How To Recognize Student Loan Recovery Scams

What Are Student Loan Recovery Scams

Many look at college as a brilliant income opportunity. College degrees open doors to high-demand jobs, which you cannot access otherwise.  The future must be promising enough to justify the cost. “You pay us tens of thousands now, and we help you make far more money years later.” What not many students know is how long does it take to break even. Although you could see it as an investment, it only improves the chances of income: it doesn’t guarantee …

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Beware Of These Loan Forgiveness Scams

How To Prevent Loan Forgiveness Scams

Who would you choose to lend money? Someone who can pay it back. Preferably, someone who also pays an extra for the time you were without the funds you lent. It’s possible to forgive a loan if you’ll never pay it back, although that may stop you from getting further loans. The idea of getting rid of debt overnight sounds too good to be true. Every year, hundreds of thousands of honest, hard-working people apply for the forgiveness program. Less …

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These Signs Reveal if an Online Degree is a Scam

Online Degrees Fake VS Real

Unfortunately college has become a burden for many aspiring students. A path of constant challenge, perhaps even overwhelm and anxiety. They need to invest a lot of energy, time and resources in a career, they don’t even know they need. What if you found a way to get it faster and easier? Fake distance learning websites take advantage of people who want to learn online. There are two ways of earning yourselves fake degrees. Some websites don’t hide the fact …

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