Romance Fraud – How To Avoid Online Dating Scams

How To Prevent Catfish Scams

Online dating is a big interest for many internet users and is a large business industry at the same time. As such, it is a target for scams which are executed through different websites or apps. Social networking websites, online dating websites, mobile apps and text messaging apps are all great platforms for the perpetrator. Predators hunt where the prey is. The bigger the number of prey, the better the potential for for the prey to become a victim. After …

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These Devious Get-Rich-Quick Scams Will Keep You Broke

Types Of Get Rich Quick Scams

Can you make money online fast? Is it possible to go from broke to millionaire in X days? If so, how could you do it? A get-rich-quick scheme promises that participants can make money fast with basically no skill, effort or time in a very short period of time. With so many internet gurus talking about these get-rich-quick schemes in the past, some turned to more towards a get-rich-easy propaganda. Anybody can make millions by following a few steps – …

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What Is Phishing And How To Protect Your Sensitive Data With Examples

How Phishing Works 1

Phishing is an online term used to describe data theft. Phishing is an acronym to “fishing” because the victim is “baited” into giving their info to a third party masquerading as a legitimate company. The same tricks are employed across all popular payment platforms such as eBay, PayPal, online banks, crypto wallets or any other website where sensitive information could prove to be useful to a scammer. How Phishing Works – The Basics If a scammer attempts to steal your …

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Ultimate Guide to eBay Scams & How To Avoid Fraud

eBay Fraud Explained

Ebay’s corporate mission takes a unique approach to trading. Consumers can buy anything they want, no matter where they are. And sellers get a large client base to grow their e-com brands. eBay’s corporate mission is to: to provide a global trading platform where practically anyone can trade practically anything.” What makes eBay different and perhaps more appealing than Craigslist or Amazon? A lot of people are moving money on eBay. There’re two ways to win — either by earning …

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