Drivers License Fraud

Most of us do not think of our driver’s license as particularly valuable or something that we need to protect, but there is more than one driving license scam out there that could affect you, without you even knowing about it. A driving license fraud takes place when someone uses the identification of another person to get an ID in that persons name or if they use your driving license when stopped by a law official.

Driving License Fraud Operations to Watch Out For

There are many different types of scams for you to watch out for. The most common type of driving license scam includes presenting immigration documents that are counterfeit to get a drivers license. In addition, many people also present a counterfeit birth certificate or even a social security card to obtain a driver’s license, or even using the birth certificate of another individual to obtain a driver’s license. Why is this a driving license scam? Because the people are gaining a driver’s license by using information that is not their own. A driver’s license is needed not only to drive a car but also to get a job and the result is that someone can be using your name and information and damaging your creditability, your driving record, and your ability to get a job, buy a car, or even pick up your children from school in the future!

There are a lot of different driving license scam operations out there that you should be aware of. Your information could be used on a fake ID card, or it could be your information that is given when someone is stopped at a traffic stop, which will damage your record. There are a lot of different ways in which your personal information could be used that could hurt you, and that is why you need to protect yourself in all possible ways. Many times the number on your license is taken and then used on an ID with the picture of another person, so that person is effectively using your identification while doing all things, good and bad, and all without your knowledge!

Preventing a Driving License Scam

You can help to protect your driving license scam by ensuring that your old licenses get discarded of in the proper manner. When you receive your new license you should be sure that your old one is either shredded or cut into small pieces so that the license or your information cannot be used again by someone else, this is especially important if you are receiving your new license through the mail. Another thing you can do is to purchase a copy of your driving record each year so you can make sure that no one else is using your identity when they are stopped in traffic. You can also look at your credit report and make sure that everything there is accurate, as well. Many people get the information that they use on driving license scam operations from stolen mail, so make sure you pick up your mail every day and that if you are going to be away that you stop delivery altogether for that time.

If your driver’s license has been stolen or has been compromised in anyway you need to start by reporting this fact to law enforcement. You then need to contact the department of driver’s license in your area and they will issue you not only a new license, but a new driver’s license number, which is usually the most valuable piece of information on the license as it can be used on a fake ID. The idea though is to act quickly, because the sooner you report the loss, the theft or the driving license scam, the sooner the proper authorities can be made aware of the actions and they can help to put a stop to the scam or at least stop the person who is using your information or potentially using your information in an illegal and unauthorized manner.

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15 thoughts on “Drivers License Fraud”

  1. is there a law or regulation that states a business of any kind cannot photocopy or scan your license for their own business records?

  2. Quote from story: Many people get the information that they use on driving license scam operations from stolen mail, so make sure you pick up your mail every day and that if you are going to be away that you stop delivery altogether for that time.

    No these scammers weight until someone makes and application to there website for a drivers licence. They then never contact you again.They denie they ever had you application.

    but they they youse your details to create a new identity for them and you are no longer who you say you are you are now a different person.


  3. Should I be worried if a cab driver needed my DL# with my credit card? He didn’t have a credit card scanner, he was “old school” and took an impression of the card.

    Thanks for your help!

  4. I was accidentally hit by a car. And when we had the problem fixed by the police station,they asked for my drivers license to be used in applying a police report, I wasn’t bringing my own but another person. But for the problem to be fixed I gave them the name of the driver’s license. Is that a SIN? If So what should I do?

  5. hey i have a question, i did a penality, and i wanna know the sanction, i was using another person’s licence, and my drivers licence was suspended. its urgent please

  6. Fake driverslicence on internet by www. y a 450,00 euro, wan you pay you get notting en lost you money, i tell goolge about thess site for 4 jears back ,than it waz no moor on internet , now it is back on internet. It is all fake en you get notting for you money

  7. I went to drug store to buy sutifed for a cold and they said i have already bought too many this month but i havent bought any in years, someone is using my dl# what do i do? i went to dmv and they were no help.

  8. I know of a person in LA county that has a fraud on her record because she used a fake virgin island birth certificate to get a DL. She knows that she has a fraud on her license and the license in suspended but she is still driving around like she did nothing wrong. She is here illegally with no legal documents that she entered into our country she is a straight wetback. She is driving around in her taho or suburboun whatever it is like the law cannot touch her. These are the types of people to make it hard for legal immigrants to get what they are here to get. I cannot wait until they pick her up and throw her ass in prison. Remember a fake birth certificate can get you a real social that will only do damage to yourself, no one but you . SSI fraud, Voters Fraud, Workers Comp, IRS, Real estate, Welfare Wic so on and so on. These are all ther frauds she commited and has been reported to all these agencies. So do not think you will not be caught because you will.

  9. I replied to an Ad looking for people to put wraps on thier car for advertising purposes, promising a weekly pay for placing the Ad on your car. To be considered the Ad asked for my name, address, age, make and model of the car I drive. I supplied that information, and a few days later I got an email that I had in fact been selected. I was told I needed to do now was scan a copy of my driver’s license to the company, with my address and then I would be given the next steps. I sent a scanned copy of my license and never heard back from this company. I have sent several follow emails but hear nothing. Should I be concerned?

  10. My exboyfriend had driver lic from Dallas forwed taxas he came to California to move . Well as me being his girlfriend at that time I put him in my car INS I ask him why not under ur name his like please Dow it and next month I will put it under my name well months and 2 years when by he got and a car accident !! Well after that he told me the true and told me my driver lic is good but In Texas the low was difrent I gues they never ask no one iff or check iff the ID or s.s it was good !! Well his not with me no more and his back in Dallas Texas and I have to go to court because the others cars that he was in accident are swuing me and him his not her his back over in his Dallas Texas !! Would could I do please help me and yes I’m stupid but at that time I never ask or check his info

  11. Hi Carl

    Sorry to hear about this. What did you do thereafter. Did the fake employer misuse your drivers license or have you been the victim of misuse of it. Did you report to Police etc.

  12. i applied for a delivery driver job and the owner of the takeaway took snaps both sides of my driving licence and asked me he gonna check insurance for me but i did not work for him neither i bothered to ask him to remove my details from his phone. in two months time he closed the business and i never heard from him.

    i am concerned , he may misuse my driving licence details though i have changed my address but i have not reported it to DVLA??

    Is it ok or i need to take any further action??

    Please help??


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