Devious Types of Social Security Fraud

Types Of Social Security Scams

Identity theft, credit fraud, criminal impersonation. Losing your documents to an imposter may lead to permanent security issues. By the time you see the impact on your credit score, you’re already late. Sure, you protect all your bank accounts and whatnot. But do you protect your identity in all your accounts? Most of us use the same passwords for everything. What happens when some unwanted person gets into the account? One thing leads to another. One data breach leads thieves …

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How To Expose A Collection Agency Scam

Fake Collector Or Real Issue

Debt collectors are in the business of collecting on your debts. Debt collectors have to employ pressure tactics to get people to make their payments so they can close their account and be paid for their time and their services. While the majority of collectors collect unpaid accounts in a morally responsible way, there are fishy techniques that some of these companies use to get people to pay up, and to pay up now. In fact, some are not actually …

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What You Must Know About Tax Scams

How To Prevent Tax Scams

Are you paying too many taxes?  If so, you may have thought of avoiding them. Say “Yes” to tax reduction and “No” to tax evasion. While taxpayers should never lie on their reports, one has the right to minimize them as much as possible.  Some people take that statement too seriously, like stealing data to make someone else pay for their tax. They come up in the form of phishing messages on tax season. A scammer poses as a tax …

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How To Avoid Debt Relief Scams

How Debt Relief Fraud Works

Debt relief scams exist because so many of us are in debt and we dream of being rid of the debt, of resolving it once and for all, and not having the burden of owed funds on our shoulders. In fact, most of us are so excited to be out of debt that we often don’t check out things as thoroughly as we should. Are You “In The Deep”? Millions of people have this exact problem. What advice would you …

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The Severity of Election Fraud

What Is Election Fraud

Who will run for and become our next elected representative of our people? Is winning as simple as getting the most votes? Does your decision count? How do you know that someone has not tampered with the machines or that your actual ballot has not been changed to reflect the way someone or a group of people would like the election to go? How do you know that the person voting in the booth beside you has not been coerced …

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How To Spot A Sneaky IRS Scam

How To Avoid IRS Scams

Tax season + phishing attacks = Hunting season (for scammers) Every tax season a new IRS scam does the rounds and unfortunately a lot of people fall for the scam and have their personal information stolen. By clicking on any link in the list below you can see corresponding screenshots of real IRS phishing attempts: Have you ever found any of those? Convincing, aren’t they? Most people fear the IRS because they know how powerful they are. Ironically, few people …

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The Dangers Of Drivers License Fraud

What Are Drivers License Scams

How would you feel if you lost your wallet? Most people would file a fraud alert. They’d call their banks to block their credit cards. As for the cash, there’s little you can do. How about the ID documents? Yes, that includes your driver’s license. Most of us do not think of our driver’s license as particularly valuable or something that we need to decidedly protect, but there is more than one driving license scam out there that could affect …

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Attorney Scams: How To Select Lawyers & Avoid Common Scams

Attorney red flags who not to hire

One of the basic foundations of the judicial system of every free nation is the notion that “no one is above the law”. This concept is very vital in the preservation of social order. In line with this, most laws are enacted in order to protect the underprivileged against those who will use their power and influence to oppress the weak. With this, lawyers are appointed as the vanguards of justice and the seekers of truth. Attorney scams are not …

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Dissecting & Recognizing Welfare Fraud

What Are Welfare Scams

Welfare programs contribute to creating a better country. It supports children and families in need to reduce poverty. If you qualify, this safety net program can supplement your finances to get back on your feet.  Aside from generosity, welfare is known to be expensive in most states. Although it’s better than not helping at all, welfare doesn’t solve any problem; it only offers money to make the problem more bearable. Many families agree that the system isn’t consistent nor effective. …

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Black Money Scam Guide: Avoiding The Cash Wash Trick

How Black Money Scammers Operate

What is black dollar money? In short, it is a scam, also known as “Black Dollar Scam” or “Chemical Wash Scam”. In the scheme a victim is convinced they inherited cash by various means. Why is the money coated black? The scammers will make you believe that the money had to be painted black to avoid attention from the authorities. Now you have to pay the chemical cleaning fee in order to gain access to the clean cash. Is Black …

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