FBI Fraud – FBI Scam

It seems that everywhere we look today there are scams taking place. Anywhere that personal information can be sought or where money can be found there are scams taking place. This even reaches out to our law enforcement, and this could not be any more evident than when you see the different FBI scams that are out there. Yes, scammers are even pretending to be the FBI! Imagine having the nerve to scam someone under the guise of being from the FBI. People fall for such scams all the time.

Watch Out for FBI Fraud

There are some very common FBI scams out there and most of them take place through email. One email that has been going around for quite some time is said to be from the FBI Director, Robert Mueller. In the email the direction of the FBI tells you that you have won the lottery and that they need your personal information to verify your identity and get you the money that you have won. Of course, when people fall for this they usually click on a link that has been embedded in the email and takes them to a site that looks official where they literally hand over all of their personal information to an identity thief. Of course, you will not see large funds deposited in your account as promised, in fact you will see large funds taken out of your account and even new credit accounts in your name!

Another scam is much the same and it involves the consumer receiving an email from Robert Mueller or another FBI official. In this email they will tell you that you have received an unclaimed inheritance and they have been trying to track you down to ensure that you get the money that was left to you. They will ask you to please click on a link and fill out a verification form. On this verification form you will fill out all of your personal information, information that will not lead to you receiving an inheritance, but instead having your identity taken.

There are many similar scams to this, all of which come in email format, telling you that the FBI has been trying to contact you. In most cases you will be told that they have money or property that is owed to you and that they just need to verify who you are. What you need to know is that none of this is true. This is a scam and there is no way that the email can be true, there is no way around it. As much as you might like to win the lottery or have an inheritance given to you, the FBI is not going to contact you via email to tell you about this. Never, ever believe that an email you receive is from any law enforcement official, as this is just not how people associated with the law conduct official business.

How do you know this? Because the FBI never sends email to people that they need to be in communication with. In fact, they always call someone or have a face to face meeting with them so that they can verify for themselves that you are the right person. If the FBI does contact you, you should be aware that they will not ask personal information questions, they are the FBI, they would already have this information! Remember that even if you get a call that says it is the FBI that you should never share any of your personal information. If you are not sure whether or not you are being scammed, you should contact the FBI independent of the information you are given in the email to see if there is any reason that they would be contacting you. Don’t be fooled by official looking emails, letter heads, or people who sound like they know what they are talking about. Scammers are good at looking and sounding like they are who they say they are, but that doesn’t mean you should believe them. Do your due diligence and ensure that you are truly talking to the FBI and not a scammer.

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429 thoughts on “FBI Fraud – FBI Scam”

  1. thankyou for a site that helped me understand the unitelligednce that scamers try to use to bait you. god bless the help adn the FBI. thanks again sincerly Brooke De Mar

  2. I came under attack by two people online and so did other people we think or it maybe just one but they been pretending to be other people they will go on different screen names but it’s like a person’s then they say hateful and false things so they can get people to lash out at complete strangers online while pretending to be the person ! Greentea143 and Docredisback they think there is no laws for trying to steal an identity. But there is and these two try their best to pretend to be others online and they did admit oneday they got some info on me and say my name etc……..What can I do?????????????????????????????

  3. And this has helped but at the same time they did threten to call the fbi/police on us for telling them to stop and telling them that stalking online is even against the law and everytime I went into a chat this greentea143 follows me more & more so for now I stay out of them and says stuff on different screenames pretending to be different people it is kinda suspicious to me.

  4. But they tend to go on other screen names & pretend to be people they see in chats so can they be in trouble for that?

  5. kindly find the real.

    someone sent me email said my email won 850,000 GPB.

    and i got another email from the FBI UK Internet Fraud Watch.

    Please let me send you the FBI mail


  6. Docredisback why is coming online attacking ppl of race or color? Even though he’s same race as me I still come under attack over that and being a different hair color to him I am dumb & plain mean and in his space online when i’m not.

  7. Theres been people cyber stalker and bullied by a 50 year old man on aol goes by the e-mail bill usa2000 he makes racist remarks goes on different screenames to stalk ppl around…….And he bullies ppl no matter how old they are online & he’s an adult mostly is women that he bullys around.

  8. p.s. people’s threatend to report me and this bill is threating people now online telling them I dare you and cussing & ranting…….

  9. does anyone have any information on docredisback like who he is where he lives — I was able to track him to ebay — the ebay name is doccredd i think it is him not sure -the red neck crap for sale would be fitting of this person also be aware of two others pizzahutmeplease and illfartonyou614 on aol

  10. No he says he’s from ohio but cyber bullies alot of ppl on aol esp. women. He’s adult because on ebay you must be 18 or older to have a ebay site. But this guy is a whack o & should have his sites pulled.

  11. He pretty much cyber bullies whoever he wants when he feels up to it online and does not relize he’s hurting ppl I guess………..

  12. Aol is just no longer safe anymore I fear sometimes for my saftey ppl pretending to be ppl they seen online threating etc and they get warned that’s it……..It’s like a broken record w/ these adults you tell them no or stop they lash out not caring. Yeah he sells redneck/car stuff…… like toys I think etc.. just looked it up……

  13. I just hope ppl can look into him see whats wrong w/ this guy & put a stop into his madness before anymore ppl go off on him online.

  14. Sad part is ppl befriend him even though he says your hubbys cheating on you or your ugly just bullies them I don’t fall for that stuff and know bullying and harassment but they don’t. He’s been reported about a dozen times for remarks he has made to ppl in the past.

  15. As an adult you think they would cut that crap out yes I get mad sometimes but I don’t go bullying/harassement on ppl…….That’s childlike…….And this guy has quit last few days but it will take time before he does it again maybe.

  16. But he goes under # of names to stalk/bully ppl including me for 3 months it stopped so I dunno he maybe trying to steal ppl’s indenity or anything……… But he knew I would not put up w/ the bullcrap he stopped I was the wrong person to start that stuff online so he’ll move to more ppl this time prob. ppl who can’t defend themself.

  17. NetPotato people are giving a warning on this guy he comes into chats and picks ppl to bully………..He has aol………….

  18. p.s. ppl say he’s a nut job votes for his own comments when most ppl leaves no comments and ets offline or doing something else they check the board once again and somehow there’s 3 4 and 5 sometimes so he votes his own comments he’s a real nut so be careful

  19. youtube.com liljonrules5657 i’m from ohio, and it isn’t anything to brag about, but west virginia is a shithole that should be nuked and removed from the map. it is by far the worst state in the country, and being proud of being from there is like being proud about living in a sewer

    making terror threat on wv on youtube

  20. Even if he’s talking smack or finding it funny I don’t find it funny but serious when ppl say something a terriost would say….

  21. False Victimization Syndrome

    In these very frustrating cases, the stalker may believe that he is the victim. Sometimes he even reports his victim to the police as having stalked him.

    In these cases, the true stalker is usually the one who initiated contact, although this is not always so. In all cases, the stalker holds the victim in very high regard and will consciously or unconsciously imitate his victim’s style, speech, dress, and habits. Some stalkers go so far as to buy a house with the same floor plan, trade in a car for a model like the victim’s, or even make a career change to the victim’s chosen profession. The stalker will rationalize his behavior by saying, “I can do it better”. In reality, this kind of stalker suffers from a severe lack of self esteem. He feels very inferior to the victim whom he admires greatly, although he will rarely admit this to be true. These stalkers, believing themselves to be inferior to, or wronged or rejected by the ones they admire most, begin harassing and following the victims, spreading tales, keeping tabs, and in many instances plotting revenge. Very frequently these are same-sex stalkers.

    In false victimization syndrome, the stalker is extremely manipulative. Very frequently he convinces himself and others that the victim is the one at fault, when in truth the victim frequently would have had no contact with or knowledge of the stalker if the stalker had not begun a campaign against him. Often the victim is reported to the authorities for defending himself from the stalker. You may hear from this stalker things like, “You are your own stalker” or, “You only know one side of the story.” Frequently delusional and always irrational, when presented with the facts, this stalker will rationalize and manipulate everything he can and ignore even a direct question, in order to preserve his fantasy of being the victim. He will initiate conflicts and then twist them in his favor in an attempt to gain positive attention for himself. He wants, in a nutshell, to be like his victim and when he feels that he does not measure up, his motive is to bring his victim down. Sometimes this means merely trying to ruin his victim’s reputation by spreading lies and rumors. Other times, this means murder.

    He is like that most of the time online w/ ppl……. Some women think he’s joking and befriended this guy knowinghe’s a stalker some do I believe not bright their really calling for danger


  23. v3y6we has been harrseing me online just earlier today & I believe it’s Docredisback you can e-mail me at blondey56342@aol for more info.

  24. He startted in one me when I was in a chat talking…….. Then I told him goodjob u been reported for cyber stalking/harssement…….. And he claims he’s not….But I can’t even scare this nut great………. I wish he could be stopped but I can create something to get info on him…

  25. But when i’m on a board now somehow he’s on there next…….. creepy….. but anyway this guys gotta be stopped before he does something crazy to someone he is physco.

  26. Docredisback#@aol.com age 30-40 male colombus ohio white so far I got this info & he maybe mental he stalks/bullies/harsses people online but most ppl jump on him for the stuff he says cause it’s not normal…… he plays victim but few ppl are to (stupid) to think he is even they know how he is. But next will be doing this to kids? This mental case has gotta stop or ppl’s life will be runied by this guy I don’t care how mental you are i’m sure you can stop yourself and not say stuff out of blue every 5 mins.

  27. Homebrew80

    08:57 AMAug 01 2009

    Black Panthers and KKK, now there are two groups that recruit total idiots. Thats why Im a Nazi

    Even if this is a bunch of crap or not I don’t think he should be going online posting this.

  28. Harleydakotadog Online harssement harsseing other aol users online their sick of his crap & been going off on him he still harsses them.

  29. Harleydakotadog

    09:25 AMMay 29 2009

    So does she do everything doggie style?

    He meant a 5 year old online in a story they wrote ! This guy is sick and not only a bully who harsses but a preadtor !

  30. Guy made threats about dick cheney online/aol


    06:18 PMAug 05 2009

    Now that he is free, maybe she will kill Dick Cheney. She obviously can do the time.

  31. EasyMailPlus

    07:12 PMAug 05 2009

    Good…Let her out and maybe she will succeed next time while killing OBAMA…..Someone PLEEEEEZE assisnate his azz!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. sordidguy is coming on e-mail accounts on aol writting sexual comments, bullying, and harssement statements to ppl on boards aol has done nothing about him he must be stopped……

  33. I told sordidguy to back off after ignoreing him for a while now he’s harsseing me more & making threats this guys crazy !

  34. Blondey56343

    Harleydakotacat This guy is pretending to be me and other ppl online he sees plez look into it thanks he has aol by the way he sounds like he’s a bit on the loose few bolts loose anyway he just started to pretend to be ppl online he sees in chats and harsses them………..

  35. Someone is making false statements on online sites like aol under my name & everything please look into it they have a name like mine only a lil different ! blondey56322 iden. theft./false statements on sites !

  36. He said he is this harley person a.k.a. Grembros online… He’s mad because we caught him making false statements & saying stuff about children only a preadtor would say on this aol site………Now he’s making life threats.After we told everyone to contact the police on him this guy is a nut job ! Please look into it & thanks

  37. Grembros: Listen you stupid Bimbo, I’ m a Vietnam Vet. Do you actually think anything you say or do is going to scare me. The Gov’t taught me how to elimanate idiots like you, so get off of your assinine scare tactics, because they do not work on me, and especially dumb people like youself.

  38. Cop posting this in chatroom :

    He was talking about underage girls


    03:48 PMSep 13 2009

    whats the big deal ,dont we all enjoy a little young stuff sometimes. Ive arrested prostitues that age ,and they definitely know how to use it .Might as well get it before they get old bitchy and demanding

  39. groomer 5 on the net groomer5@aol.com please look into this ! I don’t know if this person is sick or a child preadtor but he/she jokes about preadtors & calls everyone one & makes re-marks about people’s kids online . For an adult this is not so normal though !!!!!!

  40. Readurghts delusional & psychotic making threats online & trying to start fights etc………Bullying/Trolling……………. This guy is a whack-job and needs to stop threating people online !

  41. 90 % of the time when I am typing up messages on a post woman AmusedVixen screenname: comes on the post & harsses me & other users……. Is she stalking me??? It’s kinda creepy & I think she is sometimes I warned her & typed stalker a few times…….. I don’t know what else to think or do……..But this has been going on for months she is mental. But I wanna know is she stalking me? Or anyone else?

  42. Blondey56343 This person is pretending to be me on websites & posts. I dunno if they are pretending to be me on other sites but can you please look into it e-mail blondey56342@aol.com I don’t want my iden stolen from this creep. thanks.

  43. DemonicCheburek

    11:57 PMSep 27 2009

    Well spoken my fellow KKK brotha Scooby8912 😀

    guy online had posted he was in the kkk I do not know how true this is but he should not post this period to try to put fear into people on posts.

  44. Also the person who’s pretending to be me is putting sexual pharses on stuff sites/chats it’s not me… I know better & am not nasty & crazy and am not no hooker as they post.

  45. He also was threating to make up fale info on people & send it to you guys so just wanted to post that up & let you know because I know it’s the law and he threatend to send like 600 some comments in which would take you months but he had posted false info up & said he was gonna send that in. And as we posted it is the law to send in false info don’t waste the fbi’s time.

  46. This man told us everyone has the right to speak true but then he calls us names starts harsseing when we tell preadtors they’ll be reported I have a feeling he maybe one because he got all mad at people on a site for telling these people to stop and they’ll be reported then he goes threating/harsseing people Msteven229 can you look into this guy? If so thanks. People like him worry me

  47. People believed to be child predators has been going on aol posts alot making sexual remarks about teens/kids. backipresto , softhart69 Msteven229

  48. They maybe the same person trolling. I don’t know but they think it’s a game & fun to post sick comments about kids & stand up for other preadtors . They are sick.

  49. Many people went off on them but they were posting and do for hours about kids. Adults should not be saying the stuff they do.

  50. sordidguy this guy will not stop following females on posts/blogs and stalking & using harassment . Most of the time when i’m on blogs he’ll post cunt and right out lies. He’s freaking me out.

  51. Grizbonton@aol.com this guy who will not stop threating/bullying people through posts & e-mails on aol. He called me all kinds of names & threating calls me crazy. But I told him to stop that’s it. The only crazy person I see is him. This guy is the one sending e-mails left & right to people trying to scare them. He won’t stop when asked he’s been reported to aol & keeps doing it. I do believe he is an adult. He needs to know he can’t do whatever he wants & on sites your knowen people can see you. But I am sick of him sending looney tune messages. He is creepy he’s what I call an online troll. But this person has major issues. He has to be delusional & psychotic .

  52. I don’t know how many times I gotta say stop in different ways to this guy. He won’t. I guess in his world he thinks he won’t get caught.

  53. sordidguy Threating to get cops fired etc… Stalking & harrsement on aol site. I asked him to stop a dozen times different ways as well. And he trolls under different accounts. I think this guy might be mental. But he has to stop this non-sense of making threats etc and Stalking.

  54. He also follows some users around on sites & harrses I seen. So he is a bit creepy. And me I just will listen to music & e-mail to keep guys from him following me around anymore.

  55. Trisha Says:
    October 7th, 2009 at 8:42 pm
    uncle kenny says to tell you not to address me again. he’ll be in contact. no need to address me again.

    Woman threating to sue people on the net over false info she made up can we report this to you guys or who should we report it to? Excuse me but she’s acting like a brat by black mailing & threating to sue people over stuff she can’t sue over it’s like black mail and is it? She’s on which site has the most stuppidest comments. Most stuff is out there & made up by crazy people. But please check into it I don’t wanna her making threats online. Esp. if it’s false info. Or over calling her a brat & telling her to stop trolling on the site. BUt we have to put her in her place and she keeps threating to press suits on sites. Oh well.

  56. Which Site Has The Stupidest Commenters On The Web?”
    over 1,000 some comments etc by chris bucholz But she needs to stop runing sites and we won’t put her in her place. These threats gotta stop. She can’t threatn people over bullcrap or false info on sites.

  57. There is no threats as she said I think some meant to type about how people are on there and she misjudged & blew up & blew up on people and made little threats. She thinks because her uncle is a lwayer there both above the law.

  58. her209

    Posts: 42131
    Joined: 10/11/2000

    I feel bad for billgates@microsoft.com because I’ve been using that e-mail addy to sign up for junk for years!


    This guy admited to using other people’s accounts. He is pretending to be real people he’s not like billgates.

  59. Billusa2000 this man is trolling online & harrsement online. Earlier tonight he was ranting at blondey (me) & other users . We believe he maybe one who pretends to be real-life people online he’s not. But he’s gotta stop harassing us online. This man is like supposley 50 & he pretty much thinks he can do whatever there are kids/teens on posts at times and he don’t relize when he’s sending e-mails or messages on posts that he’s sending it to underage people to he could be harassing them. I will not say anymore but at times I had gone off. I will ignore him but I am 23 I don’t need some older man who’s my dad’s age harassing me or anybody else in that matter please look into it thanks.

    e-mail Billusa2000@aol.com

  60. This bill sometimes will rant & say people stalk him. When infact alot of times were on something he goes on there alot of times and blames some lie on people. Or make racist comments. etc. If there’s anything that can be done & to stop him please I would like it this guy looks like he’s mentally sick. Now I will not go off on him anymore after some postings because I relize oh my goodness. Nevermind he’s crazy. But I don’t know & don’t want him stalking or doing this to to many people. It may go way to far & out of hand oneday with this guy. thanks.

  61. I’m not gonna say anything but I don’t know. I do think somehow he pretends to be other people for some reason he’s not. It’s just odd and so is he.

  62. One last thing this man but what he types on a few posts to people looks to me like he’s delusional & psychotic . Or just one of those.He’s been reported aol says to everyone report it to someone else. So we are & got to I guess. They only do so much wiuth people like him.

  63. with* sorry. And yes few times I called him out i’m not sick I just can’t stand people like him he cyberstalk/bully people online. But if I see him I no longer will speak i’ll just shut up and block & report it.

  64. I don’t know why there is alot of nut jobs on this site who says stuff to people they don’t know. AOL is just not strict enough.

  65. Grembros Following aol users e-mailing threats like threating to file false charges this guy is a nutcase I don’t know who he is I sat him in his place a few times. In his mind he thinks people’s stalking him. I think he’s stalking people trying to make there life heck. He has a few accounts I do believe. He is physco. I know for sure by his comments/e-mails he sends out.

  66. He’s been reported by many users. He still does this crap to get attention it’s annoying but he’s gonna cost his freedom if he makes false charges on people.

  67. This woman sends me e-mails. I warned her to leave me alone in different ways. Now she’s threating me saying the police are looking for you. I never threatend her I told her what can happen. She just said bascially she filed false charges she’s been stalking me for months on the web with non-sense. Grizbonton@aol.com you can read what I wrote & her. Never made threats to her. I just told her if I have to i’ll contact law enforcement on her for sending me stuff and following me on sites. She spreads lies. I know you got other cases. She needs to know making up stuff & sending e-mails is a form of harassment. The law won’t do anything or aol. She thinks she can do this to net users and then make up false charges on them.

  68. My mom even knows how this woman is as well as a few other users on the net. People like her maybe mental & don’t care. I can say though if she files false charges on me & other users we may take it to court. I blocked this woman my mom told me best way is to block her her mail still goes through my spam though. he or she I don’t know since they lie it’s hard to tell. I can say though just because we told this person what can happen & sit them in there place they threaten us online . Nah uh that’s not right. This person does not scare me I won’t it to stop. As adults act like it. I just don’t like the fact she follows me around on the web. It’s creepy.

  69. Here’s my point of why this person makes people set them in there place: Grizbonton

    12:01 PMSep 23 2009

    Sorry Softhart69, look at those names Nathan Dickson, Jilliam, Taylor, Maritza–not a black name in the bunch–

    They make lies up & false statements/Smart mouth somewhat of racist comments on sites. I had to deal with one stalker I don’t need another online.

  70. ChulaBula2 Person saying threating stuff quote: I know who you are bitch & He’ll do stuff etc. Supposley we said something to his friend now he’s threating people’s life online.

  71. False Victimization Syndrome

    I think this Grizbonton has that ! No doubt in my mind this person does. But she is having people send out e-mails tonight & let them threat people. Does these adults not know there is kids they could be making threats to online? Come On.

  72. Grizbonton

    08:13 PMOct 14 2009

    Blondey–the DRUG ENFORCEMENT TASK TEAM is coming to your house to look for amphetamines–this is no joke!! They found out about you through your IP address, and your constant reptition of silly emailing. Better get your stash out of your house immediately!!!

    I don’t have drugs & my house is not a drug place & this woman is making threats in e-mails to me as well ! This is a false report she has made or is gonna make. My family owns there own businesses etc. Most are in law enforcement. military, truck drivers even they can’t do drugs they get tested.

  73. You can look into my family & find a number of good/bussiness people. This woman just trolls on account after account thinking it’s all fun & games to send false info out to the police.

  74. This woman I told her a few times to stop sending me & others out harassment messages. She won’t so I guess she is not smart enough and will cost her/his freedom this person claims to be a woman I don’t know about that if they troll on the internet it’s hard to tell.

  75. She maybe another scam not for sure. She follows people on stuff and sends e-mails making little threats. She maybe crazy or a scam it is odd to me. I gave no info to this Grizbonton@aol.com they are not a real bright person either.

  76. She says oh police or the fbi is looking for you ! In reality I don’t think they are looking for me & any other people. She keeps lying so no one believes her and we gave warnings out for no one to open e-mails that she sends & report them ! Let’s just hope nextime she does not try to pretend to be a cop ha.

  77. I somehow think this supposed woman is pretending to be me on sites since she stalks me on a # of posts via e-mail talking non-sense everything has pretty much added up sfter the fact I though oh thankgod she’s offline weeks later she’s back on using harassment on me & users esp via e-mals. Grizbonton@aol.com

  78. She goes under a # of accounts i’m sure which is telling us this user has mental illness & does not care when you tell her to back off & she’s breaking laws as well she just still rants out crazy stuff.

  79. Some sick o that had followed me online a few times is sending some pretty sick e-mails & sometimes about kids and other people’s areas. This person sounds like a child predator & pervert. And seems to think they can’t get caught even sending perverted e-mails to people. I guess this person has no life either. I don’t know who he is. He goes by the e-mail :RoleAwayTheStone

    From: RoleAwayTheStone

    Your twat hole wet and ready for hard meat?

    BTW, is your pussy shaved or hairy?

  80. RoleAwayTheStone

    She’s a young woman, as such, she needs to be laid by a multiple men. Surprised she stayed with one so long, course she put out continuously to anyone who wanted some while married. Now she is freed from the minor guilt she felt while having a different man in her daily. Gonna be a never ending party in her pants now.

    Aol Message left on board I done some re-search on this person & They e-mail & leave messages with something always a bit perverted ! People like him should not be allowed to have a computer

  81. griz just loves the fact of using stalking & harsement on sites. These people must think they can’t be tracked. They can also suffer from mental illness & Don’t live in the world we do. They live in a weird & fantasy world.

  82. So if you are looking for them you know where to look now…. I can’t stand people like that myself who have the nerve to act the way they do it’s sad some adults can’t act adult online but more like teens/kids .

  83. Okay they like ca or something like just lied on sites like about everything else. I looked up there ip.

    Search Results For Grizbonton@aol.com

    Company: American Online (AOL)
    IP Address:
    Location: Dulles, VA

  84. Navin Johnson Says:
    October 17th, 2009 at 4:21 am
    I was born and raised a poor black child.

    Okay………… Sorry but that’s not funny…..

  85. One day at the gas station the cans of motor oil beagn springing leaks. Can after can when I realized there was a man SHOOTING! HE WAS MAD AT THE CANS!!!!! I ran frantically and removed all of the cans from his sight and the shooting stopped! That was quick thinking on my part. Having had enough of the oil industry I packed up my belongings and my dog Sh*thead and joined a carnival where I met my girlfriend Patti.

  86. Like griz a user on aol I want to point out users like her. Those types of users have abused free speech and thought, using it for stalking, labeling, bullying, framing, harassment and threats. Not very bright people sorry. Do they know they can be tracked online through e-mail? Some just do not care or seem not to think & Think well I won’t get caught. Anyway I can’t stand people like that type of person or scammers. All of it is harassment. Hope you get some & Put them away for a long time !!!!!!!!!!!!! People need to know/hear there are laws they can’t do this type of thing. If they don’t know they will now I guess when people report them.

  87. suicidebypolice’s Channel/tyoutube harassment/bullying on most users ! This site most ages that use it are kids some adults do use it ! Everytime I look onto his thing he gets alot of hate e-mails & One he wrote back to someone was very racial and harassment I think using the N word . He is a flamer as they call him in terms I call him a flamer and troll. This guy has a pic can’t see it very well ! If I had to guess looks like an adult . He bascially likes the bad attention he gets & He sends back harassment/bullying messages. Please look into this . Thank You !

  88. You Tube can delete accounts then these people make new one’s the next day or even within a few days. This man is a little bit out of hand as well as going way far with stuff and out of line.

  89. ChampionbjjReborn youtube well this guy is using harassment on people as well it’s a bit worse hen the other. He looks at a rapist as his hero. And this person has a youtube? Sick.

  90. Patti, while showing me the ropes so to speak was very demanding. Everything had to be her way EXACTLY how and when she wanted it. I began to tire of Patti’s ways when one day…while running the miniature train at the carnival I met the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was so special and loving that I fell madly in love with her. I invited her to my trailer for a drink of lemonade when who should walk in but PATTI!

  91. The first thing Patti did in typical fashion was to punch me right in the stomach taking my wind away. The next thing that hapeneed I will take to my grave, Marie protested Patti having hit me, so Patti hauled off and shoved her. Marie, being a slight in stature woman, reared back and knocked Patti CLEAN OUT!!!!Having regained my composure, and not wanting to be around when Patti came to, I packed my things and my dog Sh*thead and left. Except Sh*thead had been shacking up with a French poodle in the dog show and didn’t want to come. I dragged him a while, then realizing it was a hopeless cause left him at the carnival.

  92. As I walked down the road jobless, friendless, penniless and dogless, I thought back about my family back on the farm. Momma and Daddy were always good to me, with plenty of love to go around for our large family, but I always felt somehow out of place. My skin was so much lighter than their’s , even though Momma told me that God just didn’t leave me in the oven long enough, I always felt different. When we were to sing and dance on the front porch at night I never could keep in rythem, no matter how hard I tried! Sometimes I would cry and Momma would say everything’s gonna be all right child….and it always was with Mamma there.

  93. Then one night, while listening to the radio in bed, something REMARKABLE happened! They were playing big band music and low and behold my feet were tapping together to the music!!! I WAS DANCING!!!!
    I yelled and whooped and hollered and the whole family came running to see! That night was both the happiest and saddest nights of my life as I realized it was time for me to go off on own.

  94. The day I left home Momma was a crying and I even saw a slight tear in Daddy’s eye too! He gave me some advice I’ll never forget. He said, “Don’t trust Whitey”, good advice I thought, then my brother added, “If you get it the doctor can get rid of it”. I’m sill not sure what that meant but anyway….off i went. Not being able to afford a car I had to hitch-hike to the city. I wasn’t outside long when a truck stopped. He was only going to the end of the fence in the yard, but I figured hey, it’s a start. There wasn’t another car the rest of the night so I wnet back inside and went to bed. The next night I finally got a ride and was on my way!

  95. When the meek fellow returned he was as pale as a ghost. He shooed away the burly uniformed guys and offered me a seat and a cigar. I told him I would like my money now, preferrably in quarters as Momma had told me paper money was for suckers. He told me that that much money in quarters would weigh tons! He then was nice enough to let me keep it in his bank vault for safe keeping. What a nice man! I filled my pants pockets with quarters and ran to see Marie!!! Now I had the money to marry her and give her everything a beautiful woman deserves! When she opened the door I told her what had happened, I then dropped to one knee and proposed. She said that all of this was rather sudden….and then she said YES!!!!!

  96. We loved everything the money provided. We bought a mansion on an estate in Beverly Hills complete with tennis courts and a disco, a champagne fountain, swimming pool, and enough little umbrellas that we were able to have one in EVERY drink! We even bought a complete set of his and hers friends. I had every thing I had ever dreamed of and we received a check from Walter every week! They say money can’t buy happiness. I’m not really sure who exactly THEY are, but they are correct.

  97. Soon a flood of daily visitors came to visit. They exposed the dark side of humanity…one fellow had to endure the embarrassment of having cracked leather on one of the seats on his private jet. Another man, a preacher, showed me a film concerning the evils of…..cat juggling!
    I wrote everyone a check, Momma had told me charity begins at home and since I was home…..well you know. Everything was great until one day we were watching the news. Carl Reiner, Meathead’s Daddy, came on and said he was wearing my invention on his glasses. When he removed the glasses he was as cross-eyed as love struck Junebug. He started ranting about something he called a “class action law suit”!

  98. The judge said I owed 30 million people $2.00 each! I sat down and started writing checks….A.Adams…$2.00…..C.Adams….$2.00…and so on and so on. Men started showing up removing everything we had bought. They took the champagne fountain, the disco, the swimming pool, why they even packed away the friends we had bought. Those men even took the Roast Beast and the last can of Who Hash! Marie was upset!! She said she didn’t care about the money….she just wished they didn’t have to take all of the stuff!!!! I told her I don’t need nothing but the lamp…then I realized all I needed was the lamp and a chair….then I realized all I needed was the lamp, a chair, and a thermos…I took these things and just walked away.

  99. Now I’m here on skid row. I pawned the chair and the lamp for a thermos full of booze. All is lost and I’m right back to where I started, which brings me back to my question for you…..Can you guys help me find my dog Sh*thead?

  100. Oh my goodness………… That was just so not lovely of you to disrespect in some ways & Use a bit of an attitude on here. Look the fbi has alot to do i’m sure they work on cases one by one and may get to your case never know……. But no need to curse & stuff. Just stay calm on the posting please just some ideas for you & Might wanna try ! This is not a post to rant & curse though. It’s to report stuff.

  101. Is this s hate crime???????????

    I seen

    sordidguy was on here few people online knows he is the troll on aol posts. He makes up stuff, follows users around & stuff. He goes by sordidguys as well two accounts he acts like we can’t tell it’s him he just added an s to the end not very smart. He sometimes gets jumped on . He also finds it funny to write jokes & mean messages about gays on posts can these be hate crimes against gays? I noticed he went on two and made uncalled re-marks . I don’t find it funny to call someone a falmer even if they are or are not one. I don’t think it’s his business and this guy is an adult & Sure does need to act like one . At least he can do is stop trolling online under both accounts and hating on people because they are different. I don’tfind him funny more like annoying. I am not gay I do have respect for people like that & Noticed this person has no common sense or respect to write nice messages it’s always hate against people of something.

  102. I’d like to say first I ain’t no drinking man. Tried it once, made me highly irregular, and swore I’d never do it again. One day my cousin asked me to watch his still while he went into town to vote. Being accomodating I agreed and rode on up to Hanky Mountain. Ah, the the air was crisp on a early November evening. God’s little lanterns a tinkling on and off in the heavens. It sat upon that mountain like a huge golden oak. What can I say…..temptation got the best of me, and I took a slash.

  103. I done write this sordidguy myself last e-mail I warned him about following people & trolling on posts using harassment he thinks it’s funny & games and there are no laws etc. He does not have to follow any laws in his world… It creeps me out to know there are adults online who does this ind of stuff to people. Talk about issues.

  104. Kind* sorry kinda mad because we have to put up with sick people like him how sad in there daily life they troll/follow people on websites/blogs and write dumb comments 99 % untrue ones.

  105. They need a life & Some help. They really tend to make everyone hate them . Sad they are so mental they don’t relize it. Hope this guy gets help . Sorry what he’s doing is not normal.

  106. Suddenly a feeling came across me…like in was in love, in love for the first time. I was happy and dancing and having a great time cause I was drunk….why I was God’s own drunk and a fearless man…..that’s when I first saw the bear…..

  107. He was a Kodiak looking fella about 19 feet tall…he looks at me expecting me to do one of two things, flip or fly, I didn’t do either one, it hung him up.
    He looked in my eyes and my eyes were a lot redder than his was….it hung him up.
    Then he starts a sniffin round my body expecting to smell fear, but he ain’t gonna smell no fear cause I’m God’s own drunk and a fearless man….it hung him up.
    Then he turns and starts sniffin around that still.

  108. Yeah, he’s sniffin up that still cause he’s smellin something good. He lapped up a slah…and another….and another…next thing you know he’s done drank two or three jugs of that stuff and comences to do the bear dance….two twists a grunt and a snort….like the moonwalk it plum evaded me. In all the commotion I realised I was getting really tired. Ah, the air was crisp on that cool November evening, god’s little lanterns twinling on and off in the heavens….I took a nap.

  109. When I came to ah, the air was crisp on that cool November evening, God’s little lanterns a twinkling on and off in the heavens….I looked over and by buddy the bear was a missin……and you know what fbi man and neigbors…..

  110. An ” Internet troll,” or simply ” troll ” in Internet slang is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages

    in an online community, such as an online discussion forums or chat rooms, with the intention of provoking other users into an

    EMOTIONAL response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussions.

    When N’s, abusers don’t have anyone in their “REAL” life to mess with , they go for easy prey, the victims/ survivors in abuse forums. There are many kinds of internet trolls that enjoy causing problems where ever they go in cyberland.

    They do it for attention. Same old ,same old can’t use logic or reason on them, they don’t care, they want emotional attention. The best attention is when they finally make you angry and everyone jumps in, that is the best emotional attention they can get.



    you should not have to defend yourself , your feelings or why you are taking back your life.

    The way to get rid of trolls looking for emotional attention, ignor them, they will go away


    I’m shocked I found this online and looks as if some people who has been reported might be pretty much well this type of person if they do the sick/mean stuff online.

  111. I know sordidguy is. Alot of people know he’s one & People pointed out how doll/dumb he is but now I understand for sure & Been doing research on trolls that people like of what they do can be this type of troll online so when they make harassment comments etc. They are crazy they don’t know what there doing. This guy is crazy. I hope there is help for him really scares me in someways if there is not help for people like him. Those types can harm themself or others not caring. This guy has few friends. I will tell people don’t say anymore to him many will listen some may not & Keep ranting at him online but the one’s who will get me they’ll know and are pretty much like me we don’t step over the line to much.

  112. He can’t be sat in his place bascially I guess is what I mean. No use telling physcos anything. I told a few people to just report him if he acts up or starts writting them with non-sense and stuff already so i’m sure they may .

  113. We been having issues with this guy for months. And it’s gotten to the point where people hate him and go off even more. He just writes non-sense stuff to sometimes. So I understand why he writes all of that stuff and acts like a total jerk. He can’t go using harassment or making sick & uncalled for comments . Most of us usually reports these trolls or low ranks all the comments they write . It does no good.

  114. He follows some people on blogs like me & Spews hate, makes fun spreading lies he is trying to ruin people’s day & life just by spreading this drama he is a internet troll and I looked up on his kind they do suffer from mental illness most do anyway I believe he does. He finds it funny to post & Call someone a flamer he does not care if there is gays on posts and he calls out religion & the bible spews hateful remarks about different people I don’t see these as jokes I done warned him not much has been done I thought this could be my next step. I am not gonna allow someone like him to come online & make up stuff or bash stuff finding it funny & He knows there are religious people on posts. He’s aware sometimes. That’s why he writes this stuff. I wonder if these can be hate crimes against people thanks. I doubt he knows I have a disorder that is rare but he did make fun of my height and stuff. So he’s not very bright & thinks he can not be tracked online in his mind he can’t be caught. sordidguys@aol.com / sordidguy@aol.com He just is full of hate. My mom says & thinks he will stop but has not so far. He just keeps trolling on i’m 20 yrs. of age i’m to old for this stuff. Trolls won’t stop even when you ignore they just keep going with there hate against people. This guy worries me I think is he just a nut or worse like in some group…. I was brought up to love all to people push my limits sit them in there place ha. He has. I’m sorry but I can not believe there is so many nutjobs online who spew non-sense & can’t talk about the topics they just rant at people & religions etc. Sometimes I believe he knows what he is doing just does not care to bash people. Does he think he can’t be found & Can’t be seen online? I mean 300 + people see it. Oh my gosh.sordidguy 11:40:26 AM Oct 26 2009

    sordidguy 11:40:26 AM Oct 26 2009 the bible is a joke –any moron who takes the bible for fact or a literal interpatations is a moron–or else they live in a giant whale and also stone their children to death when the disobey

  115. I think if you find some stuff on net trolls you’ll be shocked I found very much of what alot think now. Most are preteens all ages do it those who do this stuff people think these people suffer from illnesses i’m sure they do I would not think so . I do think so.

  116. He is adult I believe so it worries me even more that adults act immature like this and don’t relize how bad it is & Think it’s normal.

  117. Even if it’s not a hate crime . Just plain harassment I still find it bad someone would act like this and target people no matter of what. This guy tends to hate on and then talks about how haters don’t know what love is. I am like really? He seems to be not bright on a few things cause he just comes on posts and hates on everything race, gay, not gay, even religion & Thinks it’s funny to bash people no matter what. If he is mental I hope and pray this guy gets the help he needs oneday.

  118. I will say no more to this person he just does not really relize his comments can hurt people. In his mind he thinks it’s funny or makes him win & feel happy/something. That tells me this guy is mental then.

  119. I don’t think many will say much due to the fact if they read up on people like him they may think & Change there mind . They don’t get it through there mind as much as you tell them. These adults like him who troll do have something wrong . He just is like a fly who can’t seem to go away & Bothers people on purpose because that’s his life & Ways.

  120. Sam Stone, came home, to his wife and family, after serving in the conflict over-seas. The time that he served, had shattered all his nerves, and left a little shrapnel in his knee. The morphine eased the pain, and the grass grew round his brain, giving him the confidence he lacked….with a purple heart and a monkey on his back. There a hole in Daddy’s arm where all the money goes. Jesus Christ died for nothing I suppose. Little pitchers have big ears, don’t stop to count the years….sweet songs never last too long on broken radios.

  121. Sam Stone’s welcome home didn’t last too long. He went to work when he’d spent his last dime. Sammy took to stealing, when he got that itchy feeling, with a $100 habit without overtime. Well the gold ran through his veins, like a thousand rail-road trains, it served him in the hours that he chose…while his kids ran round wearing other peoples clothes.

  122. Sam Stone was alone when he popped his last balloon climbing walls while sitting in a chair. Well they played his last request while the room smelt just like death, with an over-dose hovering the air. Life had lost it’s fun, and there was nothing to be done, but to trade his house that he bought on the GI bill, for a flag draped casket on a local hero’s hill. There’s a hole in Daddy’s arm where all the money goes. Jesus Christ died for nothing I suppose. Little pitchers have big ears, don’t stop to count the years. Sweet songs never last too long on broken radios.

  123. sordidguy: Sending out on posts hate crimes I would call them maybe a little not close I don’t know. Last few days/months he’s written uncalled for things when people has posted there religious sayings on a post. He’s made fun of people’s sexual Orientation I don’t know if he sees this as a joke or making stuff up or whats going on through his little mind to hound people & Use harsement he’s been warned . Still does it. He does not take things to serious . Sees as if he is not breaking any laws or anything by posting these things on the net. He’s been reported . He gets a warning . Gets back online in no time won’t do things for a few days then goes ranting again. I can see why everyone just holds there breath sometimes on him & Does not type back. He does not relize how dumb his comments are and they upset people i’m sure. He maybe a bully time to grow up as well I think.

  124. He seems not to be scared also he sees no reality he lives in a world of no fear just a fake world it seems like. I was just wondering if this can be stopped as well as be hate crimes or anything if he posts stuff like these types of things?

  125. I think people should be able to talk without him being ugly & ranting ugly stuff. There is no surgey or anything in the world to help people like him they are the ugly kind inside and out mostly inside. He may have mental health issues I do not know. Either way I hope oneday gets a wake up call he needs . That’s if he even has to be arrested or get help for this kind of not so normal stuff he does or says online to people that would be harassment. People do get fed up with him many times we do not say much will report it. Nothing’s been done. I hope he does not get to kids next.

  126. It’s kinda drama to me at the same time. I am like what part of stop in many different ways and people telling you off do you not understand? In his mind he does not seem to understand. A normal person would say okay sorry or go away. Him he just likes to use harassment. Can’t take a hint. He may never take one. He acts like it’s a big game and fun to do these things to people so he has some problems.

  127. While I was wealthy I was often approached buy Mr. Seymore Butz, president of the ACJF. His mission…. to expose the moral decline in society through the evils of cat juggling. The seedy underworld lying just under the surface of seeming innocuous activities are certainly the root cause of the issue. Strange though…..he often referred to the ring-leader as “sordidguy”. Could there be a connection? Could these two people be one in the same? The similarities are amazing. The trolling, the predation, the same nasty disposition…..

  128. Kunta Kinte say @aol.com Some person/same person on a few accounts believed to be a troll who’s been using harassment on people /trolling away. Has posted information about some people on a post for everyone to see. This person is looking up info & stalking people on posts/blogs & then posting it up for 100 + people to see. Please look into it thanks. I believe this is sorta like stalking. This person is nuts.

  129. Theres many reports on some users for this type of stuff stalking and/or harassment. Some are adults. They are just a bit off & can’t take hints. So best bets are to report them before something bad happens !!!!!!!! Some has trolled on different accounts. I can see these people have problems . On top of things they can’t do certain stuff & Need to know what there doing is wrong.

  130. Looks as if this might be the same guy. His page looks as if he is promoting weed etc… kuntakinte420 twitter. No wonder he’s ranting at people he don’t know. He maybe to high not being mean gotta say when there high they are in there own world.

  131. This person is using harassment , bullying, as well as slander & following people on blogs. This person usually uses harassment against people of where there from. I am fed up with this person cracking on wv people on every blog just about & using harassment/bullying our people. We can be kind people that type of person pushes our limits and we had enough . WWWelllling

  132. Sending threats and stalking another person in one-on-one e-mails and instant messages
    Posting personal information and/or lies—which may be considered libel—about another person in public forums such as chat rooms, mailing lists (listservs) or in e-mail or instant messsages to third parties

    We believe this person maybe doing this. Due to the fact they show signs of mental illness.

  133. They do believe people is someone they are not ! And will post it out on the web & a post. They have no info on people & will mke up false stuff hat comes to mind. Or even look you up to try to find something. This person is weird and paranoid along with stuff acting like people are the bad guy. Because we sit him in his place were not so bad. He just is odd.

  134. We try to alot of times no sitting him in it he can’t get it through of when to stop and hush . Stop bullying/using harassment and trolling blogs it’s very annoying.

  135. At times he’ll stop for a while though I do have to say…. Sometimes he won’t & seems to think it’s funny & games in his mind. He can’t be tracked down.

  136. sordidguy@aol.com & sordidguys. He’s Stalking/Harassment people through e-mails & websites online . He is a teen or crazy & has no idea what he’s talking about at all half the time. This guy seems to have some obession with sarah palin on posts he talks about her a bit.

  137. He seems not to get things. Not many votes on his things he posts sometimes no wonder he talks trash to people and about people. Most users he sees on the net he follows them around stalking as well as using harassment through anything he can get he sees you on. He’s been put in his place a few times. Seems not to get it though. So I really do think he is a bit crazy-psycho. Please look into him-it

    Thank You

  138. He seems just not to get things. He makes up stuff in his head as well going along with it. He may suffer from a delusional type thing I have no clue . Looks like it.

  139. sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or disability, This guy makes fun of online. Does not matter . He has no clue about people. Still makes fun because they maybe different and so on. This guy can also lie out of his front teeth as we say here. He tends to go around using harassment on people and some stuff he made up & don’t know. A. he’s not to bright . or B. he’s got mental problems. People’s warned him. He still goes at it. He should not make fun of people for bing different or say stuff he has no clue about. Calling people out for being gay or not gay. That’s wrong. I got people in my family that is gay. He should not even go there making fun of people & calling someone a flamer online. Even if there not . He really needs to watch what he posts & says about people.

  140. Hello, I want to just say I am looking up some stuff very shocking. This sordidguy seems to have an obession/stalking/harassment thing with a few over the net . He will be on ignore for a long time ! He keeps being reported to net services and not much is being done about this guy. He needs to understand you can not do this type of stuff online & act out that way towards people.

  141. This guy is a nutjob. He really believes there are no laws & they can’t get him ever. He is showing signs of being mental then. In a flash he can be nice then snap at people , he makes remarks that might be a little to much of harassment. If I had to pick one disorder. It would be psychopath.

  142. sordidguy stalking people through different sites & e-mails. In his mind He thinks all is just one person. This guy has an obession for different people online. He is mental. He goes around saying nasty stuff about people he don’t know then following them around blogs writting e-mails. He does show he has a staliking pattern & harrseing .

    sordidguy Says:
    November 4th, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    sordidguy Says:
    November 4th, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    With in minutes he posts again & again on people he can’t get through his head to stop it.

    He makes up stuff & types it out. He really believes this made up stuff he does not really know in real-life. And types it out on blogs & posts.

  143. This has been going on for almost a year maybe longer . This guy is very disrespectful towards people. No one lashes out and does the stuff he does unless they may have something wrong with them. I do have a bit of a temper takes a while for mine to set in though. I am normal & have sense not to do stuff he does to people.

  144. Please look into it. He can’t be doing this to people. And he thinks he’s not doing any wrong. So he needs to be a bit scared or sit in his place by someone he maybe really can be scared of like law enforcement of some kind . He’s not scared of people online or takes it serious.

  145. This guy says he’s 50 on one profile on youtube. If there’s any truth to it he might be a predator as well. And we don’t really know yet. But seems that way at times.

  146. your outfit is STUPID
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    youtube person that seems to be really crazy. He or she can’t stop using harassment also racism all over the web.

  147. sordidguy HE MIGHT BE POSTING FAKE INFPO. WE DON’T KNOW. IF HE IS WE KNOW HE’S BEEN CAUGHT RED HANDED . HE ALREADY KNOWS WHAT HE DOES IS WRONG. HE’S BEEN REPORTED TO NET SERVICES FOR STALKING, TROLLING, THREATS, & Harassment comments online . There is just some stuff that should not be said of what he types esp. by a growen man. They warn him he’s off for a while. Then allowed back on to do the same stuff. It gets old to alot of people. Adults should not act immature like that. online. If they have problems then they need help by someone or get some themself. I know how some net services work same ol crap warnings then get back online. He trys to cover himself up in little tracks sometimes. Gotta say we know what he posts out online. Can’t turn back & change stuff. It scares some people like me to know that there are weird people like him out there that is in need of serious help or mental health help. You can’t go online without him saying something off & weird or some threat. Sick of his threats & stalking issues with sarah palin. It does no good nor scares me. We don’t know if he’s going far as to threaten kids or teens online either. So far it’s just adults. And stuff he makes up out of his mind is just really weird & Not in real world more like living in a world full of dreams or just out there stuff. When he keeps posting names i’m like is this guy stalking? If he keeps posting same names over & over on the web it’s like he’s got an obession.

  148. Nothing seems to scare this guy or anyone. In real life he’d pee his pants if stuff happend. I know people like him are nothing more then a coward.

  149. Company: American Online (AOL)
    IP Address:
    Location: Dulles, VA
    Full Results: Click Here

    Full Results may include:

    Name and Address
    Phone Number
    Social Networks
    Places on the Web

    This may help. This guy is seems nuts though.

  150. Sorry dunno if this is legal or not. I could not find much. He tracks people by stuff. Like he has nothing better to do but stalk people around on the web . And have big obessions really weird. I don’t know much about laws verry little sorry. I am into the whole small town law stuff. Nothing big so I don’t know alot.

  151. Sorry if it’s not I did not know. I can’t find info on him. And were tired of him and wishing he’d go he won’t take hints.

  152. I think we only have one fbi thing it’s far from where I live. Rest just police stations they don’t really show up much when you need them. So it’s very scary also when things come to these .

  153. angryhobo101 you guys may wanna take a look into this. I happend to look up a thing on net trolls, other stuff his video popped up THIS IS REYMON!!!!! is one. This guy goes on almost every one of this boy’s videos angryhobo101. I don’t think his accent is fake he really is mentally handicapped. I can tell from real and fake alot of times. I have a cousin who is. This guy seems to be harrseing this poor boy. He don’t know any better. I wanted to post this for this boy’s saftey incase there maybe a real handicapped he has. He don’t know any better. angryhobo101 needs to understand right from wrong. Know the causes of what can happen with some things when you go pushing these types of kids buttons.angryhobo101 go jump off a bridge IM NOT JOKING!!!!!!!!! He is a older teen believed to be. He should know better in some things. If adult he should even know more better.

  154. e-mails by a predator. This guy must not care or he’s one who thinks he can’t be traced. I wish people would get that through by now. You can be traced people gosh. RoleAwayTheStone . This guy sends out sexual messages through e-mails to people on the net. He is an aol user I found a few things online that might be help. I find it sick. RoleAwayTheStone You still wanting your clit licked and sucked until you cum? I’m looking forward to the taste and scent of your pussy.

  155. He goes on different sites thinking it’s all fun, No harm in it. I see it as harm and ways to get children or adults even both. He can’t be e-mailing people like that. Some young girl might be caught in his little traps and like the e-mails then meet him. Most young people out there will meet total strangers like this sick person.

  156. The local authorities instructed me to inform you that the arrest warrant for the poster blondey56342 (you have her name, address, etc.) has been issued. They say that typically they will not act upon it immediately, they usually wait until a traffic stop or liscence check/renewal to arrest non violent offenders. They said they will continue to record evidence of harrassment/stalking until that time. Thanks again for your assistance.

  157. Stalking ! This person is crazy ! They are talking me through the net , chats, & sites. I can’t take it and had it with this person there nuts. They even pretend to be and are today on an account blondey56324@aol.com If I have to deal with other stalkers I will be cutting everything off including my accounts.

  158. There is a few I know of. This guy is just out there. He sees he can’t be caught and thinks in his mind he can’t be found. He keeps going on and on. A smart person would go . He won’t go away.

  159. Repeat messages over & over on different accounts. It scares me to know there is a person like him online & stalking people on sites. Luckly I have no kids. If I did they would not be chatting with this person for sure.

  160. I am not a hag either so the harassment gets old. I am young. He seems not to be very smart & has no real info. JUst makes up stuff goes along with it like most nutjobs online do.

  161. People really believe they can’t be tracked so all these weird people need to understand a reality check which is they can be tracked down even through the net peole can get info & track you down. So most wanna be dumb & don’t think about what can happen. Those need more of a reality check hen just being told over and over. They need to face serious actions.

  162. This has been going on for a few months. And this guy has bascially kinda stolen my identity & He’s not bright about stuff. Least he could do was hide it like most people ha ! He goes on sites pretending to be people he’s not and real life people that is. I hope his behind is caught. He has admited to stuff. So he’s stalking me as well. He’s crazy !

  163. What people don’t understand is you can be traced. When you sign up for AOL they have information you gave them about yourself long ago. That’s how they keep in contact & even track people down & cut them offline for certain things. This guy seems to think he can’t be traced in anyway as most AOl users. I guess they forget that you can be tracked down as anyone else on any net service. AOL allows it i’m sick of it. They get slaps on wrists then back online with warnings. Stalking is allowed on that site which makes me sick.

  164. please help me…
    i didn’t sent them any money but they send me short message that i have to pay it to send the parcel back. if i didn’t pay it, i have to face the problem with FBI. is it true or not?
    they know my address.

  165. You all might wanna check this site. People has been ing each other. Passing rumors etc.. Mostly adults are on there and the whole thing turns into fights. Most is kids both 50/50. There is a sordidguy who goes on differnt accounts thinking he can’t be tracked in anyway. He follows people around on this blog as well cracked.com if this site is made for people to one another. I won’t go on it anymore then. I think it’s wrong. For people’s sake from doing something stupid. I thought I would report this. It turns ugly. One of these days people is gonna get even worse online. There is a report they do nothing about stuff though. Still allow some crazy like him online stalking/harrseing people . They allow this stuff. I hope there site is looked at & banned. There are nutjobs who go on other people’s accounts etc. Pretend to be people they are not like some lawyer etc. If they allow some predator like this guy online they need banned then.

  166. i hate it its so lame :)) haha lossers on da phucking internet becus they obsessed with FAMoOUse people dumaszes!! :p like and suk my big juicy pussy and my ass bitches look like a phucking retarded monkey bitches and yes i am the phucking queen bitch 🙂 and i push bitches off my thrown 😮 best bah leave and i hate phucking people who gottah act fake and they no the suk some “poor hobo’s dik” yeah i phucking sed it do fuking somthikng and i dont got phuking time f your bitch asz suk my pussy 🙂

    This person seems insane and a pervert. This was to all youtubers i’m guessing.

  167. Okay ! Well I have not been online in sometime but just got this message. I don’t care to much of what he says & no longer type or waste my breath on him. He’s just crazy and let him stalk & do whatever get himself in trouble by more people and even the authorities like he is now. Best thing is to ignore & let him get into trouble as people told me because he is and will even more and so i’m doing that. He thinks weird stuff that’s not even true & lashes out at people on posts so……. I think he might be a bit crazy. But thanks anyway.

  168. harassment online he can’t keep doing but he’s having people jump on him alot. He does it to everyone including people who believe predators should be put behind bars. And he makes remarks about races anything & everything . He stereo types but also follows people around on blogs and websites e-mailing non-stop at times. That’s stalking and going far . I just don’t like people like him & will not put with it. I stood for myself as a few others did with him. But he thinks in his mind that’s like when people jump on him. That’s dislike last time I checked. He keeps chatting over & over and rambling non subject things. Websites won’t do anything about people though. Us net users have to stand our grounds with him.

  169. We can’t go online without some freaky person like him following us around online & e-mailing under different accounts. Then some has been deleted we think it is him . He’s an adult and as for him to get mad at people for saying the right things it makes me wonder if this guy is an online predator…….. I am mad because no one can chat w/ out him losing his mind . We can’t even go on any websites or posts w/ out him posting. He’s the 2nd to come on rambling out stuff at alot of users.

  170. And this guy needs locked up in a mental hospitial or prison. He does need looked into. He does not make a whole lot of sense at times other times he does. He has some problems that he needs help with. He does not need to be near any computer. He finds it funny to go around bashing & stalking people. I don’t.

  171. So… I don’t care what he has to say about anybody or any state really. I just see ignorance & a complete crazy person in him already. He’s on ignore.

  172. It’s just that he is an adult & seems to know better .. I maybe wrong. But each time someone says something he blows up & starts to harrse them. Adult or kid he don’t care. Right or wrong he turns it into big fights with people. 90 % of the time we can say a right thing . He gets mad & corrects it in his own odd terms like shut up or I know even you are n idiot. I really don’t know I can’t figure him out to much. It will take time before he blows up on people on that website. He’s done it before. We really need him to stop coming on WV posts saying untrue stuff/harassment. He’s been asked to stop coming onto some sites but he will not stop. So we dunno what else to do. We can block him but not on some sites. He can only be kicked off for some time then be back on. I don’t live in a trailer like he thinks of everyone esp. WV people. So he can stop his drama/bullying/crazy stuff.

  173. I seen what he posted on the one site. He always trolls & comes on posts making fun of people because of race or where there from. Really it don’t bother me much when somebody says something untrue about a state & bullying the people around it’s childish. Don’t be bringing race or something else into stuff. That makes me mad when people bring race into that crap or anything. He was asked to go away or even been on ignore. He still can’t take the hints from people & will type for hours at a time.

  174. So….. If we have to we will start banning him on each & every site to keep him away somehow. He has different accounts. We don’t even know who this guy is he’s just some nut trolling/e-mailing people he sees posts & websites people have. He says he’s 50 ! He ain’t 50 either not unless he’s got a fake pic up on his youtube then. If it’s real he’s not 50 ! He looks more 20’s-30’s The guy kept looking at my pix for a while. Which is creepy. I gotta say that’s like stalker like when I got some guy following me around online & looking at my pix . I can’t even go on certain sites without him bugging me & other people. He won’t leave us alone so i’m guessing since he won’t leave us alone we may have to bring a lawsuit on him also. I can’t stand creepy people online butyou get them. When they go far as he does they need to be taught or told it’s wrong ! Yes I am a little person he needs to stop with the ha ha and saying dumb stuff on posts and e-mails about how I look. Grow Up. I look fine i’m just tiny. I’m not deformed jesus.

  175. This guy needs to keep things to himself stop acting immature , posting hate crimes against people, & trolling on websites. e-maling people on different accounts over & over for a while. It seems like stalking & harassment to me. We can’t go on sites without him following each member around online he can find and thinking he can follow around. He’s pretty much a stalker. You also need to take a look into this billusa2000@aol.com these both say they are 50 and somehow go on posts at the very same time alot of times. I don’t know it’s very odd and somehow they maybe the same person.

  176. I just don’t like the fact to see these type of people going on online writting hateful stuff. Including hate crimes sorry. Little, black, or living in a trailer they tend to bash people about it online.

  177. Billusa2000
    11:45AM Dec 4 2009
    Gwparons60….wow your such a bleeding heart liberal. your almost bringing me to tears with the we can change the world views on racism…Go onto negroes voices or BET and you’ll see the negro racist point of view towards whitey

  178. I don’t like hate towards people gay or anything ! These two need to shut up stop acting immature & need to be offline if they don’t have enough sense to type without typing hate stuff towards people through posts/sites and e-mails.

  179. That lib 4 u you got on here. He agress with terrorist threats and stuff. I don’t think he understands or relizes that it’s a crime. He’s been told what he’s doing is a crime online. Even joking or not it’s against the law. He thinks everyone is dumb but him. He finds it okay and normal. He can do what he wants online. He’s wrong. He really needs to watch what he posts on sites.

  180. Lady In the water don’t give them any info. Even though there are weird people who do or try to find info on you . Don’t give any & don’t re-act sounds like you got spam/phoney thing. Just report them if they keep bothering. Everyone gets spam from people pretending to be something they are not. Trust what your feelings tell you also. I don’t think the FBI would send letters out via e-mails to people.

  181. Like people’s got problems with this adult trolling sites. I can’t even go on sites or posts without him stalking me. Usually i’m the first he’s second to come on. But he kinda follows me online under different accounts & looks at my myspace & harrassment on people & me & celebrity people . Were dealing with a nutjob. It seems like none of us can not go on anything without spammers or crazy people. I stay offline for sometimes even a week or two & report the guys stuff as spam. It only helps so much. He pretty much has issues and takes harrassment to new levels on people on blogs. (sordidguy) not all the time but still if I have to I will sue or have him put in jail. What you need to do is look up there thing like (ISP) and once you find it write it down & report it to the net service if you get it again report it like you are now . I dunno if i’m dealing with some stalker or frickin spammer he’s creeping me out with his obession of talking smack about people & celebrities.

  182. I ignore it now ! If he trolls anymore of my stuff or spams the heck out of any sites with non-sense everyone is gonna end up blocking him. I hope he sees this. He needs to learn a lesson. AOL seems to be sick of this guy already. He gets reported alot by people. So I hope all these scammers & obession people get blocked from every site from people for a while. It really worries me people’s gotta deal with people like that. If you get blocked oh well.

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  184. will monitor the victim’s online activities and attempt to trace their IP address in………. This is what that billusa2000@aol.com & sordidguy does to people on different websites. We warned them once. The next time they come on our WV posts we’ll deal w/ them ourself if we gotta by reporting them to every police station there is across wv it won’t be pretty when they get wanted up here. People will make sure they’ll locked up even for a crime on the net -harassment has gotta stop. It’s nothing but bullcrap & sickness coming from people like this guy or them. We had enough of the racist comments, sick one’s, & harassment. (Clowns Them) They come again on any site or a post . They will deal with WV law dealing with our law is not pretty. They tend to get ugly on anything. So they’ed be better off if there arested by there own or the FBI. I just wanna let them and you know no more of it. End of story.

  185. By: billusa2000 on 12/09/2009 11:14PMNeutral wow what a dumb negro you are…then why do many female negroes have 5-10 kids??? stupid comment from a racist stupid negro

  186. Just on one post he wrote. So yeah the guy is pretty much gonna be told off if he don’t stop it. He’s always spewing out racial slurs on every post and site he can find. He trys to ruin WV people. Too late he’s runing himself.

  187. A StumbleTroll I had no idea there was such a thing. They are trolls who post on alot of sites , following people around . They mostly make false statements because they are really mental. Most don’t relize they are trolling sites . Here’s what most do write on websites with death slogans and pseudo neo-Nazi meanderings of hate, evil, and terrible poetry. These people are just not sick . Pure evil as well. AOL and other sites has issues with people like that. I am shocked to read on about people like that. Billusa2000 just threw himself in as a troll on websites because of his hate he posts.

  188. thesnake0031 this guy has been ranting & harassment on people online. We can’t even go on sites without this crazy going nuts on people. If you can find anymore info or track him down please it would be a big help. This guy is a coward and infact has a lose bulb. who goes on sites and message boards starts harassment on people? The guy’s crazy and rude.

  189. So one person thought I was in child porn & stuff. This guy is pretending to be people on sites posting untrue stuff. He is infact a predator.

  190. THESNAKE00666 Here is another account of his. This guy is sick. He makes fun of children who get abused & spews out racial stuff on websites to get attention from women & kids. He does need help. This guy done made it clear & told on himself that he is a online predator. He just is not smart. Posting things for everyone to see on sites.

  191. THESNAKE00666 10:11:05 PM Dec 20 2009


  192. This guy really shows signs of being a true psychopath online towards people. It kinda scares some of us. I only seen very few crazies online . Not bad as this guy is. This guy is just a complete crazy/psychopath. He won’t stop like most crazies do when you ask.

  193. Hey if you all could or can do anything please it would be great ! I ran across a website and most of it is rumors and harassment on different types of people like gay’s and blacks much more . I don’t want these people finding it then being hurt and doing something insane. Most of it is nothing but rumors and harassment being spread on them. It’s none of this person’s business in the first place. They need to get a life besides harassment up on a site towards people. It’s the person i’m guessing is named nik richie I don’t know if they are trying to get attention or asking too be famous or what is going on. I find it to not be real funny as he or she thinks. Because most of it is (rumors) harassment and hate. West Virginia -niki + dirty army intel it’s a website just used for hate against different types of people. If Other WV people saw this i’m sure they would be angry at this person.

  194. There are people mostly in south states on this site. Not famous. Just reg. people. I don’t know how this person found out all this info on these people. I know some of it is down-right false and just harassment. It seems like it is for real . No joke. More like a gossip site I know those can lead too trouble.

  195. Sites or e-mails with harassment/lies people seem to never learn & think there ip can’t be traced. I only a few crazies bugging me for a short time. Thing is there are alot of crazies on the net just all of us have to beware & watch close. Even if they block there ip I noticed some do now you can still find info on them on the net to report them. So that might be the best advice I can give now to people. Past few months I learned more and more about stuff. I know the internet can be fun but bad as well with crazies sending false stuff.

  196. sordidguy. 9:46PM Jan 6 2010. yeah a 89 year old jew hater from the south was a democrat –rofl –i am sure this guy loved gays and blacks …

    racism on blogs

  197. This guy has been trolling- spewing out racist re-marks towards people for over a year on sites and blogs. I wish it would stop. The internet services do nothing about him.

  198. I know it may not sound like alot but this guy bashes & finds it funny to harsse people & celebrity people on pages. He spreads lies & believes them. I don’t think he’s right in the head. One minute he says something then the next something else. He lies I guess you can call it. Way more often then usual on websites. Everything he posts he finds yet funny & normal. I find racial bashing & gay hating annoying from this guy. It’s post after post. Jew this, jew that, Whitey… People are fed up with him.

  199. Some things don’t even have to do with religion or race. Till he brings it all up. In many ways. I call that kinda racist & religion bashing on people’s behalf.

  200. Some nut on cracked.com is pretending to be different people like paris hilton & the fbi. You can find one message on message to the fbi cracked posted. (Message to the fbi) I got a feeling it’s the same guy. Cracked is so dumb they believe this person is real or there stealing identities of people on the website.

  201. As of now I can’t find it . I guess they just hit delete on it. The site people I got a bad feeling there trolls & doing this to seek attention. Then again most-like the site has trolls coming on it sometimes. They are stupid enough to believe the real fbi is after them when they get a message from some fake.

  202. phillies99’s Channel please look into this guy if you can. He is a very sick person. He has an aol account also. Needless to say I have a 2 year old who don’t need to watch his videos. He posts videos up on sites at the end like one it has a scary thing like a face-head that screams. So any kid who watches the videos he posts is being tricked & Being scared because of him. He thinks this stuff is real funny. esp. if the speaker is up they’ll get scared. There are no warnings. This guy just does horrible things on websites. He’s one twisted person. It reminds me of a child predator and sick as one also. If you read his comments many are not good. Parents are wanting this guy. Anything he types is sick. He just needs locked up & No computer. Any person like him who scares kids on purpose on websites & harrses people is sick.

  203. I got a feeling he is a pervert. He’s been called one. Age:27 Joined:November 28, 2006 youtube. Sad thing is when you report . Youtube allows them to make another account just like aol. So they allow these sick o’s to roam around on there site. We gotta worry about them a bit. If a parent clicks on it and some kid is with them. It’s scary. This guy just thinks being online & making fun of kids & being a sick o. is all games & fun. even if there’s warnings which I did not see one. He needs to make them bigger. & An adult with no kids & Who talks crap as much as he does. Has hate & Is most-like mentally ill. It seems like he can’t post videos without sick stuff to scare kids.

  204. please I really need help they are telling me they are FBI I will go to jail Ive recived 4 phone calls just tonight please help

  205. Subscribe to see me get nakedRRV85’s Channel : Young female looks underage has sexual videos. I flagged some & Others have been flagged I believe. I thought you might wanna take a look into her. She posted sexual videos on youtube for everyone to view. It’s wrong. And I hope her parents know & find out real quick if she is underage. She does not know how many perverts there are on the web.

  206. nlggerfagget’s Channel youtube.com you may wanna check this guy out. He’s been posting racist comments etc. up on people’s stuff. He’s worse then most trolls or other not so smart people up on there. They don’t have the guts to make racial slurs or make a name that’s racist.

  207. Why Do Black People Smell Like Wet Sheep?

    Click on an option to vote

    Because they are sheep. Because they are goats. Because they’re just nasty.

    this is on topix ! This guy is knowen to have this page and maybe even more on the site topix. Even if you flag them they can still be allowed to use it. Topix does not ban as thyey say. I flagged this guy’s things a number of times because of racism online.

  208. Please loook into it if you can & I hope he knows it is not right to be making websites or any kind of other things like what he does.

  209. ~ Says: He’s been stalking & harrseing users on which site has the most stupidest commenters? Most comments are not point towards him & this person is stalking people& has been for a while. He’s got a big obession on stalking people online. Not only is he crazy ! Also very dumb. In his mind he will not stop & Gets something in it. Also he might be an online preadtor. He thinks he can’t be traced & arrested.
    ~ Says he goes by that & other accounts. One old one maybe by him. They were pretending to be the fbi. He has so many accounts he goes on. He is nuts. Comments are not pointed towards him till he starts on women /kids on here & other sites etc. He seems to be delusional……..

  210. sordidguy I don’t have a warrent……… Trust me I know…. I have law enoforcement t in my family as well as friends. and police came to my house before and never had a warrent but to check up on the neighborhood & they know everyone here. No one believes you anymore because you go harrseing people online of different races, or gay etc. Give it a rest please stop lying to police & the fbi. You just dig yourself a deeper hole. To let you guys know he’s a well knowen online troll & stalks & harsses people on different websites on different accounts. So making false reports on people also & lying. Not the real bright thing. I told you to just back off. You can’t. Calling someone a nappy head or the n word is racist . Even online. I been a bit busy. But I am honest. It makes you mad that people know what you do online & trying to stop it. If I see you troll on any blog & harsse people I will make sure you get a warrent.

  211. So if you could please arrest this guy. Or we are gonna have trouble. He thinks he can have me arreested because… I posted he was an online troll. He knows it. He trolls people non-stop with crazy stuff online for attention. Last time I checked it wasn’t illegal to post you as an online troll bothering people. Yes I did on one site like a year ago maybe two. I posted he was a troll. Be careful. He harrses people of different races & stuff. At least i’m honest !

  212. He harrsed me at one point. Because I have blonde hair (not real hair color) And part indian. He’s a person who hates everybody who’s not like him ! Diferent race or anything ! You’ll get bashed & harrseed .



  215. Rules apply to him as well as everyone else. He thinks he can get by with all his drama & breaking laws without paying the price. Even online people like him think certain things are not crimes. Really they are.

  216. Too be bashing people by calling them flamers & fighting & harrseing total strangers on websites. And becoming very racial & ugly even on some. I wonder if this guy is some white supremacist people are dealing with on a daily basis. Or some fella who does not know what he’s even ranting about & just is a troll ! I got a feeling he is trolling sometimes & does not understand his actions or can know & get through his head that bashing people of certain things could be a crime. Leave the gays alone & other races. They ain’t messing with him. He thinks it’s funny & gets a good feeling when he becomes violent and starting trouble. He is sick. Stay off webpages if you can’t be nice . I don’t wanna see people spew out the stuff he does about people. Sometimes one minute he’ll hate gays the next he agress and gets mad when someone throws a bad word in. So I can’t tell what’s up with this guy. I know for a fact he does tend to lie 90 % of the time online.

  217. If he is lying to you guys. I think he is or got his info wrong. He just screwed himself. over again but worse this time. I don’t think he understands cry wolf the story or even when you lie to police & the fbi. And even net services on people. That’s false reports.

  218. He’ll lie about peoople. He don’t know none of us. And he likes to start up lies & crap. I seen a number of people bash his comments or make it real simple saying they don’t care ! Even ignore does the trick. He gets even madder when you do so & types more till he’s kicked off or signs off . He just seeks attention. We think he’s got 1 or 2 troll friends who lie & start fights. Thing is they been reported as well. Most trolls do. He thinks he can have his fun by doing stuff all because he has a label saying net troll. It is not illegal to call someone a troll . It’s based facts when you go and see what’s going on. I get really suspicious about him & caught him blowing smoke up people’s hindend before in chats & message boards. Alot of them knows he’s full of crap & Just trys to ignore it now. Freedom of speech only goes so far……. Spewing hatered is not funny or really a speech. It’s just disgusting.

  219. People* sorry. He types up alot of lies so you can’t believe him much. He is knowen to lie on the net & has been caught by many people in the past of lying & now sometimes. I just hit report or ignore on him. He just seeks attention. Even if he does not have 100 % proof. He’ll make up something or twist it.

  220. people* for the most part. We know he does not have 100 % proof about people Or little facts cause he looks them up to find something & snitch on them. But he twists everything around also & makes it into lies or even a little lie & some truth. So no mone can believe him at all anymore. Esp. online.

  221. sordidguyat 7-15-2009. he is a total flamer –i think it is hillariuos there’s more. Just tip of the ice berg each time he comes online he flames posts with stuff like this to get attention. He gets low ranked & told off. He is a internet troll as we call him online because he starts off topics with stuff like attacking gays, races, & These people he don’t even know . Gay or not gay I don’t think he really knows much about them. He just attacks different people on websites & posts & gets attention but bad attention. So that’s why we call him troll . That’s what he does and is doing. When you write mean comments all the time that’s why we call it flaming comments & a troll. Because he flames posts with comments that attacks people.

  222. I asm only gonna say this ! I don’t want drama or him trolling me i’m old for that. I read up online that trolls do lie & Are very unstable. He is one that does not know he’s trolling really. He’s been told a number of times stop in the past or he will be reported. He kept doing it for a while & Anymore false information that is spread and reports or trolling any more sites. He would be reported. He does not take people serious I am guessing. 97 % of the time we will low rank comments that we find very ugly or report you. This guy just trys to start stuff online & Make up stories along with his few troll friends. Not many people fall for his stuff anymore. They know what trolls is & Know information on them & Watch out for them. He can go ahead along with other people and make false reports. He’s been warned if anything else was to happen or he pulls his stunts that he would be reported & He has. Police won’t do a thing if people tell you to stop or thereten to report you or even call you a troll. So sordidguy I got a feeling along with a few other users you are just making up stuff again to seek attention. As most trolls do & The trolls that follow you sometimes onto things online we know they are you or you’re friends. Stop wasting the fbi’s time & ours. You need to look up what is a crime & Not. Even online what is a crime & What may not be one !!!!!!!!!! You all k now a little about him now. I hope this helped. I hope he just gets some stuff mixed up. Alot of it he don’t he just brags & Finds to make up stuff & trolling blogs a game and does it for lol’z these people make me sick they find this stuff funny. If they afre really unstable. I hope he gets the help he needs oneday. And hopefully he’ll wake up & Face reality. If low ranking comments, calling you out & reporting you is a crime then alot of us would be going to jail. So You & other trolls need to leave people alone. Or one by one will end up losing there accounts or be locked up if it does not stop. I see this guy write very few nice comments . It does not last long he starts bashing once he does. I can’t figure him out much. I got a feeling were dealing with a bi polar person or worse like a psychopath. I don’t deal with websites too much because of people like him trying to look for trouble. He’s found it in many places already.

  223. Also there has been a thing in my spam maiil. I got it 3 times & Did delete. If it goes into spam that means it’s a scam-junk mail. People don’t open this it’s infodraw@airshipping.com. I always delete my spam because these could be scams & Even carry a virus. If they are sending that much too people. That’s not good.

  224. Sad I only dealed with 3 trolls in my life !!!!!!!!!! And one got in alot of trouble ! These people just think they can’t get into trouble & Be traced or it’s not a crime to stalk & use harassment on people on sites !!!! Really it can get you into trouble.

  225. sordidguy people posting you as a troll & warning is not a crime. So you and those little trolls you hang with & have follow people on sites everyone knows esp. on aol. And you are most of them on these names but once we report it they somehow got a delete on them so sites can’t do much. You can’t hide but for only so long. So you and other people is gonna press fake charges each time a person tells you all to back off & That you are a troll??????????? Not a smart move. I only deled with a few including you ranting at me & other people. Give it up. Stop wasting people’s time. You and any other trolls make false reports on each person that says you are a troll. If it was a crime about 50 or more of us would go to prison for calling you a troll. Last time I checked it wasn’t a crime. Making false reports or trying too on diffreent people all because they call you a online troll is actually a crime. Yes look it up false reports is a serious crime. You don’t wanna go there sweetie. I got alot of proof about you. You are not so innocent.

  226. I reported him to aol as well as other people. He’s got more reports then alot of people. At one point. I had to flag a video of his on youtube it was a bit disturbing. He’s been reported for racial comments, harassment because he kept following different people onto posts & starting trouble by spreading lies about people & fighting with them. Somehow he starts to believe these lies that are posted. He’s had low ranked comments, reports, etc. Someone like him really has a bad rep & is knowen as an online troll we try to keep him off sites , chats, & posts. Even if we have to keep reporting him. He does not have many nice things too post .

  227. He accuses others of trolling. If you got one account & posting nice things & talking about the subject & Telling him to go or something. That’s not trolling . This guy gets things in his head I can’t explain too much. It really worries me he might be unstable.

  228. Freedom of speech is not a crime ! I forgot this guy don’t like when others type or speak just him. So he reports everyone on the internet or threatens too over some crap he gets in his head.

  229. Post by DSD February 13, 2010 (141 of 146)
    Sordidman you are a BALD-FACED LIAR! Please take you LIES elsewhere, they are not needed here. Here is the whole and complete truth about the Audio Asylum fiasco http://pro-sacd.lefora.com/2009/07/26/why-does-someone-leave-a-forum-that-is-about-a-sub/

    Your attacks are unjustified. I listen to everything I am exposed to and adequately test everything. NOTHING IS LEFT UNDONE!

    This guy is knowen as a person who lies on websits everyone knows. Only few falls in his traps.

  230. I got a feeling it is that sordidguy I been doing more homework on him. sordidguys is another account of his. I don’t see too many people under a name with sordid in it. Most has neat names or a bit odd. You all might wanna make sure & Look into him. If it is him infact I am 80 % sure….. Not 100 yet…. I maybe wrong… He & A few others troll blogs like billusa2000 what’s odd is him & Bill has same stuff. Both’s 50 and Use to follow each other at the same time in chats and onto posts. Maybe it’s him as well. He is wasting you’re time I am sure of. And he’s wearing out his welcome on websites & chats already.

  231. This person is knowen to tell lies on sites. Only few believe him. Many know not too fall into his trap. If it is him. We know for sure this man is a knowen troll on more sites with lies .

    Post by DSD February 13, 2010 (145 of 146)
    Bruce I try but Sordidman’s insults and outright lies cannot be left unchallenged for innocent people to read. I am shocked he is allowed to post anywhere on the internet.

  232. We know he’s unstable now. And he does iot for lol’z sometimes. He finds most stuff funny that 97 % of the world would not find so funny. You may need to check into this guy something is not right with him . And things just did not add up with him when he trolled sites left and right ! I believe he could be a person that’s been in trouble or even have a mental health record if you look him up. So I think he is lying to you all on people too gain attention. Only attention he needs is being locked up.

  233. He thinks he’s real smooth & Can’t be tracked with all the names he hides behind on the computer. He’s been told a few times the authorities will be contacted if you don’t stop harassment on people online. And they are smarter then you think they are. I believe this guy is just not a bully. He suffers from major issues.

    sordidguy, sordidguys, & He has more………. Most-like he will delete them though. He thinks he can play these cardfs & Go cry to you all each time people tell him to stop it. If it was a crime too stop trolls and call them one alot of us would be in lockup.

  234. He thinks he can play the cards I think… And no one believes him anymore. Calling somebody a troll is not a federal crime. He is wasting our time & The FBI’s I think…. He knows he has issues just does not admit it often. He’s been warned and stopped by a few people. We know he lies & trolls websites . Most statements he makes is harassment. He thinks that’s not a crime because he hides behind a computer he can do whatever he wants & Can’t be tracked. The harassment has not stopped i’m guessing. This person belongs in a cell.

  235. My post when I first left the Audio Asylum: Posted by on June 10, 2009 at 12:34:15
    I am leaving the Hi-Rez Highway as I love SACD too much and do not like the anti-SACD rhetoric
    Yesterday Chris Redmond, Sordiman and other trolls chased away MC-SACDs and I thought a lot about it overnight and MC-SACDs was correct in his reasons to leave. As of today I am leaving not only the Hi-Rez Highway but the entire Audio Asylum as I do not want to interact with any of these Internet bullies anymore.
    I cannot get the moderators involved every time, although Chris Garrett is usually quite helpful. But when I use the moderators these bullies claim I am trying to control content and crush any discussion. Their latest tactic is to misrepresent what I say, and to accuse me of things I do not and would never do. I have no choice but to respond in an attempt to clarify and save my well earned reputation.
    To Hiro I am sorry I am leaving too as that leaves you as the only remaining vocal opponent of the pro-CD trolls, agitators and anti-SACD propagandists. Hopefully once I am gone perhaps others will rise up and finally reveal these invaders for what they truly are.
    Happy Listening,
    My second post (now deleted) when I realized I had left one thing undone: A promise to Allen Wright – Posted by Analog and DSD lover (R) on June 24, 2009 at 16:15:11
    Attention Allen Wright, this is my new moniker and I will review your Terra Firma clock mod when it arrives.
    I recently got upset at five posters continuing time consuming attacks and quit the Audio Asylum. But I soon realized I promised to review your mod on the Hi-Rez Highway, Positive Feedback Online and my blog.
    To the would be attackers I will no longer discuss PCM (in any form) on this board, I will just avoid commenting on those threads. So before you bait me just read my moniker it says it all “Analog and DSD lover”. I’ve been watching and it looks like you have had to trouble picking on other people, so if you want me to stay after Allen Wight’s Terra Firma clock mod review play nice, OK?
    I would not have re-registered were it not for this promise to Allen Wright, which I am sorry I forgot about.

    I looked this guy up typed in his account sordidguy this on my thing & a few others accounts came up. So I believe it is him or these accounts would not pull up unless the computer might be making a slight mistake. Other then that He has been trolling and using harassment on people for a while & lying to get his way on sites for attention. I believe he has mental issues. These horrible statements are coming from just not a pure evil person but someone that needs help. We are talking about a 50 year old man who pulls this stuff if this is him.

  236. I can understand bullying in some ways. This guy attacks anybody & Is older. You would expect bullying mostly from teens. I believe this man is delusional. He believes things & Attacks you because of simple swtuff he gets in his head. Any adult I run across on a site attacking people I wonder if that person just might be unstable & Some do show. People need to be more careful & bWatch for signs on these people.He does not get to me anymore only a few times he has. These people keep allowing him too . I don’t . As I watched closer I relized we were dealing with someone unstable ! This has been going on for oh 2 maybe 3 yrs. maybe longer….. I don’t know how long he was messing with some people so it’s hard too tell. I wish you all luck. I hope all the info people gave including me has helped. I hope he’s looked into & Put behind bars or gets the help he needs. Buh-Bye 🙂

  237. UnknowenComic
    Real Name: UnknowenComic
    Location: I haven’t provided my location. Sorry!
    Member Since: January 19th, 2010
    Last Seen: February 24th, 2010 12:26 am
    Personal tag line: I am not creative enough to have written a personal tag line yet.
    Message board posts: 0
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    About UnknowenComic
    I have not yet written an ‘About Me’ because I am too busy reading Cracked articles.

    He comes on accuseing others of harassment when were actually taking him down and calling him out. He’s been stalking & using harassment on people & Even trolling on different accounts we think he could have been the one pretending to be the fbi one one at one point. He hit delete because we knew it was a fake. Because when I came back too check it was gone. He thinks trolling on names & accuseing others will do him good & He can’t be found. At one point I caught him pretending to be people he was not he calls it stalking because people knows i’s not him. He calls everyone an asscloown excuse my language. How old is he 5 ? I think he’s adult & an online preadtor even. He just attacks anybody who gets in his way or catches him trolling people & the site. He’s been reported dozens of times. Nothing’s been done. The only nut & ass clown I see is him. He’s the one who deletes his posts thinking he can’t be traced & You all won’t find what he has been doing. He’s on this site like almost everyday trolling it under people’s accounts etc. Comic? No He thinks he is in his mind. He’s just a nutjob who should be banned from writting on sites. He’s been warned about being reported. He keeps doing the stuff he does. So I am reporting him today too let you all know what this guy’s been doing. Trolls are unstable I noticed.


  238. He is the #1 knowen troll on the site ! I got a feeling it was him who was pretending too be the fbi after posting a little message he posted lol. He thinks he’s such a comic by stalking & using false names etc on people he’s not. It’s so sad too see how many unstable people we have. I live in a small state. And see more unstable people on the net then I see here in my whole state. He can accuse others all he wants we left him alone for days now he’s still rambling. I read it’s better to ignore & Let them get themself in trouble. So I am doing just that. He can talk too himself all he wants & He has at times to get attention. And some comments was not even towards him. So basically I knew this guy might have been nutty. Trolls are they know it & Wanna accuse other folks who’s pointing them out. He’s a knowen troll on the net. It’s sad he does not get it’s a crime pretending to be the fbi on a website. Once we said that . Stuff hit the fan he went off. So he’s just telling on himself slowly and talking to him self. You can watch for a week no one will be on & He could be posting too himself. This man is creepy. I posted too the site a few times & Told him like it was. But talking too myself? Heck no. I hope this person can be trackec down and arrested he’s just creepy.

  239. If you look at his page almost 2 months no friends on it? Everyone knows he’s a troll & unstable. They don’t wanna deal with some person like him on any website. They know he’s lying & Just plain crazy. He really has in his head he won’t be caught cause he’s hidden behind accounts & deletes others those won’t be found. He hides his iden. And goes on others like a coward cause I think a part of him knows he’s breaking the law.

  240. Trolls do lie & are unstable people. Sad part is everyone who looks up on them should also know they tell everyone they’l,l stop. They don’t. They troll more then one person they troll a few or alot even. It turns into stalking and harassment 90 % of the time . Some of these people turn out to be predators. That’s just a scary thought. I did not know much about them till I was around 15 because where I live we have low crime then oneday a friend of mine almost got snatched by one & in real-life and online both can turn ugly. From now on we just need too not feed them attention or get ugly with them. We just need too be reporting them. One’s who do stalk are knowen as a persistent troll . They don’t get anything through. They could be paranoid and delusional etc. That’s what this guy is as I watched his comments on there. He just needs serious help.

  241. No joke he’s been using harassment as his way by spreading lies and trolling on real-life people’s names. This unknowen comic is a knowen troll on cracked. He pretends to be law too celebrity people. He’s like a stalker that pushes buttons on people and it does no good. Because I just ignore him & his stuff he posts for attention. If I were a celb I would be even more worried this guy is disturbed. I am not scared of him . It worries me some nut like that is out there & Could be stalking law enforcement or celebrity people as well. So far he’s been trolling for months or people’s accounts also. I saw him I know it’s him pretend to be paris hilton on there. Kids believe that stuff adults should know better & Know we got some nut who’s just stalking people left and right. Celebrity people & The law did not expose him of trolling though. There were people who exposed comic as one. I just wonder if this person might be psycho.

  242. He could be the owner of the site. I am suprised some crazy /troll can run a website . They were told the fbi name was fake & it was a fderal crime. It is no longer on the site. They had hit delete on it. Unknowen comic is a knowen troll & Like I said I know it may have been him cause he does stupid stuff. Breaks the law on there each time.

  243. I am not being rude or mean. He was told it’s best if he just turned himself in. I ain’t picking on him or making him mad or trying. He really needs to think before he does the stuff he pulls which is stupid & could cost him prison time. Or he can turn himself in if it does not stop. Really if this is the owner of that site he thinks he can use harassment and bully people around without paying the price. I don’t think it may be him. I think it’s just some crazy. I seen comments this comic guy wrote back dating back to 09 . He’s been trolling the site & people for a year !!!!!!!!!!! Let’s hope it’s not the cracked owner cause if it is his site maybe pulled for good if he keeps it up. Like I said I don’t think it is but this comic guy pretends to be the different people. It’s like putting up with a sybil. I feel sorry for the people who had too put up with him last year. He thinks trash talking and trolling is funny. Really it’s not. It’s like an immature adult who needs to grow up & seek help. And these people and I may feel the same way he’s like dealing with a three year old with a potty mouth.

  244. last thing for you all just too let you know:

    The Unknown Comic is the stage name of Canadian-American actor and stand-up comic Murray Langston (born 1945, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada), …

    He pretends to be this person. We all know a person like her is not gonna harsse people over then net. Heck she could be passed. I don’t know. I have an aunt who’s a year older. I hope he does not think he’s the fbi or her or other celbs in his mind. As of now I can tell were dealing with a regulsr nutcase. He won’t give it a rest. If it’s been going on for a year & Most of his comments had a delete on them. He won’t stop. This guy has a sick, twisted, fantasy of pretending to be real-life people he’s not that’s scary ! He’s got a big obession for celbs. mostly & He sees no problem with the fact he’s stalking & trolling on people’s names on the site. I was reading more on this sordidguy another net troll people’s dealing with. He’s written on alot of celebrity things etc. There are a few same things in this/these trolls. So you all may really wanna look out etc. This person next we’ll here about him stalking a celb. in real-life if he’s not already.

  245. But anyway I found this guy comic guy has different accounts. Blocking some ip’s . He’s been harrseing & trolling people since 09 on the site and just made an account for good on the site a few months ago. If he thinks his comments are funny . They are not. He’s just made a few people mad and disgusted.He was warned a few times. He can delete his thing, stay offline. Or be arrested I don’t care it’s his choice. When I was reading old comments and ran across the fbi thing. His name & comments was on the same post. They’ll delete some comments . Most of his was I believe. I got a feeling since his name was on the very same post & He wrote alot of comments it could have been him pretending to be the authorities.I guess he was trying too scare people or be funny I don’t know. I remeber some he posted this is the fbi ha ha ha and a few other things. I hate when people go & Pretend to be our authorities online. They need to cut it out & grow up. I am smarter then he thinks . We know he’s a troll on the site & taking him down. And I also kno pretending to be law enforcement is not such a good idea. This guy is just crazy. He’s got like a bunch of accounts none are false. There real-life peolple’s accounts.

  246. is*. I hope these people on websites etc stop. Anybody who gets a call or e-mails etc they are not the real fbi. (ignore & report)

  247. sordidguy Was you not caught in lies & Told too stop trolling & attacking people on the net? We mean it stop. You’ve gone a bit far and we can’t ignore when somebody types on youtube those sluts should die.I don’t know who you are talking about. And may delete it like some comments. Each time you are caught you run or delete those comments off websites or tell more lies. No one should die ever. That’s just rude . You don’t even know anybody you are ranting at online. Do you know what you are doing is harassment? Each time you type up threats or rant out stuff like that it’s harassment. That’s not freedom of speech. It’s more like hate speechs. I don’t care how mad you get or whatever. We don’t need the drama and hate speechs sweetie. If you keep it up were gonna start reporting all the accounts you got & Make sure you lose them & Never allowed back on the net. If something makes you mad just ignore. You keep digging yourself into trouble & Making people a bit uneasy or outraged. I think this person is bipolar. One minute he’s nioe the next he snaps. He snaps more then being nice I think. Kid o. Start playing & being nice now. Ol saying if you have nothig nice to say don’t say anything at all? I think you were told that once or twice….. If you don’t like certain people leave them alone. They are not bothering you. If you keep bothering & bullying them around. They’ll do the same maybe. Each time you write mean comments on people’s blogs. That’s called flaming online. You are just trying too start fights like you do on aol & other sites. Stop. If you can’t then maybe the authorities needs too take action. I don’t like telling people too stop a bunch of times. Maybe once or a few more. If they keep it up I do report it online etc.

    SordidGuy (3 days ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam Reply Those fucking cunts need to die!!!

    Just keep those things too yourself please. Mean it or not. You don’t wanna think or wish it. People can be mean. You are just being as mean as they are. You need too ignore. And not troll or blog hate comments. You need too worry about yourself . Not worry about other people. The reason most people get after you is because of what you type online. It’s not very nice. Just don’t type if you don’t like. It’s simple. More you do type up nasty messages . You are gonna get yourself in trouble. I already tryed taking action. Youtube allows people too make new accounts & They give a little warning sometimes. They just don’t care anymore & Let people run wild on the website.

    All you want is re-actions. Sometimes you get them. Really if you can not ignore it. You are gonna get yourself into more trouble. I seen more mean-bullying messages out of you then nice. You did say you would stop. Then 5 minutes later you come back and rant. You lie ! No one can believe a thing out of you.

  248. It’s like this if rednecks know what they are doing & Choose to say stuff or race big rigs on a video. That’s fine. They don’t need somebody calling them idiots each time they say something or have fun. You think alot of people are idiots. Reality is. You don’t know anyone you are ranting at online. Chill out. I can’t see that happening anytime soon ! I hope you do one of these days. No one’s bothering you people’s just telling you too lay off & stop or even the ignore thing works every now & then. People’s got the right too speak to a certain point. You do as well. When it comes to cussing people out & bullying then you crossed the line. You have many times for what? 2 yrs now? You just can’t ignore? Please you need too ignore if you don’t like the way people act. Don’t be bullying them or causing trouble on webpages by trolling etc.

  249. I looked up info on him. He infact has a few accounts. sordidguy, sordidguys, and even sordidman. Maybe more. Anybody who goes on so many accounts is knowen as a troll or has something to hide. When I looked up his first account all these pages came up. And some of these accounts he’s written on. Wanna lie to people & the authorities on people anymore? Nice try though. This guy has major problems. He gets mad and makes his little nasty comments and comebacks online. Thing is a few people’s caught you up in stuff. I looked up information. You are just wasting people’s time . So you can’t accuse others of trolling & doing stuff. No one is gonna believe you if you keep crying & telling on people because they tell you like it is. It’s not a crime too catch & blame someone for trolling & stuff. Sorry if it was or is I better look at laws again…. Last time I checked it was not against any law. Sweetie don’t even try too accuse me like you do with most people on everything. Cause I have one e-mail I use. (not trolling). This guy hides his ip’s so he can’t be tracked & have his ip’s reported. I am certain no matter how much you hide they can be tracked by the fbi and-or police & A few people that’s real good with computers and can track those ip’s with some stuff. I think a part of him knows it’s wrong. At the same time this has been going on for a long time & He does tend to lie and mix stuff up on websites. He accuses people of weird/false things. I believe he has some problems. So far it looks like a few people’s caught him in things. I don’t have anything to hide. So why hide my ip? Most trolls like him do go on for months even years and block there ip’s cause in there mind they think they can’t be found & arrested. They got this sick fantasy in there minds they can do what they want without facing some kind of punishment. He is knowen to make up stories and stuff on people on websites. So I wanted to let you all know this. He can say it’s not him. I typed in his accounts people know him as and even one at one point and the most of the one’s he goes on poped up. So trolls play cry wolf with alot of people no one believes them & won’t because more info comes out on them slowly. These people suffer from some horrible things. They say they don’t. Really they suffer from different mental issues. And we can call you a troll as long as we want. It’s the truth. It’s not a crime too warn others about trolls who are causing trouble like you. I don’t pay much attention anymore. Anytime I see them bothering a number of people. I will report it. I only know one sordidguy who uses aol and 1 or 2 on youtube. Nice try though. We know it’s you. I don’t fall for that harassment & bullying stuff. Esp. when it’s someone with the same name or something the same in each account I know it’s the same person. No one different. Maybe people need to start watching more close instead of ranting at trolls or other people online over it. And I do watch close. reason is to report each time a troll goes around starting stuff on people’s things. That’s how I know too catch these trolls they always put the same thing in each of there accounts like a few letters or numbers & say the same thing over & over like a robot or rant for hours at a time on sites like somebody who’s on drugs. I been watching him close sometimes on sites & Writting things down because he’s a knowen troll also. The worst one I seen in a long time though. People catch him up in lies and trolling & harassment… It’s late for telling on others. Because we have nothing to hide. Only thing we done was call you out on trolling or told you too stop or report you. You can’t report people for calling you out or reporting you. It’s not a crime. 🙂 Sorry.

  250. Trolls think this is funny & stuff is a big game. It’s not. These people maybe ill. They are not real bright also. They seem to think they can’t be found. You are so wrong.

  251. SordidGuy only person who’s scared is you. You harsse people online but can’t face jail or turn yourself in for the actions. You know many people are after you. So better stop & pipe down or you’ll be in more trouble. I know for a fact you are not a scammer. You just are a person who needs help. You think others do & tell on them or make false reports online when people call you out. Calling someone out is not a federal crime. There were no threats made. So you can’t snitch on everyone who calls you out for trolling websites & pages. Actually what you do is crimes. You better wake up & Snap into the real-world. Check our laws harassment- stalking- false reports. Anytime you report people online for stuff you get in your head or something false you just are actually geting yourself in trouble. No one else. And sweetie I don’t see anyone scared of the law but you. Each time people call you out you go & Tell on everyone. I deal with it when I can. 99 % of the time I can. You can’t be trusted. People know you as a troll-tell on everyone type of person when you don’t get your way or like something you troll & make up false reports on people. You got 3 choices. Grow up, Get help, Or face prison in the future. You don’t wanna be in prison. Stop crying out for attenton. (ignore people) ! You don’t. You just troll or start up stuff to add too the fire. You are what? 50 yrs of age? Same age as my daddy he don’t pull that stuff & has people hating him & reporting him daily online & low ranking his stuff. So maybe you need too look at what you are doing. If you keep it up you’ll just face prison in the future. Laugh all you want like you do with most things. Prison is not a joke or funny. You gonna be laughing & snitching if the fbi ever comes knocking at your door? No. I really doubt it. You’ll be a different person. Too you guys I think he just does not even get stuff through too often. Few times he has . He’s been reported many times on sites. And blogged as a knowen online troll. And caught in many lies. What’s he gonna do when you all & the police & online services stop believing? That’s what’s gonna happen if he keeps crying too people over people sitting him in his place orhim on ignore . By now not many do believe him. Cause everytime people ignore or tell him like it is he threatens or reports them (false reports) If he is 50 he needs to act like a man not a ten year old child & reporting everyone. Just leave & Ignore. He wants too leave rude comments (trolling) The police might be laughing anyway or he does not even report he’s too scared & Both ways can get you into serious trouble still. You don’t wanna be threating people online. I don’t think it would be smart . Knowing you by now you’ed get mouthy with authorities. So I just wanna let the authorities. know the true-tru you. He accuses others of stuff that could be happening. Alot of it don’t He just gets it in his head 97% of the time. And starts going off & snitching on everybody. He lets them know sometimes. I would call him a crazy- pathological liar . He’s that type of person. Nothing good comes out of him. I think he may suffer from mental illnesses like delusional type of stuff. Because people catch him up in lying alot . When you keep lying that’s just false-fantasy stuff. He follows people on websites rambling and stuff. Biggest thing is where I come from people would really worry & contact the authorities on someone like that. They wouldn’t know what too think except what in the world? And call and/or report. I pay no attention too him anymore. Biggest & Bad thing is few people do pay attention to him & other trolls. They just gotta ignore. If they don’t go away then report it online and even too authorities if it gets out of hand. I checked laws & Know them well. He don’t & Needs too check them out before he digs himself a hole more deep with people.

  252. The lies he makes up mostly is attacking people in them. So keep laughing up. No one else is. One of these days you won’t be laughing. Thinking breaking the law is funny? It’s not s-guy. You won’t be laughing when you are cuffed & going to prison for a few yrs. So think before you attack people online.

  253. Trolls are Mentally Ill Respone to Battim

    DappyMilk (2 weeks ago) Show Hide

    Updownmostly, I will sneak into your house, eat all pickles you have in the house, then jack off on your face and set your house on fire.

    this guy -troll is making threats and you can find him on the trolls are mentally ill video. I sent it up top. And I do try too take some serious others maybe not so much. You just never know . Seems they get more mad that we know & report them. I hope everyone sees my point of view a little. These types of people are mental. They are not rude in any type of form. They suffer from illnesses. And real illnesses. We need to watch & take action with these types of people.

    Soccargawd (2 weeks ago) Show Hide

    check into him if you can. He’s been leaving some very nasty comments on alot of people’s pages. (bullying) Thanks too him he’s a made a video of himself so you all will know what he looks like.

  254. DappyMilk’s Channel2 weeks ago) Show Hide Marked as spam Reply Updownmostly, I will sneak into your house, eat all pickles you have in the house, then jack off on your face and set your house on fire.

    threats on youtube etc. Claims he’s muslim. He may not be though. Most people claim stuff online are not what they say. He’s got a video that has some things in it. This guy may need looked into. By his comments & videos he could be a terroist. He’s making threats and people may not fear because he’s a troll but I would no matter if he was serious or not. You never know.

    Soccargawd’s Channel bullying messages too alot of people on youtube if u can please take a look into both. (troll made a video of himself luckly)
    So you all will know about him more & what he looks like. I got a feeling he was bullied. So he must bully everyone on youtube .

  255. There is a person/troll who’s been stalking & using harassment/bullying people for months on this website. I noticed he blogs too himself like talking too himself when these people are not even on sometimes. I hate to see what goes on in this person’s head. Most of his comments may have got a delete on them because the site found them . I just noticed & called him out on trolling almost two months ago. And he still rants too himself like a crazy & He’s going at it again. He was told if he kept it up he would be reported for people’s safety. He still is keeping this up. I hope you all can track his ip’s he done been warned & Told that once he’s reported he could be on the list & looked into. He thinks it’s just a big joke & He won’t be tracked down & You all won’t do anything. I think if police or you all come knocking he won’t be so tough . Most people online like him aren’t they cry or get scared very easy because they have no computer too talk trash & relize certain stuff is a crime & People will not put up with it. I know how it works with these types of people. He’s mentally ill alright. I don’t let it get too me. No one shouldn’t. Because these people ‘s minds are so different. You don’t know what goes on. By looking at this guy for months I can say he has issues. You can find him on this site which site has the most stupidest commenters on the web? By a chris guy.

    This person has been acting up & pretending to be people as well as trolling everyone & stalking them on the site. Since he lives in a fantasy world where he can trash people on the web & Not too anybody’s face. I just wanna say he’s wrong. Were in the right. Now he’s been reported maybe he needs taught a lesson. Anyone who goes on for months at a time and 95 % of the time chatting with themself that’s serious stuff and signs too be looking out for. And anyone authroties or people that goes on this site really needs too watch. This person stalks users & trying to get under there skin by lies he gets in his mind so he can chase them away. In his mind he thinks he owns the site & can do whatever he wants. Kid or adult no one like him should be doing that stuff. They just proved too the site & me & a few others how sick they are & too watch for them.

  256. Fighting with him & Telling him people’s just wasting there time. Just report him. People like him freak me out a bit. Most of the time they get untrue things in there mind like him. Other times they won’t explain why they stalk people . Sometimes they say it’s for fun. I think really? Cause alot of us in this world don’t. It’s not normal. I think this person needs a wake up call & Needs too learn he don’t mess with people. Cause when we say we’ll report you. We mean it. I hope if he’s caught. He seeks the mental help he needs. By the looks of him bigglestheman & other names he has. He’s not fooling anyone just himself. And he just screwed his own life up. He can’t blame others for it like he blames people on there for stuff that he gets in his head. Sad … Don’t do it ! Not unless you wanna go to jail. One of these days he will & It might be a reality check for him that what he’s doing is against the law.

  257. He can call everyone stupid & laugh at you all & everyone. The real truth is he’s the dumb person . he don’t see it. People like him are not very well educated on certain things. That’s because they don’t live in the real-world they believe then net & stuff on the net is the real stuff & real world sometimes. He won’t laugh in the fbi’s faces in real life or people he’s ranting at on the website. If he does then it just goes too show you how cold & sick this person is. For all we know he could be an online predator. I don’t think he would dare laugh or call names to authorities. Not unless he wants too be crying over hearing how long he will get & other info that’s on him. 🙂 If he does he’s not very smart and respectful enough. I do believe in my heart him & these type of people who do this and don’t stop. Needs some type of mental help. Being mean & rude too people like him is not the answer. I got that long ago. I relized the best thing was too ignore & report if they don’t stop.

  258. Psycho Trolls: These trolls have an unconscious psychological need to feel good by making others feel bad. Such people may use their real names on the internet, and they may not even realise that they are “trolling”.

    That guy on the site reminds me of this type of person here. The psycho .

  259. Did some looking into this guys posts before? If so. It turns out that the people this guy claims are stalking him are in reality the people are being stalked by him on the cracked site. Stalkers are sick people. I can’t believe this guy gets a thrill from it. He may wanna delete himself or face stuff for his actions if he don’t delete his stuff and stop this madness he will be put in prison in the future where he belongs. He’ll have more fear because he will have no computer too hide behind & stalk people. He’s not even the owner so why bother & acting like he owns the site? It makes me sick too my stomach this guy’s been trolling & stalking for months. Not many people will go away because he tells them so. He has no right or say too. We visit the site we need too let him know go or face stuff for his actions . As of now I am glad people know about him & others out there. They know not too add or talk too people like him when visiting the website. He don’t get when you keep bothering people for months at a time it’s just not sort of bullying. It’s stalking. He sees it funny & not stalking . I don’t. We & cracked are dealing with someone who may not go away. I don’t even fight with him anymore cause he’s crazy . Only way too stop him was by reporting him too the site & You all. The site still allows him back on. Look who’s on cracked & made it. A bunch of crazies. He really thinks he can outsmart people and the authorities he’s done made that clear in many ways. I know for a fact he can’t outsmart anybody. Maybe in his mind he thinks so. And people just need too let him get in trouble. He knows he is by now i’m sure. Trolls and Stalkers get’s thrills and untrue things built up. People just need to take a stand. Even if they have mental problems. They can’t fool no one but them self. They live in fantasy worlds.

  260. I visited the site a few times. No more will I. It’s like dealing with crazies and 3 year olds. I believe there are more crazies then immature folks. Really I fear for kids cause this guy could or will be stalking them in the future on it. It’s like he can’t take stop you been reported cause he still makes his little lies up & he’s the only one allowed on the site. Really he does act sort of like a kid who’s had his candy taken away long ago & Takes it out on people. People can’t talk without him following & stalking or others fighting with you too get a kick. Sites like that need pulled or much strict rules. He was warned masny times. Does not get it still. So he deserves too be reported. I don’t play or play games. People like him waste my time as well as others. When I do & say something. I do it.

  261. Real Name: Bigglestheman
    Location: USA
    Member Since: February 23rd, 2010
    Last Seen: February 26th, 2010 9:23 pm
    Personal tag line: I am not creative enough to have written a personal tag line yet.
    Message board posts: 0

    This guy seems to delete each page and makes a new one when he’s reported too something. So letting everyone know be careful. Same postings at the 1ast guy that was reported. It’s him for sure. 100 %. Stalkers-Trolls are not smartest people in the world.

  262. They are way more than trolls.
    They are being discussed in other places.
    I read where they share:

    real name
    phone number
    employment location
    childrens names
    spouses name
    the local parks you may play at
    stores you may shop at
    then they drive and check on you
    if they don’t like what they see they call authorities

    They simply go all over the web choosing their victims, then they go in for the kill.

    Sounds like stalkers….. Some trolls can turn out as stalkers.

    Thought I would send this information to people & the fbi maybe they can post it up if they like. So people can be more careful & keep an eye out on any troll or trolls that they have an issue with.

  263. In other terms they waste the authorities time when people are not breaking the law. Simply speaking -Freedom of speech no point of breaking any law.

    sordidguy a.k.a. sordidguys other accounts ! He is knowen to waste youtube & aol’s time. Also the authorities time alot. He’s threatend people in the past & So on about bringing the authorities in all because they tell him stop stalking or trolling on blogs or quit lying so much. He may still rant out of making false reports trying to scare people. Thing is don’t let them scare you. They don’t scare me a bit. They know no one believes them. If saying stop is a crime then cuff me. Other wise this person needs cuffed sooner or later . He hides his ip’s someone can find him as well as these other trolls & bring them in & have them locked up. I think he’s chilled out a little. It won’t last.

  264. Just to let you all know. There are ways of trapping people ! I believe this is the sordidguy who’s known to troll & spew hatered -troll people online. We believe he goes by billusa2000 . You all know he lies . Everyone knows he lies. He seems to think that he can keep on lying & harassing people on websites. Somehow these two accounts are always on sites making some re-marks that are nasty ! Racial etc. Very few nice things can come out but not alot . They think harassing people is funny. Each time people are on. They’ll follow them or find sites make believe stuff in there head. I always wished I worked in some law enforcement. You may wanna check out the ledger internet trolls attack unspecting victims . When people post about these people or give accounts. They are like bait they come along & get trapped . Ways they do is by us writting about them. They can play games & stuff. And find bait. It’s late to find bait. They are our bait & they maybe the fbi’s soon. I know not many of us find racist comments, or throwing hatered comments-harassing is funny. Bill & mr. sordidguy whoever else he is can play victim. After a few years it got old. No one believes a word so far. They were asked to stop & been reported. They still do it and can go on any account on the internet and be allowed on. They or should I say him were -was told that this could even be stalking if you keep on bothering people . I am not making fun this guy seems not to relize what he does is wrong & that he’s trolling websites harassing people. Even though we tell him over and over. I don’t know his ip’s. He blocks them. You can contact aol. They may & can give them to you. Because he needs to know this is some-what of a crime & he can’t get by with whatever he wants online. he’s made threats & some postings that any parent or any normal person would need to worry about. I just wanted to let you all know. I tend to trap trolls with no threats though. Easy ways. He got caught.

  265. Here’s a tip billyeats is beside one account he uses on a website sordidman . Billusa and him have alot in common. That’s because they maybe the same person. And I am bout 90 % sure. A few sites he was caught up in lying. So no one can trust him now. I wanted to post this. So each time he whines & reports people. No one will believe him because of all the lying he does & posts online.

  266. And I will say this. My last posting for today this person is infact unstable & looks up or asks alot of information about people & places that kinda worries me a person would wanna or try to find so much info on alot of places. A few I can understand. I doubt he’s going anywhere. He stays online alot.

  267. 8582440444
    Leave your report for 858-244-0444 and help identify the owner of this phone number

    This website has an attacker/stalker. Most comments may have been deleated. They been giving out phone numbers & Looking up info & stalking people they go by names stacy dee etc. I know you all can track there ip’s if people can’t. I thought I would send this too you & Let you know. And Let people know too be on alert thete is a known stalker -scammer on the number site. This person is giving out real information they found on people. The site rufuses & Will not delete this crazy person. They pretend to be different people. Clearly this person is a nutjob who has no life .

  268. They are not unknown. If I were them. I would give myself up & stop. I guess they can’t. They were told they can be tracked & They have been reported they are not taking it too serious. They will when you all show up with handcuffs too put on them & Even see they are on on websites & this one. They can’t hide. It’s out there.

  269. http://www.myspace.com/528370864 Jermey (Jermey fry) 19 / Male
    US Status: Single Zodiac Sign: Cancer

    We got a big issue as myspacer’s tonight. Sorry guys. Many people he’s sending friend requests too. Got one & denying it in a minute. Kept it for now so I could get his info and post it. This guy has nude pictures & looks like a child predator. Some people on his page look so young & underage. I know there are many out there. This was so shocking to me to see something so disgusting. And it’s the first time I got something like this. This person is one twisted guy. I got grossed out by this. It’s just sick.

  270. joshl49’s Channel

    Country: United States

    Occupation:Full-time SKINHEAD 14/88 baby

    Hobbies:I like to beat up non-Whites. Also interested in serial killers, violence, guns, drugs, homicide, White Pride, being a SKINHEAD, rock music

    Believed too be a real kkk member on the website youtube. I know there are many roaming around on the web thinking they can get by with this stuff & hide & even spew hate comments . It is messed up and very sad too see how twisted & evil these people are. He is admitting to hate crimes. How dumb some people are. Some people on the other hand fake it and are not real members of any group like that. I believe this guy maybe a real kkk member .

  271. sordidguy I hate to break it to you . Sir if you still come on here. I wanted to post this. You are not 100 % innocent either. Alot of people has caught you up in stuff & lies through the years online & reported you left & right. You are known to troll sites & posts online & bully people & start fights . I think the FBI does need to know your past. So playing mr. innocent does no good anymore. Few believe you alot don’t. You can believe what you choose to believe most stuff he does believe is false beliefs. False reports on people can actually put you in jail as well as trying to bully people and one of these days you will be caught up in more stuff & Put yourself in jail for it. You need to ignore if you don’t like people or what they post. Not use harassment or bully etc. Not trying to start a fight. I do think the authorities needs to know. So next time you waste internet service people’s time or them. They won’t believe it either & They shouldn’t. You can’t turn in people for posting you are a troll & Letting you know what you do post can get you in trouble. So those little threats & lies does no good. People aren’t scared. You accuse everyone of stuff. When actually you are doing it. That’s why people’s fed up with it & Posted you up on sites as a known troll. You think you are not trolling. truth is you do. Do you know how many of us would be locked up for posting about people who troll our blogs or websites if it was a crime? Alot. As long as there are no threats invloved it’s not a crime . If people say why are you lying? Or low ranks you or even reports you. It’s not good. So I think you just need to slow down & stop crying to the authorities when people write comments back or calls you out for trolling. You do like to start trouble yourself. I seen you start fights & troll blogs in the past for many hours at a time.

  272. I thought I would let you all know this in the past this guy’s blamed people for so much crap stalked & harassed them on many accounts. He does accuse others of stuff. Reality he’s doing it. billusa2000 might be another account of his because at the same time alot of times these two accounts come on sites at the same time and he’s the same age . He thinks it’s funny & a big game & posted lol before when we threatend to report him to you all. So he thinks you guys & everyone is a big joke & won’t do a thing about him. Everytime people report him or say something back he flames & harsses people more. I can say at least I seen a list of 20 + people he’s said mean things to & bullied around. This person is 51 yrs of age and a nut case. He knows no one believes him & trys to ignore him. When they do he posts more and more stuff for a while. Then when people post back sometimes he crys about it & reports them & says stuff back. I guess he expects people to just be downright friendly when he’s posting rude comments is my guess. About 90 % of us are not friendly about mean comments though lol esp. when you keep doing it over and over. This guy has been going at it way long with people. When you agree with other racists or are one & bully people you don’t know. It makes you look bad. Anyway some peoiple delete his comments. Others ignore it. Some say stuff back. He still trolls websites with his hate sometimes. He’s only doing it to get back for being reported by people in the past. He shouldn’t break the law sordidguy a.k.a. billusa2000 both are believed to be the same guy. He can kdeep on spewing his hate. If I was him I would stop now before I got myself arrested. He attacks people becausew they know he’s a troll and points it out. I think this guy might just be a crazy. And this stuff is crazy and crappy because it’s like 5th grade crap. It gets old.

  273. Well sordidguy even though you get mad. Truth is you broke laws. Not anyone else. You keep doing it. Did you think you were not gonna get reports on you? Anytime someone becomes a threat to people or even a pain. I do report them and make sure they don’t do it again . No matter how long it takes. Some people out there are just like me. Throw your little tempers all you want. Harassment illegal. Bullying it can become illegal at certain times. Esp. when it turns ugly. Grow up man.

  274. I can see why people can’t stand his comments and want him booted offline & locked up . Look at what comments he types on posts & people’s sites. I would call that trolling. He may not go on his accounts all the time. There are times when he does troll. Even going on one account & attacking people for being different that’s bullying/trolling.

    sordidguy: Duey is trig palin smarter then you? and he is a retard

    sordidguy: It’s funny country people can’t see he’s a flamer

    I am sure there is more you might find. One comment made me wonder a bit. It can be true or not true. Somebody informed on a site that he could have A parole officer.

  275. You all may wanna checck out FL. law that’s where he says he’s from. If true then you have the right guy and his parole officer could get him if he has one. Then he is breaking probation by doing things he’s not supposed to. 51 yrs of age says his name is Michael is all I have for right now and seen on lists of sites he’s written on. And by the way it’s legal he can’t say it’s illegal cause actually he’s broken the law. So they need to know info on him or any other person who breaks the any law so they can put a stop to it.

  276. New Scam e-mail : I got it sent three times today ! Will not open anything I don’t know. It’s about people’s taxes and things about taxes it is a scam. Please let everyone if they get this do not reply. This is new to me because I never got this in my mail till earlier. It has reply@taxact and other letters in it . Because they are not gonna send out e-mails to people they don’t know and ask for info or will let you know stuff. You don’t deal with anybody who does taxes in e-mails or gives you info because it is a scam.

  277. Osama Bin Ladenwww.myspace.com/528616602 Send Message
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    I love potstickers…
    Posted at 10:59 PM Apr 7

    view more

    View My: PhotosGiftsOsama Bin Laden
    53 / Male
    Los Angele, Shhh, IQ
    Last Login: 4/14/2010


    This guy just thinks it’s a big joke to pretend to be osama bin laden online and scare people through stuff saying add me american’s etc. and pretending to be him . He’s a nut ! No one is gonna add him knowing he’s gonna scare people. If people ever worship or pretend to be these sick freaks something is wrong !!!!!!!!!! I think he’s just a troll going around starting stuff online and not seem to relize what he’s doing and he could scare people.

  278. Hello,I wanted to let you all know sordidguy has been reported to a lot of websites and authorities like you all. I myself have reported him dozens of times online. They allow him back on. All though since people’s reported him to authorities he could be watched or have warrants out. Next step is to report to authorities for all if they keep doing the same things they are not allowed as terms of service on sites and even breaks laws they need reported. I really don’t think this guy understands what he does is wrong sometimes.He goes on sites and blogs harassing and trolling people. When they say something back or report him. He goes and makes up false statements on people. They know it and know him well by now. As the old saying is you can run but can’t hide. That would be a good old saying for many people out there. I don’t think people are playing around either. He was reported on youtube and aol. I would hate to even see a total of reports on him. He sees as scaring people or trying to drive them crazy he can get under there skin really easy. He has made threats , stalked, and trolled people. Everything he’s done so far on websites is a crime. Even on the net you can not do that stuff.sites and blogs harassing and trolling people. When they say something back or report him. He goes and makes up false statements on people so no one believes him and can’t. He does troll-flame websites starting fights then when people are on him he starts stuff more to the point where he starts harassing people. I am old for this stuff myself. If you can’t go on a site without that one troll fighting with people . Not a good thing. That’s why I stay off a lot of them for a long time and only go when needed. If you don’t think going on different accounts and name calling and harassment on blogs is trolling. Fact: It is ! This is like dealing with a 2nd grade group sometimes. People are not playing with you on sites. This has been going on for a long time with you and a few other trolls that you have attack people on things. Now if you wanna go and say everyone’s in a troll group and keep on lying more. I’ll send the fbi all the stuff you typed up on sites I been onto and seen you on. And i’ll give them names of every person you messed with online also . Enough would be a good work ! Sometimes no one says a word to you. You end up saying alot that you shouldn’t. They should know about some people. They have every right to know what you say and do. Because it’s been going for a few years. Just not days, or even a week.

  279. Blog says troll cats woman calls herself spookie. She claimed she had a stalker. There is no proof. I read the comments and stuff from this woman she has been harassing people on her blogs and possibly she is delusional. She has false beliefs of things. And everyone’s stalking her. This woman though by reading her sites and postings. She’s a nutcase. I don’t see anyone or any signs of someone stalking her. She made one blog to poke fun of online stalking and trolling. Something tells me something is wrong with her she could be the one who is tr9lling and stalking people on her blogs. she has a child’s mind. Not adults. All though she says she is an adult. Never have I seen one person who was stalked make fun and bully around users on there blog. I don’t see any kind of stalking as a joke. I do believe she is a net troll who just made up this stuff about having a stalker so she could catch people in her blog and start fights -troll them. Stalkers are lol trollcat Fri, Aug 21, 2009 is the blog.

  280. Everytime people has posted it’s not funny. If you have a stalker swhy bother flaming back? She does not understand what she’s doing to people on her blogs is wrong. I reported one blog she had due to stuff on it. It was very scary. And shows she’s unstable. Anyone who posts a fake book called collared douche and other one’s that’s such ugly stuff. It shows me she is an online troll who made up this site up to gain attention from adults and kids. Or just very unstable. She had that type of stuff and pictures posted up on one blog. She just does not answer anything people asks etc. She harsses users. I think this person is unstable. And should have her blogs banned and her jailed to teach a lesson. I have not seen any signs of someone stalking her on any blog. She’s just making false claims I believe.

  281. Just to let you all know . Do not worry. sordidguys this person has people watching him now more carefully and he has been reported to a few authority sites for making false reports, trolling , and harassment on pages. Even through the years he’s pushed people’s buttons and limitis which just caused him to be reported more. They have enough proof and copies of what he’s done. Especially net services. So if he goes and pulls his little kiddie stuff. They’ll just ignore it. I know for a fact AOL watches you when you post. So they do have everything he’s posted to people through the years. They know he trolls. I contacted FL law and let them know. I don’t know what they’ll do next. But they do have him in there computer. So it’s up to them what they wanna do next with him.

  282. Sad but very true. People always get themself caught up in things. And sordidguy as for you. Many people caught you up in some things and lies online. They found out the truth on there own. If you was not trolling and writting evil comments out. People wouldn’t have a problem with you or others out there who do he same thing. When a person keeps on doing it. Then it becomes a major issue and people know right then something is not right. You don’t agree with anybody on sites. You bash and disagree and become very outraged with all types of people. Then start trolling and posting uncalled for messages up. Later on in life people will find out stuff about people. Including people like you. Now days all we have to do is search up on the person and see what’s going on. It’s just not trolling . It’s you and any other person out there who says stuff you shouldn’t. When you start bullying and harassment it on so many sites and posts. It becomes a big issue then. You always go and whine to other people. Reason you are being reported by people and told go away or they fight is because they don’t want that stuff on there pages period. After so many reports some sites delete the stuff and people can also if it’s on there page . And many people and sites did delete stuff you posted on. When you come on a page with different accounts and -or fight with people on every topic and start bullying them around. That’s trolling !

  283. Hey guys just wanted to let you know and as you do know i’m sure sordidguy through years online he’s threatend, & trolled people . He makes out false reports. When people confront him he reports them which bascially what he’s doing is false reports on them. No one threatens him or bullies. They will confront him about what he does. So if he wants to target people and make false reports. He just will get himself in more trouble I guess. Some people has not bothered him in a while. You all may need to let him know what happens when you make out false info and false reports on people online. Some has told him what can happen he posted lol he seems not to believe it’s a crime. Each time we confront him. He threatens to make up a report or stars trolling.

  284. Just because we tell him were gonna report him and confront does not mean he can do what he does which is making up false things. If you don’t believe it’s a crime of what you are doing. Maybe the authorities can let you know what happens . If there are no threats involved you can’t report people. So actually everything you’ve done was a crime. The police and fbi is a bit more smarter then you think.

  285. It’s sad how people like him think in there mind they can outbeat anyone. The truth is. You just got caught up in stuff by alot of people online the last few months. So you need to stop pushing people’s buttons & threating. What’s gonna happen is the police & fbi will end up catching you oneday. No one else. You just wasted the police and fbi’s time with stuff. If you don’t believe what you are doing is crimes. You don’t know laws very well.

  286. I am a friend of one of the people he’s attacked on a few posts on sites . This guy can play innocent all he wants. Truth be told in someways and things he says can only come out of a racist or bully’s mouth. I never seen so much foul stuff from a person. Going around calling people fat or making fun of there hair or skin color is so innaportiate. Even on websites or posts it’s the wrong place to act that way. People jump on this guy because of the stuff he posts. I am using my friends computer. I just wanted to let ya’ll know he’s a troll and very rude and some of the things he posts. That’s why people go off on him aand report. What gives you the right to judge people of how they look? It don’t. What you do post is hate crimes. There are times where people hated child predators . And you would say mean things to them about that subject like you agree with these kind of people. So I do think the police and fbi needs to know about these things. So don’t go around and act like your all innocent. Truth is you are not. Many people know that. It makes me wonder if this guy just may not be all hateful. Something else could be up with him and he won’t tell people because he knows he’s already asking for trouble and to get into it more and more. Sorry if I done posted this. I’m tired. I am using my friend’s computer . Thought I would let you all know about this guy.

  287. Police have proof that you filed a False Reports on people. Then they will issue a warrent for your arrrest. You will go to jail most-like. From what I know & see many people states you do have a parole officer sordidguy. If true. That means you are hiding. I contacted the law where he lives and sent information I know. So if he’s in trouble then they’ll look for him. If not. Then they will be coming for you sooner or later. Either way. Alot of things you done. Was the law. People won’t put up with it even online.

  288. sordidguy , Yes everyone knows you tend to lie and try to get everyone to report each other online. (false reports on sites) You post out stuff to get people in trouble. When actually any kind of false report even on sites. It could get you in trouble. By posting up stuff that’s untrue you could be geting innocent people into trouble for nothing ! So you better think. If you don’t know the truth or info on anybody. Don’t post. It’s a bit late for that anyway. You got yourself caught and in trouble. You need to read the story of crywolf.

  289. KKK Info
    Posted in the Logan wv Forum

    185 comnments

    topix :

    Postings with threats to hang people and more.

    I ran across this. Wanted to let you all know they should be ashamed of themself. I do know some parts of southern states still has there share of racism. Not alot. It ‘s sad they go on the net and do it now days like cowards. You just never know if they mean it or not sometimes. I think it’s best to report it to safe some people. Just incase they are up to no good.

  290. Hangman
    Williamson, WV
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    |Report Abuse |Judge it! |#1 Monday Apr 26
    Yo yo yo this is a shout out to all of you snoop blacky blacks.. Yall better watch out cause hangman is comin for ya.

    Here is a posting.

  291. 44 Boy
    from Delbarton, WV says:

    We got the KKK and the Aryan Brotherhood so just bring it on

    If you all need help in stopping this person. You can put it out. Alot of people in this world wanna stop people like this. He has made threats and fought with even his own race on the topix site. He’s just a known troll but also could be serious. Anybody who makes threats. Well then I get mad . These people are crazy and angry at the whole world. Alot of people could help you all find people like this i’m sure.

  292. By reading what this guy posts. He lies. Posing as you all ain’t funny. Neither is being not very bright or writting nasty comments and then being called a troll or perv by a few people. I caught him up in lying and posing as you all on the site.

  293. By reading what this guy posts. He lies. Posing as you all ain’t funny. Neither is being not very bright or writting nasty comments and then being called a troll or perv by a few people. I caught him up in lying and posing as you all on this site.

  294. slander /racism/bullying/harassment. This guy is in a known troll group on topix. He’s had many posts pulled because of being in terms of service on topix he broke the rules so they pulled his things. I don’t know who this guy thinks he is or who he is . I did have a friend who’s an officer talk to him. He’s not taking things serious. He has threatend people in the past on it and now. He say’s he was a racist then says he’s not. Yet he was on a kkk post making threats and nasty comments. He lies alot. He starts post on people to seek attention. There is a woman soccer mom of 3 I seen on one of his posts. She’s buddies with him . I believe she’s a troll as well as this kentucky person. It’s pretty sad these people make the south look really bad. and people without knowing any facts or much proof. He goes by the name jlo he’s from kermit wv . He’s on logan posts. Just because people watch him and call him out on trolling and report him . It does not make them to bad or stalking etc. as he thinks. He gets stuff in his mind then it clicks that button. He believes it as much as people say he’s full of it. It’s not true. He’s runing himself. No one else. He can try. It’s not working. Many don’t believe him. He’s on a troll watch list. There are a few on topix things. He’s gotten bad to the point where we had to watch and report him. My friend has told me or anybody to contact the wv state police if he got out of hand and the other’s as well. I won’t go on topix much because of this stuff. It’s like a site for the insane people. He’s done been told he would be reported to law and you you guys. He thinks it’s a joke. Maybe when he relizes this stuff is not a joke to alot of us net users. He will think and stop. A few years back I seen the same person on posts making uncalled for things. It seems to him that everyone he’s chatting with is an adult. He goes on posts with other trolls talking about some disgusting things. This guy could be an online predator also. If anyone gets in his way he’s gonna attack and try to ruin them by posting up false stuff.

  295. J lo
    Posted in the Logan wv Forum



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    He’s one that was in the kkk post and has been slandering people and becoming obessive with issues he only gets in his head sometimes. He’ll post it online to try to ruin people. He’s been going on posts and trolling the people who’s caught him in stuff. He said he was not racist one minute. Yet he become threating and racist towards a few people. He won’t leave people alone alot of times. I would say he’s somewhat of a psycho-stalker. He pretends to be the fbi to a lawyer like some of his buddies. He turns around and states other people’s doing it. When actually this person is posing as people as well or pretending like him and his few troll buddies who’s going on different accounts are posing like they have a lawyer or they are the fbi etc. My friend who works in law told them already what can happen and so on. They still seem to go on. All of these people are adults but online trolls on this site. There are only a few. They have been confronted many times. I do believe he was another who posted the kkk post and wanted to. He was behind it so they can slander/harsse people. I noticed this guy might be a little nuts and don’t care. Wanted to let you all know.

  296. Troll
    Posted in the Logan Forum



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    on topix site. This troll group on topix has been cyber bullying, racist, and harassment on different topix users one goes by soccer mom. These are asults . Only few they troll on number of accounts and immature and uneducated. They’ll post false stuff about people like being trolls when they are not and call them dikes etc. They take trolling way serious. These people are mentally ill. They keep bothering some of the same people which is starting to lead to cyber stalking. I like this soccer mom person she seems very sweet and does not deserve to be attacked or other people in that matter and have stuff posted that’s untrue. Kids or adults they already made it clear they didn’t care who they attacked on the internet. And proved how mentally unstable they maybe on this post and others. PLease if you can check it out . Here’s one user topics advenger another jlo kermit wv and a few others. We contacted topix a number of times. They are keeping these things up and allowing these people to attack people in different ways.

  297. When we stand we get attacked by them in some way. Even if they lie. Many topix users know them well. And what they do and are. They only believe themself. I am sick of it. It’s like immature adults who have minds of someone who’s skitz or who’s about 15 and you can’t control them. Thre’s no off button to shut them out or keep them quiet. I don’t think it’s right for them to attack different topix users. It makes it worse when we stand up. They were warned. Few done posted they don’t care to get locked up. We’ll see how long that lasts . They will. I thinks it’s right for them to be reported. Might be best.

    “Have fear, the troll art here.”

    Since: May 10


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    |Report Abuse |Judge it! |#23 1 hr ago
    Soccrmom wrote:
    I am surprised youhad anything to lose
    Comming from a dike LMAO (soccrdike) \

  299. I meant to say adults* sorry. Warning out to the public. Don’t go on this post and don’t allow your kids to. They are finding info on people and even stalking people on this post true or false half is false they post nasty things about people. And they have before they been removed. Some of these people maybe predators. They been pushing families limits . Even if the police and fbi try and us. We can’t find out these people and much information . Please do not go on this post. In their mind itR