Can I Write a Check to Myself?

“Can I write a check to myself?” Yes, people do it all the time. It’s almost as easy as sending money to someone else. You can write yourself checks to move money between accounts, cash out, and even get “free” money. Here’s how. How Can I Write a Check to Myself This process isn’t different from writing any other check: Fill out the fields with the amount you want to send Write the payee (same name as the sender) (Optional) …

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What Is It Like to Be Debt Free?

What Is It Like to Be Debt free

What is it like to be debt-free? Maybe you’ve been borrowing for so long. You don’t remember what it’s like earning money for yourself. To buy what you want, rather than what others tell you to pay for. How would it feel like waking up and not worry about money? Believe it or not, that reality may not be that far away. But is it worth it? You might have a dozen other questions in your head: The only way to …

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How to use an ATM machine in 4 Easy Steps (Even Without a Card)

How To Use An ATM Machine

How to use an ATM machine? It may sound like child’s play unless you never used one. Either way, these machines are straightforward: insert your card, withdraw cash, and leave. Without ever using one, you can figure out how to do it on the spot. The problem is, this lack of experience can cost you money (all your account). Here’s what you need to know, whether it’s your local bank, a foreign branch, or a Bitcoin ATM. How To Use …

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What Is A Voided Check?

How To Use Voided Checks

What’s a voided check? It may sound contradictory. Checks are documents that order banks to process payments, while the word “void” cancels those orders. Even though you can’t send money with a voided check, they still share useful financial information. People often use them to set up electronic payments. How To Use Voided Checks For example, you can send a voided check to a company so that they know where to make the deposit. Or maybe a business requires your …

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How To Protect Your Cryptocurrency

Where To Keep Cryptocurrency

Almost every day, there are cases of people who got rich investing in crypto. Sadly, there are just as many stories about people who lost it all. Maybe not because of investment decisions, but because they didn’t protect their money correctly. You’d be surprised to know how often this happens: a. You lose the crypto wallet recovery phrase, or you delete the 2FA code by mistake. Now you can’t access your funds anymore b. You’ve been investing for months. Now …

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Is It Illegal To Mail Cash? Do It The Right Way

Why It Looks Illegal To Mail Cash

Is it illegal to mail cash? No, it’s just as legal as sending money online. You can mail checks and money orders the same way. Then why do we believe it’s illegal? It’s all about how much cash you send. Sending a few hundred is easy. But if you send tens of thousands of dollars, you risk losing that money. Not necessarily stolen, but confiscated, even if it’s 100% legal. Why? Why It Looks Illegal To Mail Cash We’re slowly …

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What Is the Difference Between Finance and Accounting?

What Is the Difference Between Finance and Accounting

What is the difference between finance and accounting? If you study both careers, you’ll find that one has nothing to do with the other. They’re closely connected, but they follow different objectives and means. But what does this difference have to do with you? Well, if you want to make more money, you’re going to need both. But which one should you pick first? Whether you hire an analyst or do everything yourself, this decision is the difference between losing …

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Difference Between Lease And Loan (With Examples)

The Difference Between Lease and Loan

Time is money. And if you treat it as such, you can make the best use of your money. For example, you might want to get a car or a house. Or if you own a business, you may need to get a local and some equipment. And none of these purchases are cheap. How you finance these assets is generally with a job, which is a very limited income stream. And when it comes to big purchases, it may …

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Can You Live Off Interest?

Can You Live Off Interest

You know you’ve made it when you can live off your money’s interest. You have so much money you don’t use that others pay you to borrow it. You do nothing and earn enough to never have to work again. Not only that, but none of your future generations will ever have to work either. If you keep reinvesting in this miracle, you can take better care of those you love or increase your lifestyle. Sounds too easy to be …

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Bank Statement FAQs: What They Do and How to Get One

Why Do We Use Bank Statements

A bank statement summarizes your financial activity in a period of time. For many, it’s an essential tool to keep on track with expenses and do personal finance. But these papers have other uses aside from accounting. This article is about how to get bank statements and what to do with them. Why Do We Use Bank Statements? A statement will show data such as deposits, withdrawals, bank information, beginning balance, or interest earned. These numbers can serve for the …

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How Long Does It Take To Establish Credit Score?

How Long Does It Take to Establish Credit Score

The sooner you establish your score, the sooner you can borrow money, apply for exclusive credit cards, and qualify for discounts. It’s easy to improve a good credit score just as it is to worsen a bad one. But how long does the process take? And how can you benefit from it? To get straight to the point, you don’t get any immediate benefits from improving your score. But when it comes to the future, it offers invaluable privileges. I …

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How Many Checking Accounts Should I Have?

How Many Checking Accounts Should I Have

Technically, you can have as many checking accounts as you want. You can open multiple with the same bank, and you can always join other banks. But why would you want to do that? The purpose of a checking account is to keep money in the short term to spend it. And to do so, you want it to be easily accessible. If you add more checking accounts, it makes personal finance more complicated. It’s harder to know what account …

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What To Do With Extra Money?

What to Do With Extra Money

Have you ever thought about what to do with extra money? Neither did I. This question isn’t very different from winning millions in the lottery. What are you going to do with that money? We know one fact. If you don’t know how to spend it, you will waste it. There are too many distractions in the world, and everyone tries to convince you why their products are valuable. If you don’t know what you want, you don’t have extra …

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What Is Velocity Banking?

What Is Velocity Banking

Can you save money with velocity banking? In theory, this strategy allows you to lower your mortgage payments while also paying off faster. In reality, there are more expenses going on that ipan theory, so this method doesn’t always work. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth considering. What Is Velocity Banking? What’s the best way you know to pay a traditional 30-year mortgage? Most take the traditional road. Pay your bills every month and wait until the last year …

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What Is Joint Credit?

What is Joint Credit

The purpose of a joint account will vary from person to person: Joint accounts serve all these purposes. You’re essentially selling rights and responsibilities with another person. It simplifies finance, makes it easier to track expenses, and saves time. What is Joint Credit? Say you want to buy a house, but your score is far from perfect. Your wife, however, has a hundred points more than you. Not only would she qualify for a mortgage, but also get lower rates. …

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What Is Accessible Income?

What is Accessible Income

If you apply to a credit company, they may require you to provide some proof of income. In other words, they want to know what kind of accessible income you have available. But what does that really mean? Well, the law requires these companies to verify how much money you’re making. This way, it protects businesses from taking advantage of customers. It also makes sure you don’t pay more than what you can afford, so it protects you against debt. …

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Income Based Repayment Disadvantages and Advantages

IBR Pros and Cons

There’s no doubt that high education can be expensive. Let’s not even get into technical careers, such as lawyers, doctors, and engineers. Sure, those jobs can potentially earn you six-plus figures a year. But there are some problems with it: Imagine how stressful that has to be. You can barely keep up with your exams, yet they think you can make money out of thin air. And if a job is your best hope, that’s still 5+ years you’re going …

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How Long Does It Take to Transfer Money Between Banks?

Transfer Money Between Banks

Bank transfers can be convenient for moving large sums internationally. And because time is money, money received today is worth more than the same amount received tomorrow. That’s why some transfers give you a paid option to complete domestic transfers instantly. When sending between countries, however, there are many factors your bank doesn’t control. If your payee expects to receive the money by a certain date, make sure to wire money a few days before. All transfers take 1-7 business …

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Is Transferwise Safe?

Is TransferWise Safe

Moving money from one bank to another is expensive. Is there any way we can lower those fees while keeping high security? That service is called Transferwise, and it seems to deliver on that promise. But this isn’t your typical transfer service. It uses a different method to send money to other accounts so that you barely pay anything. All you need to do is open and fund your account. Next, you choose where you want to send that money. …

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Types Of Loans: Which Is The Right One For You?

Loan Terms

Are you in need of money? Who isn’t? We all have different reasons to earn. But one sure thing is, money earned today is more valuable than getting money tomorrow. That’s why lenders add interest to any amount you borrow. But it’s not just to minimize risk. Money can solve problems fast. It can also accelerate your financial wealth, so you don’t have to waste saving dollars for months. If you’re already making money or have a great financial history, …

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