FBI Fraud – FBI Scam

It seems that everywhere we look today there are scams taking place. Anywhere that personal information can be sought or where money can be found there are scams taking place. This even reaches out to our law enforcement, and this could not be any more evident than when you see the different FBI scams that are out there. Yes, scammers are even pretending to be the FBI! Imagine having the nerve to scam someone under the guise of being from the FBI. People fall for such scams all the time.

Watch Out for FBI Fraud

There are some very common FBI scams out there and most of them take place through email. One email that has been going around for quite some time is said to be from the FBI Director, Robert Mueller. In the email the direction of the FBI tells you that you have won the lottery and that they need your personal information to verify your identity and get you the money that you have won. Of course, when people fall for this they usually click on a link that has been embedded in the email and takes them to a site that looks official where they literally hand over all of their personal information to an identity thief. Of course, you will not see large funds deposited in your account as promised, in fact you will see large funds taken out of your account and even new credit accounts in your name!

Another scam is much the same and it involves the consumer receiving an email from Robert Mueller or another FBI official. In this email they will tell you that you have received an unclaimed inheritance and they have been trying to track you down to ensure that you get the money that was left to you. They will ask you to please click on a link and fill out a verification form. On this verification form you will fill out all of your personal information, information that will not lead to you receiving an inheritance, but instead having your identity taken.

There are many similar scams to this, all of which come in email format, telling you that the FBI has been trying to contact you. In most cases you will be told that they have money or property that is owed to you and that they just need to verify who you are. What you need to know is that none of this is true. This is a scam and there is no way that the email can be true, there is no way around it. As much as you might like to win the lottery or have an inheritance given to you, the FBI is not going to contact you via email to tell you about this. Never, ever believe that an email you receive is from any law enforcement official, as this is just not how people associated with the law conduct official business.

How do you know this? Because the FBI never sends email to people that they need to be in communication with. In fact, they always call someone or have a face to face meeting with them so that they can verify for themselves that you are the right person. If the FBI does contact you, you should be aware that they will not ask personal information questions, they are the FBI, they would already have this information! Remember that even if you get a call that says it is the FBI that you should never share any of your personal information. If you are not sure whether or not you are being scammed, you should contact the FBI independent of the information you are given in the email to see if there is any reason that they would be contacting you. Don’t be fooled by official looking emails, letter heads, or people who sound like they know what they are talking about. Scammers are good at looking and sounding like they are who they say they are, but that doesn’t mean you should believe them. Do your due diligence and ensure that you are truly talking to the FBI and not a scammer.

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