Payment Scam – Payment Fraud

The internet has offered us a lot of things that we wouldn’t have without it, but with the use of the internet we’ve also been exposed to many scams that we wouldn’t have had to worry about as a result. Today there are a lot of payment scams out there to be wary of, and you should be certain that you protect yourself as well as possible from all of them. It’s important to be aware of all of the payments scams that are out there and to continue to insulate yourself from them. Whether you are accepting or sending payment you should always use the same system, and remember that if something seems too good to be true or you don’t feel 100% comfortable with a transaction that you just shouldn’t go through with it.

Payment Scam

Common Payment Scams

If you are attempting to buy something from someone and they suggest that you use a service such as Money Gram or Western Union to pay, you should be very leery. Of course, not everyone who suggests such a payment method is trying to defraud you of your money, but you should be sure that you are very careful. Many fraudulent sellers will tell you to wire the money as a “good faith” measure and then they will send the product to you. Others will try to tell you that they cannot access the funds that you send them until they receive a MTCN number from you, but this is not accurate. As soon as you wire the money it is gone from your account and if you put it in their name they can access it and never send you the product that you are paying for.

Other payment scams involve someone saying that they will send you a cashier’s check for a certain amount that exceeds what they owe or will pay you. You are to then deposit this cashiers check into your bank account and then wire them their share of the money. The problem with this is that the cashier check is usually fake and if you are allowed to cash it, you’ll later be required to pay back the funds while you have already wired the remaining amount to the other party.

If a seller of a product requests that you use an online escrow service you should be sure that you are dealing with a legit escrow company. There are many great online escrow options for you to choose from, but many of them are far from legit. You should look into the specific escrow company that the individual is requesting, or use an escrow but tell the individual you will only use your online escrow service so you know that you are not getting scammed by a fraudulent online escrow service.

Another of the more common payment scams that people fall for is one where the seller of a product asks you to make a partial payment for the goods that you are purchasing and then they will send the goods. The problem with this is that you are sending them the money and they will never send the product, so you are still out the money that you sent them. This is a very common payment scam that people fall for because they assume that the person is simply trying to build a trustworthy relationship.

If a foreign company offers you a job you should be very skeptical. Many foreign companies are offering jobs having someone else do their payment scams for them. What they will tell you is that they are unable to receive payments directly from their customers and that they will pay you a portion of the money for receiving the payments for them. This is a position that is often offered online or through an email and you should steer clear of it not only because you could end up losing money in the deal, but because you are likely getting involved in illegal payment scams of one sort or another.

Steering Clear of Payment Scams

As you can see, there are a lot of different payment scams to try to avoid. Of course, just when you think you know all of the scams that are currently out there, you’ll find that there are new ones. This is why you cannot get too excited when you are offered payment or you want to buy something. Instead, you need to stop and consider the request that is being made of you considering money. Is there anyway that you can lose out in the deal? You have to make sure that you are protecting yourself, your goods, and your funds at every turn. If you leave yourself exposed you could get taken by one of the many payment scams that are out there right now, waiting for someone trusting to go for it.

Remember that the only person you can trust in any deal is yourself. For this reason, make sure that you are trustworthy and that you think out any payment, whether you are sending or receiving, as much as possible before you share any information. Also, be careful about how much of your personal information that you are sharing such as your name, address, date of birth, etc. This is a common way to not only run payment scams but also a simple way to steal one’s identity.

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7 thoughts on “Payment Scam – Payment Fraud”

  1. Hello
    Is there a Chinese Authority in China where one can report on a Chinese Company who is using the internet to fraud people out of monet through bogus items being sold
    Thank You

  2. is there a way to contact someone in another country about a foreign company using the internet to fraud people of of money through bogus items sold

    Thank you

    > 7 ST JOHNS HILL,
    > SW 11 1 TN, LONDON
    > PHONE: + 44-702-403-7012

    Hqas anyoen received any information about thsi particular bank in London, UK. The reason why I ask is because the person who is head of Private Banking has scammed me.

  4. anyone know free legal attorney for me against banking fraud ? i’m from malaysia and the bank is in USA. Please help me. thanks

  5. Hi, I am a newer Avon Rep and I was just scammed Via EMAIL From a guy who said his name is James Roberts and he said he’s with a private Model Agency Photography place in Virgina Beach they ordered over $100 worth of Avon and said they were coming here soon for a photo shoot and they needed some products, they are NOT going to get the products but I also am Not going to get the funds and have to ship it back as his “SPONSOR” Wrote the check for my fees and thier “Flight Fare”. AFTER I got the payment I was very suspicious as they did over night it with UPS but he said Virgina it was Shipped from Fairfield Ca from ZUMIEZ which the sig looks diff from the check and the name on the check was KIHYUN KWON From Saint Louis Mo! and the acct is CLOSED

  6. Hi admin, my situation is the same as Eric! The Chinese Authority needs to crack down on these sites. I just made a payments yesterday and through the chaos of things to do I did not further research the company! Eric- we should join forces and do something about this! Email me at lambien at g mail dot c o m I looked into Jitverify and am skeptical too now that I am a victim. Please help for the homepage of the site shows nothing for My first initial contact was on or one of those b2b sites like dhgate, Alibaba, evcc. These people make me sick! As if times aren’t hard enough for us here in US! I’m a single mom w two kids! No JoB so I have plenty of time to make it my mission to get these people! I will use any resources available, I can’t afford to pay anything since I owe the money I sent them! I just received email stating my tracking number and then researching. I’m sure I’m not getting anything delivered. Dns search shows nothing! I’m an Asian American and am repulsed by how China operates….NO Authority!!! I have lost faith in people in these hard economic times!!!


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