How Scammers Open a Fake Paypal Account

Paypal is a safe online payment option but still everything is possible to manipulate in our computer world. A false paypal account can be opened within 15 minutes. So do not base your thrust on the fact a seller is using paypal. A direct method will of course not be discussed here as this is a fraud prevention not fraud creation website. But I will give some basic information so you know what is possible and how you can protect yourself. A paypal account without a real name and other proper personal information will be opened by two kinds of people: people who can’t use paypal because of limitations that are present in specific countries, but these will most likely open an US banking account and get a paypal account the legit way — and the other sort are those that we are after; scammers.

If you live in a first world country you will have full access to paypal unless, for some reason, your account got limited or restricted. For many other countries paypal either is not supported or access restricted to only sending money, receiving is impossible. With such a high demand for paypal, businesses and individuals, almost must have this payment option in order to exist in the online world. Nevertheless it is a benefit to have paypal as some will pay only with it. So these people, if skilled enough, sometimes use fake accounts or open accounts in other countries where they have a official document or friends.

But the other majority is using this to steal from people and money laundring. Paypal system needs a few things from you to be able to register with them:

a) Personal information
b) eMail
c) Your IP and registering country must match
d) Identity Confirmation
e) Telephone Number
f) Bank Account

Scammer can have any name, any address, any country he desires for he knows how to fool the paypal system. It does not matter what your real name is you can type in anything that comes into your head. And that is because he knows how to confirm a false identity. For those of you who already have a paypal account know how the identity procedure looks like. You have to add a bank account and your credit card then you wait for the expuse number which appears on your monthly credit card statement and enter it into paypal. How to solve this? A bank account can be opened online easily. Some banks require only a scan of your ID to open an account with them. A little photoshop magic and you are done. Next step is the credit card, how do you get a credit card that will verify a false identity? Easy and cheap! It won’t cost you more than 15$! Many big companies such as amazon sell gift cards. You know how hard it is to buy a good present for your wife, kids or friends. Gift cards were the perfect solution, you give your friend a gift card with the desired amount of cash and he buys himself exactly what he wants. These giftcards must be neutral, work on any name so you can give it to your loved one. Scammers took advantage of this and used cards like these or VCC’s (Virtual Credit Cards) to verify their false identities on paypal and many other online companies. Sometimes paypal calls their customers to verify them or let them know of some important changes/notices. so if you would have provided a false number and are unreachable they will most likely limit your account. A new number untraceable can be obtained easily, the best way the scammers use is Skype! Walla, this is how easy it is for scammers to open up a false verified paypal account!

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Chris Harris

I was just sent a similar email about a item I’m selling on craigslist, I to am selling a antique stere. They didn haggle on price and wanted to use aypal for the money transfer, she even said she was hiring her own movers. But this lady said she was here in the USA n was buying it as a gift for her son. but then she sent a email saying she paid me through paypal, but the money transfer doesn’t show up in my account, and now she want me to send the shipping service fees through Weestern Union.… Read more »


Not everyone who signs up illegitimately to PayPal is a scammer. PayPal has a record with screwing people’s businesses over for inadequate reasons, and many people are trying to sneak past the system to keep their legitimate businesses going.


I opened a pay-pal account about 2 weeks ago with my Direct express debit Card disability payment, and very little at that…reason was to buy a few thing with not having to pay someone to take me to the store other that for food, and just getting harder to get out in public for me,…the other was to sell a few things on ebay so that i could have a few dollars extra dollars to make it thru the month, i thought after selling a few things i would apply for the pay-pal credit card are have them send me… Read more »


So I put a couple of items on Craigslist here in southern California. I immediately received this email: Thanks for your response,I am willing to pay your asking price,but ill be paying through my online paypal account due to my location.Am from Norwich East of England and i’m on a missionary course attached to Norwich Cathedral,which will end in couple of month,that’s why i can’t use any other form of payment than paypal,the only safe and secure way for me to pay online.So give me the email linked to your paypal account if you have one and if you are… Read more »


Just received ‘Anne”s form letter that other received back in August and September of 2010. ‘She’ or ‘he’ tried to buy an Alpha Romeo from me. That must be some missionary course.
I still have my Alpha.


I was almost scammed by selling something online. The buyer was from CA and was using a company by the name of Unicshipping for shipping. I was to receive the money via check by mail and never received it, three weeks went by. The buyer contacted me and asked me to use Paypal so I agreed. I told him I wanted nothing to do with the shipping but he sent the money anyway. I received an email from Paypal telling me to send them the Western Union receipt once I sent the shipping payment upfront while the funds were on… Read more »


Hello guys.
I sell laptop on one person and he send me a payments for this item in paypal to my account but i must send him my laptop via Roayl Mail and to send after this shiping transfer code to him and paypal to receive the money.
Is it there have shance to lose my Laptop and to dont receive money after all deal ?


I need help.
I never set up a paypal account but i keep seeing purchases payed through paypal on my credit card receipt.
how is that possible? does this mean that an unauthorized person is using my credit card? is there any way to fix this?
I have been charged for the past month and i am closing my credit card account because of this but is there any way that i could get my money back? file a fraud? i don’t know what to do!!
please help!!


Your location can be verified based on your IP. Your exact location also. It doesn’t matter if you are hopping on a neighbors wireless either. You can be tracked by your MAC address by following your IP. There are tools that allow you to spoof your MAC(L2/Data Link)address and it is extremely easy. For the individual that knows more than the average scammer proxies would not be used either. The use of bncs/fpipe/netcat placed on compromised computers is much more effective. The scammer then owns the bnc which works about the same as a proxy, but basically just forwards/pipes the… Read more »

The Scammer News

Judging by the sheer number of solicitations and “can’t miss” propositions that the public can see every day in their e-mail mailbox or posted on message boards, social networks or Web Sites, Internet Scams may seem inescapable. That’s why websites like The Scammer News & Bustathief are on the internet, to let victims have a place to warn others our here. The Scammer News is a ongoing project started in 2010 here at Future News, we help bring to light the scams and convicts that use them in our chat rooms and social networks on a daily basis and to… Read more »