Where to Invest 100K to Make 1M+? ✅ Fast ✅ Low Risk

Where To Invest 100k

How would you spend your first $100K? If you’ve ever thought about that, you’re already making the wrong question. There’s no right way to spend money because you lose it forever. Spend $1 or spend $70,000. It doesn’t matter. You can only get limited value from your purchases. That’s why the headline is “Where to invest $100K?” Where can you put these funds to make even more money? You see, the saving mentality is about making the money last as …

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Why Is Compound Interest Preferable To Simple Interest?

Which One Would You Choose

Let’s say you have a million dollars and want to live off interest rates. Does it matter whether you choose simple or compound interest? For money reasons, you always want it to be compound. It grows faster. One is linear while the other is exponential. Say we have a generous offer, 5% of simple interest per month. For $1,000,000, that’s $50K/month. Not bad. And if you choose the compound interest, it’s generally lower. Let’s use 4% of $1,000,000. But compound …

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What To Do With Extra Money?

What to Do With Extra Money

Have you ever thought about what to do with extra money? Neither did I. This question isn’t very different from winning millions in the lottery. What are you going to do with that money? We know one fact. If you don’t know how to spend it, you will waste it. There are too many distractions in the world, and everyone tries to convince you why their products are valuable. If you don’t know what you want, you don’t have extra …

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How Many IRAs Can You Have?

How Many IRAs Can You Have

IRA plans only allow up to $6,000 in yearly contributions ($7000 if you’re 50 or older). With such a low limit, one may wonder: Can I open a different IRA and invest $6000 in each? Also, IRAs allow for more investment types than 401Ks. That means that if you put a high-risk investment worth ~$6000, next year, it may be worth twice as much (or half as much). You can also play it safe and do Treasury Bonds instead. Maybe …

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Are Diamonds a Good Investment?

Are Diamonds a Good Investment

Everybody knows what a diamond is worth. Well, kind of. What ideas come to your mind when you look at a gem like this? Status? Luxury? Love? I haven’t met many people who own real diamonds. But everybody agrees they are worth a lot. Around $1,000-$2,000 for a fairly regular sized one. Now, would you ever buy one? Probably, if you have nothing better to do with your money. Which is not the case. It’s not like it’s essential for …

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How Old Do You Have to Be to Invest in Stocks?

Stock Investing Age

I’m sure you’ve thought about it at least once. You look at the stock market and watch the returns created in the last few decades. You say: “Wow! If only I invested $100 10, 20, 30 years ago, I’d now have over five figures!” Imagine it’s your tenth birthday, and someone gives you $100 as a gift. That’s a lot of money for a kid. Anyway, you’d probably spend it quickly and not even remember about it. What if instead, …

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Can You Lose Money in an Index Fund?

Can You Lose Money in an Index Fund

There’s one thing index funds do very well: minimizing risk. When you add a lot of stock variety, it’s easy to protect against bad trends. Unfortunately, that means you can neither earn much in the short term. It removes uncertainty and places the bets in the long run. You almost never hear of people who lost money after years of investing in index funds. You may even think it’s not possible to lose, no matter what you do. What we’ve …

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How to Make an Offer for a House and WIN

Why Should You Make an Offer for Your House

Whether you’re buying commercial properties or looking for your dream house, there will be trade-offs. Everybody loves great deals. You want to buy it for low. But the seller wants to sell it for as much as you can afford. Is it possible to reach a win-win situation? Not always. Depending on your expectations and who’s selling the house, you may or may not get to an agreement.  Depending on your case, getting a bridge loan might help getting closer …

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Recession Proof Stocks: The Outliers

Recession Proof Stocks

What do you do in a recession? Some people think it’s safer to get out of the market. Meanwhile, others are looking to buy discounted stocks. But timing isn’t as easy as it sounds. You may buy “low” and see the stock go even lower. Or you could not buy and then watch it scale to the Moon. Whether you take the opportunity or not, it’s safe to assume nobody likes losing money. When the whole economy is at risk, …

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8 Types Of Investments Explained, from Crypto to Commodities

What is a Stock

The rich get richer because of leverage. They don’t trade hours for dollars but instead have their money work for them. What does that really mean? The market is full of value inefficiencies. Understanding how companies evolve and managing risk can multiply your money (or lose it all). When you first hear of investing, it gives misleading connotations. You either think of it as a lottery or expect to make money always magically. But trading is far more than buying …

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How Do Beginners Buy Stocks: Do’s & Don’ts

Things We Wish Beginner Traders Knew

Beginners often face a contradiction. Everybody that first enters the stock market perceives it as the most complex finance in the world. Experts tell you most traders don’t earn money, and you can never guarantee results. But as soon as you take your first position, you find a different story. Maybe you win four times in a row with an improvised strategy. Everything looks straightforward and easy to predict. You could say your win rate is over 50%. Then, you …

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Rent a Home: Investment or Liability?

Rent a Home Investment or Liability

Everybody needs a place to live. But not anyplace will do. Especially when you’re progressing in your career, your goals and standards will change. What may be enough for today may come up short tomorrow. Think about it: do you really need to buy that house? Are you ready to handle responsibility, depreciation, and long-term financial commitments? Most people prefer to rent because of its flexibility. Renting also means you get a broader property selection: more chances to live where …

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What Is A Portfolio & How To Make A Good One

What Makes A Good Portfolio

What’s a portfolio, and why would you need one? You may be looking to: A portfolio should reflect the way you think and what past events happened as a result. It includes your work, strategies, qualifications, skills, and education. These documents aim to answer questions like these: It doesn’t matter whether we talk about qualifying a team or choosing an investment. People may have different beliefs about why you should or shouldn’t accept it. But at the end of the …

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How Short And Distort Schemes Work

How Does Short And Distort Work

Short and distort is a less publicly known trading scam similar to the classic pump and dump. Shorting is a word in traders’ jargon and means basically selling a stock, currency, crypto or any other similar financial item that can be traded. Imagine some stranger reaches out to you and says: “Buy this penny stock before it skyrockets, and you’ll get RICH!” It may feel exciting, but you don’t need to take action if you don’t trust the advisor. Now, …

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How Pump And Dump Schemes Work

How Pump And Dump Schemes Work

When was the last time someone helped you for no reason in particular? You get private information, someone sends money, or finds someone’s wallet. The help received makes you feel privileged. It may be luck, goodwill, and also a hook. No matter the purpose, that gift makes you trust the person.  The same can happen when investing. Imagine getting help from an insider who has privileged information about stocks. The problem is: Everybody talks about the penny stock rise. What …

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What Are & How To Navigate Through HYIP Scams

Preventing HYIP Scams

Which one would you choose? Would you like to receive a million dollars right now? Or perhaps get a penny and double it for thirty days? If you do some simple math, the second option yields five times more gains than the instantaneous reward. Thus, compound interest is the secret of how Warren Buffet made his money, and how you could do it too with a High Yield Investment Program. You may have heard their promotions: “Make large returns from …

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