Advertising Secrets: Foolproof Ways To Get Paid For Browsing

Can you get paid for searching the web? If so, how does it work? How to get started? How much can you earn in a day? While learning about money online, you’ve probably stumbled with some of those ads: Earn $500 watching Youtube videos $100 a week doing online surveys Make $512 per hour copying and pasting When you first hear it, you may think: “there’s no way that could be true!” And while some people earn that kind of money, there …

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The NFT Boom: Scam Or Real Deal?

NFTs Scam or Real Deal

If you follow the crypto news, you may have heard of these crazy NFT projects. Digital assets are rising in value to the point where people will pay almost anything. Some buy it for the art, others for collecting, and many as a way to make quick cash. Every day, people earning thousands flipping these assets, but do they hold any value? NFTs: Scam Or Real Deal? When you first hear about NFTs, it’s normal to think of them as …

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12 Expensive Crypto Scams That WILL Happen To You + Prevention Tips

Why Are There So Many Scammers In Cryptocurrency Space

Cryptocurrencies bring a lot of opportunity for investors, and it couldn’t be more true for scammers. In fact, it’s become their favorite space, so expect to hear about them. They’re everywhere at all times, so it’s a matter of time you encounter one. But are you ready to protect your money? Someone right now could be promoting a Bitcoin pyramid scheme. People are sending them money that they won’t see ever again. Maybe a hacker is planning an exchange attack. …

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Crypto Scams On Social Media: How To Stay Safe?

Why Are Crypto Scams On Social Media

Social media has become a powerful tool for businesses and, unfortunately, scammers. It’s the easiest way for a stranger to reach out to you, who may not use a real account. While these companies fight fraud, it’s too easy to misrepresent your profile. Within minutes, you can make up an identity or supplant someone else’s. Social media becomes dangerous when there are so many scammers a few clicks away trying to get your money. Why Are There Crypto Scams On …

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You’re At Risk Of Crypto Hacking! How To Protect Your Coins

The Most Dangerous Cyber Attacks On Crypto

Some people look at cryptocurrencies as a financial revolution. Others think of this technology as an opportunity for passive income. And others just see it as getting something for nothing. More often than not, you’re the one giving the “something”. Scammers attract people with “free” stuff, but they’re the only ones who get it for free. From us. Still, that’s nowhere close to the problems that digital scammers can cause. And if you’re in crypto, the threat is constant: Just …

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Facebook Scams You Find In All Social Media Apps

How To Get Scammed On Facebook

On Facebook, you can be whoever you want, and people will perceive you that way, even if it’s not real. Apply a few social tactics, and people will be interested in what you have to offer. The power of social media is underrated. Back then, you had to pay either way if you wanted to make the world know you. Now, you just open a profile in five minutes and message whoever you want. Convenience helps, except when you give …

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Why Airbnb Scams Are More Common Than You Think

Frequency of Airbnb Scams

You want to travel to a destination but don’t want to pay an unreasonable price. So you browse on Airbnb, a platform where homeowners can rent rooms and properties at fair rates. After using filters and reading some reviews, you contact a few hosts. Everything looks great, so you book your stay.  But in the last 24hours before the travel day, something happens.  Maybe everything goes perfectly. But one day, the host may have entered the property without permission, and …

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How To Spot Craigslist Rental Scams

Types Of CraigsList Rental Scams

Is renting on Craigslist a good idea? Thousands of people post ads here every day for free, often offering the best prices. How? Few things make it different: it’s simple, functional, free, and targeted. Almost every city has a CL subdomain for local audiences. But let’s not confuse low-cost with reliable. Craigslist shows the most recent deals of your zone, and the first few of the list get thousands of views. Since it’s free, it’s not surprising that some spammers …

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Ultimate Guide To Amazon Scams

Types Of Amazon Scams

Who hasn’t heard of Amazon? Millions of people visit one of the largest e-com platforms in the world. Whether you come to buy or sell, your opportunity could only be a few clicks away. But how did Amazon get this far? Their secret is customer obsession: what’s best for the buyer is what’s best for us. Customers always value lower prices, faster shipping, and higher quality. If you agree on these principles, the Everything store may be the right place …

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Don’t Apply for These Amazon Job Scams – They Are Fake

Exploiting The Committed

Jobs certainly require qualification. When working for such a successful brand like Amazon, human resources need enough time to make the right recruitment decision. It can be hard to choose who will join the team and who to reject. Because the Amazon team thinks long term, they don’t just accept anybody. Good is the enemy of Great. Do you like the job? How much time can you commit? Do you qualify for this position with your background and skills? Fake …

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Entrepreneurial Dangers: Amazon FBA Scams

How To Recognize And Prevent Every Amazon Scam

Sell on Amazon: too easy to be true? If you did some basic research, you might already know the steps to create an FBA Business. E-commerce is not rocket science. But it is an art. Find a product, source it from China, create a listing, and launch with advertising: nothing special. If you managed to do all of them correctly, you would create a successful business and make big profits.  In practice, you see one seller succeed when ten others …

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Watch Out For These Amazon Gift Card Scams

Amazon Gift Card Fraud Techniques

When was the last time you used an Amazon gift card? Unless you did for special occasions, someone likely asked you to use it as a payment method. Gift cards as payment? The intended use, of course, is to buy on Amazon. Gift cards work great when you don’t know what to give your friends and family for birthday. But a $50 gift card, they can buy on Amazon anything they want up to that price.   Until recently, however, …

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Beware of These Amazon Phone Scams

What Are Amazon Phone Scams

Imagine the situation. One day without warning, Amazon reaches out by phone. It could be confirming an order, renewing a subscription, or checking for account security. Then, they mention some charges you don’t remember ever allowing.  “If you recognize this transaction, hold on the line. If you want to cancel, press the following numbers.” If they charged you for services you don’t remember buying, would you cancel? Of course. People who got this robocall would press the number to cancel …

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How To Recognize Amazon Survey Scams

Types Of Amazon Survey Fraud

As a regular shopper, you may have stumbled at an Amazon survey promotion. The ad promises to reward hundreds of dollars to the first people who complete the survey of the day. When you first find it, you may wonder why Amazon would want such programs. If you’ve tried to make money with online surveys, you may have joined sites like Swagbucks or Surveyjunkie. But none of the mainstream platforms ever mention Amazon surveys. Amazon is one of the biggest …

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Amazon Refund Scams To Watch Out For

Scam Variations

Selling on Amazon has its challenges. When you first launch a product, you may need to do deep discounts and giveaways. When holidays are around the corner, you need twice as much inventory as you’d usually have. When sales go down, you try to lower the price to compensate for it. Yet, no matter how you adapt, it always seems you get the worst timing. These results aren’t coincidences. If you’re selling a high-demand, high-competition product, there’s a lot of …

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How To Recognize Online Survey Scams

Types Of Online Survey Scams

Does it sound too good to be true? Can you really make money from home doing nothing? Almost nothing. Only answer some questions, press some buttons, or fill some checkboxes. Although businesses won’t pay you for no reason, they may pay you for your opinions. Doesn’t it make sense? Advertising is expensive, and you don’t know whether people will respond to your ads (plus potential click fraud attacks). If you’re going to spend money on lead generation, would you rather …

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How To Recognize Bank Phishing And Avoid The Fraud

Fake bank website phishing example

Banks are a comfortable, relatively secure way to save money. In fact, they seem so reliable that some people trust them with all their fortune. After all, it’s easier to manage your finances if everything is in one place, right? Reevaluate. It’s okay to rely on one source as long as you control what happens to that stream. Imagine how stressful it has to be relying on a single place to store your money. Plus, who can feel safe with …

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Craigslist Scams – What Everyone Should Know About Them

Examples Of Craigslist Scams

Looking for the best deal? Look no more. It’s probably on Craigslist. With over 60 million users, you can find almost anything there. Craigslist is a website that has revolutionized placing classified ads, finding jobs, houses, dates, and just about anything else you could possibly want. Despite the benefits, people look at Craigslist with caution for a good reason. While this free-to-use market is an amazing resource for the average user, it’s also the perfect opportunity for con artists to …

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Definitive Guide To Affiliate Marketing Fraud – The Dark Pages

Examples Of Affiliate Marketing Scams

Make money online. What better way to do it than with affiliate marketing? You don’t need a product, the cost is zero, and it’s passive income. You make money while you sleep. Or do you? Affiliate Marketing is a great way for companies to broaden their reach on the internet. This concept isn’t new and many affiliates make good money by sharing products. Some make enough to live off of commissions. Affiliates miss a key element though: control. Of course, …

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How To Analyze & Minimize Click Fraud

What is Pay Per Click Fraud

For many advertisers, pay per click ads are the holy grail of their business. By making a relatively small investment, they multiply their profits. PPC ads scale well and are provide fast results and performance feedback. PPC ad campaigns have also earned themselves a bad reputation. Millions of people wasted their money either through their own mismanagement or through external factors that are less in their control. The same advertising miracle tool can transform into a money pit. Marketers usually …

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