Gifts For People Who Have Everything

Holidays are around the corner. That means more time to spend with friends and family and have fun experiences together.

It is a common tradition to make gifts for these people. Whether they need help or not, your effort shows them you care about them. Anything is better than nothing.

Yet, we would like that our gifts actually help people. We want them to use it and think of us, not forget about it weeks later.

Once you meet them better, it’s easier to understand what they would like to get. But how can you surprise a person who already has everything?

Imagine you’re in a millionaire friend’s birthday. Is there anything you can give that they can’t get themselves? There is.

What Do You Gift To Someone Who Has It All?

What Do You Gift To Someone Who Has It All

Making gifts isn’t only about spending money. If you combine love and creativity, you can surprise your friends without a fortune.

Even people with money have problems. And the more things they own, the more problems they will have, because materialism creates complexity.

If these types of people buy so many different products, they will more likely appreciate your gift. By contrast, other people may get frustrated if you don’t give them something useful. Maybe they have it already or they didn’t want it, and throwing it away would look like a lack of respect.

You may have tons of money, but do you really know how to spend it? There may be useful items they didn’t buy because they didn’t know they existed.

Maybe they aren’t convinced whether they should buy it themselves or not. Or they have problems they’re not aware of, which make product opportunities.

In one way or another, you’ll need to get creative for that someone. You have three options:

  • Think of products they may have never thought about: Those might be a few searches away. You may even want to buy another one for yourself!
  • Buy decoration or symbolic items to make them think of you: Decoration is, almost by definition, art. You can’t go wrong with it.
  • Customize to make your gift unique: Regardless of the market value, custom products create great memories. People will likely keep that gift for years.

Let’s go from the simplest to the most creative.

Décor and Symbolic Items

Decor and Symbolic Items

If the party is tomorrow (or today), and you don’t know what to buy yet, these can be lifesavers. Decorations are the only products that look good, last for years, and don’t need to be useful.

Any piece will likely have a great reception. Because art is subjective, what you buy for $50 may look like $2000 for the other person.

If you buy home decoration, imagine your gift standing on some shelf on their home for decades. When someone visits and asks about that piece, your friend will think of you.

On a limited budget, even smaller objects can create this effect. It’s easy to carry around small gifts like key chains, and because they’re so small, you can get the best ones. Even if a small gift costs twice as much, it’s still less than a big décor piece.

If you buy online, you can find a lot of choices, especially during holiday discounts.

  • In Amazon, you can mark the product as a gift, so that it comes with a gift back and a message.
  • Some sellers will engrave a message of your choice in the product.
  • Other online stores specialize in creative decoration, from sculptures to furniture.

Useful, Uncommon Goods

Useful Uncommon Goods

Sometimes, you find really useful products in an online store. You look around and wonder:

Why haven’t I bought this yet? Why haven’t I ever thought of that?

Well, because it’s hard to believe such unusual products exist. Here are some examples:

USB Wall Charger

Phone Screen Magnifier

Cleaning Gel For Keyboards

Handheld Heat Bag Re-sealer

Head Massager – Scalp Scratcher

Wallet Multitool

As new sellers join e-commerce platforms, they need to think of new ways to differentiate themselves. That leads them to try ideas that may look weird but become very useful.

Once you buy some of these, you will wonder how you could live without them for so many years.

Surprising Packages

Surprising Packages

Even for the simplest gifts, a luxury package can change the way you look at gifts. Before you see what it is, you’re already expecting it to be very valuable.

If you can afford $50-$100 on a gift, you should definitely spend $5 or less on improving the presentation. Both the gift and the package can be the gift.

If you’d like to have some laughs with your friends, prank packages can make their day. Who would have thought they work so well?

SF Box 05 Front min

The idea is to confuse the person with a perturbing gift box and put your real gift inside. You can order one from this way:

  • Choose your package
  • They send you an empty box
  • You place inside the item you actually want to gift
  • You can add a gift wrap for more discretion

Imagine the situation. The person unwraps the package and everyone looks at you confused. Tell them to open the package, and see their reaction. Everybody laughs. It’s an inexpensive way to make your gift much more rewarding!

Custom Products

Custom Products

What would be a birthday party without friends and family? It’s a day to get together and share experiences with each other, remembering old times, and planning for new ones.

When it comes to making people happy, you have it a lot easier. Unlike sellers, you know your friend and have spent time with them. That friendship can come in many ways as a gift.

Take some of these ideas, or use them all at once. They’re inexpensive:

  • A custom agenda with album photos for the next 2-5 years (make it last long).
  • Instead of a single greeting card, dedicate twelve messages with an image in a custom calendar.
  • Find a cool photo of you together and print it in a pillow, a t-shirt, phone case, key chain, or a mug.
  • Whatever you’re selling, add a short warming message. Ask friends and family to sign the item.
  • Complement your gift by placing inside the box some tickets for an event.

The Only Thing That Matters

Gifts may come and go. But the experiences you create with those people stay forever. If you put the effort to surprise them on their birthday, they will feel loved because you care.

They may have everything, but do they have a custom item made by all their friends? Don’t underestimate the power of creativity. People will always want more things.

If you’re going for a big party, you’re probably not the only one who’s preparing a gift. Does that make someone else’s better than yours?

Imagine someone like Jeff Bezos sent you a generous gift. Could you compare that to a gift warmly dedicated from your mother? Or that special one? Tough choice.

Although the object matters, people will mostly care about who gifts it and how they present it. A small investment can be worth thousands for the other person.

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