How To Invest in Your Children’s Future?

Why Invest in Your Childrens Future

Imagine where you would be today if someone invested in you as a child. Maybe you’d have more money, a better career, and more skills. How easy would it then be? Whether it happened to you or not, you now have the chance to do so with your kids. So that they never have to face the same difficulties again. When parenting, we tend to overlook money matters. It’s common to underestimate what it costs to raise children and how …

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How to Invest in Hedge Funds?

Are Hedge Funds Worth It

New investors have it better than ever. For a tiny fee, the best funds will manage your money for the maximum profit. And we’re talking about professionals with trading equipment who invest for a living. Too good to be true? Maybe. When you trust your money to a mutual fund manager, you expect to get a return. Even if they’ve overperformed the market for years, it may not always be that way. You might sometimes earn nothing. But don’t worry. …

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Is It Illegal To Mail Cash? Do It The Right Way

Why It Looks Illegal To Mail Cash

Is it illegal to mail cash? No, it’s just as legal as sending money online. You can mail checks and money orders the same way. Then why do we believe it’s illegal? It’s all about how much cash you send. Sending a few hundred is easy. But if you send tens of thousands of dollars, you risk losing that money. Not necessarily stolen, but confiscated, even if it’s 100% legal. Why? Why It Looks Illegal To Mail Cash We’re slowly …

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What Not to Sell at a Garage Sale, From Skincare to Dictionaries

What Not to Sell at a Garage Sale

Over the years, many of us accumulate “junk” items we no longer use. But as the old saying goes: One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure. No wonder why you can find almost anything in a local garage sale. When was the last time you went to one? Did you buy everything simply because it was underpriced? Unless you’re trying to flip trash into cash, probably not. And most people who visit these “shops” only buy what they need. So …

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What Is the Difference Between Finance and Accounting?

What Is the Difference Between Finance and Accounting

What is the difference between finance and accounting? If you study both careers, you’ll find that one has nothing to do with the other. They’re closely connected, but they follow different objectives and means. But what does this difference have to do with you? Well, if you want to make more money, you’re going to need both. But which one should you pick first? Whether you hire an analyst or do everything yourself, this decision is the difference between losing …

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Why Is Everything So Expensive? What To Do About It

Why Is Everything So

It’s not just you. The cost of living has actually increased. What could $50,000 buy you ten years ago? What about today? You probably earned less back then, and still, that money seemed to have more “value” than it has today. Our income generally increases along with the cost of living. But it no longer looks proportional. How did life become so expensive? Should we just blame inflation? Or is there more to it? Why Is Everything So Expensive? If …

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What Is a Silent Partner?

What Is a Silent Partner

What is a silent partner, and should you get one? Traditionally, a partner is someone who will share the risk and responsibilities of a company. You sign an agreement that specifies your role and profit percentage. As for why people seek business partners in the first place, the reasons are many. By far the most popular is: “I have a great idea but I don’t have enough money. Banks don’t lend and I can’t find investors. So I need a …

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Spend To Earn: What Is A Slush Fund? (With Examples)

What Is A Slush Fund

Almost our whole life, we worry about how to make enough money. We wish we could make more money so that, well, we can make more of it. And when we’re too focused on earning for the future, we tend to forget why we’re earning in the first place: Freedom. Freedom to use it however you want without second thoughts. And that’s what slush funds are about. What Is A Slush Fund? Slush funds have slightly different meanings depending on …

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Difference Between Lease And Loan (With Examples)

The Difference Between Lease and Loan

Time is money. And if you treat it as such, you can make the best use of your money. For example, you might want to get a car or a house. Or if you own a business, you may need to get a local and some equipment. And none of these purchases are cheap. How you finance these assets is generally with a job, which is a very limited income stream. And when it comes to big purchases, it may …

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How to Protect Your Investments: Buying a Put Option

Buying A Put Option

Should you care about buying a put option? Imagine you put $1000 on a stock. And after a few months, it doubles its price, so you get $2000 back. But things don’t usually go as planned. It can also drop by 50%, which means you lose $500. And for every dollar you lose investing, it takes twice the performance only to get back to zero. Given that all of us lose money sometimes, this problem can seriously affect your profits. …

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How to Make Money Work for You

So You Need Money To Make Money

What if you learned how to make money work for you? What kind of a difference would it make? More money? Time? Freedom? When you look at rich people, it sometimes feels like they’re making millions with no effort. Meanwhile, many people work long hours to break through the $100/day mark. If you want to build wealth, you have two paths. The hard way: And because you gave all your time, you have none left to think of how to …

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Recession Proof Stocks: The Outliers

Recession Proof Stocks

What do you do in a recession? Some people think it’s safer to get out of the market. Meanwhile, others are looking to buy discounted stocks. But timing isn’t as easy as it sounds. You may buy “low” and see the stock go even lower. Or you could not buy and then watch it scale to the Moon. Whether you take the opportunity or not, it’s safe to assume nobody likes losing money. When the whole economy is at risk, …

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How to Invest in Currencies?

How to Invest in Currencies

We’re living in an uncertain economy. Not only it may be harder to earn money, but it’s also harder to keep it due to inflation. And nobody knows what your money will be worth tomorrow. One thing for sure is that after the pandemic started, people now expect anything to happen. So you can be sure there WILL be economic changes. Will they be positive or negative? When you consider your lifetime savings, you’d better not take that risk. And …

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Can You Live Off Interest?

Can You Live Off Interest

You know you’ve made it when you can live off your money’s interest. You have so much money you don’t use that others pay you to borrow it. You do nothing and earn enough to never have to work again. Not only that, but none of your future generations will ever have to work either. If you keep reinvesting in this miracle, you can take better care of those you love or increase your lifestyle. Sounds too easy to be …

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Bank Statement FAQs: What They Do and How to Get One

Why Do We Use Bank Statements

A bank statement summarizes your financial activity in a period of time. For many, it’s an essential tool to keep on track with expenses and do personal finance. But these papers have other uses aside from accounting. This article is about how to get bank statements and what to do with them. Why Do We Use Bank Statements? A statement will show data such as deposits, withdrawals, bank information, beginning balance, or interest earned. These numbers can serve for the …

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Self-employed Jobs from Home: No skills? No problem!

How Do You Find a Job

Traditional jobs are no longer secure. It’s time to get resourceful and stop worrying whether you’ll have a job or not tomorrow. But where do you start? You may have no education, skills, or money. This article shows you the best options for each scenario and how to find the job you want. Jobs That Require Technical/Academical Skills If you’ve spent your youth getting a degree, why not take advantage of that? You can make money without skills or licenses, …

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How to Make Money on Craigslist from Nothing

Why Craigslist

With everything that’s going on in the world, nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. Upon the uncertainty, traditional jobs feel unsafe and side hustles are no longer an option. If you want to thrive in a difficult economy, you’ll need to cultivate more sources of income. For those who never made any money online, it may sound too difficult. But what if we told you there’s a site where you can make money right now? That means you don’t need …

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How Long Does It Take To Establish Credit Score?

How Long Does It Take to Establish Credit Score

The sooner you establish your score, the sooner you can borrow money, apply for exclusive credit cards, and qualify for discounts. It’s easy to improve a good credit score just as it is to worsen a bad one. But how long does the process take? And how can you benefit from it? To get straight to the point, you don’t get any immediate benefits from improving your score. But when it comes to the future, it offers invaluable privileges. I …

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Calories Per Dollar: Great Idea Or Dumb Mistake?

Calories Per Dollar Great Idea Or Dumb Mistake

Does it make sense to count calories per dollar? Maybe you’re running out of money. You hope that you can save a buck here and there with a frugal diet. Or maybe you’re trying to build muscle. But you don’t want to spend $100s on chicken breasts and protein supplements. The good news is, it’s cheaper than you think. Every product has a different cost per calorie. So if you only buy high-calories-per-dollar products, you’re getting the most value from …

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Side Hustles for Introverts

Side Hustles For Introverts

You want to make more money. Invest your funds, get more income streams, start a business. But every time you think about that, you feel uncomfortable. When you hear the word Entrepreneur, what do you think about? Most people think it looks like this: Of course, that’s only how non-entrepreneurs see them. That may or may not be true. But what are you going to think of when everybody sells you this reality? If you search “make money online” or …

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