Certificate of Deposit: 3 Pros and Cons of Risk-Free Investing

Whether you invest or not, you probably keep some of your savings in a traditional bank account. This money loses value every year, either in form of inflation or opportunity cost. But what if there were a way to earn interest without adding risk? That’s the purpose of a certificate of deposit (CD). Keep reading to find out if it fits your financial strategy. How Certificates Of Deposit Earn You Money Simply explained, the certificate of deposit is an alternative …

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When Do Shocks to the Economy Occur? How To Respond To Next One?

What would it be like losing most of your savings overnight? Is it possible that the global economy controls your financial future? If so, what can you do when shocks to the economy occur? When Do Shocks to the Economy Occur? One day, without warning, any of the following may happen: The market is down over 20% with no signs of immediate recovery Your credit score drops because your bank unexpectedly lowered your credit limit The corporation you work for …

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How to Invest a Million Dollars of Income

How to invest a million dollars of Income? It should be an easy question. You already have enough money and freedom to live on your terms. It’s easier to make money when you have money. Or is it? Anyone who has $1 million of net worth may agree that this number is more of a curse than a blessing. While you may have all the money you need, you’re too busy protecting it. You may not have enough income streams, …

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What’s the Face Value of a Bond?

Whenever there’s market uncertainty, bonds get special attention. Investors want to protect their money from potential downturns. And whether the economy does well or not, bonds can make you money in both situations. How do you know if a bond is profitable? The answer lies in a simpler question: What is the face value of a bond? What’s the Face Value of a Bond? When buying bonds, you’re lending money long-term while collecting interest every 6–12 months (at fixed rates). And …

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The NFT Boom: Scam Or Real Deal?

NFTs Scam or Real Deal

If you follow the crypto news, you may have heard of these crazy NFT projects. Digital assets are rising in value to the point where people will pay almost anything. Some buy it for the art, others for collecting, and many as a way to make quick cash. Every day, people earning thousands flipping these assets, but do they hold any value? NFTs: Scam Or Real Deal? When you first hear about NFTs, it’s normal to think of them as …

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12 Expensive Crypto Scams That WILL Happen To You + Prevention Tips

Why Are There So Many Scammers In Cryptocurrency Space

Cryptocurrencies bring a lot of opportunity for investors, and it couldn’t be more true for scammers. In fact, it’s become their favorite space, so expect to hear about them. They’re everywhere at all times, so it’s a matter of time you encounter one. But are you ready to protect your money? Someone right now could be promoting a Bitcoin pyramid scheme. People are sending them money that they won’t see ever again. Maybe a hacker is planning an exchange attack. …

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Are You Investing Based On FAKE Crypto News?

Why Are There So Many Fake News In Crypto

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to understand the crypto markets? Even if you research the latest news, things can play out the opposite way. Maybe the prediction was right, but the timing wasn’t. Maybe you sold before a coin skyrocketed or bought at a peak price. The question is: are you doing your research, or are you following someone else’s predictions? Because in these markets, there are many incentives in deceiving investors and spreading fake news. Why …

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How To Invest in Your Children’s Future?

Why Invest in Your Childrens Future

Imagine where you would be today if someone invested in you as a child. Maybe you’d have more money, a better career, and more skills. How easy would it then be? Whether it happened to you or not, you now have the chance to do so with your kids. So that they never have to face the same difficulties again. When parenting, we tend to overlook money matters. It’s common to underestimate what it costs to raise children and how …

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How to Invest in Hedge Funds?

Are Hedge Funds Worth It

New investors have it better than ever. For a tiny fee, the best funds will manage your money for the maximum profit. And we’re talking about professionals with trading equipment who invest for a living. Too good to be true? Maybe. When you trust your money to a mutual fund manager, you expect to get a return. Even if they’ve overperformed the market for years, it may not always be that way. You might sometimes earn nothing. But don’t worry. …

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What Is a Silent Partner?

What Is a Silent Partner

What is a silent partner, and should you get one? Traditionally, a partner is someone who will share the risk and responsibilities of a company. You sign an agreement that specifies your role and profit percentage. As for why people seek business partners in the first place, the reasons are many. By far the most popular is: “I have a great idea but I don’t have enough money. Banks don’t lend and I can’t find investors. So I need a …

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How to Protect Your Investments: Buying a Put Option

Buying A Put Option

Should you care about buying a put option? Imagine you put $1000 on a stock. And after a few months, it doubles its price, so you get $2000 back. But things don’t usually go as planned. It can also drop by 50%, which means you lose $500. And for every dollar you lose investing, it takes twice the performance only to get back to zero. Given that all of us lose money sometimes, this problem can seriously affect your profits. …

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Recession Proof Stocks: The Outliers

Recession Proof Stocks

What do you do in a recession? Some people think it’s safer to get out of the market. Meanwhile, others are looking to buy discounted stocks. But timing isn’t as easy as it sounds. You may buy “low” and see the stock go even lower. Or you could not buy and then watch it scale to the Moon. Whether you take the opportunity or not, it’s safe to assume nobody likes losing money. When the whole economy is at risk, …

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Where to Invest 100K to Make 1M+? ✅ Fast ✅ Low Risk

Where To Invest 100k

How would you spend your first $100K? If you’ve ever thought about that, you’re already making the wrong question. There’s no right way to spend money because you lose it forever. Spend $1 or spend $70,000. It doesn’t matter. You can only get limited value from your purchases. That’s why the headline is “Where to invest $100K?” Where can you put these funds to make even more money? You see, the saving mentality is about making the money last as …

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Why Is Compound Interest Preferable To Simple Interest?

Which One Would You Choose

Let’s say you have a million dollars and want to live off interest rates. Does it matter whether you choose simple or compound interest? For money reasons, you always want it to be compound. It grows faster. One is linear while the other is exponential. Say we have a generous offer, 5% of simple interest per month. For $1,000,000, that’s $50K/month. Not bad. And if you choose the compound interest, it’s generally lower. Let’s use 4% of $1,000,000. But compound …

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What To Do With Extra Money?

What to Do With Extra Money

Have you ever thought about what to do with extra money? Neither did I. This question isn’t very different from winning millions in the lottery. What are you going to do with that money? We know one fact. If you don’t know how to spend it, you will waste it. There are too many distractions in the world, and everyone tries to convince you why their products are valuable. If you don’t know what you want, you don’t have extra …

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How Many IRAs Can You Have?

How Many IRAs Can You Have

IRA plans only allow up to $6,000 in yearly contributions ($7000 if you’re 50 or older). With such a low limit, one may wonder: Can I open a different IRA and invest $6000 in each? Also, IRAs allow for more investment types than 401Ks. That means that if you put a high-risk investment worth ~$6000, next year, it may be worth twice as much (or half as much). You can also play it safe and do Treasury Bonds instead. Maybe …

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Are Diamonds a Good Investment?

Are Diamonds a Good Investment

Everybody knows what a diamond is worth. Well, kind of. What ideas come to your mind when you look at a gem like this? Status? Luxury? Love? I haven’t met many people who own real diamonds. But everybody agrees they are worth a lot. Around $1,000-$2,000 for a fairly regular sized one. Now, would you ever buy one? Probably, if you have nothing better to do with your money. Which is not the case. It’s not like it’s essential for …

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How Old Do You Have to Be to Invest in Stocks?

Stock Investing Age

I’m sure you’ve thought about it at least once. You look at the stock market and watch the returns created in the last few decades. You say: “Wow! If only I invested $100 10, 20, 30 years ago, I’d now have over five figures!” Imagine it’s your tenth birthday, and someone gives you $100 as a gift. That’s a lot of money for a kid. Anyway, you’d probably spend it quickly and not even remember about it. What if instead, …

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