12 Expensive Crypto Scams That WILL Happen To You + Prevention Tips

Why Are There So Many Scammers In Cryptocurrency Space

Cryptocurrencies bring a lot of opportunity for investors, and it couldn’t be more true for scammers. In fact, it’s become their favorite space, so expect to hear about them. They’re everywhere at all times, so it’s a matter of time you encounter one. But are you ready to protect your money? Someone right now could be promoting a Bitcoin pyramid scheme. People are sending them money that they won’t see ever again. Maybe a hacker is planning an exchange attack. …

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Why Airbnb Scams Are More Common Than You Think

Frequency of Airbnb Scams

You want to travel to a destination but don’t want to pay an unreasonable price. So you browse on Airbnb, a platform where homeowners can rent rooms and properties at fair rates. After using filters and reading some reviews, you contact a few hosts. Everything looks great, so you book your stay.  But in the last 24hours before the travel day, something happens.  Maybe everything goes perfectly. But one day, the host may have entered the property without permission, and …

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How Does Bait And Switch Work?

Bait And Switch Strategies

You may be familiar with the situation. Out of nowhere, you find an ad that sounds too good to be true. The offer sounds simplistic and doesn’t get into detail. You give it a try, go through the process, and the offer quickly turns into something different. It doesn’t take many questions to start hearing excuses of why you can’t get the advertised price. The offer may exist, but it has nothing to do with the promise. The next time …

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Mind Tricks Of A Scammer

The Most Subtle Mind Tricks

Do you ever think about what you think about? Seriously. Do you consider yourself an independent thinker? If so, where do our thoughts come? From ourselves? Other people? Nowhere? Let’s keep the answer simple: our ideas come from the world we observe. Even though we live in the same world, every person has a different perception. Not only we think about the world, but also about our thoughts. In fact, 95% of the time, we have the same thoughts we …

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Secret Societies – Shortcut to Wealth & Power or Scams?

Secret Society Variations

All for nothing. Is it possible? Could you get all the money in the world, the healthiest body, or the best relationships overnight?  Believe it or not, there are still people who want to believe it. But why? Isn’t it evident that greatness takes work and effort? You have to do what others won’t do, so you can get what others can’t: minority mindset. But what could be better than joining a secret group? After all, wealth isn’t always about …

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Beware Of The One Ring Scam Call

One Ring Call Variations

You got three missed calls. It appears urgent and you are tempted to call back. What do they want? Many make phone calls by accident, so you ignore them. The caller, however, keeps calling you at random times of the day, always stopping after one ring.  If it’s so important, why do they hang off the call so quickly? You end up calling the number, engage in a fruitless conversation (if there is one), and forget about the issue. Later, …

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Don’t Get Tricked By These Nigerian Scams

Nigerian Scammers Conning To Survive

“Give me $1 to receive $5 later. You pay first.” Are you familiar with the “419?” A naive person gets blinded by the huge reward, trusting a stranger more than they should. They give money for a promise, and the con man runs away. Believe it or not, these schemes still profit over $700K a year, many of which come from, well, Nigeria? Stories have endless variations: charities, inheritances, get-rich-quick, romance, or e-commerce. The Nigerian Prince Letter or 419 name …

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Confidence Tricks Scammers Use To Win Your Trust

What Are Confidence Tricks

Have you ever been in a situation such as the following? A person you trust is acting strange. Your mind can see the red flags, but because you have a relationship of confidence with this person, you create an exception.  “Appearances can be deceitful.” Think of this example: A friend tells you he’s going on vacation to another country. But one week after he left, you find someone in the distance that resembles him in a local supermarket. Could it …

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Dissecting The Fraud Triangle

How Does The Fraud Triangle Work

Have you wondered what moves scammers? Is the answer as simple as “money?” In these days, technology gives us more power than ever. You can either use those tools to create value or deceive people. For others, scamming feels like the only viable option. Even if you chose to scam, it takes effort and practice. You can use those same resources to create something beneficial. If so, why are fraud cases increasing? The fraud triangle may give us some insight. …

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Beware Of These Travel Agency Scams

Things A Legit Agency Will Never Do

“Receive FREE cruise tickets to travel around the world, any place you desire. Click the link, fill in the form, and we will email you with the gift!” “The Airlines are giving away free flights to 100s of lucky customers. Get your tickets now and click the link below! Those who don’t travel a lot would most likely reject the offer. How can you get such a deal for free? It can’t be true. Experienced travelers, however, know that such …

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5 Ways to Please an Identity Thief

5 Ways to Please an Identity Thief

Would you hand someone your credit card and tell them to go have a shopping spree, your treat? No. But you may as well be doing that if you don’t take some precautions with your identity. Fraudsters are watching you, and they’ll jump at the chance to steal your bank account number, Social Security number, and anything else they can exploit for personal financial benefit, not caring about the damage their victims may face. If you really want to hand …

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Devious Types of Social Security Fraud

Types Of Social Security Scams

Identity theft, credit fraud, criminal impersonation. Losing your documents to an imposter may lead to permanent security issues. By the time you see the impact on your credit score, you’re already late. Sure, you protect all your bank accounts and whatnot. But do you protect your identity in all your accounts? Most of us use the same passwords for everything. What happens when some unwanted person gets into the account? One thing leads to another. One data breach leads thieves …

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The Definite Guide To Change Machine And Vending Machine Scams

Change Machine Hacks

Cash and vending machines are prone to security breaches and outdated cash machines are especially vulnerable. If you’re the owner of a cash or vending machine you must acknowledge the most common security concerns to update or replace your machine. If your machine is located in an isolated area and left unmonitored, it could be drained of the merchandise or cash inside it. Depending on the security level of the machine, it might not require security upgrades. This is valid …

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How To Detect & Prevent Senior Fraud

Senior Fraud Exploiting Peoples Weaknesses

Elderly adults lose billions of dollars through financial fraud. To scam a person, you need three conditions to be in your favor: Some schemes involve more risk than others, but it’s all about who you scam. A tough target can make the task impossible, while an easy target— the elderly— gives an opportunity. Some seniors are as easy to fool as a kid. Except that seniors have money and children don’t. Would you rather scam a skilled businessman or a …

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How To Avoid Debt Relief Scams

How Debt Relief Fraud Works

Debt relief scams exist because so many of us are in debt and we dream of being rid of the debt, of resolving it once and for all, and not having the burden of owed funds on our shoulders. In fact, most of us are so excited to be out of debt that we often don’t check out things as thoroughly as we should. Are You “In The Deep”? Millions of people have this exact problem. What advice would you …

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Tourist Traps To Watch out For On Your Vacation

What Are Tourist Traps

Looking for the best vacation? The world is full of wonderful places: nature, buildings, stories, culture, people, traditions. Today, anybody with a fair budget can travel anywhere in a matter of hours. Some cities look so attractive to tourists that they receive visits consistently throughout the year. It helps to boost the economy, although it conflicts with citizens’ daily life sometimes. Thus, you have millions of people in a city— which they don’t know— looking for the best place to …

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The Real Story Behing Disability Fraud

The Truth About Disability Fraud

Things happen. A few people might just be less lucky than others. Some may have got injured at work or while trying to protect something important. Perhaps, it was an out-of-control accident. Others are born with disabilities. Fortunately, we have a disability system in place that has got you covered. Unfortunately, when the allure of “easy money” comes around, tricksters are never too far behind. Disability fraud is a worldwide problem. There are millions of people receiving disability assistance from …

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Definite Guide To Avoid Phone Scams

Examples of Cold Calling Phone Scams

We may have entered the digital age, but telephone fraud is still widespread. Once they get you on the line, phone scammers use false promises, aggressive sales calls and false threats to obtain information that they can use to steal your money. Swindlers aren’t just out there trying to make a quick buck though. They want and may use your bank account details, credit card numbers and identity as well. And new technology makes this covert operation even easier. With …

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Taxi Scams Guide: How To Recognize Taxi Fraud At Home And Abroad

How To Prepare For Possible Taxi Scams

Taxi scams are present in every corner of the world including the developed countries and are in contrast to other travel scams, some of the easiest identify. Most taxi scams are carried out by unlicensed or unregulated drivers. They prey on unsuspecting passengers with their guard down and take advantage by over-charging them or stealing their luggage. Certain variations of fraudulent taxi schemes are more advanced and involve multiple perpetrators. These advanced scams are frequent in touristy nations in developing …

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How the Jamaican Money Switch Scheme Works

How The Money Switch Unfolds

Jamaican switch or handkerchief switch is a confidence game very similar to the pigeon drop. It manifests in various forms, although all follow a similar pattern. The offenses normally employ at least two suspects. The first suspect is “the catch” and is playing a foreigner from a third world country. The second one is called “the cap” and he is playing a bystander who doesn’t know you nor the first suspect, “the catch”. If there are other con artists involved …

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