What Can Someone Do With Your Bank Account Number?

What Can Someone Do With Your Bank Account Number

Imagine how many scammers may be trying to steal your bank account. Sometimes, they just need a few pieces of data to breach all your accounts. That’s why the first step starts with security. You set passwords on your account and not share them with anyone. What about the account number? You may notice that when you want to transfer money, all you need to do is enter your number and the destination number. Yet, this number is visible everywhere. …

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Facebook Scams You Find In All Social Media Apps

How To Get Scammed On Facebook

On Facebook, you can be whoever you want, and people will perceive you that way, even if it’s not real. Apply a few social tactics, and people will be interested in what you have to offer. The power of social media is underrated. Back then, you had to pay either way if you wanted to make the world know you. Now, you just open a profile in five minutes and message whoever you want. Convenience helps, except when you give …

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Why Airbnb Scams Are More Common Than You Think

Frequency of Airbnb Scams

You want to travel to a destination but don’t want to pay an unreasonable price. So you browse on Airbnb, a platform where homeowners can rent rooms and properties at fair rates. After using filters and reading some reviews, you contact a few hosts. Everything looks great, so you book your stay.  But in the last 24hours before the travel day, something happens.  Maybe everything goes perfectly. But one day, the host may have entered the property without permission, and …

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How Does Bait And Switch Work?

Bait And Switch Strategies

You may be familiar with the situation. Out of nowhere, you find an ad that sounds too good to be true. The offer sounds simplistic and doesn’t get into detail. You give it a try, go through the process, and the offer quickly turns into something different. It doesn’t take many questions to start hearing excuses of why you can’t get the advertised price. The offer may exist, but it has nothing to do with the promise. The next time …

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How To Quickly Recognize A Uber Scam

Types Of Uber Scams

Greedy drivers. Entitled riders. Uber imposters. There’s no limit to innovation when it comes to Uber scams, and new variations come up every day. By imposters, we refer to identity thieves and phishing messages posing as Uber. Some passengers will “blackmail” drivers to get free rides or unfair chargebacks. Drivers tend to overcharge clients for services they didn’t receive. But what type is the riskiest for Uber users? Identity theft can cost you all your bank account. Rider scams happen …

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Mind Tricks Of A Scammer

The Most Subtle Mind Tricks

Do you ever think about what you think about? Seriously. Do you consider yourself an independent thinker? If so, where do our thoughts come? From ourselves? Other people? Nowhere? Let’s keep the answer simple: our ideas come from the world we observe. Even though we live in the same world, every person has a different perception. Not only we think about the world, but also about our thoughts. In fact, 95% of the time, we have the same thoughts we …

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How To Recognize a Catfish Scam

How Catfishing Works

They say love is blind. We want to see the best in the people we care about. Because of it, we value who they are rather than how successful, confident, or attractive they are.  Blind love also means trusting that person when others see no good reason to do so. It makes us justify their faults with goodwill intentions. It means forgiving and focusing on the little things that matter. That’s what makes love painful at times too. How do …

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How To Spot Craigslist Rental Scams

Types Of CraigsList Rental Scams

Is renting on Craigslist a good idea? Thousands of people post ads here every day for free, often offering the best prices. How? Few things make it different: it’s simple, functional, free, and targeted. Almost every city has a CL subdomain for local audiences. But let’s not confuse low-cost with reliable. Craigslist shows the most recent deals of your zone, and the first few of the list get thousands of views. Since it’s free, it’s not surprising that some spammers …

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How To Recognize Student Loan Recovery Scams

What Are Student Loan Recovery Scams

Many look at college as a brilliant income opportunity. College degrees open doors to high-demand jobs, which you cannot access otherwise.  The future must be promising enough to justify the cost. “You pay us tens of thousands now, and we help you make far more money years later.” What not many students know is how long does it take to break even. Although you could see it as an investment, it only improves the chances of income: it doesn’t guarantee …

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Myths And Facts About Food Stamp Fraud

What Is Food Stamp Fraud

If someone offered you $100 for $60, would you take it? Of course. But why would someone offer that much when it’s clearly not worth it? Multiple reasons: Take the SNAP benefits program as an example. Their members receive an EBT card where they receive financial help or groceries and nutrition. Unless you exchange for cash in person, you can’t legally convert them to cash. Swapping $100 for $60 may not seem like a big deal. Everybody is doing it, …

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Beware Of These Types Of Medical Identity Theft

Types Of Medical Identity Theft

Have you ever heard of medical identity theft? For those who haven’t, it may sound less concerning than financial theft. It looks like a subcategory with no consequences nor interest outside healthcare.  But appearances are highly deceiving: medical fraud can cost more than just money. It’s easy to underestimate the risk until it’s too late. For the sake of this explanation, imagine you have an accident and require urgent attention. You arrive at the hospital in critical condition only to …

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Ultimate Guide To Amazon Scams

Types Of Amazon Scams

Who hasn’t heard of Amazon? Millions of people visit one of the largest e-com platforms in the world. Whether you come to buy or sell, your opportunity could only be a few clicks away. But how did Amazon get this far? Their secret is customer obsession: what’s best for the buyer is what’s best for us. Customers always value lower prices, faster shipping, and higher quality. If you agree on these principles, the Everything store may be the right place …

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Don’t Apply for These Amazon Job Scams – They Are Fake

Exploiting The Committed

Jobs certainly require qualification. When working for such a successful brand like Amazon, human resources need enough time to make the right recruitment decision. It can be hard to choose who will join the team and who to reject. Because the Amazon team thinks long term, they don’t just accept anybody. Good is the enemy of Great. Do you like the job? How much time can you commit? Do you qualify for this position with your background and skills? Fake …

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Entrepreneurial Dangers: Amazon FBA Scams

How To Recognize And Prevent Every Amazon Scam

Sell on Amazon: too easy to be true? If you did some basic research, you might already know the steps to create an FBA Business. E-commerce is not rocket science. But it is an art. Find a product, source it from China, create a listing, and launch with advertising: nothing special. If you managed to do all of them correctly, you would create a successful business and make big profits.  In practice, you see one seller succeed when ten others …

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Watch Out For These Amazon Gift Card Scams

Amazon Gift Card Fraud Techniques

When was the last time you used an Amazon gift card? Unless you did for special occasions, someone likely asked you to use it as a payment method. Gift cards as payment? The intended use, of course, is to buy on Amazon. Gift cards work great when you don’t know what to give your friends and family for birthday. A $50-card, for example, lets them go to Amazon and choose any products under that price.  You’d be surprised to know …

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Beware of These Amazon Phone Scams

What Are Amazon Phone Scams

Imagine the situation. One day without warning, Amazon reaches out by phone. It could be confirming an order, renewing a subscription, or checking for account security. Then, they mention some charges you don’t remember ever allowing.  “If you recognize this transaction, hold on the line. If you want to cancel, press the following numbers.” If they charged you for services you don’t remember buying, would you cancel? Of course. People who got this robocall would press the number to cancel …

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How To Recognize Amazon Survey Scams

Types Of Amazon Survey Fraud

As a regular shopper, you may have stumbled at an Amazon survey promotion. The ad promises to reward hundreds of dollars to the first people who complete the survey of the day. When you first find it, you may wonder why Amazon would want such programs. If you’ve tried to make money with online surveys, you may have joined sites like Swagbucks or Surveyjunkie. But none of the mainstream platforms ever mention Amazon surveys. Amazon is one of the biggest …

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Amazon Refund Scams To Watch Out For

Scam Variations

Selling on Amazon has its challenges. When you first launch a product, you may need to do deep discounts and giveaways. When holidays are around the corner, you need twice as much inventory as you’d usually have. When sales go down, you try to lower the price to compensate for it. Yet, no matter how you adapt, it always seems you get the worst timing. These results aren’t coincidences. If you’re selling a high-demand, high-competition product, there’s a lot of …

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Definite Guide To Chargeback Fraud

The Effects of Chargebacks

Imagine this week your store made more sales than usual. Naturally, you feel confident about your brand: people love your products!  Next week, you check your sales to see if there’s any new clients: you’re selling as much as you always did. But what about the sales spike? When you check, it still shows as a pending order. “Well, everything should be fine once the product ships.” You assume. When it’s finally the day to deliver the product, clients cancel …

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Definite Guide To Renting Scams

To Rent Or To Buy

Why buy when you can rent? You don’t need to buy everything you own, especially if you want it temporarily. Renting becomes convenient for both the renter and the tenant. If you rent, however, someone else has control of the asset: nothing wrong with that if you trust the person. In the worst-case scenario, this control could lead to multiple scams: Since the client doesn’t own it, he’ll look for the lowest price possible. Scammers will respond with prices that …

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