How To Guard Yourself From Telemarketing Fraud

What Is Telemarketing Fraud

So you’re still getting those calls. How do they get your number? A stranger calls in a bad moment to sell a product you don’t need. As he presents how amazing the opportunity is, you’re just looking for the fastest way to get out of the phone. But will that solve your telemarketer issue? They already have your number on your list, meaning they can call anytime or your familiars. Don’t you like their product? Perhaps you’ll like the next …

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Fake Magazine Subscription Scams Are Still Here

Magazine Subscription Variations

Nowadays, buyers may prefer to find deals online, but when it comes to newspapers and magazines, many still prefer print subscriptions – and fraudsters see this as an opportunity. Magazine subscription scams are offered either online, door to door, or as a variation of telemarketing theft where false, pretending to be telemarketers persuade consumers into paying subscriptions for magazines they don’t want, can not afford or even don’t know of. The fake magazine subscription may be presented to you with …

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