Affiliate Cookie Stuffing With Fake Cookies

Cookies stuffing is an illegal practice that leads to improper credit allocation. In essence, it is an act of fraud by which people can earn illegitimate commissions without doing genuine work. The affiliate makes his money not by referring people to the merchant’s website as they should, but by loading the website secretly and without … Read more

What Is Pharming & DNS Poisoning

Like everybody, you use the Internet everyday. Within seconds, you can access countless services, most of which are free. Or so we think. Behind those companies, there’re powerful servers coordinating user requests. People don’t really know how the Internet works, but you know, nobody cares as long as it does. When you type in a … Read more

What Is Adware & How To Get Rid Of It

Adware is a software or software extension that displays unwanted advertisements on your screen. Without warning, it installs on your device and sends visible or invisible ads automatically. Usually it uses a sneaky method to either disguise itself as a legitimate application or piggyback on another program to get you to install it on your … Read more