Myths And Facts About Food Stamp Fraud

What Is Food Stamp Fraud

If someone offered you $100 for $60, would you take it? Of course. But why would someone offer that much when it’s clearly not worth it? Multiple reasons: Take the SNAP benefits program as an example. Their members receive an EBT card where they receive financial help or groceries and nutrition. Unless you exchange for cash in person, you can’t legally convert them to cash. Swapping $100 for $60 may not seem like a big deal. Everybody is doing it, …

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Beware Of These Types Of Medical Identity Theft

Types Of Medical Identity Theft

Have you ever heard of medical identity theft? For those who haven’t, it may sound less concerning than financial theft. It looks like a subcategory with no consequences nor interest outside healthcare.  But appearances are highly deceiving: medical fraud can cost more than just money. It’s easy to underestimate the risk until it’s too late. For the sake of this explanation, imagine you have an accident and require urgent attention. You arrive at the hospital in critical condition only to …

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Watch Out For These Coronavirus Scams

What Are Coronavirus Scams

Why is coronavirus dangerous? Why does it spread so fast? When will all of it end? Are there any virus tests? What does it do to your body? How to stay safe? You’ve likely stumbled with some of these topics since the virus outbreak that was proclaimed to be at the end of 2019. By the time you get to this article, there are dozens of thousands of blogs talking about it. Anything you need to know has already been …

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Why You Should Care About Health Care Fraud

How Do Healthcare Scammers Reach Out To Me

How do doctors get paid? Healthcare isn’t free in any country: citizens pay for it.  “We pay doctors when they provide lots of health care, not when they provide good healthcare.” About 19% of the USA’s GPD goes to healthcare. 3.5 Trillion. Why does the US spend so much on health care? Why do Americans pay at least twice as much as any other developed country? To put things worse, healthcare scams cost us $70 billion per year, which adds …

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Astonishing Effects Of Counterfeit Medications & Fake Drugs

The Problem With Fake Drugs

The real tragedy of fake drugs can not be measured in monetary value. These schemes impact many people who are seriously ill, sometimes on the very edge of despair when they run into these deceptive medications that generate false hope. Rather than receiving proper medical treatment on time, a lot of this time goes wasted on false drugs and medications. Soon after the realization that these drugs simply do not have any effect, ill people may even lose their last …

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