How To Spot A Sneaky IRS Scam

Tax season + phishing attacks = Hunting season (for scammers) Every tax season a new IRS scam does the rounds and unfortunately a lot of people fall for the scam and have their personal information stolen. By clicking on any link in the list below you can see corresponding screenshots of real IRS phishing attempts: … Read more

Car Rental Scams & How You Can Avoid These

Preparing for a trip? Depending on your location, you might have thought of getting around on four wheels. Renting a car is usually not a cheap thing to do, so you need to make sure to avoid shady rental companies that could inflate this price even further. There are so many businesses offering the same … Read more

Definite Guide To Securities Fraud

“You can fool all the people part of the time and part of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” – Abraham Lincoln Opportunities come and go. Those who move fast arrive first and reap the best reward. The risk of fast decisions, of course, is overlooking … Read more

What is Payment Fraud & How To Avoid It

You found a great opportunity: a product to buy, a business idea, or a job to apply. When it looks impossible to go wrong, it does. You did your part, but the other person didn’t. You wired the funds, but the other hasn’t responded since then. What will happen to your funds? Will you ever … Read more

Watch Out For These Foreclosure Scams

Things happen. Unemployment, debt, divorce, medical bills— you name it. It only takes to miss a few mortgage payments, and before you know it, your house is for sale. Anybody can fall into such a situation, which is why many law agencies offer help to prevent foreclosure. These law firms may be able to make … Read more

Definite Guide To Refund Scams

Profit decreases and can’t explain why? Do your clients return perfectly working products for no reason? Refund policies give buyers the confidence to buy with no obligation to keep an item they don’t want. But others can use this privilege for profits. You want to offer a generous return plan to attract shoppers. But you … Read more

Tourist Traps To Watch out For On Your Vacation

Looking for the best vacation? The world is full of wonderful places: nature, buildings, stories, culture, people, traditions. Today, anybody with a fair budget can travel anywhere in a matter of hours. Some cities look so attractive to tourists that they receive visits consistently throughout the year. It helps to boost the economy, although it … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Auto Insurance Scams And How to Avoid Them

The auto insurance business is a highly competitive sector. As the market develops and grows, so do the market challenges. To stay in the game some car insurance companies may develop dubious practices in order to make profit. They themselves are a target of preying clients as well. In the automotive insurance industry fraud can … Read more

Dissecting & Recognizing Welfare Fraud

Welfare programs contribute to creating a better country. It supports children and families in need to reduce poverty. If you qualify, this safety net program can supplement your finances to get back on your feet.  Aside from generosity, welfare is known to be expensive in most states. Although it’s better than not helping at all, … Read more

The Real Story Behing Disability Fraud

Things happen. A few people might just be less lucky than others. Some may have got injured at work or while trying to protect something important. Perhaps, it was an out-of-control accident. Others are born with disabilities. Fortunately, we have a disability system in place that has got you covered. Unfortunately, when the allure of … Read more

Craigslist Scams – What Everyone Should Know About Them

Looking for the best deal? Look no more. It’s probably on Craigslist. With over 60 million users, you can find almost anything there. Craigslist is a website that has revolutionized placing classified ads, finding jobs, houses, dates, and just about anything else you could possibly want. Despite the benefits, people look at Craigslist with caution … Read more

Definite Guide To Avoid Phone Scams

We may have entered the digital age, but telephone fraud is still widespread. Once they get you on the line, phone scammers use false promises, aggressive sales calls and false threats to obtain information that they can use to steal your money. Swindlers aren’t just out there trying to make a quick buck though. They … Read more

Definite Guide to Banking Fraud and Bank Scams

Bank fraud is a crime that has been around as long as banks themselves. Anytime there is a large amount of money floating around, there are going to be people trying to figure out ways to get to it. In developed countries, bank fraud is a serious problem that causes billions of dollars in damages … Read more

How To Analyze & Minimize Click Fraud

For many advertisers, pay per click ads are the holy grail of their business. By making a relatively small investment, they multiply their profits. PPC ads scale well and are provide fast results and performance feedback. PPC ad campaigns have also earned themselves a bad reputation. Millions of people wasted their money either through their … Read more

What Is Pharming & DNS Poisoning

Like everybody, you use the Internet everyday. Within seconds, you can access countless services, most of which are free. Or so we think. Behind those companies, there’re powerful servers coordinating user requests. People don’t really know how the Internet works, but you know, nobody cares as long as it does. When you type in a … Read more

Common Mortgage Scams & How To Avoid Them

Have you thought of buying your dream house? It may not be too far away. With enough money, you could move there next month. But that’s easier said than done. Financing 100% can be risky, especially with the constant housing price changes. If you have a change of heart, you don’t want to be tied … Read more

Moving Company Scams Exposed – How To Detect & Prevent

When changing locations, moving can be stressful. Packing all those boxes, organizing your goods, and scrambling it into the van. This task can easily take many days of your time. Without the proper gear, it can lead to damaged items, storage problems, and more gasoline expenses. But don’t think it’s over! Moving your stuff is … Read more

How the Jamaican Money Switch Scheme Works

Jamaican switch or handkerchief switch is a confidence game very similar to the pigeon drop. It manifests in various forms, although all follow a similar pattern. The offenses normally employ at least two suspects. The first suspect is “the catch” and is playing a foreigner from a third world country. The second one is called … Read more

Dangers of Affinity Fraud & How It Works

Everyone, in some way or another, is connected to a group, association or community-based organization. Our interests, backgrounds, and other factors will naturally lead us to those affiliations that best serve our needs. Race, culture, and religious beliefs also play a role in identifying us as members of unique groups that we often come to … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Travel Scams

Looking for a vacation? Time for new experiences and relaxation. Visiting exotic places, enjoying good food, meeting new people …or so they say. For a moment, travel excitement and preparations make us forget about the other side of the coin. Variations on travel scams are numerous and ever changing. If you travel frequently, informing yourself … Read more

What Is Adware & How To Get Rid Of It

Adware is a software or software extension that displays unwanted advertisements on your screen. Without warning, it installs on your device and sends visible or invisible ads automatically. Usually it uses a sneaky method to either disguise itself as a legitimate application or piggyback on another program to get you to install it on your … Read more

How Short And Distort Schemes Work

Short and distort is a less publicly known trading scam similar to the classic pump and dump. Shorting is a word in traders’ jargon and means basically selling a stock, currency, crypto or any other similar financial item that can be traded. Imagine some stranger reaches out to you and says: “Buy this penny stock … Read more

How Pump And Dump Schemes Work

When was the last time someone helped you for no reason in particular? You get private information, someone sends money, or finds someone’s wallet. The help received makes you feel privileged. It may be luck, goodwill, and also a hook. No matter the purpose, that gift makes you trust the person.  The same can happen … Read more

Dangers of Chain Letter Scams

The chain letter formula has existed since at least the 19th century. In recent decades, they have gained new life through the reach of Internet and become quite common. You have at any point in time probably received a message on a social network or in your email inbox that promises you money or good … Read more

Odometer Fraud – Rolling Back the Mileometer

High or low mileage cars? On a tight budget, you may see used cars cheaper and reliable. A high-mileage car in great condition may be a great buyer’s choice! “Too many kilometers” depends on the car status, brand, and type. High numbers mean the car is reliable if we ignore the shorter durability and possible … Read more

How To Recognize Poetry Scams & Fake Contests

“Will my masterpiece ever come to light?” — You may wonder. Most poets are confident with their creative skills. They create with passion and excitement about the future. But they often forget about the other side of the coin: promoting. If nobody knows your work exists, you can’t expect recognition or money. People won’t appreciate … Read more

What Is Identity Theft and How To Prevent It

You wake up one day and find notices you can’t explain. As you login to your account, you find programs you didn’t sign up for: insurance, loans, other banks. People reach out to you with false claims on email and phone calls, and the money you saved is gone. Yes, identity theft can be devastating. … Read more

How To Spot a Lottery Scam with Fake Lottery Prizes

“Congratulations, you won the lottery! Pay $200 to claim your prize!” Ever found a lottery scam? You land on a pop-up website or get an email about a prize. The algorithm has blessed you: here are your X million dollars. BUT FIRST, someone needs to cover those admin fees and logistics. Scammers may further use … Read more

Fake Magazine Subscription Scams Are Still Here

Nowadays, buyers may prefer to find deals online, but when it comes to newspapers and magazines, many still prefer print subscriptions – and fraudsters see this as an opportunity. Magazine subscription scams are offered either online, door to door, or as a variation of telemarketing theft where false, pretending to be telemarketers persuade consumers into … Read more