How To Expose A Collection Agency Scam

Debt collectors are in the business of collecting on your debts. Debt collectors have to employ pressure tactics to get people to make their payments so they can close their account and be paid for their time and their services. While the majority of collectors collect unpaid accounts in a morally responsible way, there are … Read more

What You Must Know About Tax Scams

Are you paying too many taxes?  If so, you may have thought of avoiding them. Say “Yes” to tax reduction and “No” to tax evasion. While taxpayers should never lie on their reports, one has the right to minimize them as much as possible.  Some people take that statement too seriously, like stealing data to … Read more

The Severity of Election Fraud

Who will run for and become our next elected representative of our people? Is winning as simple as getting the most votes? Does your decision count? How do you know that someone has not tampered with the machines or that your actual ballot has not been changed to reflect the way someone or a group … Read more

How To Spot A Sneaky IRS Scam

Tax season + phishing attacks = Hunting season (for scammers) Every tax season a new IRS scam does the rounds and unfortunately a lot of people fall for the scam and have their personal information stolen. By clicking on any link in the list below you can see corresponding screenshots of real IRS phishing attempts: … Read more

Dissecting & Recognizing Welfare Fraud

Welfare programs contribute to creating a better country. It supports children and families in need to reduce poverty. If you qualify, this safety net program can supplement your finances to get back on your feet.  Aside from generosity, welfare is known to be expensive in most states. Although it’s better than not helping at all, … Read more