next day i receive call from Bangkok immigration officer saying he was caught up for bringing GPB thousands and asking me to send USD 3000 to release him. My family knew it was a scam . Again,the third attempt he came online blaming me for not helping him and he has lost his job and in Nigeria no job, food, clothing during X’mas DEMANDING me to sent his money via Western Union at add. Lagos with an Emotional Blackmail saying i did not love him . Finally, i hate this BASTARD when he BLACKMAIL me with my video/ picture that i send him . YES…… sexy pic …he said he wil send it via UTUBE and GOOGLE and ALL DATING SITES and worst part is to send it to my office and all MALAYSIAN to view on it.. SO , HOW IS IT LADIES !!!!! ! if i see him face to face ….GOD know ……PHEW!!!I reported to ROYAL MALAYSIAN POLICE and they are under the internet crime investigation .I am being secured by the ROYAL MALAYSIAN POLICE.
    PLEASE…..PLEASE my DEAREST sisters, all around the world ….open your eyes……….i think it’s rather marry our own nationalities or men in our country rather than becoming a victim on dating sites….They use our soft sport ( heart ) and win it with all those sweet words and gain our trust claiming to LOVE us and finally this WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING …show their real color…….They think all women ( Asian ) especially , are dying to marry foreigners and take things for granted. I have also heard many tales about Asian ladies were abused , forced into prostitution , drug/human trafficking , slavery etc… WHAT GOES AROUND WILL COME AROUND…..ONE DAY their kids( girls ) or even their loved ones will face the same disaster .Sorry ! for BURSTING out with many unpleasant words. Just play around with these PREDATORS but never never give in your HEARTS or MONEY!! Only i know …the pain , sorrow, anxiety etc…which i went through.MAY GOD BLESS AND PROTECT US ALL especially WOMEN all around the world . AMEN

  123. Has anyone heard the name Aniston Svensson?
    I met her on a site call desperate I posted an ad looking to meet friends in my area. I didn’t even post a pic. One day later I recieved an email from her. She’s 22 years younger than me. She was very
    agressive and within five days this girl was ready to marry me. She says she lives in Los Angeles and is working in Lagos, Nigeria on a contract to purchase antiques for her company in LA. We exchanged pics.
    Everything was fine until I found her on two other sites and I questioined her regarding this. She got very defensive and could not even identify the other sites that I had found her on.
    I suspect that I’m communicating with a stranger and not Aniston Svensson. If any of you have heard this name or if you know how I can find out more info on her, PLEASE contact me. I haven’t confirmed that she is actually is a scam but I have my suspisions though.
    Thank you for the help.

  124. Thanks for writing this. I know of one scam artist who lives in Tempe, Arizona and uses his family in his lies. He pretends his female family members die, especially his mother, pretends his health is failing and a whole bunch of other lies. He begs for a loan and promises to return the money but never does, in fact he starts threatening when the victims try to get their money back. He’s been reported to the FBI by several victims and has been doing this for years. He is definitely a blackmailer so anyone out there on dating sites like or need to be careful. Never lend money to someone you meet online and report them immediately if you think they’re scamming you.

  125. hello .. have u heard the name of John Washington living on england bt from us ?? no sad history bt about to get a lot of money from his former job … only has one pic on profile or yahoo msg and his voice sounds like a caribean guy … havent ask me for money bt for my account so he can use it to deposit some of the money when he get it … scamm , right ?

  126. Hi,

    I am concerned about my aunt who started dating a polish male on the internet (unsure what website). He has a heavy accent. My aunt is in her 50’s and he is supposedly younger and has a daughter. He claims to live in Miami and is starting a new business (a gas station). He says he has a lot of money and is currently in working in china for short period of time. He told my aunt that he is in love with her and wants to marry her. They have never met in person and I believe she has only seen a photo of him. They have not video chat because he allegedly does not have a webcam. He also told my aunt that he was making arrangements to put all his money on her name in case something happens to him. He gave my aunt his home address and when she checked google maps it was a mall. My aunt confronted him and he became upset with her because she was investigating him and told her that he gave her a fake address because his daughter told him to be cautious. They are meeting on Sunday he claims that he has never been to NY and is traveling straight from China to NYC to meet with my aunt. She is going to pick him up at the airport and he will stay in her apartment for a few days. He then will take my aunt to Miami to introduce her to his daughter. My aunt is delusional and she truly believes that he is in love with her. I need help. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

  127. Beware of John Wilcox ([email protected]) 53 years old, architect from Austin TX widower, wife and child killed in car accident 6 yrs ago. Sent me an email asking to talk with me,I replied and a relationship began. I could never get him to tell me where he saw my profile because at that time I did not have one online. He was a very romantic writer, we had a lot in common,but I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. He wanted me to sign up for Yahoo instant messenger which I did and I saw his profile showing a Thailand phone number and the name Mark Clifford. When I asked him why he had a Thailand phone number and who is Mark Clifford, he became livid, demanding to know where I got the info, did I hack him, etc. When I told him where I got it he calmed down and said Mark Clifford was a client he was designing a house for. Weeks later he tells me he is going to Thailand to oversee the construction of the house for Mark Clifford and would be gone about 2 months and then he was coming to see me in Alabama. We talked at least twice a day(he has a German accent)
    and then one day he told me he was going to the bank to cash a check to pay his hotel bill, pay for materials and pay the workers and would talk to me later. The next morning he was online and when I ask how he was doing, he said not good and proceeded to tell me that he had been assaulted and robbed of $125,000.00. He said he was on his way back from the bank and some men started shooting at the car and he told the driver to stop(who in their right mind stops and gets out with people shooting at them),he is pistol whipped and the money and documents were stolen and he woke up in the hospital. He did not have money to pay his hotel bill, pay the workers or buy food with and how much money could I send him. When I told him I couldn’t send him money, he became angry, telling me I was not a good person, that I could help him if I wanted to . I just did not care what happened to him. He tried every way to find out my banking info, asking what bank I used, when did I get paid. it was not pleasant. I told him to call the American Embassy in Bangkok, he said they told him to go home, I told him to call his client, he tried but he was out to sea and having trouble with pirates off the coast of Somalia. I told him I couldn’t believe he would undertake a project of this size with no insurance or bond on the project and not even have a business credit card. He immediately signed off. I sent him an email about two weeks later, “I have your money, where are you?” I received an almost immediate response, this time he was in the hospital because of food poisoning, he didn’t have funds to buy the food he needed, ate some spoiled food and became ill. When I told him I didn’t have the money that I just wanted to see if he really liked me or just wanted monwy, He told me to F***off, Bounce. Anyway, I found info on about him, so I’m adding my 2 cents worth. I sent him an email in big letters “You Are So Busted” and to never contact me again. I have since received emails from 2 others, Johnny Peers and Lescot Smith whom I am pretty it is the same guy. Beware, ladies.

  128. Another scammer: Donald Chalton or chaltondonald..John Lawrence also. John Lawrence claims to be a widow and has an adopted 18 year old daughter. From London, UK, claims to be in the oil business. Had photos that were of some real person but of course this scammer had stolen someones identity. Donald Chalton is another with similar story, when I tried to locate either of these men again they were gone, nowhere to be found. These scammers are a dangerous bunch,pay attention to how someone writes, as they usually don’t capitalize words at the beginning of sentences and grammar is poor, call you sweetie or dearie or other endearing words. Wish we could bust all of them.

  129. Has anyone heard of SHELLIE COLE? I just seen a Nick Cole on here. Look I’m 25 I was on plenty of fish .com POF for short. A Asian woman by the name Shellie Cole responds to my email now I have explained and even told her from the first time we MSN yahoo. I have no money if this is a scam I will know and delete you. Plus I kept reiterating I have NO MONEY. She claims she has 650,000 waiting in a inheritance fund from her parents she is in Spain Madrid… She says she can give me a better life wants to help me since I have no money. She says after she gets her first payment she will come to me from there to where I live a small town. And we will start a family business I have been talking-to her for almost a month. And I she still has not asked for money I have tried to be scammed before. Iam I being to paranoid is this for real, or am I being lead on to her to just poof disappear once she realizes she is getting no money from me? Please help I just want answers I’m not stupid just want to know why we would keep talking and all this is this is a scam she has been told so many times by me that I’m so broke i got not a penny saved. What should i do please help me!

  130. I think the MOD should do something to trace who these people are After all they are Using Genuine Innocent Military Guys Photo’s . I Have 16 Different Photo’s of a Military guy the scum that sent me the Photo’s Has That many Alias Names I very much doubt he Knows who he really is any more But Its not just Unfair on Us Innocent Ladies What About The Poor Innocent Military guy Whose Photo’s are Being Used to Scam People. Just immagine the innocent military guy out shopping or Out having a Quiet Drink or out With His Family & Someone sees Him & Goes & Kicks off at him ? Some cant get it into their Heads that The Unsuspecting Guy in the Photo is Just as Innocent as the Woman Drawn into the Bull. I Did Not Send Any Money to the Guy that tried to Scam me. He & I talked for 8 months before he eventually asked me for money Then he said Sorry for asking me & we talked for 3 more weeks before once again he asked me for Money ..I Have since found out he has been Using the Same Photo’s But Lots of Different names since as far back as 2009 if not before. I also know that since he stopped talking to me two weeks ago He has set up Yet More Fake Profiles But using same photo’s . Surely The Police & MOD need to get this Sorted …I just read a story where a Woman Paid Her Fake Soldier £80,000

  131. Please beware of JEREMY DAVID GUIDA from Virginia. He is another scammer and thief. He uses different online dating sites such as ; craigslist; datingspy etc etc. to meet women to victimize. After meeting in person, he will right away sweet talk the woman into a serious relationship. Soon, he’ll ask for money, acting or lying that his ATM won’t work or his bank froze his accounts. After getting the woman’s money, he will disappear completely.

    JEREMY DAVID GUIDA from Hampton, Virgina is a THIEF!!!

  132. Have been conned by Kemal Kinik from Llangollen Wales after a so called 18 month relationship started a business with him using my redundancy money within a few weeks found out he was in a mass of debt also on many dating web sites finding other women to give him money

  133. There is another yahoo ID sexy_nicole2011 and his manager ID fantasy manager. The girl tried to convince man to contact with her manager and manager convince to send the money to Marrisa Tolentino, Manila , Phillipines. Once they send money they demand more money. Complete fake and scam. Be aware of this.

  134. This post is a WARNING to other women out there who may be victimized by JEREMY DAVID GUIDA (from Virginia). A warning so no other woman may be taken advantage of again, and played a fool by this guy who scams and lies to women to get money from them. His name is JEREMY DAVID GUIDA from Virginia, please beware of him.

    He uses online dating sites to meet women. He used sites like and craigslist.

    After meeting the woman in person, he will immediately open up stories about himself, making the woman trust him. He will then make up stories about frozen bank accounts or his ATM not allowing him to withdraw. Then, asking or borrowing money from the woman, promising to pay back. But, he never will. He has no intentions of paying back.

    Please do not fall for this guy. Again, his name is JEREMY DAVID GUIDA. He was from Hampton, Virginia. Last time we checked he arrived in Arlington, Virginia in November 29, 2011.

    I am reiterating this, as Jeremy David Guida and his friends have been trying so hard to take this post OFF course; obviously trying to turn tables around and against the real victims.

  135. Women, beware of a man going by the name Alexandros Kouris. Claims he has dual citizenship in Greece and United States.

    He contacted me on Plenty Of Fish (POF). He told me both his parents were dead. His father in 1986, mother in 2010. Claimed to have been married for 14 years and divorced for 2 years. Said he was a solar energy engineer and was on a contract in Malaysia and would be back in 3 weeks… would it be OK if we communicated by email. I said yes.

    Today he texted me and asked me to send him money via Western Union. Of course I said no and he got upset when I said I wouldn’t.

  136. Beware of Brett Miller. Emails [email protected] and [email protected]. Poses as a man in the army stationed in Afghanistan. Has lost both parents. One whom left much money. Divorced with an 11 year old daughter. A very sweet talker and writes the most beautiful love letters. Being previous military myself he did talk me into sending my laptop, which I could kick myself for. Later he has a package that is very important and takes a trip to Accra Ghana, gets malaria and continues to ask for money to be sent as he just wants to come home. I told him I don’t have it. Things just seemed to odd at this point. Then he was going to have money wired to my account from his state side account. I gave him the info for the wire as I was not sending anything to him. It went into the bank and was in the account. I wired it to him as asked. Then two days later it was reversed and my account was in the hole that amount. $1,250.00. I have turned it into the fraud department. Before I blocked him from my email he even tried to send a confirmation of a flight to my town from there. When you look at it close there are things you can tell it isn’t real. He has been blocked and I want others to be aware of this one. I just feel bad for the man that was in the pictures in uniform that this creep is using to pose as.

  137. Charuna, I had similar experience regarding immigration/customs calling me to pay a fine of 5000 pounds because BRUCE THOMPSON had bright 2.5 million pounds of travellers cheques from Scotland on his way to see me in Australia. I didn’t pay but have been receiving abusive messages from Bruce ever since. Bruce is listed on many sites I have since discovered but he originallycontscted me on Millionaire Date. Nasty man. Please everyone keep away from him.

  138. Ladies, I need to warn you about a man who calls himself: Ben Gold, aka Benjamin Manny Gold, doing business as Ben Gold Construction. Email is: [email protected], or [email protected].
    I certainly wish I had learned of this web page a month ago! This was my very first attempt at meeting someone online. I thought I had done everything right. I made the first flirt on SeniorPeopleMeet. I used their email. I got confused between the Senior email and my own when I forwarded the Senior email to my regular email. Then, by mistake, I answered using my own email. He wrote well, spoke of world events, and seemed very chatty about himself. He said he had been a widower for 8 years, and that his wife and 2 children were tragically killed and “died in a pool of blood”. He would not elaborate. His mom lives in Paris, and he has no other family. After several weeks of great correspondence, during which he mentioned Johannesburg, he said he was going to find a way to call me. I gave him my son’s cell number. At that point he did not know my home phone, my address, or my real name. He had mentioned that he was raised by an Aunt who was French, and when he called he had a French accent. He said he was just completing the building 8 warehouses in South Africa. Several more weeks passed, with daily emails and daily phone calls. He was a world contractor, building warehouses, hotels, and apartment houses. He was also an oil rig contractor. He has a great web page, which says he is from South Carolina. He said he lived in FL, and then moved to Nevada, and was staying at a friend’s place in Moss Beach, CA, which is near where I live. He stated he also owns an apartment in Dubai. Then, when his South Africa job was about to be completed, he ran out of funds and needed only $1,800 to pay the workers to finish. I tried to send the money by Money Gram and they told me they would not send to him. They recommended I dump him, and I wish I had listened. Instead, he told me to use Western Union, which I did. The job was completed, BUT, it failed inspection and he needed only $1,500 to replace something. I sent that as well, but to a different address. Both times I made him sign and return a Promissory Note to me before I sent the money. At least, I thought, it gave me his address, which turns out to be in the middle of a trailer park. It also gave him my home address and full name. At any rate, he was on his way to me!! BUT, as it turns out, the check he received for the job was too large to cash there, and now he could not pay his hotel or his airfare. When I refused to loan him the $2,800 he needed, he did not call for several days. In the meanwhile, I checked on that large check and found it to be fraudulent, so the bank will be getting involved. In addition, Western Union now has him flagged, Senior People Meet has been notified, and I was given the FBI contact page. He has now called again, and reduced his last request to $1,500. Beware of this guy. He is very charismatic. He says all the right things. He sends poetry, and links to songs on YouTube. He has found his soul mate in me. I am his true love, for as long as I have money to burn.
    I was surprised to see that no one has mentioned him on this site as yet.

    On the bright side, I have completely cleaned my house, pulled all the weeds, and lost 14 pounds, all in preparation to meet my new love. If he does not pay back the money, maybe you will see me on Judge Judy. I will be thinner! And, I will definitely be wiser.

  139. i met a guy on who went by mark hudson. his pix were attractive and he said he lived in new canaan, connecticut who was an engineer who had been contracted to build a hanging bridge in republic of benin. when we first emailed, he immediately wanted me to give him a private email so we can communicate off of the site. he said that he owned the USA based company hired by an african government to build a bridge over a highway and he had been there for 4 months. work had come to a halt while they waited for more of his equipment to arrive via EMS. this had been ordered to arrive weeks ago. when pushed, he said it was over 32 weeks ago. when i told him that 32 weeks is over 6 months and he had only been in benin for 4 months, he made up some story of how he worked hard to complete what he could in under 6 months. he also said he lost his phone, that his pals had left on an oil rig, that he didn’t have a web cam nor consistent internet connection, that his credit card was declined for a small purchase due to his location, that he was staying in a hotel (that happened to have a washer/dryer in the room), that the phone in his room wasn’t able to make or accept calls, that his 80 year old mother was incapable of helping him, et.
    the list went on and on with this one and every time i tried to find a solution so we could communicate beyond email, he came up with a reason that we couldn’t communicate in that manner. all this time, he claimed to be falling in love with me very quickly. it got to the point where i was making up the most romantic and outlandish scenarios and he would say that he understood and that he wanted to spend his entire life dedicated to making me happy. i egged him on and he always tried to say that he would be my partner for life, never once realizing that i was only goading him along. eventually, i stopped replying to his emails and within a matter of hours, he created a new profile with different pix but the same text about life being a full glass and that he is a happy guy looking for a partner who would love him (and he posted different pix of some other guy as if he’s an all-american caucasian male). the bottom line is that they want to build a rapport with you in that he can access your personal email and eventually pay for his equipment that has been held customs. don’t trust this guy. he will try to play you for all he’s worth. when he writes you and says he is out of the country or won’t try to exchange contact numbers, see that as a sign that he is bad news and don’t talk to him anymore. he’s a scammer
    for what it’s worth, he left me this address and i hope that the interpol/fbi will monitor his whereabouts and arrest him.
    james pratt
    44 pope john paul street
    coontuo, benin

  140. I just figured out this dating scam thanks to the infor posted on here. I came across while trying to research some infor on this Guy Named Paul Wright. He made initial contact with me on facebook, once we started to chat by messages he asked if we could chat on yahoo messenger as that would be easier for him. He claims to be in car sales and has to be overseas in Nigeria Benin Republic, and that over the course of a couple weeks he would be back state side and would come meet me, he proposed marriage and called me the new mother to his 13 year old daughter. He had me make contact with his grandmom and when I refused his marriage proposal he said that we would still meet when he came home this next week. I was then contacted that he had been in an accident that left him in a Nigerian Hospital in acoma, and they needed $1600 for medical bills, I had already figured this out before I was contacted for money and would not have sent it anyway. but please be aware the name they used Paul Wright, email [email protected] Brenda Hays email [email protected] phone number 601-530-3179 even recieved an email from the “hospital” Victory Specialist Hospital in Nigeria just outside of Apapa where he was to pick up his good.

  141. Anyone hear of Wayne Dutch Jr.? I met him on pof. He is in Louisiana for a month on assignment as interior decorator. Met him online the day he was flying out. His wife died of cancer and he has two boys who are staying with his mom in CA where he owns a house he inherited from his dad when he passed away. He sent me pics of him, his kids and the inside of the house. We have only talked via text and yahoo chat. He asked for my home address to send me a gift. He hasn’t asked for money or anything. Told him yesterday that I am afraid he is a scam artist and he texted back how upset he was and that he was at work crying. He finally called for the first time last night. Hard to understand him b/c of German accent (moved here from Germany 9 years ago). Don’t know what to think or believe at all. I need anyones opinion, PLEASE!

  142. My aunt has been in contact with a guy going by the name of “Crossley Gerrard.” They met on and they got close immediately. He said he was in Dubai working on an oil rig. There was an accident. He told her that as soon as he got finished with this job, he would come back and they would be together. But of course, he needed some money and asked her for $100,000. When she couldn’t come up with that, he would change it and say that he only needs $50,000 then $10,000. Now, the latest is $3,000. I am just looking for enough information to share with her. She is still believing that they will get to be together once he gets the money he needs. I need something to prove that he is a scammer! Please help!

  143. I was scammed , he was good almost married to him 3 yrs , still not with me but ofcourse needs my money. Found out he is on many date lines so beware of him. His name is Christian okonkwo, and is now going by christian desire, some how he made his way to USA illegally so is going by the name christian desire from Haiti , but he is actually from Nigeria , has many birthdates going from 17 yrs of age to 34 . I’ve lost thousands of dollars to him .

  144. Be aware of a man names Chris Downing. He is running a scam. He sounds a lot like a couple of man already described. He claims to be from Belgium and has a 16 year old son. His wife supposedly died during childbirth and lost the girl child. The boy survived. His son is supposedly in Belgium with the grandparents and he is currently in an African country with U.N.I.C.E.F.. He claims to live in Sacramento, Ca.

  145. Has anyone heard of Michael Rossi? He claims to be a builder and is working on a project in South Africa and will be back in a few weeks. He then claims that he has been shut down by the inspector because he isn’t using the right materials and needs to come up with 45,000.00 dollars and only has 41,500.00 and if I could send any money at all to help him. He claims that he won’t be able to cash the check given to him by the client until the project is finished and he can’t finish it until he gets the money to buy the material. He says his wife died 5 years ago and he has a son.

  146. I met this guy from, he says his name is Fred Wilson, he says he was born in Italy but was adopted by a couple from the UK, He claims to have been raised in the UK. He also claims to have a 9 yr old daughter named Jenny. He says he is a self made millionare, a self employed civil engineer, he claims to have an assistant who is working in Nigeria, West Africa, and he has been telling me for weeks that he is stranded in Manchester England and his assistant is stranded in Nigeria. He claims, he is to broke to buy plane tickets for all of them to fly home, both him and Jenny and his assistant. Even though he is supposedly wealthy. Then he is telling me the assistant needs BTA funds to fly out of Nigeria, back to the US. I have been told that this BTA FEE does not exist. He also says he was married for 14 yrs to an American woman, and he lived in Maryland. If anyone has heard of this man pls tell me, as I do not know if he is for real. Thanks so much

  147. Was approached by a 42-year old man named Richard Lee. Very good looking pictures, 6 ft. 2 in. Living in Los Angeles. His email is [email protected]. His profile was brilliant, but most of his emails were very poorly written. And some of his questions felt like they we’re cut and pasted from other sources. He stated that he was in Malaysia taking care of some business for his late father’s antique business. We communicated via IM for a week, and it seemed that he was really struggling to put together complete sentences. But then he’d send me an email that was beautifully written, where he would confess all if his deep feelings to me.

    Today he emailed me to say that he was stranded in Malaysia because his credit card was being blocked. He desperately needed me to send him $600 so that he could fly home to be with me and to check on his sick mother, who supposedly has cancer.

    He assures me that he Owns three houses and is very financially secure, but his bank won’t help him over the phone, so of course, he needs my help.

    Is there a way to have him arrested? I haven’t agreed to give him any money, but I would love to see him punished. Be careful ladies!

  148. I am a single woman from Indonesia. Does anyone know a uk man purporting to be from Brent, live in Menchester, civil engineer, has his own company with his own name. I knew him through the netlog. On yahoo, he was 44 years of age, whereas in the netlog is 36 years old. I’ve been in touch with him via email, ym, and the phone for 6 months. I can not put his name and email address here because i worry he opened this website as well. But I asked for an opinion on some things that appear as long as I relate to him.

    I suspect he intended to deceive me because he did not give me the full address, does not want to tell his family, did not want to communicate via webcam. He just said that was grew up by a father since his parents separated when he was a kid. His father had died and he inherited him deposits in Asia (Singapore). I ever once saw him on webcam, but he only showed one side of his face, so he never came face to face with me. I suspect it is the video recording. He ever asked me to borrow money to pay the mortgage debt that he can not pay for he was sick and must rest at home for some time. But I refused it because in my culture it is taboo in a relationship that has not been authorized. Then he apologized. And our relationship continues today. He even wants our relationship was inaugurated in the year. I ever removed all accounts his online chat except his number mobile phone. He was angry and threatened to spread the word throughout the world if he died by saying that I was the cause of his death. At the time he claimed to have been ill and had to rest at home. His blood pressure is very high due to various problems in the workplace and the relationship with me for the worse. I still have suspicions to him because he’s always asking about my financial condition and ownership of my property. Are these signs of fraud?

  149. Has anyone heard of a Lucie Marcus, possible scam artist. She claims to be a US Citizen living in Denver but she is currently working out of Paris?

  150. Ladies beware of Eric Desmond Rant, another man in the military serving in Afaganstain, e-mail [email protected] or [email protected], he also had a wife and child killed in an auto accident, phone number 1-517-292-0341, says can’t get calls out on the field, but will return ur texts, tried to get me to send to let him send some of his stuff to my home, then got an e-mail from a Dipolmat needing 650.00, Eric then begged and pleaded that if I loved him I would send the money, But I’m a lot smarter, didn’t send the money, he got mad an hasn’t called since, for a guy who says he loves you heart body and soul, what a line of crap, sent a pic of him in military uniform. I can only hope Karma comes back and bites all these guys in the ass. Good luck ladies I wish there was a place we could post these pics, for others could beware.

  151. Soldier from Afghanistan, Mr. Frank Miller. Love like beam until a flight to Prague, When I backup trunks of vehicles and calling me from Malaisie that it is necessary to pay 600 euros duty. I have copies of pages trucking company. Since then, I’ve said no to the messenger, he is a different person. It is still on the European Dating-Profile ID: 10589th If you will be familiar, please contact me. P.

  152. I met this guy on as well. His name on the dating site was Eric Mason.His email address like most of these is [email protected]. I found him too late on Facebook using this email address but under a name of Roberto Obando. I confronted him about the finding. I emailed the 40 friends on his facebook account. Not one single person responded. Within 15 minutes the profile picture changed, the friends stayed the same, the email affiliated is no longer the same and now hours later his name is Anthony Katagas on Facebook. The photo on FB now has a photo of a eurpoeon man with a little girl. His and Yahoo account have photos with him and his young son. His story too was he was a widower, his wife died in a car accident in New York. His son is 7 yrs old. He relocated to San Diego 6 months ago. He is free lance contractor for the oil business. His job was to help clean up where there is oil drilling or spills. Weeks after meeting online he had to travel to Scotland for a job and like many of the stories I have read online. Ran into trouble on the job and was needing help. His story is he left Italy and moved to New York was in New York 7 yrs before he relocated recently to California. The photos online are a decent looking man one in a blue printed shirt and the other with him holding his son. Who is wearing a orange shirt. Other photos sent to me are of him and his son at the beach one posing laying on the sand. His son wearing a orange rash guard and the other of him holding his son again, and he is wearing orange hawaiin hibiscus print swim trunks.
    I found a website very helpful I found this site too late. I did not know that this was a business. Also what helped me catch him was a site that checked his yahoo id would tell me if he was online or hiding. I could put his email address to scan numerous sites and that’s how i found he was on Facebook with a different name. If you search another website and you are a little internet savvy with help from a friend found the ip address he was doing all his communication from was in Sunnyvale California. I luckily had another number he contacted me with in the begining. It was his “New york cell” I verified the area code when we met that it was a new york cell. since we started talking and I called it now I found it was a pinger phone. Which allows them to call and text for free wherever they are.
    Ladies so be aware of a Eric Mason or his sons name a Henry Mason, or the Roberto Obando or Anthony Katagas on FB. The facebook alias reside in Bronx New York or Spokane Washington. ALl forty friends never responded to my email. Which I can only assume they were aware…. The change of alias name were done so quickly.
    It’s sad although some may call me naive,I did look and search,things were believable, he was good at what he said and did including claiming/being religious. It is a shame i didn’t know these kind of people existed and now its even more of a shame that I will no longer be able to look at people the same way. I didn’t realize how deceitful and cruel one could be.

  153. I have a friend who has been contacted by a CARLOS A SNYDER, a man claiming to be German & living in Malaysia. His wife died in labour. His business was wiped out when he lived in Louisiana during hurricane Katrina. He has a 23 year old son still in college in Frankfurt Germany. He will send a copy of a contract with the Malaysian gov’t showing he has been bidding to get this contract. He needs money because he needs to be able to fly to Austin Tx because there’s a hold on his bank account, due to someone trying to hack into his bank account. He is unable to fly there without access to the funds. So he’ll appeal to you for 3,000.00 & then up it to 3,500.00.

    He will also send a link to a construction company to prove he is legit.

    He is very sweet, charming & will send a ‘relationship contract’ outlining his dedication to you.

  154. This is to warn women of a man called Ethan Allen. He says he comes from Vancouver, has a masters degree but now living in the UK. He was very romantic and connected easily. The picture was of a handsome man in a tuxedo – supposed when he was in Austria on a conference. He was a consulant for an international industrial gas engineering company. I did research and found there was one and the dates for the conference matched,if its too good to be true – it probably is. He was divorced, no children, no family, english grammar was poor. He was settingup his own company and I wasnt allowed to tell anyone and suddenly has to go to Turkey on business. We emailed and IM’d every day and said how much he missed me. He soon closed his account on WAVE 105 dating which he said when I questioned him was that he had found his soulmate. He rang from the airport to say Hi, my son heard his voice and was suspicious. The day he was due to travel back he had a car accident and the passenger in the other car went into a coma and he was asked topay 15,ooo euros but he could only raise 13,000 with friends help and wanted me to pay balance. As soon as I said and that I had heard about these scams he went off-line. The mobile no. he asked me to ring the second time just after the accident was a premium rate – unfortunately when my landline said it was a barred no. I used my sons mobile who had a bill of £13 – I got off lightly. He is now being investigated by the Turkish authorities but think I has seen him again on the same site as Mark of Native American and has a degree.

  155. here is a list of some others to stay away from: Tony Macdonald, Nelson Jordan, Johnson M Williams, Dale Petersberg, and Srg. Jackson Walters. These men all have sob stories and then ask you for money. Stay far away from these men.


    Date Occurred:09/06/2012 Reported Damages:$50.00 Username: bigfungarry Email: [email protected]: Cleveland OH

    I met a man on who quickly wanted to leave that venue and use direct email. He claims to be and Environmental Scientist doing remediation for an abandoned oil spill in the North Sea, at Deutschmark Mont-rose UK for 8 weeks. He claims to be a widower x 2 yrs and to have a 10 yr old son named Clarence. He says Clarence lives with his Godmother in Valley city, OH while he does his contract work in the UK. He really sets the trap gradually while moving your emotional circuits. His picture actually matched his voice and he commented on some of the features in the pictures.
    Here is an excerpt from one of his “questionnaires” :
    “I was born in 1966,in Frankfurt Hospitals Located at 72 Stockhausen, Germany. i Graduated from Allgäu Gymnasium secondary school in Germany there i earn my first degree Certificate. After which i attended Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University, Frankfurt, Germany,there i Attained my Bachelor’s degree. but during this time while i was in Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University.
    I am major in Environmental Engineering and work in the Deutschmark Mont-rose field north sea, as a contract staff, I work as the sectional manager in the oil spill sector and also work sub contracts for Oilkleen company and other affiliated firms. Presently I’m working on a proposal about the remediation of oil spillage but at the moment I’m having a wonderful time with my son.”

    I found out that he is scammer by reading the 2 alerts prompted by Deutschmark Mont-rose title. I have lost only $50.00 by returning his international cell calls this last week. He claims to be a man of God, sending written Morning Prayers or devotionals to me, and to be very in love with me. We have never met of course, and he moves very fast. He is charming, sweet and educated. This has been going on for 3 weeks. So beware!! The number he uses is (Personal Info Removed). There was no domestic number. I caught him in his game thanks to a posting that alerted me to his name and scam. I had no idea people went to such lengths to get money…and since I have zero anyway… haha! Just don’t get sucked into this stupid psycho-trap!!!

  157. Ladies!!! I was conned by someone who claimed to be Summer Wells in Afghanistan with the US Army. He claimed his wife died during childbirth and so did the child. He was very convincing and I even sent him a care package. I thought it odd that it had to go to Ghana and then someone named Philip Danso, supposedly a Major, would deliver it to him due to security reasons. Please beware!!!!!

  158. Ladies beware of a guy claiming to be in the Marines over seas by the name of Alex Derkeyhoff, he is a scammer and he is really good at making you fall for him. He claimes someone has stole his Id and pics but it is not true. He gave me a false Marine address overseas and the letters just got returnded to me and claimed there is no one by that name in the Marines. Luckly I did not fall for sending him money but other women have.

  159. Please beware of Olive Johnson from L.A., claims to work as a pilot at Qatar Airways. Claims he is living with his 11 year old daughter. Claims he had a bad marriage to his ex-wife – she ran off with all his money. That is exactly what he will do if you are not careful. Don’t send any money regardless of the amount.

  160. Please beware of Kevin Hason claiming he lives Columbia SC. I met this man on and right away he asked to chat using yahoo IM. I agreed! Claims he designs cars and sells his designs to auto makers around the world. During chatting he post a link for me to click on which takes you to Ourtimedating site. This is one of the ways a person can not only find your IP address but also if you log in, he is running some kind of program to get your username and password. When I told him his link did not work, he ask me to try again and I told him again his link did not work. I never click on this link I just told him that. He then asked me for my username and password to I ignored his requests. He also asked me if I had a paypal account and I told him no. Ladies and Men beware of online dating scams. They are using every trick in the book! If someone ask for your email ask them first where they live and take note. Set up a email account just for dating. Do not use your regular email accounts that you use for banking, credit card or any other personal info. If you give out your email wait for them to email you first. Use to look up ip address. This site explains everything and its free! I have had two men try to scam me in the past week and caught them both! The other man claims his name is Brian Williams from Miami Beach Fl. and he is really from Nigeria.

  161. Im writing this in response to Jens aunt becouse the same thing has happened to my mother but that we never actualy gave the money but he was in the oils bussiness.

    It started a few weeks ago, was a very friendly person but too soon , he started to use the word love , marriage living togehter , ithought it was moving to fast , hum but he probably had a deadline . phone call werestantly coming he was sending love songs , making plans for a future together ,then suddenly he sent her a long message with a sad story , he could not pick materials to complete his jobe went to China to buy less expensive material but costoms was ashin much more that he had , aha he needed $50 thous

  162. To Maragina, I too met someone with similar characteristics as you have described. A man from Brent, lived or went to Manchester, UK. He was in Asia for some work as an Independent contracor as a civil engineer. He was trying to get a relationship quickly with me then asked for money due to problems or emergencies. Now I am not hearing from him because I am very skeptical and he knows it. He has given me very little personal information about his background and family. He doesn’t seem too interested in knowing personal things of interest about me, just more concerned about getting the money. He will not use a webcam only phone and email. His age is approximately 43. There is absolutely no way I would ever send this man money.

  163. I fell hard in love with a man i met named Ivan cifluentes. Handsome man picture in tuxedo, jets fan, puppy named Shirley. Claims he is originall from Australia. Living in Hollywood FL, then Butte, MT. Big deal as engineering consultant for gas and oil company. Was suddenly sent to Manilla, Phillipines to put in million dollar pipeline project. He was supervisor and worker got killed. He is being held on house arrest and needs 12,700 for good attorney. Then he will get out and come to me with 1/2 million when he finishes the project. My husband recently died and i live in a rich area so he really knew all the write words. Religious, sends long letters and poems each day, different sayings, “your legs must be tired because you’ve been running through my head all night”. He says all the right things. Has georgious accent. Very romantic. Texts and calls often. gives email as [email protected]. Oh, and i can save his life if I immediately send the money to his friend Micheal in care of the Lucky Companion bank in China which they will intern send to attorney.I have been through so much heartache losing my husband and was trying to move on. I am so hurt.

  164. I am looking for a girl named Lara Clench.She called my son from match .com. she said she wanted to meet him and was looking for someone like him. she was in Nigeria and needed 1000.00 for a ticket to fly home to NC.We sent the money and two days she sent a picture of the ticket showing she needed 1800.00 more for the taxes.she told my son she had a 67000.00 check that could not be cashed in Nigeria and would pay it all back when she got here. we then checked into it further only to find 17 other people looking for her.What a scam. people beware of her.WE did not send the 1800.00 which was a blessing on our part.

  165. Beware of a fellow calling himself Matthew Cornerstone. Says he an engineer/architect from Austria, relocated to the US – Montana. He claims to be an international businessman, however, sends copies of his “contracts or bid”, then states his bank accounts are frozen or that he cannot fly to his off shore bank accounts to complete his work, then asks for financial assistance. The man well versed in mirroring and requests exclusivity in the relationship soon after the first email exchange. He has a website set up which he shares also to make it more believable.

  166. I met a guy in a dating site his name was Thomas Johnson he said his from UK..We’ve been exchanging mail then he ask my home address then I gave him..Earlier I receive an email to him that he send me parcel..Including 14,500 British money..He said was on his way to go in Venezuela because for work trip..He said that the package will be here on Oct.23,2014..What shall I do?I know someone will be contact me about the package and maybe I get some harrasment..This was I saw of some scam..Help me..

  167. Here’s one to add to your list: [email protected]
    Hello Dear Xxxxx, you really need to clear out your doubts about me now, i was only12 year old when my late parents move to out of Aussie to the US, i was born in Wagga Wagga nsw. am not raised from a religious home. but i do believe there is God. am not a religious person.i only have a daughter the rest of the kids are my mate kids. we only went out together for a swimming. I’m sorry for my late response I was away for a special patrol duty, thanks for your questions, You are my choice and I like you for who you are. I want you to accept one fact which will help us to go a long way in this relationship, I respect my relationship with all my heart and as well stick to one partner, though people have this negative conception about military men having numerous women which is not true, but believe me I will love you faithfully and respect your personality.Fate helped me to find you and immediately my heart accepted you, you must have been born under a lucky star, you are a great woman and CLara my daughter would be happy to accept you as her mother if you want. My daughter is schooling in America military school in London. it is unfortunate that Little Clara was my only family, my wife was an orphan even before I married her, may her soul rest in peace,I lost my parents too when I was young, my mother died in child birth, and my father died a few years later due to heart break, I managed to get through the military academy and went on with my life. I can leave with you anywhere you wish, If only you can say YES to me.I have no family, and the crown of the sad news, I lost my wife five years ago. It is a very horrible experience all through my life and the psychological trauma affects me and my daughter, that’s why I have to find an honest woman who can calm my inner fears and to bring love and joy into our lives. I’ve been here since 9 months, and I have only few month to stay in the war zone. That is why my fate to God to give me a woman who love me and my daughter, so I can go back and build a happy home with her together. My dreams are to have a woman who will give my daughter a sense of motherhood and love.I just want an unconditional love coming from you. If you accept me in your life, I will treat you as my queen and I also want you to treat me as your king as prince in our life. How I’d love to see us as one big family. I thank you for letting me know little about you. I seek a friendship with you that will lead us to a marital relationship. I like you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you after my retirement in the Army. I will be coming to meet with you after I retire from the military service in few month.I am a very affectionate person, love to hold hands, hug and kiss. I have lots of love and attention to share with the right woman that I think is I am not too soft, not too loud. I’m maybe a bit shy, mouth full of teeth, the first time that we have, but once you get to know me, I’m not a shy person at all. I would also be a good campsite partner. My favorite smells are fresh cut grass, coffee shops, vanilla and cinnamon. I cherish my friendships, and consider myself a very loyal friend. I love all kinds of arts & crafts projects. I prefer cooler temperatures above hot. Honesty, trust, cares and love means a lot to me and I hate liars. I’m shy, but outgoing, timid but strong, a loner, but loves to be around people. It all depends on who I am and how I am familiar and comfortable with them.I believe that distance, race, age cannot be a barrier to true love, as I am ready to travel to any part of the world to meet you. For security reasons here at the United Nations camp, we are not allowed to use the phone and webcams, so our communication will be strictly on email until I am out of the war zone. Your constant prayer for me and my colleague here is greatly appreciated, because the record of death here every day is dangerous as a result of the attack by the ISIS and the Taliban.
    I wait to read from you.
    kiss kiss

    **OKay here is why this is such a dodgy questionable email received after politely responding to this guy’s contact on a dating site
    Poor spelling on its own is not enough, but poor grammar, and the whole sob story thing really alerted me. I received photos and videos but there is something that doesn’t ring true. I suspected he was a scammer, and told him in very direct terms that was exactly what I thought. He disputes it all the time. He has never yet asked for money because I am rarely more than polite and tend to either just delete or ignore.
    BE WARY…


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