eMail Conversation with A Thief

This is a second example of a true conversation with a scammer and is a follow up to my conversation with a scammer. We need to be sure you absolutely understand the methods of these crooks who defraud us our hard earned money. Practice makes perfect and so if you read my pages, methods of scammers will burn into your brain and you will not easily be fooled. Pick your business partners safely, be sure to ask a lot of questions, even if it seems a stupid one! An honest seller will try to communicate with you to find a common language. Always use your common sense with a spice of intuition.

ME: Please give me a price list. Do you accept escrow?

SCAMMER: We will not accept escrow, because there are many fake escrow companies. We must confirm payment into our account before making any form of shipment.

(Price list was attached)

We await your order with your shipping information.

ME: Yes, there are many fake escrow services, I present you here with a list of legit and internationally verified escrow companies. Pick one and we’ll do the transaction.

I’d like to order 5 pieces of Sidekick 3.

If you don’t want to do the escrow transaction, than I rightly
assume you are not a valid company or business individual, rather a fraud.

SCAMMER: let’s use paypal in place of escrow, i have more confidence using paypal than any escrow service. thanks

ME: I don’t have a paypal account, Europe escrow is totally safe, we can use that, what do you think? Where are the items located, UK?

SCAMMER: can you make the payment via western union hide the secret number and prove to us that you make payment by sending a scan copy of the payment,we will ship the package and allow you to receive it after your inspection you send us the details to enable us withdraw the fund. Thanks

ME: Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) that you are talking about as a “secret number” is not necessary to pick up the money. So even If I hide this information you are still able to pick up the money.

SCAMMER: All you need to hid is just the MTCN # the receivers name is not security at all but the number find out more on or contact any agent close to you. Thanks

ME: Are you registered on alibaba? Can you give me some kind of legal document of your existence, a government regulation number, etc… ?

My shipping address: ERASED


ok we got your full shipping address? Ok, here is the
payment information below

Receivers First Name : ERASED
Receivers Last Name : ERASED
Address : ERASED
Country : ERASED
Zip Code : ERASED
Amount : ERASED

And you will have to get back to us with the payment confirmation details, eg, MTCN# and senders name, so that we can confirm your payment and proceed with your shipment and get back to you with your tracking number.

ME: Thanks, answer my questions first please.

we dont send out any documetns or pictures until you make an
order so as for us to be sure you are serious and lieght
buyer. So if you are really interested in dealing with us,
you can go ahead and make the payment and get back to me
with the payment confirmation details like i have said.

ME: If you send me the items first then I will do the payment via western union. Otherwise we use escrow.

SCAMMER: if you do not want to do business go and rest in your house not coming on net to disturb people. i am m not willing to take the risk of sending you even 1 phone onb credit to pay after if you are not willing to make the payment pls, do not worry me much. we do not want to use any escrow service due to our past experience. Thanks

ME: We can also use Letter Of Credit. The risk is evenly shared.

SCAMMER: will only use direct bank transfer.

ME: I am not sure I understand your answer. Do you accept Letter of Credit? If not, why not. Local pick up is possible on 17-19th July. I have given you three options of payment. Escrow, Letter of Credit or Local Pickup.

SCAMMER: please stop wasting our time if you are not willing to follow simple instruction, we have told you what we accept if not ok with you ,stop worring as we will not follow whatever you say. bye

ME: Good luck on scamming people, shame on you.




Check my previous post to see detailed information why these points below are a scam alert! Some points contain a more detailed information in this article, some are new and details are posted below.

1. Price List

2. This seller accepts paypal. Most of you assume paypal is one of the safest mehods paying online, WRONG! This thinking has been brain manipulated to you from eBay Inc. who promote paypal as the best online payment method. Paypal is an ebay company so it is only understandable they want to get as many customers to subscribe and do transactions through paypal. In this article I post how easy it is to open up a fake account, with the methods of online scammers.

3. Seller failed to provide any information of company existence.

4. Seller is hesitant to answer questions.

5. Seller asked to hide Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) when making payment via Western Union.

6. Seller denied local pick up!

Scammers also often use sentences like “you will receive your items 100% guaranteed” or “you will get your items in two days on your doorstep with a tracking number”. This tracking number is usually a false imaginary number and once you go and check for it, you won’t find anything.

As You see when the conversation develops the scammer was obviously annoyed not having the ability to scam us! Strike, this is what we wanted!

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Kaye Wall
Kaye Wall

I was trying to get a loan. I have the original loan company who gave me to someone else and they gave me to someone else. In the end I sent money by WEstern Union and Icancelled the loan request and they were to send my money back but they won’t talk with me or send it back. What can I do to report them.. All three banks. Also the last one states he was with my bank and has my acct No but my bank says it isn’t true. How do I go about busting them. Thanks for your… Read more »

affiliate weapon

It is a very practicable idea and I am sure that if you work hard, youngsters from India would surely gain a lot.


Indian youngsters would surely love this idea!

3D design

I really liked the way they came off

John M

There is obviously a lot more to figure out about this issue, but you made some really good points. I will definitely be checking here more often. Thank you.


two thumbs up!
it can really educate new internet users to avoid scams. i almost scammed by these people.thanks to these patriots who published eye opener to us.


very helpful and very similar to my own experiences. Thankyou