Pigeon Drop – Don’t Fall For The Found Money Scam

The Pigeon Drop Scam Revealed

A pair or a team of swindlers will usually work together to accomplish the pigeon drop. The key element is supposed found money or a valuable which will be shared between the one who found the money and the victim (pigeon). The scam is normally committed on an older victim but can be committed on anyone. It is performed in large public places such as the shopping mall or a parking lot. Variations and details on pigeon drop may vary, …

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Dangers of Affinity Fraud & How It Works

What Is Affinity Fraud

Everyone, in some way or another, is connected to a group, association or community-based organization. Our interests, backgrounds, and other factors will naturally lead us to those affiliations that best serve our needs. Race, culture, and religious beliefs also play a role in identifying us as members of unique groups that we often come to trust. Affinity Fraud is a type of scam that takes an emotional as well as financial toll on its victims. This is any one of …

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Ultimate Guide To Travel Scams

How Do Travel Scams Work

Looking for a vacation? Time for new experiences and relaxation. Visiting exotic places, enjoying good food, meeting new people …or so they say. For a moment, travel excitement and preparations make us forget about the other side of the coin. Variations on travel scams are numerous and ever changing. If you travel frequently, informing yourself on some of the details about travel scams will pay off for sure. Most travel scams occur where a mass of people is, still if …

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These Devious Hotel Scams Could Ruin Your Vacations

Hotel Scams Rare Case Or Common Practice

After months of hard work, a vacation is just what you need. It’s time to forget about problems and relax in the best hotels out there. But best doesn’t always mean popular or cheap. Best stands for a place where guests pay fair prices and feel valued. Because who wants to spend a vacation stressing about hotel bills? Hotel fraud is a hidden pandemic and if you don’t check your bill twice you may be charged for unwanted services without …

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How To Avoid Charity Scams & Fake Charities with Wiser Donations

Preventing Charity fraud

Most of us have the gift of human compassion. Whether it is the victim of a dissease or the little orphan across the street, we are glad to help out. Billions of dollars a day go to charities worldwide. People donate to charities as a sign of goodwill and grace. Unfortunately, thieves know that and take it to their advantage. How do you know your donation is actually helping people? Unless you donate directly, the foundation decides where the money …

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Dangers of Chain Letter Scams

Exposing the chain letter scam

The chain letter formula has existed since at least the 19th century. In recent decades, they have gained new life through the reach of Internet and become quite common. You have at any point in time probably received a message on a social network or in your email inbox that promises you money or good luck if you forward it, and unspecified bad luck if you don’t. Sometimes, they promise to make you money fast or “increase your luck”. People …

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How To Recognize Poetry Scams & Fake Contests

The Art Of Poetry Fraud

“Will my masterpiece ever come to light?” — You may wonder. Most poets are confident with their creative skills. They create with passion and excitement about the future. But they often forget about the other side of the coin: promoting. If nobody knows your work exists, you can’t expect recognition or money. People won’t appreciate your talents unless you show them. Every poet faces two challenges when promoting: Rarely would someone go into poetry for money. Neither do you want …

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What Is Identity Theft and How To Prevent It

Why Identity Theft

You wake up one day and find notices you can’t explain. As you login to your account, you find programs you didn’t sign up for: insurance, loans, other banks. People reach out to you with false claims on email and phone calls, and the money you saved is gone. Yes, identity theft can be devastating. It only takes a few verification steps for someone to take control of your life. If you realize it too late, you won’t be able …

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Mystery Charges On Your Bill? Be On The Lookout For Cramming

Tips To Avoid Cramming

Cramming happens when minor expenses are added to an invoice by a third party without the agreement or authorization of the subscriber. Usually cramming is connected and practiced by phone companies and third parties connected to these companies. Cramming is a type of phone scam. You can be charged for many types of services that will appear on your bill. In addition to billing for its own services, your company may bill you on behalf of other companies for services …

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How To Spot a Lottery Scam with Fake Lottery Prizes

Lottery Scam Wheres My Prize

“Congratulations, you won the lottery! Pay $200 to claim your prize!” Ever found a lottery scam? You land on a pop-up website or get an email about a prize. The algorithm has blessed you: here are your X million dollars. BUT FIRST, someone needs to cover those admin fees and logistics. Scammers may further use the information you provide them to steal their identities. And when fake lotteries don’t work, they use other variations to cut it: Bitcoin cash prices, …

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Comprehensive Guide on Pyramid Scheme Scams

Types of Pyramid Schemes

The pyramid scheme or MLM (multi-level marketing) seems like a good idea at first glance, but these schemes can be far from beneficial and may take up more time and money than they initially promise. These schemes entice potential sign-ups with images of good fortune, luxury holidays and the chance to start a very profitable business and live the self-employed lifestyle that many people dream of. But what is the truth behind these schemes? Are they scams or are they …

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Advance Fee Fraud – What Everyone Should Know

Whats the risk of advance fee scams

Started in the 80’s this scam has run per normal post, fax and per telephone and now in our internet age only increasing the number of victims. Stolen funds are subjects to a very low rate of recovery. Organized thieves are scamming people from all over the world. Many online schemes promise you the moon, only to take away your hard-earned money. Variations of advanced fee fraud are countless and can appear in new fashionable ways daily. “I’ve learned that …

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