Why Is Everything So Expensive? What To Do About It

Why Is Everything So

It’s not just you. The cost of living has actually increased. What could $50,000 buy you ten years ago? What about today? You probably earned less back then, and still, that money seemed to have more “value” than it has today. Our income generally increases along with the cost of living. But it no longer looks proportional. How did life become so expensive? Should we just blame inflation? Or is there more to it? Why Is Everything So Expensive? If …

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How do Prepaid Phones Work?

Prepaid or Contract Phone Plans

Despite technology, phone calls are still the preferred way to communicate. It’s the fastest way to reach out to someone and, most importantly, get their attention. That’s the most scarce resource in a world full of digital distractions. If you don’t believe it, try sending an email or a chat message. See how long it will take to reply back. With a phone call, the person instantly knows you’re calling (unless it’s on plane mode). But if you send a …

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Problem Solving Strategies – How To Be An Effective Problem Solver

Avoid These Problem Solving Mistakes

One thing we know for sure is that problems are always coming. The world is always changing, and uncertainty is never going to go away. But is this something we should worry about? Of course, you can ignore that. But it will only make the problem bigger over time. You can’t hope for a life without problems. All you’ll do is delay them. Bruce Lee used to say: “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to …

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How Much Cash Should I Carry for Daily Spending or Traveling?

How Much Cash Should You Carry

Digital money may be mainstream, but good old cash is still essential. It’s the easiest way to buy from most stores, some of which only accept cash. It’s also easy to steal. Which leads to the question: How much cash should you carry? How Much Cash Should You Carry? No more than $200 in twenties. That’s the most you need for: Now, $50 is what you can really expect to spend, depending on your habits. The reason we say $200 …

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How Not To Worry About Money

We work all our lives with the goal of not having to worry about money. Maybe money isn’t your main goal, but you want enough freedom to pursue your real goals. If you plan to delay your happiness until that moment, you’re going to spend a long time feeling unsatisfied. First things first, there’s no guarantee that you’ll ever reach financial freedom, even though it sounds harsh. And worrying about money certainly doesn’t help you get there faster. All that …

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“My Job Is Killing Me” – What To Do About It

Do you feel like you can’t keep up with your job? You’re not alone. Statistics show 85% of people are unhappy at their jobs. Maybe that’s not you. But you think you might be working too hard. Harder than what they’re paying you to do. Or maybe your money is right, but you just can’t keep up with tedious tasks. Some days, it’s boredom. Others, it’s stress. You find yourself always chasing the next goal of your career. Like many …

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How Long Does It Take to Process a Refund?

The Fastest Way to Get Refunded

How long does it take to process a refund? If you want to get your money soon for any reason, keep in mind it may takes several business days to process. It doesn’t matter what you want to refund. It could be a subscription, a product, a credit card, or your taxes. We’ve covered them all here. The Fastest Way to Get Refunded If someone can directly process the refund for you, it may only take a few minutes. That …

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Why Leasing a Car is a Bad Idea

Why Leasing a Car is a Bad Idea

Do you feel like you “have to have” a car right now? But at the same time, you don’t want all the cons that come with owning a car Affording a good car isn’t a problem. What if you buy the model you want, but years later, you no longer want it? You’re going to spend a long time trying to sell it. And if you bought it new, the depreciation will do its thing. Buying might be cheaper than …

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Do Student Loans Ever Get Written Off?

How To Get Rid Of Student Loans

Too much student debt? America’s students have accumulated over $1.5 trillion because of this problem. But why do so many make this common mistake? Student loans look like a good investment, no matter how expensive they are. After all, you’re investing in your income potential. But it’s just that. Potential. Most likely, you may remain as a low-earner while interest accumulates on your loans. Eventually, it grows so fast that it feels like you’ll never pay it back. Debt issues …

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What is Better? Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loans?

Subsidized Unsubsidized Loans

You’re about to start college and you qualified for a loan. Great job! You can now focus on studying the career you want and hoping that you can repay later. Wait. Don’t you have a repayment plan? At least you have years to figure it out. Lenders don’t ask for their money back until six months after you graduate. I don’t know what you think of this, but there are too many factors that come into play. If you wait …

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How Long to Keep Documents: From ATM Receipts to Tax Reports

How to Organize Your Documents

We rarely think about how to keep our documents. Who cares anyway? As long as they are there when you need them, you’re good. Funnily enough, it’s the opposite. Haven’t you ever been looking for a document for hours? You even saw where it was a few days before. So where do you look next? In most cases, you luckily find them. But it’s not worth going into all that stress. Documents should take seconds and not days to organize. …

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Cheap Places to Live Around the World (With High Quality of Life)

Cheap Places to Live Around the World

Aren’t you tired of overpaying for basic needs? But wait, there’s more! Taxes are going up. And given the current situation, employment rates haven’t improved precisely. So we find ourselves working harder just to keep what we have. And what’s next is paying extra for what once was much cheaper. There are three ways to respond to it: If you live in a popular city, you know what that means. People overestimate how good these places are to live and …

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Do You Really Save Money With Solar Panels?

Solar Panel Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Do solar panels save you money? In most cases, you do. It sounds very attractive: never pay anything for the electricity bill again. Instead, have a system that produces free energy forever. Even if you use them past the recommended time, they keep performing beyond 80% of the original efficiency. If you know anything about solar energy, prices have never been this low.  That doesn’t make solar panels the perfect investment necessarily. There are misconceptions about this technology that people …

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