Where To Hide A Lot Of Money?

The money game is more than earning, saving, or spending. And whether you seek stable income or freedom, you’ll need financial control. The question is: How safe is your money? Most of us never make this question, because we’re too busy managing our money. Then one day, the unexpected happens: a. The bank is unavailable. You cannot operate online, visit a branch, nor use an ATM. Your only choice is to use the cash you have b. Something terrible happens to the …

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Get Paid To Post Ads Online: The 4 Levels Of Advertising

Start a blog. Start an affiliate program. Start a marketing agency. If you want to get paid to post ads online, these may be the first ideas you heard about. You may think you need a website to make money from ads. Or that you need thousands of followers to make it work. While that’s ideal, many Internet marketers right now are getting paid to post ads online without an audience. No product, no skills, no investment. And if you …

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How to Get Overdraft Fees Refunded In 24h Or Less

Anybody can miss a payment from time to time. But how is it fair to miss by a few dollars and get charged $35? Whether it was your fault or not, there’s a way to get overdraft fees refunded. Why Do Banks Charge Overdraft Fees? If one day, you find your balance below zero, it’s because you’ve allowed your banks to do so. You may not remember doing this, because overdraft features are enabled by default when creating a bank account. …

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How Does Escrow Balance Work?

Whenever you make a big purchase, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Nobody wants to stress about money, let alone risking your life savings. Escrow services attempt to make the process as smooth as possible. And while many would rather avoid paying that 1% fee, it costs even more not to protect your transaction. The more money you move, the more expensive the mistake is. So how does escrow solve this problem? How Does Escrow Balance Work? Escrow companies …

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How To Get Paid For Searching The Web (Foolproof)

Can you get paid for searching the web? If so, how does it work? How to get started? How much can you earn in a day? While learning about money online, you’ve probably stumbled with some of those ads: Earn $500 watching Youtube videos $100 a week doing online surveys Make $512 per hour copying and pasting When you first hear it, you may think: “there’s no way that could be true!” And while some people earn that kind of money, there …

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Businesses You Can Start With $1000

Believe it or not, it’s possible to start a business with $1000 or less. And before you say “you need money to make money,” think that many entrepreneurs started with nothing. What’s stopping you from running your business? Definitely not money. Anybody can start a business right now. The tricky part is making it profitable: Some entrepreneurs manage to start a business for $0 and grow it to +$4K per month Others put down $10,000+ and still can’t break even years …

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How To Avoid Credit Limit Reduction In 7 Simple Ways

Why Is My Credit Limit so Low

Borrowing can be a lifesaver when you need money fast. Your credit limit is the amount your creditor is willing to lend you. This limit not only protects borrowers from debt. It protects the business. Lenders want to lend to those who can pay back (and probably don’t need it). To understand what kind of borrower you are, lenders look at your credit score, income, and behavior. As any of these change, lenders will change your credit limit to better manage risk. Often without …

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Can I Write a Check to Myself?

How Can I Write a Check to Myself

“Can I write a check to myself?” Yes, people do it all the time. It’s almost as easy as sending money to someone else. You can write yourself checks to move money between accounts, cash out, and even get “free” money. Here’s how. How Can I Write a Check to Myself This process isn’t different from writing any other check: Fill out the fields with the amount you want to send Write the payee (same name as the sender) (Optional) …

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What Is It Like to Be Debt Free?

What Is It Like to Be Debt free

What is it like to be debt-free? Maybe you’ve been borrowing for so long. You don’t remember what it’s like earning money for yourself. To buy what you want, rather than what others tell you to pay for. How would it feel like waking up and not worry about money? Believe it or not, that reality may not be that far away. But is it worth it? You might have a dozen other questions in your head: The only way to …

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How to use an ATM machine in 4 Easy Steps (Even Without a Card)

How To Use An ATM Machine

How to use an ATM machine? It may sound like child’s play unless you never used one. Either way, these machines are straightforward: insert your card, withdraw cash, and leave. Without ever using one, you can figure out how to do it on the spot. The problem is, this lack of experience can cost you money (all your account). Here’s what you need to know, whether it’s your local bank, a foreign branch, or a Bitcoin ATM. How To Use …

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How To Make Money Gaming FAST: From $0 To $100+ Per Day

Can You Really Make Money Gaming

Ever thought of video games as a waste of time? It turns out they can make you big money. Whether you play, stream, or develop them, there’s a ton of money put into gaming. Who knows? Most things you do for fun could be tasks that other people pay for. While you’re reading this, these people are making money: All these ideas may sound too good to be true for a beginner. So how does someone with no experience can live …

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What Is A Voided Check?

How To Use Voided Checks

What’s a voided check? It may sound contradictory. Checks are documents that order banks to process payments, while the word “void” cancels those orders. Even though you can’t send money with a voided check, they still share useful financial information. People often use them to set up electronic payments. How To Use Voided Checks For example, you can send a voided check to a company so that they know where to make the deposit. Or maybe a business requires your …

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The NFT Boom: Scam Or Real Deal?

NFTs Scam or Real Deal

If you follow the crypto news, you may have heard of these crazy NFT projects. Digital assets are rising in value to the point where people will pay almost anything. Some buy it for the art, others for collecting, and many as a way to make quick cash. Every day, people earning thousands flipping these assets, but do they hold any value? NFTs: Scam Or Real Deal? When you first hear about NFTs, it’s normal to think of them as …

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12 Expensive Crypto Scams That WILL Happen To You + Prevention Tips

Why Are There So Many Scammers In Cryptocurrency Space

Cryptocurrencies bring a lot of opportunity for investors, and it couldn’t be more true for scammers. In fact, it’s become their favorite space, so expect to hear about them. They’re everywhere at all times, so it’s a matter of time you encounter one. But are you ready to protect your money? Someone right now could be promoting a Bitcoin pyramid scheme. People are sending them money that they won’t see ever again. Maybe a hacker is planning an exchange attack. …

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Are You Investing Based On FAKE Crypto News?

Why Are There So Many Fake News In Crypto

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to understand the crypto markets? Even if you research the latest news, things can play out the opposite way. Maybe the prediction was right, but the timing wasn’t. Maybe you sold before a coin skyrocketed or bought at a peak price. The question is: are you doing your research, or are you following someone else’s predictions? Because in these markets, there are many incentives in deceiving investors and spreading fake news. Why …

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How To Protect Your Cryptocurrency

Where To Keep Cryptocurrency

Almost every day, there are cases of people who got rich investing in crypto. Sadly, there are just as many stories about people who lost it all. Maybe not because of investment decisions, but because they didn’t protect their money correctly. You’d be surprised to know how often this happens: a. You lose the crypto wallet recovery phrase, or you delete the 2FA code by mistake. Now you can’t access your funds anymore b. You’ve been investing for months. Now …

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