Nigerian Scam – Advance Fee Fraud

Started in the 80’s this scam has run per normal post, fax and per telephone and now in our internet age only increasing the number of victims. Stolen funds are subjects to a very low rate of recovery. Don’t rely on Nigerian nor your own government to pull you out of the situation. Usually these emails or other means of human interaction are professionally written in many creative ways. While most 419 scams originate from West Africa in Nigeria, that is also where the name “Nigerian Fraud” comes from, certainly it is not the only country practicing these. Organized thieves are scamming people from all over the world. Variations of advanced fee fraud or Nigerian Scam are countless and can appear in a new fashionate ways daily. Default methods of Nigerian Scam are listed below:

Sending Fees In Advance for A Service or Job

Fees in advance, Paid contract, transfer tax or performance bonds are the variations which fall under this category. The Victims are asked to transfer money onto a bank account in advance, usually without their prior inquiry. Meaning you got an email or phone call to send funds without you asking for it. Nowadays you occasionally find variations of these in your spam folder. An example is, You can be asked to transfer money to prevent the death of a child, poor person or someone who has been involved in a terrible car accident. More than often once funds have been sent various “complications” occur and you have to send more money. Moral values of a scammer are close to zero, they don’t value anything or anyone. But they do know how to raise compassion in us the victims. For that reason emails and forms like mentioned above have been formed. By any means an email asking you for a service like this can be real! However most of the time this is a fraud and should be avoided by all means. If you receive an email of this kind be sure to check it out all over the internet, police or anything similar to check its legitimacy.

Receiving Funds, Money

A money laundering operation. Victims are chosen randomly or by close examination of your personal information. Scammer claims to send you money for a favor or job you have to do. In fact he will send you money, so you can clean it and send back! A very dangerous thing to do, since officials may track these scammers and next thing you know you are involved in the mafia chain and police comes to your door the next day. And example is, the thief will contact you about receiving a notification from an offshore bank. His “dead relative” left him an extraordinary amount of cash, but he himself can for some reason not claim it. Therefor he needs your help and for that he will give you a percentage of the amount. The reality is these funds are blood money and need to be cleaned by the victims.


Congratulations you are the visitor nr. 1.000.000! Please claim your price of 100.000$ but first pay the fees that have occured or was it insurance costs? Usually countries target foreigners who are not familiar with names of lottery institutions in that country. Don’t reply to emails or visit websites of this kind. Simply click on X and close your open window, your curiosity is not worth the loss, which could occur. Thousand and Thousand of dollars are being lost every year in this scam industry.


Advance fee fraud scams usually will relate to at least one of the tree mentioned above. Keep your eyes close on these and try to compare your suspected email to the above article. If you have been a victim try and seek more information here.

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5 thoughts on “Nigerian Scam – Advance Fee Fraud”

  1. there are a whole lot of reorientation going on in nigeria right now ,we now have more positive minds in nigeria than ever, i wouldnt say the write-up about the nigerian scam was falsified ,but i sincerly apologise on behalf of nigerians to those who have fallen victim to this act of injustice.


  2. This post in no way discriminates Nigeria as a nation. Nor does this scam represent Nigerians.

    However a lot of advance fee fraud movement was originating from this country and so it was named as such. Other popular instances are 419 and advance fee fraud.

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  4. Nigerian Scams!!!! In 1998, An attempt was made to scam me from Nigeria. It was internet. I toyed with them but gave no banking info , money or caled an internation phone # also a scam. I was to get millions. I advised the Nigerian Consul via Email–no answer.The Nigerian Embassy- no answer. Maryland state Goverment -they laughed. My brother with the UN was advised and he stated that Nigeria was a world center of scams. He stated that many so called know it all American investors had been bilked. I spread my story far and wide and most people laughed. One night on TV , they had a story with a man actually involved. He actually went to South Africa and spent 11,000dollars . He came off to me as a Mr. Street Smarts. The phone call to Africa, Asia etc. can be the scam as well. I love to analyze their scams.

  5. C [email protected], From Nigeria
    Address….120 lkeja road
    city….. Ojodu
    country…. Nigeria
    zip code….23401

    needs to be checked out for a scam clams to be poor
    with no food in house . Wants money sent western union
    demanding and perscent


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