False Drugs and Medications – Deceptive Medicine

Money loss aside, the real tragedy of these frauds can not be measured in euros or dollars. These schemes impact many people who are seriously ill, sometimes on the very edge of despair when they run into these deceptive medications generating false hope. Rather than receiving proper medical treatment on time, a lot of it was wasted on false drugs and medications. Soon after realization that the drugs purchased simply do not have any effect, ill people may even lose their last hopes of recovery. These frauds are one of the extreme type. Its practitioners are scamming people when they are the weakest with zero thought on the impact this unethical and unmoral act brings. Only the very selfish individuals of them all could commit such a stupid crime against humanity. With a short time profit as the only thing in their minds, some do not even realize what the cost is for their little gain. However, you earn what you seed and what has gone around will bounce back sooner or later.

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Thousands are victims of such claims every year. A healthy human sense and a little bit of investigating should help you to avoid jeopardizing your health or wasting money on medications with no or only negative effect, which in some cases may lead beyond treatable stages. Many of these bogus medical claims can be easy to spot, but some can be recognized only with a closer inspection. Signs which can aid you to the point of recognition may be:

  • Rather foolish claims that one single drug can heal most if not all diseases known
  • Guarantees of quick, painless and cheap recovery for illnesses otherwise not or hardly treatable
  • A “secret ancient” formula only available from their shop or supplier
  • Fake testimonials written by the scammers. If possible try to contact people who left a testimony by email or phone to see if its real or not
  • Medications only available for a short period of time
  • Medical breakthroughs which have been just recently discovered or held back in top secret

Also be cautions with alternative healers and their special prescriptions. A real healer will not SPAM by email to get customers or use high marketing and advertising to catch your attention. His results will speak for himself and so his reputation will get higher from mouth to mouth. A real healer also may do the healing job for free or only accept donations in most cases rather than a fixed price. He/She will usually live in distant natural place rather than in a polluted city. However in rare cases if a person with real developed healing powers lives in a city he may charge you a higher price due to the expenses of living in a first world country. Alternative medicine requires full co-operation between patient and healer.

When you’re getting older chances to catch a disease are growing due to overall unhealthy living style in your life. So it’s no wonder statistics show that the highest percentage of victims are older people. Before you purchase certain medicines or decide in taking a treatment, investigate properly. If you are unable to do it on your own, ask a friend. Here are some of the largest areas in medical fraud:

Arthritis Remedies – Millions suffer from arthritis. As a high volume illness, false arthritis medications became products of the scammers. Arthritis Foundation estimates that for every dollar spent on arthritis research, twenty five is spent on quack cures. Please visit the mentioned web site for more information.

Cancer Cures – Cancer is an illness with a wide range of varieties, which all require a different form of treatment in normal medicine. There is no special potion or drug which could heal all of them, despite the scammers claiming so.

Diet and Weight Loss Products – Today, timing is everything in a competitive and capital oriented society. As we are spinning faster and faster spending most of our time at the job, we rarely find any time to take proper steps to our health. The scam industry of course noticed this and took advantage with selling megavitamins that promise a perfect body in days or bogus devices which should replace real exercise. However real physical exercises or sports is needed every day if you don’t get any at your job.

Fountain of Youth – In our modern society where our attention is focused on youth it is relatively easy to find the proper means of scamming an unaware consumer. These drugs make a promise to stop or reverse the ageing process or give hair to the bald person.

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