Scammed Again

Have you been scammed recently? If yes, better inform yourself before it happens all over again. Some con artists will try to squeeze every penny out of you even after you may not have any money left. You may receive an email from a con artist who will promise you to provide assistance in getting your money back. After all you’ve went through being recently scammed, this feels like a gift from the heavens to you. What happens is that you will be charged with hefty transfer, legal, income tax and whatever fees. Needless to say these “fees” are imaginary and the money you have been sending went straight into the con artists pockets. These professional scammers may have illegal ID’s as being registered lenders, government official or any other kind of identification.


African Union Headquarters
P.O. Box 3243
Addis Ababa
Attention: Beneficiary

We have the utmost pleasure in sending you this message regarding to our meeting at the 53 Heads of State and Government of the African Union at their summit meeting on 31 January to 2 February in Addis Ababa. At the meeting where Mr. Jean Ping, the Gabonese Minister for Foreign Affairs, was appointed as the Chairman of the African Union (AU) focused was on scammed victim in the globe, foreign contractors that may not have received their contract sum as well as Inheritance, including people that have an unfinished and failed transaction due to government bureaucracy etc. The African union in a drive to restore and protect its image globally has resolved to compensate each person with sum of US$250,000.00.

Be notified that we found your contact in our list and that is why we are contacting you as this has been agreed upon and has been signed. You are advised to contact Mr. George Ikoli our West Africa Regional Representative in Nigeria. Contact him immediately for your ATM cash card of US$250,000.00 (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollars). This fund is in ATM for security purpose. Therefore, you should contact Mr. George Ikoli immediately for further directives on how to receive your ATM on this email address.

Email: [email protected] Tel: 234- 80 58 98 83 42.

Yours faithfully,
Philip Idamo Idamo


A centralized database of Nigerian scam victims, such as the ones mentioned above, does not exist. Anytime you get an email like that, you should always assume it to be a scam, and delete the message. If you haven’t contacted the person from this email address before, don’t even talk to them at all. They haven’t received your email address from a database of scam victims but they have either found your email address or bought it from a website you have signed up at one time.

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21 thoughts on “Scammed Again”

  1. I almost got scammed by someone claiming to be leasing a very cheap inner city apartment in London – it was too good to be true, but I wanted to look at the place. They said that they have been a victim before and that to prove my genuineness, I was to transfer money via Western Union not to her, but to myself.

    They seemed to be very pushy – maybe I got an inexperienced one.

    I told a friend about it and they told me it was a scam, so I was saved. He googled the article by and I was shaken up by it as I almost lost 700 pounds. Others on the forum had lost over 1000.

    I thank my lucky stars.

  2. I just got scammed recently…

    I was buying something for 6.99, and the promised I’d get it in no more than 24 hours… well it’s 2 weeks now. They just keep saying the admin isn’t on, when I am clearly looking at the admin talking to other people. Yea it’s only 6.99 but I’m very broke…

  3. I was scammed just the other day. I, unfortunately am an idiot when it comes to using the internet and not aware of all the scams going around. I listed some personal items for sale on Craig’s List and received an email from someone I thought was legitimate. I sent an invoice to this person using my Pay Pal account and received what I had believed to be an instant payment notification from Pay Pal saying the items were paid for. In the email it stated I had to give Pay Pal the UPS tracking number because the shipment was going to Nigeria. Yes, I have since read about the scams with Nigeria. So I gave the tracking number but after 2 days I still had not received my money. I spoke to Pay Pal and they confirmed there was no pending money on hold and that the email I received stating instant payment had been a spoof, ([email protected]). Needless to say, I am out the value of my personal items, $450.00, plus I am out the shipping fee of $124.00 as well as another $124.00 to hopefully get UPS to send the shipment back to me. I hoping it is not too late. It only takes the one time to lose a lot. To some, $124 is not a lot, but to me, I worked hard for my money and my personal belongings for someone to just be so greedy as to take it and not care. I have learned my lesson and you can bet it will not happen again. I have had to delete my bank account information from Pay Pal as well as notify my bank of the possible identity theft. I hope this helps anyone else.

  4. I was scammed. I was desperate for a short term loan after starting a new job. I posted an ad asking for a short-term loan of $3000 on Craigslist. A man named “Wood” that said he was an expatriate living in England offered to loan me $3000 if I sent him a copy of my identification. I did it and didn’t hear from him for a couple of days and then he asked me for my bank account information, preferably a credit card, with a limit. Since I had lived in Europe before, I told him that I knew he could just wire transfer the funds online if he were truly serious about sending the money.
    He kept stalling and wanting more information about my account (routing number, etc.). I finally figured out it was a scam because he refused to use Paypal, refused just to send a bank draft (which is easy from England), and kept pressing me for details of my account. Next thing I knew, the money I had in my account was gone (and I can’t even pay my rent now).

    I kept hoping it was legit but if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Now I am going to be evicted from my home and this con artist that I thought was going to help me isn’t.

    Please be wary of “[email protected]” and a man living in England that claims he is an expatriate working as an engineer at James Adam Construction in England (I later checked and found out there wasn’t a James Adam Construction anywhere in England).


  6. Oh no Leah, they stole your lowercase letters as well! 🙁

    Seriously though, the cops/fraudies know all about those sorts of ‘muleing’ scams, and the banks have insurance to cover things like this, you will just need to fill out a bunch of paperwork with the police and the bank will stop hounding you.

    – Matthew

  7. I met up with mr wood from james adam construction online also. He was after a much larger score than $3000.00. Trying for access to Credit Lines from Banks. His Phone number is 44-704-575-7420 in London England. Claims to be an engineer and wanted help skimming Hundreds of thousands from his employers accounts. Wanted access to attorney Trust account and a line of credit for the scam.

  8. I was just scammed by a man claiming to be Rowland Cole from London England. We have talked for a year and he was waiting to move to the states. Yes I was dumb enough to send him money and now i have not back from him. Please beware of anyone confessing their love and asking for money. His email address is [email protected]. Dont fall for anything he says…

  9. I applied for a online payday loan and after I read the fine print I canceled out. After several months this a same company name (Advance Cash USA) phone number-(772-934-8008)continues to harass me claiming I owe them $300.00…when I ask for documents of proof they say “it’s paperless” and they did’nt stop there, they went as far as calling my personal references with threats claiming they were responsible for my bill….be aware of callers from this number. I’ve filed a complaint against them with the IC3-Internet Crime Complaint Center so they can put it in their data base.

  10. Hi Sir,

    I got a mail from, the company name is prime management services, bankok, thailand. the mail is about software test engineer. They have taken my online interview and send me the conditional offer letter. the director name is Martheem amphormoong. They ask me for money for the security. I want to know this company is fraud or geniune. So Please would you help me to find out about this company. I am waiting for your results

  11. Hello Darshan,

    I am aware of this company in bangkok.But I am not sure about their recruitment process and their terms and conditions.I have seen their office at sukhumvit,I had one client whom I referred to visit prime management for buying property near pattaya,jomtien beach.If you need any more help mail me at [email protected]

  12. I also got the conditional offer letter from Prime Management Services, Bangkok ( The company is not issuing any document except that conditional offer letter signed by the Director named Martheem Amphormoon. They are saying to pay 1500GBP to deposit as accommodation security at the time of joining.
    So anyone, please suggest me how to know about this company that it is genuine or fraud.

  13. I recently purchased some Apple products from and paid via paypal over $1500AUD only to get absolutely nothing and not communication since the transaction was paid. PLEASE people, be warned DO NOT USE!!

  14. I almost just got scammed trying to sell goods on craigslist. The buyer said they were from the UK but stationed in Australia for the military. 16 emails went back and fourth talking about how he wants this bicycle for his son’s birthday and we both have to be careful of fraud. He insisted that he use paypal to pay for it and wanted to include an additional $500 USD for shipping that I was to pay to his arranged shipper when they collected the item. AFTER reciving a spoof email from paypal he demanded that I western union the shipping money to his shipping company.

    The first red flag was that the email from paypal did not come from an email address. The email is from,
    [email protected] on behalf of [email protected] ([email protected])

    Don’t be fooled, it appeared in my inbox as ‘[email protected]’ but when you open the email you have to look at the full address where it was sent from.

    Next I did a google search for “Track email” you will find very easy and detailed instructions on how to find the IP address of the computer that made the original email. You can then go on a website and see where that was for free. Turns out this guy has been writing me from Nigeria.

    I looked for any possible way to get him busted but there isn’t much that can be done, especially since he didn’t get away with anything. I hope these tips can help someone else avoid online scams. Sad.

  15. I just got scammed like leah.I am now 920 in the hole. It was by money orders. Anybody know how to get that money back from the bank if they have insurance to cover them from that

  16. There is this scumbag/s, of course from Nigeria, who claims to be an English researcher from University College of London named John A. Hall, who is in need of a personal chef, as he is to be working in the states on a project. This is a scammimg loser who actually lost $$ on me, but the sneaky hook is that there really is a researcher of the same name, from the same institution so when an un-trusting person like myself “Googles” this alleged person…it will appear to check-out. Mind the IP address, and NEVER, Ever send/receive/wire 3rd party monies. Also, look for poor grammar, as these lowlifes are uneducated but not dumb, just very evil and look out for the excessive use of “God Bless You” in their contacts. These pigs often get an American scumbag to assist them with their initial posts, BTW, as they do realize that their childish command of the English language is laughable & wouldn’t fool anyone. So, thanks to those upstanding citizens who assist these slithering toads, as well. They should also be prosecuted like the criminals they are. Get back at them!!!!

  17. I have one that will make you cry. I am a Marine who has been deployed 3 times to Iraq. I am still in the service and wanted kittens since my deployment cycle has stopped for the time being. I went on to and looking for kittens. An ad was posted for Siberian kittens that were ready to be brought home. I emailed the lady and she told me she could ship them to me. I live in VA and she in Sunrise, FL. We had to communicate via email because she said she has an acoustic neuroma that has affected her hearing to the point of being deaf. She only asked for me to send the money for shipping and half of the price of the kittens. A total of $720 dollars. This is not out of the box for getting these kittens and for shipping an animal. She said she only liked dealing with cash and I didn’t have a problem with that. She gave a great amount of detail on the kittens that was compared to all the information I researched about Sieberians. Apparently she did too! She set up shipping, I received an email from a “JetPet Relocators” with flight information, times, the papers coming with the kittens, Royal Canin food, and who would be deliverying the pets to me. All of it looked on the up and up. Then an hour before they were to be delivered I receive an email telling me the kittens have been delayed at the transit point and require a temperature controlled crate for transport because they were under 3 lbs. I tried getting a hold of the point of contact at the phone number listed with the travel info, but I couldn’t get a hold of anyone. She emailed me and told me she got a hold of the people at JetPet and she could get payment to them the next morning if I just wired her the money and because the crates were a returnable deposit I would get the money back on my end when the crates were returned to the company upon a post travel vet check of the kittens. I called my mom and had her call her vet to see if this all sounded correct. She told me her vet said it is sometimes necessary to use those crates depending on the company. So I sent the money..another $750. The next day, I got another email from JetPet telling me a temp health insurance had to be purchased which was refundable too. At this point, I knew something was up. The land line for JetPet is in another subburb of Ft Lauderdale FL called Hollywood FL. The distance between where she said she lived and where this land line is based is too far for traveling based on someone who is actually suffering from acoustica neuroma. Of course I have emailed the company repeatedly and called with no answer. I have no heard from the woman I was purchasing the kittens from. Her supposed name is Alleck Hathaway from Sunrise FL.
    It’s is heart breaking that I have served my country to defend the rights of this person. It is truly discouraging and shakes the very foundation of what I have to have with the person to my left and to my right in combat. It’s amazing how people like this have the rights they do in our country. I know I’ll never use classified ads or any thing other than seeing something in person every again.

  18. This guy John Robert (s) [email protected] now working under the name John Cooper told me he was from the UK, his wife passed away three years ago and that he didnt have any kids. He will keep up profiles for ca 1 week with every time different pictures, but if you look good enough you will be able to see it is him. You will find him back on Meet, Badoo, Zoosk and i am sure many more. Went on a business trip to NY than had to pick up his checks in Lagos South Afrika, because the German company didnt pay him.
    Stupid enough I did send money. A small amount to NY via Western Union. He never picked that up???? When he got to Lagos he said he needed money again to clear his checks and to pay the taxes. I send 1500 euro’s, that amount he did pick up? Probably with a fake passport or something, because when you send money thru WU to South Afrika you either have to have a bank account there or take someone with you that can verify you identity. I thought it was safe because the security for WU in those countries are tight. I guess not tight enough?
    He got his clearance to leave the country but than asked for money again for his ticket and hotel bills? So if you get into contact with this guy, dont send money? he scams people, and is probably still stuck in Lagos yea right. Unbelievable how low people can get to scam people.
    I came across other websites and posts from other women that he also tried to con. He will change his story some times but it comes down to pretty much te same. Check his ip adres because it will be from Zweden Stockholm.
    Sad to say but nothing but a lowlife scum bag.

  19. [email protected]

    I got email like this as below and it sure is a scam after going back and forth with some guy about selling my car

    Dear (my email address),

    We hereby want to assure you once again that the total sum of $4,850.00AUD will be credited into your account as soon as you provide us with the complete details of the western union money transfer used to send the additional fund of $950.00AUD meant for the item pick up to the buyer’s pick up agent. We also want you to know that your money has already been deducted from the buyer’s account and it cannot be returned back to him which means that it is secure with us but has been put on hold and will not be credited into your account until we receive the necessary details from you. The western union money transfer information’s needed are the MTCN and the sender’s name and address used to send the money. This information’s will be given to you by western union after the money transfer has been done. The western union transfer can be done online via or visit western union section at your post office.

    We are sorry for any inconveniences this might have caused and we want you to know that the total sum of $4,850.00AUD is ready and available to be credited into your account as soon as the necessary step is taken by you.

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