When Do Shocks to the Economy Occur? How To Respond To Next One?

What would it be like losing most of your savings overnight? Is it possible that the global economy controls your financial future? If so, what can you do when shocks to the economy occur? When Do Shocks to the Economy Occur? One day, without warning, any of the following may happen: The market is down over 20% with no signs of immediate recovery Your credit score drops because your bank unexpectedly lowered your credit limit The corporation you work for …

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Difference Between Job and Career

Difference Between a Job and a Career

How do you differentiate between a job and a career? Both involve working for money. But it’s not about how much you make, what you do, or how long you work. The distinction may be subtle, but it makes a huge difference. Difference Between a Job and a Career According to dictionaries, a job is work you do for money, plain and simple. A career is usually a long-term position involving learning and progress. Abstract generalizations. The best way to …

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College is a Waste of Time and Money: Myth Or Reality?

Your College Exit Strategy

College. Many people see it as one of the most important decisions you make in life. In fact, how you do in college will define most of your future: Even: I know all this may sound far away. After all, we’re just talking to someone who just finished high-school. Or maybe you’re already studying there. In any case, you will find many hidden gems in this article. People make a good image of college. But is it worth the time …

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How to Become a Fiduciary?

Examples Of Fiduciary Positions

There’s no doubt that money can make many problems go away. As long as you have enough, you can live a life free of financial stress and worry. But how do you reach such a level of confidence? How do you know nothing terrible will happen to your money? Generating wealth takes time. And as you increase your fortune, it becomes more expensive to make mistakes. For these reasons, people hire financial advisors: In short, they allow you not to …

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Income Based Repayment Disadvantages and Advantages

IBR Pros and Cons

There’s no doubt that high education can be expensive. Let’s not even get into technical careers, such as lawyers, doctors, and engineers. Sure, those jobs can potentially earn you six-plus figures a year. But there are some problems with it: Imagine how stressful that has to be. You can barely keep up with your exams, yet they think you can make money out of thin air. And if a job is your best hope, that’s still 5+ years you’re going …

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What Is Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)?

General Liability Insurance

The only way to succeed in business is to assume responsibility for everything. Problems are always coming, and the unexpected is inevitable regardless of preparation. Rather than frustrating with those losses, ask yourself how you can prevent it from happening again. You’ll find that you could have avoided the most expensive mistakes with a bit of preparation. The customers don’t like the product. Spend more time researching the market. Your traffic doesn’t convert. Learn where your ideal customer spends time …

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Pros And Cons Of An LLC

Who Needs An LLC

If you’re running a business, you may worry about how to take care of it long term. When looking for lasting success, one has to prepare for the unexpected: market downturns, refunds, sometimes lawsuits. After spending years growing the company, the last thing you want is to lose everything you own because of a costly accident. No matter how well you prepare for the future, something negative will affect your business. LLCs offer legal protection to minimize those damages. Due …

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What Should You Not Say In An Interview?

Interview Fails Do NOT Try This At Work

You’re preparing for an interview, but you want to stand out from everyone else. By this point, you may have already covered the basics: dress well, arrive on time, use the right gestures, prepare the common questions. But no matter how much you prepare, you will eventually find yourself in a scenario you weren’t expecting. Anybody can follow a script. The question is: When the conversation takes a different direction, how will you respond? You see, anticipating every single topic …

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