Certificate of Deposit: 3 Pros and Cons of Risk-Free Investing

Whether you invest or not, you probably keep some of your savings in a traditional bank account. This money loses value every year, either in form of inflation or opportunity cost. But what if there were a way to earn interest without adding risk? That’s the purpose of a certificate of deposit (CD). Keep reading to find out if it fits your financial strategy. How Certificates Of Deposit Earn You Money Simply explained, the certificate of deposit is an alternative …

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When Do Shocks to the Economy Occur? How To Respond To Next One?

What would it be like losing most of your savings overnight? Is it possible that the global economy controls your financial future? If so, what can you do when shocks to the economy occur? When Do Shocks to the Economy Occur? One day, without warning, any of the following may happen: The market is down over 20% with no signs of immediate recovery Your credit score drops because your bank unexpectedly lowered your credit limit The corporation you work for …

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How to Invest a Million Dollars of Income

How to invest a million dollars of Income? It should be an easy question. You already have enough money and freedom to live on your terms. It’s easier to make money when you have money. Or is it? Anyone who has $1 million of net worth may agree that this number is more of a curse than a blessing. While you may have all the money you need, you’re too busy protecting it. You may not have enough income streams, …

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How to Nullify an Easement?

Whether you’re buying or selling a house, easements affect the price of the property. Maybe not on the appraisal, but it limits the use of the land and its perceived value. That’s not the only con though: Easements contribute to your estate tax, whether you use them or not Yearly inspections are required on the servient property Your neighbor might misuse the easement (e.g., parking) All the public could be using your easement when only the neighbor is allowed to …

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How to Protect Your Investments: Buying a Put Option

Buying A Put Option

Should you care about buying a put option? Imagine you put $1000 on a stock. And after a few months, it doubles its price, so you get $2000 back. But things don’t usually go as planned. It can also drop by 50%, which means you lose $500. And for every dollar you lose investing, it takes twice the performance only to get back to zero. Given that all of us lose money sometimes, this problem can seriously affect your profits. …

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Things That Appreciate in Value

Things that Appreciate in Value

Wouldn’t it be great if your investments always made money? Imagine the financial confidence you would have. “No matter what happens to the economy, I’ll make profits.” Believe it or not, these things exist. Although there aren’t direct ways to do it. Otherwise, everyone would do it. So what’s the short answer? Yes. Almost any investment will increase in value over time as long as: If you want to make money in the short term, there are two ways: At …

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How Can I Avoid Paying Taxes on Retirement Income?

Taxes on Retirement Income

After working hard for years, you’re going to enjoy a lot of money one day. If you manage those savings the right way, you might retire early and never worry about finance ever again. You wouldn’t be the first one to find out that retirement isn’t as great as pictured, however. Oftentimes, there’s so much money going into taxes that one doesn’t have enough to live off of it. “Is this why I’ve been working all these years?” You don’t …

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Can You Lose Money in an Index Fund?

Can You Lose Money in an Index Fund

There’s one thing index funds do very well: minimizing risk. When you add a lot of stock variety, it’s easy to protect against bad trends. Unfortunately, that means you can neither earn much in the short term. It removes uncertainty and places the bets in the long run. You almost never hear of people who lost money after years of investing in index funds. You may even think it’s not possible to lose, no matter what you do. What we’ve …

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Gifts For People Who Have Everything

What Do You Gift To Someone Who Has It All

Holidays are around the corner. That means more time to spend with friends and family and have fun experiences together. It is a common tradition to make gifts for these people. Whether they need help or not, your effort shows them you care about them. Anything is better than nothing. Yet, we would like that our gifts actually help people. We want them to use it and think of us, not forget about it weeks later. Once you meet them …

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