Bank Statement FAQs: What They Do and How to Get One

Why Do We Use Bank Statements

A bank statement summarizes your financial activity in a period of time. For many, it’s an essential tool to keep on track with expenses and do personal finance. But these papers have other uses aside from accounting. This article is about how to get bank statements and what to do with them. Why Do We Use Bank Statements? A statement will show data such as deposits, withdrawals, bank information, beginning balance, or interest earned. These numbers can serve for the …

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Self-employed Jobs from Home: No skills? No problem!

How Do You Find a Job

Traditional jobs are no longer secure. It’s time to get resourceful and stop worrying whether you’ll have a job or not tomorrow. But where do you start? You may have no education, skills, or money. This article shows you the best options for each scenario and how to find the job you want. Jobs That Require Technical/Academical Skills If you’ve spent your youth getting a degree, why not take advantage of that? You can make money without skills or licenses, …

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How to Make Money on Craigslist from Nothing

Why Craigslist

With everything that’s going on in the world, nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. Upon the uncertainty, traditional jobs feel unsafe and side hustles are no longer an option. If you want to thrive in a difficult economy, you’ll need to cultivate more sources of income. For those who never made any money online, it may sound too difficult. But what if we told you there’s a site where you can make money right now? That means you don’t need …

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How Long Does It Take To Establish Credit Score?

How Long Does It Take to Establish Credit Score

The sooner you establish your score, the sooner you can borrow money, apply for exclusive credit cards, and qualify for discounts. It’s easy to improve a good credit score just as it is to worsen a bad one. But how long does the process take? And how can you benefit from it? To get straight to the point, you don’t get any immediate benefits from improving your score. But when it comes to the future, it offers invaluable privileges. I …

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Calories Per Dollar: Great Idea Or Dumb Mistake?

Calories Per Dollar Great Idea Or Dumb Mistake

Does it make sense to count calories per dollar? Maybe you’re running out of money. You hope that you can save a buck here and there with a frugal diet. Or maybe you’re trying to build muscle. But you don’t want to spend $100s on chicken breasts and protein supplements. The good news is, it’s cheaper than you think. Every product has a different cost per calorie. So if you only buy high-calories-per-dollar products, you’re getting the most value from …

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Side Hustles for Introverts

Side Hustles For Introverts

You want to make more money. Invest your funds, get more income streams, start a business. But every time you think about that, you feel uncomfortable. When you hear the word Entrepreneur, what do you think about? Most people think it looks like this: Of course, that’s only how non-entrepreneurs see them. That may or may not be true. But what are you going to think of when everybody sells you this reality? If you search “make money online” or …

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Where to Invest 100K to Make 1M+? ✅ Fast ✅ Low Risk

Where To Invest 100k

How would you spend your first $100K? If you’ve ever thought about that, you’re already making the wrong question. There’s no right way to spend money because you lose it forever. Spend $1 or spend $70,000. It doesn’t matter. You can only get limited value from your purchases. That’s why the headline is “Where to invest $100K?” Where can you put these funds to make even more money? You see, the saving mentality is about making the money last as …

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Why Is Compound Interest Preferable To Simple Interest?

Which One Would You Choose

Let’s say you have a million dollars and want to live off interest rates. Does it matter whether you choose simple or compound interest? For money reasons, you always want it to be compound. It grows faster. One is linear while the other is exponential. Say we have a generous offer, 5% of simple interest per month. For $1,000,000, that’s $50K/month. Not bad. And if you choose the compound interest, it’s generally lower. Let’s use 4% of $1,000,000. But compound …

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How Many Checking Accounts Should I Have?

How Many Checking Accounts Should I Have

Technically, you can have as many checking accounts as you want. You can open multiple with the same bank, and you can always join other banks. But why would you want to do that? The purpose of a checking account is to keep money in the short term to spend it. And to do so, you want it to be easily accessible. If you add more checking accounts, it makes personal finance more complicated. It’s harder to know what account …

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What To Do With Extra Money?

What to Do With Extra Money

Have you ever thought about what to do with extra money? Neither did I. This question isn’t very different from winning millions in the lottery. What are you going to do with that money? We know one fact. If you don’t know how to spend it, you will waste it. There are too many distractions in the world, and everyone tries to convince you why their products are valuable. If you don’t know what you want, you don’t have extra …

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How to Improve Yourself and Never Be Broke Again

What Your Goal Should Be if Youre Broke

From time to time, you dream of reaching financial freedom. Every time you do something you don’t like, you justify it with future wealth. You say: “One day, I will have enough money to do what I love, live by my own rules!” It’s good that you believe strongly in yourself. However, months pass, and you don’t feel any closer to your goal. You know you will make it for sure in the next decade. In the next five years, …

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How to Drastically Cut Expenses?

How Much Money Can You Save

No matter how much money you make, it seems you can never make enough. You’ve tried everything, but you still can’t explain where the money goes at the end of the month. Does that sound like you? You can, of course, get out there and make more money. But if you don’t solve your saving problems first, these will increase to the level of your income. Oftentimes, people believe saving doesn’t matter because you’re not earning enough in the first …

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Difference Between Job and Career

Difference Between a Job and a Career

How do you differentiate between a job and a career? Both involve working for money. But it’s not about how much you make, what you do, or how long you work. The distinction may be subtle, but it makes a huge difference. Difference Between a Job and a Career According to dictionaries, a job is work you do for money, plain and simple. A career is usually a long-term position involving learning and progress. Abstract generalizations. The best way to …

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What Is Velocity Banking?

What Is Velocity Banking

Can you save money with velocity banking? In theory, this strategy allows you to lower your mortgage payments while also paying off faster. In reality, there are more expenses going on that ipan theory, so this method doesn’t always work. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth considering. What Is Velocity Banking? What’s the best way you know to pay a traditional 30-year mortgage? Most take the traditional road. Pay your bills every month and wait until the last year …

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What Is Joint Credit?

What is Joint Credit

The purpose of a joint account will vary from person to person: Joint accounts serve all these purposes. You’re essentially selling rights and responsibilities with another person. It simplifies finance, makes it easier to track expenses, and saves time. What is Joint Credit? Say you want to buy a house, but your score is far from perfect. Your wife, however, has a hundred points more than you. Not only would she qualify for a mortgage, but also get lower rates. …

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How Many IRAs Can You Have?

How Many IRAs Can You Have

IRA plans only allow up to $6,000 in yearly contributions ($7000 if you’re 50 or older). With such a low limit, one may wonder: Can I open a different IRA and invest $6000 in each? Also, IRAs allow for more investment types than 401Ks. That means that if you put a high-risk investment worth ~$6000, next year, it may be worth twice as much (or half as much). You can also play it safe and do Treasury Bonds instead. Maybe …

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College is a Waste of Time and Money: Myth Or Reality?

Your College Exit Strategy

College. Many people see it as one of the most important decisions you make in life. In fact, how you do in college will define most of your future: Even: I know all this may sound far away. After all, we’re just talking to someone who just finished high-school. Or maybe you’re already studying there. In any case, you will find many hidden gems in this article. People make a good image of college. But is it worth the time …

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How do Prepaid Phones Work?

Prepaid or Contract Phone Plans

Despite technology, phone calls are still the preferred way to communicate. It’s the fastest way to reach out to someone and, most importantly, get their attention. That’s the most scarce resource in a world full of digital distractions. If you don’t believe it, try sending an email or a chat message. See how long it will take to reply back. With a phone call, the person instantly knows you’re calling (unless it’s on plane mode). But if you send a …

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How Can I Reduce My Cable Bill?

How to Reduce Your Cable Bill

Are you overpaying for something you don’t even need? It’s not rare that this happens with cable TV. One thinks that you need to have the most complete television for better entertainment. And why have a single TV when you can have five? Also, don’t forget about Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube TV. Yeah, $200+ a month are conservative numbers these days. Hey, at least you get the value for your money, right? Five different TVs, eight movie services, high-speed Internet …

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Are Diamonds a Good Investment?

Are Diamonds a Good Investment

Everybody knows what a diamond is worth. Well, kind of. What ideas come to your mind when you look at a gem like this? Status? Luxury? Love? I haven’t met many people who own real diamonds. But everybody agrees they are worth a lot. Around $1,000-$2,000 for a fairly regular sized one. Now, would you ever buy one? Probably, if you have nothing better to do with your money. Which is not the case. It’s not like it’s essential for …

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