How To Recognize a Catfish Scam

How Catfishing Works

They say love is blind. We want to see the best in the people we care about. Because of it, we value who they are rather than how successful, confident, or attractive they are.  Blind love also means trusting that person when others see no good reason to do so. It makes us justify their faults with goodwill intentions. It means forgiving and focusing on the little things that matter. That’s what makes love painful at times too. How do …

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Beware Of These Inheritance Scams

What Are Inheritance Scams

At some point, a stranger approaches you with good news. He presents as a law expert who worked with a millionaire client with the same last name as you. He explains that by using some legal tricks, you could inherit his fortune. Perhaps they say you’re already entitled to the whole sum. But unlocking the funds, however, makes a different challenge. Here’s a man trying to make you invest time and money to reward far more money. You don’t know …

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Romance Fraud – How To Avoid Online Dating Scams

How To Prevent Catfish Scams

Online dating is a big interest for many internet users and is a large business industry at the same time. As such, it is a target for scams which are executed through different websites or apps. Social networking websites, online dating websites, mobile apps and text messaging apps are all great platforms for the perpetrator. Predators hunt where the prey is. The bigger the number of prey, the better the potential for for the prey to become a victim. After …

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