Money Laundering – Online Job Scam

This is a classic example how members of organized crime lock us up into a money laundering business without us even knowing it. The advertisement is supposed to be a job offer for all European and USA residents with a fairly reasonable monthly salary, especially for stay at home mothers and people who wish to work at home. This type of fraud scheme is very dangerous and can get you in a lot of trouble, because you will be a link in a money laundering operation. Let me first show you an email example and then we will summarize it and go into detail:

From: International Donation Association
Subject: 1800 USD – 3600 USD monthly salary

This message is of most importance to all USA and European Union residents

This is a job-offer for USA and EU residents only.

Requirements and benefits:

Monthly gross salary: 1500-3000 EUR per month (1800-3600 USD)
Age limit: 18-80
Possible career growth and promotion opportunity
Internet access, mobile or home phone number
Part-time (1-3hr per day) and full-time employment (8hr per day)

Leap forwarding International Donation Association is looking for new friends and collaborators in North America and Europe.

Become a part of our donating system that includes international donations to HIV positives, war refugees from Middle East and starving children from poorest European countries. Our program does not charge or ask You to invest anything. We do not try to take Your money. Our regional sponsors and investors from different European Union and North American regions have already accepted our offer and are now the investing affiliates in our multi-national donating program.

Collaborate with our investors during the donation process and earn from 1500 EUR (1800 USD) up to 3000 EUR (3600 USD) gross salary per month. Together we can make this program work with maximum efficiency and thus have an opportunity to ease the sufferings and minimize the needs of thousands of people.

The vacancy You can apply for is the “Donating assistant” (future promotion to “donating manager” is possible after 3 months of successful cooperation). Please confirm if You are interested in becoming a part of our program and EMAIL US. We will then send You more details concerning the vacancy of a “donating assistant”.

Thank You very much for You time and for Your desire to help the ones who really need our help and joint support.


If you would or have replied you must have received this following email:


Last week You replied to our email concerning the vacancy of a “donating assistant” with International Donation Association in North America.

Your reply is most appreciated.

Our Donation Association was established by World Health Organization (WHO and the coordinating office responsible for successful donation processing and worldwide distribution is Located in Rapid City, Michigan, USA

Our association cooperates with every particular individual or business collaborator willing to donate and thus we are always happy to welcome new friends and partners to our program.

We participate in the Mectizan Donation Program (River blindness and other diseases treatment), Oxfam America program (Global Poverty solutions) and Refugees International program (protection for displaced people around the world).

All the 3 programs we participate in are liable and initially supported by World Health Organization and its regional sponsors, investors and good-wishers from different Europe’s and North American regions.

Due to the increasing number of donating individuals from North America and Europe, our association is looking for enthusiastic employees in these 2 regions for successful cooperation.

“Donating assistant” vacancy is basically a part-time employment.

Keep in touch and cooperate with our regional North American/European Union investors as they make their contribution on our common future with no suffering and poverty.

The 3 International Donation programs we participate in include regular donation processing and distribution and thus the “donating assistant” vacancy involves regular contact and possible cooperation with the initial investors and their representatives.

Please note that many people will depend on Your service and therefore all juristic formalities will be carried out before every applicant is successfully given an employment.

Here’s more info about the “Donating assistant” vacancy.

Salary: minimum salary of 1800 USD is regularly transferred into “donating assistant’s” bank account in the end of every working month.

Your efforts during the initial donation processing are most appreciated. You will deduct a regular commission of around 200-300 USD from the amount of every donation You receive from our investors for further processing and distribution.

Description: “Donating assistant” is responsible for successful processing and distribution of every donation received from one’s regional investors.

Our sponsors and investors from every particular region donate regularly in order to support the 3 International Donation programs that are of most importance to World Health Organization and greatly rely on “donating assistant’s” successful efforts in completing one’s duties with no holds or delays.

Don’t forget! Any second we loose can take somebody’s life and thus we urge every candidate for the “donating assistant” vacancy to realize that it’s not just about working as a regular employee, but it’s about giving a sign to the people from different parts of the world that they are not alone and there’s still some humanity and compassion left in this world.

“Donating assistant” is responsible for receipt and further donation distribution between the official representatives of World Health Organization donation programs affiliates in different regions including Europe, Africa and Central America.

It is the duty of our affiliates after the initial donation receipt, to make it common property of the people in great need.

Vacancy status: available. 37 more employees needed.

Work schedule: part-time job with weekly employment of 10-14 hours.

Promotion opportunity: after 3 months of successful cooperation You can apply for the vacancy of “Donation manager”. (3500 USD fixed salary)

Requirements: PC either at home or at work, primary and secondary phone numbers (home and mobile, work), account in any US/European financial institution/Bank

World Health Organization always believed in man’s good will. The future with no pain and suffering is still way ahead of us, but together we can hasten the coming of a new world.

The vacancy is also available for European Union residents.

Please reply if You are interested in the vacancy and would like to obtain more info

Send Your resume or CV (if You have one) as well.

We will reply to You as soon as possible

Thank You very much for Your time and attention

International Donation Program
Senior Manager
Klaus Verbinski



Unlike most of other scam eMails this one is written professionally and I’m sure the crooks managed to gain the thrust of a few average Joes and get them involved in the chain of illegal activities. The job is almost a dream come true, you work two hours a day almost doing nothing, receive 3000$ at the end of the month, for the benefit of all creation. You think you work to prevent hunger and discrimination across the globe, but you are WRONG. The “Donating Assistant” job mentioned in eMail above is nothing but a money laundering business. If you would have applied for the scam job the following would happen:

You would get a call or an eMail stating a donation must be forwarded to another recipient most likely via Western Union to erase all the traces. Western Union money can be picked up anonymously by anyone and anywhere if you know how. The scammers would probably give you some money for this transaction, to establish more confidence and thrust in you. Just as promised you would receive the money, and they would not take any from you. But have you asked yourself where does this money come from and where am I sending it to? The money you received and are about to forward is blood money. It is stolen or drug money, maybe gained from sexual child abuse or weapon smuggling, maybe it has a political background. Police may know about it and is waiting for a mistake these crooks will make. So in order the fraudsters should get this money, they have to send it to a 3rd party who will do the money laundry (in this case YOU) and send it to another account/recipient to erase the traces. Please note if you have done a transaction like this one the FBI or Police might assume you are a link and working for the mafia. This is serious, you might even face jail time.

The company “International Donation Association” does not exist, but in order to get your attention off from this fact they have named three other legitimate Organizations (Mectizan Donation Program, Oxfam America program, Refugees International program). This is pure psychology manipulation, because these 3 other companies really do exist and so if you would check them up you would find real information and so it might lead you to believing the “International Donation Association” is a real organization too, but of course is not! Also as you see these particular scammers use the method of human compassion to make you believe in their “honest” intentions. It is human nature to help others in need so this is what these people are trying to wake up in you in order to assist them. It of course all is a highly twisted lie.

The same scenario can happen if somebody contacts you if you could pay an auction or item for them. Scammer will say he will give you a high percentage of funds if you could assist him in buying the goods. He’ll say he can’t use a particular payment method, doesn’t have the time, his country has international limitations, etc… Don’t fall for it!

How to avoid this? Never reply to eMails like the one above, no one will give you 3000$ a month, just to forward money. If it was legitimate they would have done it themselves or if really busy give the job to locals. eMail Sender IP might be the same than the location of company/organization but don’t let that fool you. In a later article I will explain what IP is and how easy it is to manipulate with it, so your address shows like you were from France, but in fact are located in Taiwan. Often thieves say it is difficult for them to send the money out directly to the recipients, but if they can send it to you why couldn’t they send it to them?

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Rhonda Montgomery

I just recieved an on-line money laundering job scam and need to know how and where to report it. I got the same ting about two months ago, different names, same situation, different country. They went as afr as to send me a $3200.00 check UPS and told me to deposit it into my acct. take out my pay of $350.0 and wire the rest to them Western Union. I called the bank and the check is bogus. Their on Craigs List today Nov. 5th aturday, doing it again. PLEASE STOP THESE PEOPLE!! PLEASE Rhonda Montgomery No one is getting… Read more »


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Jen from PA
Jen from PA

I got the same thing. Hello, I am Micheal Abraham,and yes i asked Mrs Rolland to introduce to me anyone who will like to work as part-time,since she has gotten a new nanny,actually i am from the states,but currently based in united kingdom working with Camira Fabrics Ltd,We make lots of supplies to some of our clients in the Usa/Canada for which i do come to Usa/Canada to recieve payment and have it cashed after i supply them raw materials. Its always too expensive and stressful for me to come down and recieve such payment twice in a month,and Mrs… Read more »


hi my name is maher from egypt but im living in the us with my wife she an american and i have no job just i wanna job so badly i hope u text me on my mail and i will working any work i do not care.
thank you for u time
maher elnaholy


This sounds like money laundry for me, Check this out! Hello, I am Andrew Schofield,and yes i asked Mrs Raychel to introduce to me anyone who will like to work as part-time,since she has gotten a new nanny,actually i am from the states,but currently based in united kingdom working with Camira Fabrics Ltd,We make lots of supplies to some of our clients in the Usa/Canada for which i do come to Usa/Canada to recieve payment and have it cashed after i supply them raw materials. Its always too expensive and stressful for me to come down and recieve such payment… Read more »