Ultimate Guide To Amazon Scams

Types Of Amazon Scams

Who hasn’t heard of Amazon? Millions of people visit one of the largest e-com platforms in the world. Whether you come to buy or sell, your opportunity could only be a few clicks away. But how did Amazon get this far? Their secret is customer obsession: what’s best for the buyer is what’s best for us. Customers always value lower prices, faster shipping, and higher quality. If you agree on these principles, the Everything store may be the right place …

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Don’t Apply for These Amazon Job Scams – They Are Fake

Exploiting The Committed

Jobs certainly require qualification. When working for such a successful brand like Amazon, human resources need enough time to make the right recruitment decision. It can be hard to choose who will join the team and who to reject. Because the Amazon team thinks long term, they don’t just accept anybody. Good is the enemy of Great. Do you like the job? How much time can you commit? Do you qualify for this position with your background and skills? Fake …

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Entrepreneurial Dangers: Amazon FBA Scams

How To Recognize And Prevent Every Amazon Scam

Sell on Amazon: too easy to be true? If you did some basic research, you might already know the steps to create an FBA Business. E-commerce is not rocket science. But it is an art. Find a product, source it from China, create a listing, and launch with advertising: nothing special. If you managed to do all of them correctly, you would create a successful business and make big profits.  In practice, you see one seller succeed when ten others …

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Watch Out For These Amazon Gift Card Scams

Amazon Gift Card Fraud Techniques

When was the last time you used an Amazon gift card? Unless you did for special occasions, someone likely asked you to use it as a payment method. Gift cards as payment? The intended use, of course, is to buy on Amazon. Gift cards work great when you don’t know what to give your friends and family for birthday. But a $50 gift card, they can buy on Amazon anything they want up to that price.   Until recently, however, …

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Beware of These Amazon Phone Scams

What Are Amazon Phone Scams

Imagine the situation. One day without warning, Amazon reaches out by phone. It could be confirming an order, renewing a subscription, or checking for account security. Then, they mention some charges you don’t remember ever allowing.  “If you recognize this transaction, hold on the line. If you want to cancel, press the following numbers.” If they charged you for services you don’t remember buying, would you cancel? Of course. People who got this robocall would press the number to cancel …

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How To Recognize Amazon Survey Scams

Types Of Amazon Survey Fraud

As a regular shopper, you may have stumbled at an Amazon survey promotion. The ad promises to reward hundreds of dollars to the first people who complete the survey of the day. When you first find it, you may wonder why Amazon would want such programs. If you’ve tried to make money with online surveys, you may have joined sites like Swagbucks or Surveyjunkie. But none of the mainstream platforms ever mention Amazon surveys. Amazon is one of the biggest …

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Amazon Refund Scams To Watch Out For

Scam Variations

Selling on Amazon has its challenges. When you first launch a product, you may need to do deep discounts and giveaways. When holidays are around the corner, you need twice as much inventory as you’d usually have. When sales go down, you try to lower the price to compensate for it. Yet, no matter how you adapt, it always seems you get the worst timing. These results aren’t coincidences. If you’re selling a high-demand, high-competition product, there’s a lot of …

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Definite Guide to Moneygram Scams

Types Of MoneyGram Scams

Can you trust Moneygram?  Yes, they can scam you on Moneygram, just as they can on any platform. Like Western Union, Moneygram is a money transfer company that wants the best for their customers.  When we look at the usage of these payment methods that others make, that’s a different story. Even today, the most preferred methods to pass money to a scammer are money orders and wire transfers, hence the bad connotation of these companies. It doesn’t mean all …

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Definite Guide To Refund Scams

Types Of Refund Scams

Profit decreases and can’t explain why? Do your clients return perfectly working products for no reason? Refund policies give buyers the confidence to buy with no obligation to keep an item they don’t want. But others can use this privilege for profits. You want to offer a generous return plan to attract shoppers. But you neither want to make it so strict that it affects sales. What’s the problem? What Are Refund Scams? If you’re losing sales, but product quality …

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Craigslist Scams – What Everyone Should Know About Them

Examples Of Craigslist Scams

Looking for the best deal? Look no more. It’s probably on Craigslist. With over 60 million users, you can find almost anything there. Craigslist is a website that has revolutionized placing classified ads, finding jobs, houses, dates, and just about anything else you could possibly want. Despite the benefits, people look at Craigslist with caution for a good reason. While this free-to-use market is an amazing resource for the average user, it’s also the perfect opportunity for con artists to …

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How To Guard Yourself From Telemarketing Fraud

What Is Telemarketing Fraud

So you’re still getting those calls. How do they get your number? A stranger calls in a bad moment to sell a product you don’t need. As he presents how amazing the opportunity is, you’re just looking for the fastest way to get out of the phone. But will that solve your telemarketer issue? They already have your number on your list, meaning they can call anytime or your familiars. Don’t you like their product? Perhaps you’ll like the next …

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Unbelievable ATM Scams You Need To Be Aware Of

What Is ATM Fraud

The best way to steal is the subtle way. No matter how it’s done, there’s a better chance to succeed if the victim never notices. That’s why modern thieves prefer more elusive and nonviolent methods, like cashpoint scams. ATM Fraud is as old as the machines themselves. When you enter your credit card into an ATM machine and provide the proper associated PIN number, you should in normal circumstances establish a “link to your bank account” . However, once the …

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Credit Card Fraud: Things You Didn’t Know

Most Common Credit Card Fraud Types and Examples

Credit Cards are a convenient payment method, but this conveniences brings about some risks. Fraud with the use of stolen credit cards is committed for the purpose of obtaining goods without paying, to obtain unauthorized funds from a bank account or to sell stolen information further. What Is Credit Card Fraud? Credit card fraud costs cardholders and issuers hundreds of millions of dollars each year. While physical theft is the most obvious form of credit card fraud, it is not …

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Ultimate Guide to eBay Scams & How To Avoid Fraud

eBay Fraud Explained

Ebay’s corporate mission takes a unique approach to trading. Consumers can buy anything they want, no matter where they are. And sellers get a large client base to grow their e-com brands. eBay’s corporate mission is to: to provide a global trading platform where practically anyone can trade practically anything.” What makes eBay different and perhaps more appealing than Craigslist or Amazon? A lot of people are moving money on eBay. There’re two ways to win — either by earning …

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Cheap Electronic Products Scam

The Cheap Online Electronics Offer

Have you been on the lookout for cheap electronics, mobile phones, game consoles and digital cameras for your own private use or to turn a profit? There has been an increasing hype to buy electronic items at a much lower price than the retail price. Many individuals are looking to buy items for a low price and then resell them on eBay or similar auctions websites and turn a profit. Online electronic product shopping scams involve perpetrators pretending to be …

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