Fake Online Data Entry Jobs

Increasing popularity of data entry jobs, filling out forms and typing jobs online is leading to more and more scams. If you are looking for this type of job do your homework first. When applying through email for a proof reader, be sure you don’t send an email with typos. You are looking for a data entry job, so the first step is to send out an email RIGHT. You are the Resume and your email is the qualification and first proof if you are capable to do the job. Don’t send out an email like “Yeah, I’d like to get more information” or “What’s the pay?”. First explain why you are the right person for this job and your interest in this topic. Don’t exaggerate too much, be specific. Also be prepared to receive request for a sample writing. This can either be proof reading, transcription job, grammar writing, etc. A good website for finding jobs like these is eLance.

Usual Requirements:

a) Working Computer
b) Word, Wordpad, Notepad
c) Internet

How To spot A Scam?

90% of data entry jobs are scams. The Scammed individuals are most of the time mommies who want to be at home with their children. There are legit jobs, more or less those are a rarity in such a big scam industry. If your work-giver from the company you are applying to requires you any fee it is most definitely a scam. You will NEVER have to pay a real contractor a fee. You are working for them, so why would you be paying them? In your normal 9-5 job are you paying your boss? Stop the conversation here and discontinue any further discussion. These contractors will tell you to :

a) Send $ for training
b) Send $ for software
c) Send $ for supplies or material

If they don’t ask you for a sample writing, resume or any other document, proof on which you could be judged “good” or “bad” for the job, and only require ANY sort of FEE for the application it is a SCAM! Period. Many websites can be so convincing you could fall for it quite easily, but this is the scammers intention and professionalism. To convince you of something real while in fact it is unreal, not existing. Usually the supposed fees are being used for a “special software” to perform the job. A legit business will provide you typing software for free and will in no case require any funds to be sent.

List Of Good Freelance Sites

You don’t have to be an expert to start working online. You just have to know where to look and avoid scam promotions with false promises. You can start by offering services like article writing, data entry or any other jobs that don’t require high technical skills like programming, coding and design. Remember to start small and cheap at first. Do your jobs at half the price an build reputation and trust with everyone you deal with. A returning client is easier to get, than getting a new client. If your clients are satisfied they will come back for more and recommend you to their friends.

  • Elance.com – so far the largest online marketplace for free lancers and service buyers
  • Aquent.com – offers marketing organizations a wide range of services including consulting, studio solutions, project management, and translation/localization.
  • Adveres.com – another cool marketplace for freelancers.
  • Bidradar – recently merged with governmentbids.com and published mostly government-owned jobs for freelancers.
  • CGI Lance – largest marketplace for CGI scripts.
  • CTITjobs.net – most projects are programming and web design and even technical support for IT-related problems.
  • Codelance.com – custom software development and webhosting for companies outsourcing offshore.
  • Coswap.com – offshore marketplace for web design jobs.
  • Design Quote – a reputable marketplace for graphic and design jobs.
  • Developreneurs.com – an online marketplace where buyers looking for web development services can receive bids from dozens of qualified service providers.
  • Ework.com delivers three outsourced value-added services— integration and implementation for eWork Enterprise 5, business process consulting to streamline contingent workforce business processes, and a comprehensive workforce staffing management service.
  • Freelance Auction – almost all services are offered here.
  • Freelance Auction Network – is designed to bring affordable high quality services to small business owners and provide freelance contractors from around the world a better way to market their services.
  • Freelance.com – a good place for independent professionals, freelancers, and service buyers.
  • Freelance Writers – the best site for non-fiction writers.
  • Freelancefree.com – the first and best free freelance website.
  • Freelancewriting.com – another great freelance site exclusively for writers.
  • Freelancewebprojects.com – all services offered and requires all freelancing talents.
  • Freelanceseek.com – available in 7 major European languages.
  • Freelancewebprogramming.com – another freelance site for webmasters and programmers.
  • Getafreelancer – this is my favorite freelance site so far. I am a member of this site and having some decent customers in SEO and writing.
  • Guru.com – Use Guru.com’s free service to search for and find freelancers. Post your project. Get free quotes within hours. Outsource your contract work today.
  • Hirecoders.com – not only a marketplace but also a general classified for job seekers and employers.
  • Ifreelance.com – huge freelance site for talented people.
  • Listbid.com – a very simple freelance site but has a bigger population.
  • No Agencies Please – is a free freelance site concentrating on programming and design.
  • NUJ Freelance Directory – the biggest freelance job board in UK.
  • OutsourceToday.net– is the online market place where buyers can post their projects. Businesses and consultants such as freelance programmers, copywriters etc will bid for the work you outsource and you can select the best one that matches your requirement.
  • Projectlance.com – one of the busiest freelance sites.
  • PHPfreelancers.com – freelance for php programming.
  • Programmingbid.com – dozens of programming jobs posted everyday.
  • Project4hire.com – marketplace for designers, programmers, offshore companies, and more.
  • Rentacoder.com – one of the biggest and reputable freelance sites.
  • Scriptlance.com – big freelance sites with thousands of service providers from India.

Amazons Mturk

Recently amazon has launched a new beta program called Mechanical Turk, where work from home seekers can find job from a reliable source. Take a look at mturk here.

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89 thoughts on “Fake Online Data Entry Jobs”

  1. We are looking for a data entry job in which we have to work for utmost 2 hours a day and can earn $50 per data entry form,where no registration fee is required,and can get money via western union etc

  2. You could try Sitepoint Forums and Digital Point Forums. You can write articles, or other data entry jobs. There is a lot to choose from, but be aware that if you provide quality, you will get paid better. Most are advertising their data entry services with cheap prices. What you get in return is also a sloppy written text.


    Browse around and I’m sure you will find something suitable for you. Competition is quite big though. But if you provide your customers with quality, you will in time stand out from the crowd.

  3. Geez.. glad to found some counter-information like this one you wrote, gotta admit that I was lured with this data entry scams.. Good job John!

  4. Hi,
    THis is a great article. what about websites such as paidstudentsurveys.com? Are they scams as well because they ask for a fee before giving you access to advertisers?


  5. I am not familiar with this exact website, but what you usually get with this type of websites is a list of websites which pay you to take surveys. This exact information could be obtained for free with a google search.

    Usually this type of websites give you a list which include valid sites and not so valid sites. You can make some extra cash taking surveys but you won’t make a living and it takes some time to build your reputation to the point that you get good paying cash surveys. You will hear lots of people tell you how they signed up for surveys and only were offered surveys that entered them in drawings. You have to take these surveys which are actually screeners. Once you make it through the screener if your demographics are what they want you will then be offered the study which will either get you a product test, money or both.

    Instead of paying you could look at this website, which is a parody to the popular surveyscout (they charge you $34.99 for similar information, here you will get it for free)


  6. Hi guys. My name is phanindra kumar. There a another fake data entry company. They will ask u pay 2000rs/- and tell us to reach targets in a month. If not they will not give back ur money and ur account will be deleted. http://www.365jobs4u.com. Pls guys dont get into this company. i paid and i reached targets then also they deleted my account. for proof, id no: 4903. Beware of this companies pals

  7. Hi,

    What about SmartDataEntry.com?

    Is it a scam? They say if it doesnt work they’ll give you a money back gurantee.
    Do they really do it?

  8. Hello krystle,

    I can’t make a judgment on this particular company, because I haven’t heard about it before. But from a quick look, I can see that they will probably give you a list of url’s for that money. If those companies work or not that is another story then.

    I would rather try one of the sources that I gave you above. They’re all free. Also, look at comment #7.

  9. I am Ruth from Kenya, after going through several sites I came through this site and I would like to know if it is genuine. They are asking for a fee of $57. Please assist me before I make a mistake.

  10. Hello Ruth,

    I can’t make a proper judgment without fully analyzing the website, but what you usually get with this types of websites is only a list of companies, then you have to be accepted by each, register with each, and usually with this type of jobs if you’re not a resident of US, you probably won’t get many offers and you’re unlikely to earn more than 100 per month, if you even earn that.

    Therefor I have placed alternatives on my page. You can read comment#7 for a FREE list. And if you reload this page you will also see an advertisement box pop-up which is similar to your website in question, the only difference is, that it is FREE also.

    So my advice would be to try these free alternatives.

  11. I’m not sure I understand your question… I publish these articles in my free time and they are free of cost.

    If you are questioning if I offer any services listed here, I do not. These are third party websites and I have no affiliation with them.

  12. Hi..could you advise geniune websites of data entry where I could get work. I need a long term data entry work. I have a BPO firm with 150 pcs. so, which websites of data entry that I can depend.

  13. Hi,

    thank for this website. we need websites like this to protect people from being dubbed. thank you.

    well, pls can some one tell me a good website(s) for online data entry sites?

  14. People, I gave you 20 + options above, if you’re too lazy to check them out, how do you expect to find work there?

    On another note, I have added a new resource called amazon mechanical turk. On first impression it looks like an awesome service. You’ll find plenty of tasks to be done there!

  15. Our company details are being used by a scammer located in the US (we believe in the Chicago area). He has advertised on craigslist.com for a job in our company for a data entry and record keeping position.
    Please note we are a reputable company and have no such position available, and have no connection with this person.
    The details have been reported to the relevant authorities. However, if you are a victim or have any further information we would like to hear from you. [email protected]
    Macprocess Ltd, Finland.

  16. Hi,
    I am Deepa Prabhu from India.I have been through a lot of these websites and frankly they are quite alluring.What i dont understand is why would anyone pay so much money to get the work done from somebody without any credentials or job experience when there are so many people out there with experience???
    Also could you tell me – superprofits.biz – this one particular site i am really interested in if it is a scam.Cause they are for a membership fee of $50 and apparently they will give $100 as a welcome gift just for joining.

  17. hey guys i come across this site http://www.easyhotjobs.net they are charging $40 for registering fee, please let me know is this a scam? they are paying for entering data in forms infect they claims too much …. i mail them just to make sure they said they are in business for many years and beside this they also have mention their address and telephone…. please let me know should i go for it?

  18. Hi my name is Joseph and I am from India. I am interested in doing OCR Work. If you can please find me a genuine Work. Thanks

  19. Dear friends,

    Nower days in india The field of INTERNET is at Boom.
    The Number of internet user is Growing rapidly day by day.Number of Unemployed
    Youth Start and spend there whole day in searching a suitable Job for them in

    I Have also spend my many days in Search of jobs before 2 Years
    Acording to my knowledge 80 To 90% WEBSITES are FAKE,Which will show you
    a Dream of Earning Thousands of Dollars.
    In Most of the Sites you will Find that YOU CAN EARN MONEY BY READING E-MAILS,
    ADVERTISEMENT,I Have Worked for many sites like This,But Believe me I HAVEN’T
    People{sites} like these will USE YOU AS THE STEPS FOR THEIR GROWTH.

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    you have to pay for that.Even in your own bussiness you have to invest for the
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  20. Hello Admin i am from Dubai i need any good data entry website but payout from western union or moneybookers because in dubai paypal not worked thanks i wait your reply

  21. hello! every1 is 123cashsurveys.com a scam? coz, they got this entry discount for $29.97. n got me think to join but not for now.. is this site legitimate and true?

  22. Hi ,
    Can u all sugest me a true Data Entry Site.
    Becouse most of them are fake.We cant judge that which is true and which is false?
    Why those sites are not providing their contact number.?
    All these make me confused so kindly suggest me.

  23. am Kingsley from Nigeria , a student please link me up to a genuine online job, am tired of fraudsters. without any investment.

  24. Hi, I am looking for a data entry/ online form filing job as a part income. Please advice me if there any and a legitimate one which pays. Thanks you

  25. I am a lawyer. i want to get access to the clients world wide, so that i could help them through advice on line can u help me

  26. In general, after survey for a longer time, it appears that there are no sites which provide offline data entry for .pdf to ms words data entry. Experts comments requested. Thanks

  27. It can be really tough deciphering the fake scam jobs from the legitimate ones and you have done a great job explaining how to do this. Although I am a writer and marketer, I see numerous legitimate data entry opportunities on Elance.com. Plus, these are real projects with proven buyers that have solid reputations of paying their contractors. If you are serious about making some money as a data entry professional, I strongly suggest that you check out Elance.com today. They even offer a free membership where you can bid on 10 data entry.administrative projects a month and won’t have to pay a dime – a sweet deal, in my opinion.

  28. i am a jobless graduate communications “public relations”.
    what kind of data is to be entered in the “online data entry jobs”?
    please inform me via above email address.

  29. I really want to know more details of this company as I have a employment offer from them – Mefco oil in Douglas Isle of Man UK

  30. If this is true than the family member(online data entry website Developer’s Relative) are the first earner from these websites.

    All these are fraud.Be a official man.Go to office.Dont take this kind of headache.Think if they pays you $20-50 per email! but why?just for surveys.???? they can break their product’s price instead paying.

  31. I am also lost $49.97, online data entry website demanded this amount pay for membership I need some data entry job so I trusted them so I payed. but now now mail, no job nothing. I am requesting to all all this website are fake and scam do not go into this..


  32. Friends, i have gone through all your stories is really pathetic for you people to phave gone through all this kind of problems i feel so sorry for you guys please accept my sympathy. meanwhile i will be glad and grateful if their is any one among you guys that can help me with a free data entry form site which dose not require any registration by paying or giving your credit card details.

    From. Nigeria, Please help!!!!!!

  33. Hi Dear admin,

    I am really glad you to say thanks about such information to our web work seekers. I am also plan to make a web site like this, with editing options in the website itself. For giving awareness to such kind of people who make money using internet jobs.

  34. u dicided to work on line tats grt but full of scame ,,, so beware of that ok… Never pay a registration fees at any cost.. Just keep on luking for a real website n may b u will b lucky.. One tips be very specific while typing ur search.

  35. Hi admin. Am Patrick Linus. Am looking for genuine data entry jobs online
    that will make me money but they are so many i cant tell the real ones from the fake ones. Can you please supply me with a list that i can work with . Am from Kenya .
    PS thanks for the awareness.

  36. hello sir would u pls tell me where i get the jobs related to graphic desining and data entry projects which i can do from home and earn money pls reply sir

  37. I recently answered an ad and responded online as it requested. They sent me a request to get a Yahoo IM account for an interview. I’ve just gotten off this interview with a C. Doty who is their Hiring Manager, and he has said I’m accepted, and that I will receive a check in the mail tomorrow to cover costs of a new laptop, scanner, printer, and fax that I must have to do the job (bought from specific stores, and then specific softwares loaded so they can calculate my hours worked).

    Any information on this company? Is this legitimate? They did not ask for money up front because I answered an ad, but their website http://www.online-dataentry.com/ does ask for a $49.97 for people trying to enlist through their website. I’m trying to see if there is something fishy about this company. Can you help?

  38. Hi, Can u suggest me some Data Entry Jobs available in Bangladesh, where I would have to work for 2-3 hours utmost, and get something around $150 or above a day..
    I’ll be really thankful to you…

  39. Dear All,

    This is for all those are sceptical abount the site called http://www.online-dataentry.com.
    Just go to this link and your will find reply to your doubts.

    Further, I would like to share one simple trick / step to find and check the authenticity of any so called ONE OF ITS KIND money making website. In any of the search engine (Google / Yahoo etc.) just type (without quotes) “about wwww.xyz-abc.com” and hit the GO button. Please note xyz-abc.com is an example. Replace the actual site name you want to investigage.

    Just watch the search results. In most of the cases you find some one already ate the bitter pill for you and sharing his / her bitter experience.

    If any one of you get a real MONEY MAKING site do let me also know. And so do I. As of date I am just trying it only using above mentioned method.


    Mahesh Deuskar – +919821511816.

  40. @admin sir can u kindly tell me whether ezeejobs.net is a genuine site or its fake.coz they require a registration fee of $65.so just wanna make sure whether its a good decision to join or not.

  41. Hi, I have been searching genuine data organization to join and earn money. It is a very interesting job because one has to do the job at home. In 2007 I remember applying for similar kind of job in US and paid $500 equivalent fees. Later I realized it was a scam group. As a result I lost $600+ and my local commercial bank closed my Visa Account. Can anyone help me to find the genuine company to join and enjoy the work and earn money from home?

  42. To me it seems that all work at home ads are scams,I apologize to all companies that hire freelancers if that is a mistake.please do not be scared to correct me,it is just my view.

  43. Online Captcha Entry Work Without Upfront

    Hi all,
    We are looking for some good and exp Team leader for 7OCR If anyone Can then contact me.Other leave it.
    rate- 0.60$ to 0.70$/k correct entries.U can do more than 5k/id/daily with its speed easily its 24/7 server.
    Only for serious teams.

    Send ur Online contact id like gtalk or ymsg etc.

    Contact-> [email protected]


  44. Ok this job emailed me. My boyfriend applied to it as well. The person is in another country but lives in ny and require us to pay his bills and send and pick up packages. He sent my boyfriend a check and told him to cash it into his bank account, take out his payment, and to send the rest to a company. Is this a fraud?

  45. Is this a fraud job?

    Hello, Thanks for your response. My name is stacy . I live in US but presently in London on a business trip and I need a part time personal assistant urgently to run my errands until I return back to the US by fourth week in December. I own an electronics and clothing store in London, United Kingdom. Here below is the job description. 1. You will run errands for three times a week and two hours each day. 2. You will do my business shopping. 3. You will receive my packages which will be shipped to the nearest UPS office to you. You will go to the UPS office and pick up the packages. The content of the packages are electronics, clothes, my business and personal letters. You will open the packages and confirm the contents for record purpose. 4. You will ship out some of the packages where I want them to be shipped to. (You don’t have to pay for the shipment. All expenses and taxes will be covered by me) 5. You will receive payments from my clients on my behalf which will be written payable to your name so you can cash them at your bank. The payments will be in either check or money order. The payments will be for the services you will be rendering and to do my business shopping. Job Requirement 1. You must have good communicatin skill. 2. You must be efficient, reliable, responsible and trustworthy. 3. You must be able to perform your tasks effectively 4. You should be able to work 3 times per week and 2 hours each day. Payment and Work Duration The Job will last for three months. I want to open another electronics and clothing store in the US when I return and If there is need to extend your services, an ammedment would be made to your wages and you will be notified accordingly. I will meet you in person by December when I return back to the US. I am willing to pay $300 per week. Your weekly payment will be deducted from the payments sent to you by my clients. I need the service of a personal assistant because I am always out of town for business trips. The lists and pictures of what to shop will be sent to you via email when am ready. No heavy packages are involved! The shopping will be done at any nearest stores to you. You will be shopping for Electronics and clothes. My personal UPS account number will be provided for shipping. I will provide clear set of instructions for each task to be done and funds to cover them. Kindly fill in the needed information below and have it emailed to so we can have your application processed and shortlisted applicants will be notified through email. Your Full Name : Your Full Address with apt # (Not P.O. Box) : City : State : Zip/Postal code : Your Cell phone number : Your Home phone number : Age : Present Occupation : Hope to hear from you soon. Kind Regards,

  46. sir/madam

    it pertains to a variety of data entry/conversion jobs and earn luring amount of bucks

    but i dont understand when the file format conversion softwares are available why the firms will go for the paid data conversion aspects. are the jobs authentic one??

    pse suggest



  47. there is NO COMPANY, IN THE WORLD who pays u. I have not seen any body who give u a cup of TEA FREE of COST. Never. ALL ARE FAKE, GOOGLE & OTHERS ARE FAKE. They ask u money, your money goes circulation to your downline like MLM CHAIN system. So please don’t invest your money. KEEP IN BANK or FIXED DEPOSIT, you will get it double in 5 years. As you will not get your INVESTED MONEY RETURN. They only says, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

  48. Once I get to a site asking me to pay in exchange for work even if it’s just $1, I’ll definitely not going to visit that site again.
    And yes, I am into freelancing sites.

    I would rather go into free business ideas rather than paying to get a job.

  49. Hello! I have been looking at 123cashsurveys at a way to make some extra money, they do ask for a fee but say you can get it back if your not satisfied! I have looked at everything to see if its a scam but so far have found nothing to say it is! I dont want to risk it if by chance it is! Can you help?

  50. in this world 99.99% data entry sites are fake. http://www.kcsnetwork.com this is one example,,,its better to work hard..there is no shortcut in life for earning money quickly. they all are fake. one thing from which you can earn on line money is to create your own website or blog. and its free of cost there are many free domains and web hosting site..and you can get free templates and many more things for free. and place ads on your website and you will get revenues from there. google adsense is one example from where you can earn money. it will take some time. so try this. and plz plz don’t trust these data entry site and data entry or typing job are fake they will charge you some amount as membership charge or security deposit and they will assure you that they will refund this amount after completion of work. and they will provide you typing job. they will provide you 100 scanned pages of some book and tell you that you will get Rs. 185-200 per page. and there will be T&C that you have to complete this work in 8 days. or the security deposit will not be refunded. it will take 2 to 2:30 hours to complete a single page what soever your typing speed is and 192 hours in eight days and it will take 200 hours now you can calculate. you can not complete this work in time. FREE..FREE…FREE…=FAKE..FAKE…FAKE… so save your time and money from these kind of stuffs..

  51. Hi,

    I have just received an email today from a company where I have submitted my application with as a customer data entry service. After a few weeks, they have sent me an Employment Offer and Final Acceptance and Confirmation Form, where they asked me to send back a scanned signed copy of it and so I did. On these forms, they have indicated the working hours I have to render in a week and the amount I will be getting as well as asking me how I want to receive the money. On the Agreement form, they have also indicated that I am a part-time employee home based(distance)and my position and so on..The papers have stamps/seals on it and hand written signatures. I was told that I will be getting the real documents via courier which I am required to sign once I get it and send it back to them with my signature (Scanned Copy). So far they have not asked for any kind of payment. The only thing is that, there are some typo’s in the documents sent. I don’t know if this is legitimate or not. Please advise. Cheers!

  52. A company called momenta in nairobi, kenya.There is a guy who goes by the name ‘ignatius’..they had advertised a vacancy for a ‘data entry job’, we were all trained but it was fake since we dint get the job..after filling all the forms please help! concerned citizen in kenya

  53. please administrator help me out of this dilemma. Is this a scum job.

    is there any world data centre in nairobi which make confirmation for any one selected by NGOs sponsored by world Bank with specific reference to international aid for africa? This is because a company with the Director name as Director Barrack claims to be located at dove complex in velley road- Nairobi ( world data centre). They are requesting me to send $50 dollars through western union as a commitment fees for the processing of my selection as a humanitarian officer for a selected NGO sponsored by world bank with their clearing officer DAN KIRANGA MAINA.


  54. I had success using writingscore.com for a college essay I needed to hand in last minute. I actually got an A- lol so I can’t complain. What are some other good writing services you guys have success with?

  55. My dilemma is the same as for Justice. I have ben offered prospects of a rewarding employment in an International NGO in South Africa. However, I have been told to send my detailed CV to the World data centre based in Nairobi for scrutiny of the schools I went
    to. They have also told me to send a commitment fee of USD 50 to a Mr Kiranga. Dan Maina of World Data Centre in Nairobi. They have further told me that this is the Centre used by International NGOs to scan African applicants. They sound to be real but I am suspicioud of their demand for a commitmdnt and processing fee. Please help me, are these things real or this is a trap of the scammer? Thank you.


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