Definite Guide To Renting Scams

To Rent Or To Buy

Why buy when you can rent? You don’t need to buy everything you own, especially if you want it temporarily. Renting becomes convenient for both the renter and the tenant. If you rent, however, someone else has control of the asset: nothing wrong with that if you trust the person. In the worst-case scenario, this control could lead to multiple scams: Since the client doesn’t own it, he’ll look for the lowest price possible. Scammers will respond with prices that …

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Moving Company Scams Exposed – How To Detect & Prevent

Moving Scams When The Final Receipt Doesnt Match

When changing locations, moving can be stressful. Packing all those boxes, organizing your goods, and scrambling it into the van. This task can easily take many days of your time. Without the proper gear, it can lead to damaged items, storage problems, and more gasoline expenses. But don’t think it’s over! Moving your stuff is less than 50% of the work. The same chaos awaits in your new location. Then there are professional movers. Yes, those who charge you $800 …

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How to Spot Fake Online Data Entry Jobs

What Are Fake Data Entry Jobs

Work from home. How does that sound? No alarm clocks, no need to go outside or dress fancy. As long as you get results, you live on your own rules. If your work is simple, it’s even better. These opportunities do exist, although they may not be as valuable as real jobs. Why? Because if it’s easy, anybody can do it. Yet, you can expect to find data entry jobs that pay several hundred for dozens of hours of your …

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