Scammers – Scam Confessions

To understand scam you have to get inside the mind of the thief and begin to see what he sees, think what he thinks about and feel what he feels. The following is a statement made from a scammer after the program has been shut down and he/they got away unnoticed. Original was a little modified, since it contained some mistakes. Scammers often like to show-off, its all part of their game.

This is a long message and will be the last one you will ever hear from us. Until, we of course open a new program! We want kindly recommend you stop losing your time chasing us. Anyway, for the cyber detectives, here is how we worked and how we will work in the future:

  • Having false ID documents is the basis. For couple of hundred you get a really nice looking pack of documents, even nicer than legal ones. That is, if you don’t make them on your own
  • A nice apartment with fast internet connection was rented in a nice city near the sea. With false documents. A new desktop computer and a new laptop was bought. We installed some fresh programs on them
  • A bank account was opened with false documents. We put some cash on the account and got a nice debit card
  • E-gold accounts were opened and funded them from the bank account above
  • A bit later we opened e-bullion accounts, funded by who else than you, who “invested”

Everything clear so far? We now have e-gold, internet, a nice place to sleep and eat, all that without possibility to track us. A major question that concerned us was “Shall we open a real company?”. We decided not to, as people are so stupid that they believe all what they read. And you know what? It is true Invex Ltd. and Lomax Group Corp. are pure fantasy and exist only in our imagination (and yours). Okay, enough of this, let’s go to work now!

We have to open a nice domain now and book a server at a “scammer friendly” host. We will pay by e-gold. After that we will book a dedicated server and pay with the debit card coming from the false bank account. Lastly we rent Prolexic, a DDos protection system, and we will pay them from your “investments”.

To all the special forces who want to track us by the IP address, we kindly recommend you to use Google and look at JAP, Freenet, I2P and TORR. You will soon come to an understanding that our IP comes from anywhere in the world and is chained between some servers who can’t track them. Still if there is very minor chance that you could, our last IP address, the place we lived, the nice appartment near the sea was already left some weeks ago. Oh, the hard disks were physically erased and computers were given to a charity. Some other professionals are smart an say “let’s track the money!”. Eureka! Just don’t forget that most of the terrorists can’t be tracked by the special services and government officials.

How did we withdraw all your generous donations? Thanks to Mygcard who supplied us with hundreds of anonymous debit cards that’s quite easy. Me and my friends used these cards in various countries at ATM’s with no daily limits. We also used bank transfers from some of the best exchangers who have no issues with sending $100.000 or $200.000 every three days to accounts in Panama and some nice offshore places outside the EU and US regulations. Track the money there, my dear friends! About the exchange rates… we were a bit afraid at the beginning as an exchanger wrote on his website that the verifies ALL data from his costumers. His low fee was 2%, but we generously offered him 2% more to “preserve our privacy”. Here the dialog:

EXCHANGER: 2% more is a good offer, but is your gold clean? We don’t work with scammers.
WE: Of course, what were you thinking? We are honest businessmen who just want to keep a low profile.
EXCHANGER: Okay, I can see you are not scammers, just send me the gold and 4% fee instead of the regular 2%.

As I am already in an excellent mood I will tak the time to explain to you something. Most of the biggest HYIP’s are run by us, a professional team. When other scammers try to enter our dominated area, we try to buy them. If they are not interested DDOS attacks will shut them down. To make sure our ratings stay the best, we also play administrators of a few monitoring programs, including the biggest and most “reliable ones. Our purpose is to make money. We give 20% to charity another 20% is given to some “political associations” and the rest is for us. We have a dozen HYIP’s running at the moment. We will close some of them and equivalently open some new ones. We are doing this for years and everything is going smooth.

However, it is possible to make profit from HYIP’s. Just do it quickly and refer some fresh meat to us, you will also get paid commission for every referral. These are the real scumbags, making profit on your loss!

A clever guy once said in a forum “there were no guarantees, so no need to cry”. That’s true! We never gave any guarantee to anybody, we even recommended those who ask for guarantees to go to their local bank, but they didn’t. Their choice! When reading yours and similar forums we really laugh. Most of you were already scammed by other HYIP’s? Maybe they were ours. It seems you’re not able to understand what a teenager is able to! So you continue to “invest” a little here and a little there and that is good. For us! For you, I am not sure. When I see a great specialist proudly saying he lost thousands and thousands of dollars in a scheme but he will recover from other HYIP’s we laugh. We laugh and fall from our chairs!


Even if the moral values are close to zero, not recognizing what reactions come with their actions, not being able to take responsibility for their doings…read carefully what this scammer has to say. Many statements are true. People tend to believe everything that is written if a promise is given to make big bucks. They say you have a choice and they are right. Forget your greed and choose NO.

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  1. Do you know anything about Bankcard Empire? If so, I would appreciate a comment about this company. I was contacted by a representative of this firm and told if I could pay off our house and all debts, would that be a good deal. I was so excited and asked how this could happen. The representative, Susan @ 1-888-274-8844×907 told me to invest $5,000 for advertising I could be paying off our house and all debts within a month. I gave her my credit card # in May 2009 and have been waiting ever since for the big payoff. I think Bankcard Empire is a scam and I wished som one had warned me about them. I am out $10,000 and don’t know how to pay them back. Any advise would be appreciated.

    Betty Baca
    (505) 828-9423
    [email protected]


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