The 2021 Opportunity: How To Prepare For A Recession

What Should You Never Do In A Recession

The incoming recession. What does that make you think about? More expenses? Unemployment? Lower sales volume? These are some common connotations people have associated with this term. But if we had to sum up in a few words, it would be making less money. Why? Have you ever wondered how much control you have over your finances? Is the economy really determining how much you can or cannot make? There isn’t a universal law that magically stops you from generating …

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What To Do If You Win The Lottery?

What to Do if You Win the Lottery

If you won the lottery, would your life change for good? It may seem like an irrelevant question, knowing the odds are against you. But even with a bit of luck, a handful of people can make a fortune. Then, why make the question? Because it’s not about the winnings, but what to do to keep and grow that money. Most winners end up broke with worse situations than they had before. Why win the lottery to end up like …

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What Does A Financial Analyst Do?

What Does a Financial Analyst Do

Let’s say you start a business. You have a great idea and the skills to make it happen. You take the time to research the market demand and figure out what they want. You’ve also created a specialized team so that everyone works with 100% focus.  With such preparation, you could say this company would make brilliant decisions. But what we haven’t covered in the business plan are expectations. You see, no company starts with a perfect solution. There are …

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What Are Liquid Assets? Is It Better To Be Liquid or Illiquid?

The Problem With Liquid Assets

Think for a moment of how much money you need. Now, imagine you could get it instantly in some form of asset. Would that solve the money problem? If you choose the wrong asset, you may find it not worth that much. You heard right: two things can have the same market price and still have different values.  Why do you want money? It brings freedom and power. But if you know anything about making money, you know that it …

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How To Properly Close a Bank Account

When is It a Good Idea to Close Your Account

For a bank you don’t use, it makes sense to close your account. Perhaps you just found much better companies, or you can’t justify a monthly fee for the services received. Or you didn’t get a good experience with customer support. Luckily, you’re not trapped to stay with your bank forever. Unless you have some pending payments, you can close a bank account in five minutes or less.  But before you do it, you must take two facts into account. …

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Downside Of A Reverse Mortgage and Refinancing

Pros And Cons Of A Reverse Mortgage

Is refinancing your home a good idea?  What if you had to make no mortgage payments whatsoever? Rather than getting a home loan and making payments to the lender, the lender makes payments to you. Whether you pay back in a monthly or one-time payment, you’re not required to repay the loan until you pass on or move out of the house. Millions of seniors have wondered whether these mortgage types are worth the risks. Most of them have their …

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Suspicious Credit Card Charge? What To Do About It

How To Prevent Unexpected Charges

Have you ever found a charge you can’t explain? Extra costs, upgrades, late payments. Someone placed a convincing ad, you responded to it, but somehow you now pay more than you expected. It has happened to everyone. One assumes to know everything that is about the offer until you get your invoice. The majority has canceled subscriptions within the first month for this reason. It’s, of course, our fault for not revising the terms correctly. But what about the business? …

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Revenue VS Profit: Are You Making Or Losing Money?

Pros And Cons Of Increasing Your Revenue

These offers are everywhere. If you ever looked for ways to make money or start your business, you know what we mean. You find all these marketers: “make thousands of dollars every month!” It appears on social media too. “How I made $5K in 45 days.” “How to become a millionaire.” “How to build a $10K/month business.” If those titles hooked you, you might have clicked on some of those videos. Most people, however, feel misled by these promises: Did …

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How To Get & Fill Out A Money Order

Benefits of Using a Money Order

How could you send money to other countries without a bank account? Paypal? Checks? Cash? Here one unusual yet undervalued way to do it: money orders. These papers can be as good as cash, except that they’re safer and cost-effective (without having to spend countless fees). Here are a few reasons so many people still use them till today and a few drawbacks that will make you think twice before using them. Benefits of Using a Money Order Drawbacks of …

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Quick (But Powerful) Way To A Good Credit Score

How Long Does It Take To Build Credit

It only takes one Google search to find how to increase your credit score. But the problem isn’t that people don’t know how to do it but what they’ve done already. See, boosting your credit score isn’t a big deal. Keeping it high is a different story. It takes years to build up your score and only a few days to take it down. If you’re not careful, most mistakes will last years, if not forever. Make sure you’re following …

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Benefits Of Using Checks; And their Downsides

Pros Of Using Checks

Despite many payment options available, checks remain prevalent. Cash may be king, but when it comes to large sums, who carries that much with him or her? Reasons for using a check as your payment method are numerous and in this guide we will look at the benefits, pitfalls and tips on how to use checks most effectively. Pros Of Using Checks There are good reasons people spend billions worth in check every year: Security Not anybody can cash out …

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Cashier Checks VS Money Orders: The Difference

How To Use Both Safely

Personal checks don’t work for everything. Some transactions require certified funds, which is why cashier checks and money orders are useful.  Even though these third parties back your payment, you still want to pick the most secure. We’ll review the differences in price, limits, and protection. First, why would you want to use any of them? Unlike personal checks, money orders and cashier’s checks don’t require your personal information. You can send money without showing your checking account number, full …

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Definite 20 Rules For Successful Trading

Important Trading Rules

This post is an addition to all the traders of my trend follower forex trading system. However, it doesn’t matter if You could also consider printing them out on paper and placing them close to your screen or trading desk. These rules are stressed as keys to success, and it’s really very fulfilling when someone has incorporated them into his methodology and has had good success trading. There are some basic principles and rules that will make you successful regardless …

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Popular & Safe Payment Methods (Online and Offline)

Online Payment Methods

With so many available options and technology developing at an unprecedented rate, how do we use the right payment method? Traditional methods of payment such as cash on delivery are used less, and e-commerce stores nowadays regard bank transfers as an alternative form of payment. All of the below online or physical payment processors are very reliable if you know the recipient of the funds. We will look at them from the angle of suspicion, where you don’t know the …

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