How Does Bait And Switch Work?

You may be familiar with the situation. Out of nowhere, you find an ad that sounds too good to be true. The offer sounds simplistic and doesn’t get into detail. You give it a try, go through the process, and the offer quickly turns into something different. It doesn’t take many questions to start hearing … Read more

Mind Tricks Of A Scammer

Do you ever think about what you think about? Seriously. Do you consider yourself an independent thinker? If so, where do our thoughts come? From ourselves? Other people? Nowhere? Let’s keep the answer simple: our ideas come from the world we observe. Even though we live in the same world, every person has a different … Read more

Beware Of The One Ring Scam Call

You got three missed calls. It appears urgent and you are tempted to call back. What do they want? Many make phone calls by accident, so you ignore them. The caller, however, keeps calling you at random times of the day, always stopping after one ring.  If it’s so important, why do they hang off … Read more

Don’t Get Tricked By These Nigerian Scams

“Give me $1 to receive $5 later. You pay first.” Are you familiar with the “419?” A naive person gets blinded by the huge reward, trusting a stranger more than they should. They give money for a promise, and the con man runs away. Believe it or not, these schemes still profit over $700K a … Read more

Confidence Tricks Scammers Use To Win Your Trust

Have you ever been in a situation such as the following? A person you trust is acting strange. Your mind can see the red flags, but because you have a relationship of confidence with this person, you create an exception.  “Appearances can be deceitful.” Think of this example: A friend tells you he’s going on … Read more

Dissecting The Fraud Triangle

Have you wondered what moves scammers? Is the answer as simple as “money?” In these days, technology gives us more power than ever. You can either use those tools to create value or deceive people. For others, scamming feels like the only viable option. Even if you chose to scam, it takes effort and practice. … Read more

Beware Of These Travel Agency Scams

“Receive FREE cruise tickets to travel around the world, any place you desire. Click the link, fill in the form, and we will email you with the gift!” “The Airlines are giving away free flights to 100s of lucky customers. Get your tickets now and click the link below! Those who don’t travel a lot … Read more

5 Ways to Please an Identity Thief

Would you hand someone your credit card and tell them to go have a shopping spree, your treat? No. But you may as well be doing that if you don’t take some precautions with your identity. Fraudsters are watching you, and they’ll jump at the chance to steal your bank account number, Social Security number, … Read more

How To Detect & Prevent Senior Fraud

Elderly adults lose billions of dollars through financial fraud. To scam a person, you need three conditions to be in your favor: Some schemes involve more risk than others, but it’s all about who you scam. A tough target can make the task impossible, while an easy target— the elderly— gives an opportunity. Some seniors … Read more

Tourist Traps To Watch out For On Your Vacation

Looking for the best vacation? The world is full of wonderful places: nature, buildings, stories, culture, people, traditions. Today, anybody with a fair budget can travel anywhere in a matter of hours. Some cities look so attractive to tourists that they receive visits consistently throughout the year. It helps to boost the economy, although it … Read more

The Real Story Behing Disability Fraud

Things happen. A few people might just be less lucky than others. Some may have got injured at work or while trying to protect something important. Perhaps, it was an out-of-control accident. Others are born with disabilities. Fortunately, we have a disability system in place that has got you covered. Unfortunately, when the allure of … Read more

Definite Guide To Avoid Phone Scams

We may have entered the digital age, but telephone fraud is still widespread. Once they get you on the line, phone scammers use false promises, aggressive sales calls and false threats to obtain information that they can use to steal your money. Swindlers aren’t just out there trying to make a quick buck though. They … Read more

How the Jamaican Money Switch Scheme Works

Jamaican switch or handkerchief switch is a confidence game very similar to the pigeon drop. It manifests in various forms, although all follow a similar pattern. The offenses normally employ at least two suspects. The first suspect is “the catch” and is playing a foreigner from a third world country. The second one is called … Read more

Dangers of Affinity Fraud & How It Works

Everyone, in some way or another, is connected to a group, association or community-based organization. Our interests, backgrounds, and other factors will naturally lead us to those affiliations that best serve our needs. Race, culture, and religious beliefs also play a role in identifying us as members of unique groups that we often come to … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Travel Scams

Looking for a vacation? Time for new experiences and relaxation. Visiting exotic places, enjoying good food, meeting new people …or so they say. For a moment, travel excitement and preparations make us forget about the other side of the coin. Variations on travel scams are numerous and ever changing. If you travel frequently, informing yourself … Read more

Dangers of Chain Letter Scams

The chain letter formula has existed since at least the 19th century. In recent decades, they have gained new life through the reach of Internet and become quite common. You have at any point in time probably received a message on a social network or in your email inbox that promises you money or good … Read more

How To Recognize Poetry Scams & Fake Contests

“Will my masterpiece ever come to light?” — You may wonder. Most poets are confident with their creative skills. They create with passion and excitement about the future. But they often forget about the other side of the coin: promoting. If nobody knows your work exists, you can’t expect recognition or money. People won’t appreciate … Read more

What Is Identity Theft and How To Prevent It

You wake up one day and find notices you can’t explain. As you login to your account, you find programs you didn’t sign up for: insurance, loans, other banks. People reach out to you with false claims on email and phone calls, and the money you saved is gone. Yes, identity theft can be devastating. … Read more

How To Spot a Lottery Scam with Fake Lottery Prizes

“Congratulations, you won the lottery! Pay $200 to claim your prize!” Ever found a lottery scam? You land on a pop-up website or get an email about a prize. The algorithm has blessed you: here are your X million dollars. BUT FIRST, someone needs to cover those admin fees and logistics. Scammers may further use … Read more

Comprehensive Guide on Pyramid Scheme Scams

The pyramid scheme or MLM (multi-level marketing) seems like a good idea at first glance, but these schemes can be far from beneficial and may take up more time and money than they initially promise. These schemes entice potential sign-ups with images of good fortune, luxury holidays and the chance to start a very profitable … Read more