eBay Fraud – eBay Rip Off

In one of my previous articles I have explained how scammers open a fake paypal Account. eBay accounts can be exploited just the way paypal accounts are. Usually what you need is just some technical computer know-how, and a virtual credit card and you’re ready to open up a fake ebay ID, with the purpose of scamming a few people before you get caught. If the process is repeated, you can imagine that the sums of stolen cash just keep on increasing day after day. Once read about fake paypal accounts you will understand how easily is to do just the same on other websites where similar authentication of user accounts is used.

Shill Biding

Shill bidding is artificially increasing the price of an item by any means may it be a second eBay account or a “friend” bidding on your item. These methods are used by both sellers to sell an item higher as well as buyers to get an item for a lower price. We will look at both examples.

A seller has set up an auction for his car. His starting price was 5000$, but four days after he logs in to eBay and notices the price got up only to 5430$ and only 2 days are left to auction end. He gets scared because he was hoping to get 8000$ for the car. He creates another eBay account or calls his friend to bid on the item to raise the price. This is unfair to other buyers and also prohibited by eBay.

A buyer, we can safely call this buyer a scammer, looks for a new computer. Soon he finds what he is looking for. A brand new Toshiba laptop starting at 1$ while the retail price is 1500$. Naturally he wants the item to sell as low as possible, so to secure this price he uses a sneaky method. On this current account he places a bid of 400$, he then logs off eBay, signs in with another account and places a bid of 1600$. As you see he placed a bid higher than the price of the new item. This is done for a reason. When normal ebayers see this, they will not bid on the item since it is overpriced already. Minutes or seconds, before the auction end he will retrace the 1600$ bid which will automatically make his second account where he placed 400$ the winner. He was second in line and if the highest bidder retraces a bid, eBay system chooses the next in line as the current highest bidder. If you’re a seller and don’t want this to happen to you, use a buy it now price, or a starting price which you think is fair and acceptable for you.

Fake Auctions

To setup fake auctions thieves need multiple eBay accounts, because eBay is catching scammers and looking 24/7 for bogus auctions. There are two ways to obtain multiple eBay seller accounts:

a) Opening multiple accounts under a false ID
b) Phishing
c) Gaining Access to the Database (extremely rare)

Image Example of a False Auction

These scam auctions usually have these following points in common. Feedback of the seller doesn’t matter here, because these accounts were hijacked and are used by a different person, Scammers. Many times auctions are posted in a totally unrelated category, such as seen on the picture example above. The Auctions goes for a Travel Trailer and the category of the selling item is Music Cassettes! This is done by the scammers to lower the rate of being caught. Another thing by which you could recognize this auction as a scam is that the “seller” tries every possible way to contact him outside of eBay. One thing that can’t be seen in this example here is, the real auction description was clickable and directed you to a site out of eBay. Seller said to contact him through email to either negotiate a buy it now price or other questions. That is because he knows eBay is on his track and sooner or later his fraudulent auction will be put down, so he wants as soon as possible other means of contact for his targets, in this case email. A trick to fool you can also be a “Buy It Now” button or link inside the description. If you are about to click this link you will be forwarded to an eBay clone (an exact clone of eBay, of course a fake one, set up by the thief) where you can be scammed more easily, because the dupe eBay site is in direct control of the con artist. These thieves are in a hurry to scam you so they will often repeat sentences like “I ship fast” or “contact me fast, before it is too late”. The grammar also will be of very bad nature and contain more spelling mistakes than you can count on your fingers. Sometimes, duplicate auctions will be setup by scammer. This means that one is legit, from a real seller but the other one is a dupe from a scammer, a copy-paste. More then often these will be from China at ridiculous low prices and descriptions will contain more talk about their culture, how great their country is than from the selling item itself. Funny but True!

Fake auctions, sometimes, are placed by usually honest ebayers who are pulling a prank or trying out and idea on their minds. A great example happened about a year ago when xbox360 came out and there was a huge demand for it, they were selling like break. So in all this chaos, someone had the idea of selling an xbox BOX. Yes just a box, he clearly did write he is selling a box from xbox 360. In the description he added all the necessary information for xbox 360, but in the bottom of the post he mentioned he does not sell an actual xbox 360, but a regular cardboard box written xbox 360 on it. I had a pretty good laugh at it, since it was the lone fault of the buyer not reading the description in whole. Although the auction was deceptive, it is the buyers responsibility to read the whole page and inform himself properly before making a buy decision.

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33 thoughts on “eBay Fraud – eBay Rip Off”

  1. Thanks so much for your insight. I’m new to e-bay and have been suspecting all kinds of things. Now I know I’m right, but I hope that the honest sellers and buyers outnumber the bad guys ! I’ts a reflection of our world. Sad.

  2. A couple of things I don’t understand:

    (1) I don’t think the “overbid, then cancel your bid” strategy can work. If the scammer bids $400 from one account, then $1600 from another account, the bid shown will only be about $410 (that is, $400 plus whatever the bid increment is at that level – which I think is about $5 or $10). eBay does not reveal the maximum bid the highest bidder puts in – it just increments the existing bid by the minimum amount. The active bid will never reach $1600 unless someone else also bids that high. Other bidders can try to beat the $410 offer by bidding $425 or $450 – their bids will then show up in second place, and the scammer’s active bid will jump to $435 or $460 (or whatever), but again they won’t be aware of the $1600 maximum. So this actually works out to a fair auction: if the scammer really wants the item, they can have it, but only by paying an amount greater than anyone else bid, just as if they were bidding sincerely; if the scammer pulls the high bid, then the second-place bidder gets the item, which sells at the highest price that a sincere bidder was willing to pay, just as it is supposed to. I really don’t see how anyone can get cheated this way.

    (2) How does the scammer get a payoff by hijacking someone else’s login and listing nonexistent goods? Wouldn’t you need to be able to get both the victim’s eBay login AND their PayPal login to access the money from the bids? If you only had the eBay login, you could list fraudulent items, but the victim would get the money and the legal repercussions from the phony sales. What’s the point of creating fraudulent listings on someone else’s account?

  3. Good points. eBay’s auction system didn’t always work on increments. As much money you’ve bid, so much it has shown. So in a case where someone would place a $400 bid from one account, then $1600 from another account, the bid the bid would be $1600 and not $410 like it is today.

    For ebay this point is no longer valid, but I left it in anyway, it may help with other similar auction systems.

    As for your second point, there are many things one can do with a fraudulent account. He may sell it further as an old established account with positive feedback. An account will gain value the older the account and the higher the feedback is.

    If a scammer keeps the account it’s not necessary that he sells with paypal. Many sellers have a good reason not to offer paypal. In our case however, it is fraud. So in this case, the scammer would try to push as many auctions as he can before all the negative feedback accumulates and lowers his feedback score. When this happens he simply moves on to another account.

  4. To me the points system is a waste of time as even neg feedback counts towards points and whats the point of having buyer feedback if that feedback can only be positive.

    I got scammed buying a car on eBay and the seller had 8 other eBay accounts and eBay pretend they don’t know how to stop this by tracking IP addresees or checking bank details so i’ve openned a site at http://www.eBuster.co.uk that has access to eBay pages long after eBay have pulled the pages in an effort to hide the amount on fraud on eBay.

    The tide is turning against eBay as can be seen from it’s own figures and for my money they must police themselves or they will be taken over by others and talking of take over i can see Paypal being sold off but i would not touch it with a parge pole because i can not see many of the millions of accounts being used very often.

  5. eBay is not a scam, people think they are smart, but eBay can catch hold of sellers who have multiple eBay accounts. They can trace you down by your computer cache and cookies, linked address, linked credit cards, similar PayPal account. So there is no way for a seller to cheat. However there is one drawback as eBay is just a venue it can’t personally get hold of the seller to punish him, but they do take very good care of their accounts by suspending them.

    No matter what seller’s still complain, you know why? Because they don’t know how to sell or how to behave which is the right word. Let me give you an example. Suppose you have a physical shop you sell items to your buyers and if they don’t like it you refund the amount and get the item back. Some do lie to get their money back if they don’t like the item or if they feel that they don’t need the item. Now why shouldn’t sellers treat buyers the same way on eBay. Remember customer is the king. If you can’t please your buyers GET OUT!!. You don’t deserve to sell if you can’t do what your buyers say as you do in a physical shop.

    Why do you think there are so many PowerSellers on eBay who depend on eBay and who still love eBay, because they know how it works. Remember you will always get complaints from sellers who have feedback of less than 80 or 70.

    eBay is the most fun place and the most profitable site on the web. Sellers say eBay raised it’s fees. Why shouldn’t it raise it’s fees if there has been inflation all over the world. You expect them to charge you the same way they did 10 years back. If a person says eBay is a rip off, I will say you don’t know what you are TALKING about!.

    Do it the right way and you will profit. eBay has live help, email support to help sellers. Reach them whenever you have doubts.


  6. I also see some buyers saying the bid sometimes raises to $1600 if you bid that amount as your max bid. Remember a max bid you place will become the current bid price if it is close to the reserve price of the auction. So if there is a reserve price of $1600 on the item and if your max bid is $1580 or so and if the current bid amount is $410 then your bid will automatically reach to $1600 as it is close to the reserve.

    If anyone reads this and has any doubt on how it works, they can contact me on this address [email protected] . I would be happy to resolve your concern. As for the false auctions and multiple accounts. Out of millions of items on eBay and members you will see one or two frauds which have not been spotted by eBay, but believe me such people don’t get away that easily. If you have any questions for me you are always welcome.


  7. Yes, I was bitten by the ‘get your cheap goods’ bug–then I was simply bitten. Some [honest] buyers have had their problems with eBay’s lazy oversight–I’m a buyer who got the shaft–I certainly didn’t get the goods.
    Ebay’s approach is this–“Now now! Let’s be nice! Give the seller a little kiss on the cheek play nice! See if he really, relly, wants to send you the goods [that you paid for–and didn’t get].”
    Their (eBay’s) approach to fraud: just laugh it away. After all–they got theirs–right? Right.
    I guess my story pales compared to some.
    It’s a shame honest people have to be at the mercy of eBay’s shady management.

  8. I am not going to be a spokesman (stooge) for eBay, no matter how much they (eBay) attempt to persuade me. Neither will I be bribed or influenced in any way by eBay. Never will I offer up excuses for any group of thieves; or the management at eBay which encourages such thieving–activity, which of course, lines the pockets of that morally bankrupt management team at eBay.
    Comrades! Fight the good fight–find another auction site–resist that great evil–eBay.

  9. I agree, ebay seller motel268 is a scammer!

    They never sent the item, when I complained, they said “we’ll send you a replacement” which never arrived.

    You’ve been warned.

  10. Give me a break. I have been scammed by three buyers in a row. eBay is all about the buyers. I have the PayPal claims, the confirmed deliveries, the refusal to provide proof of damage to the carrier, and the eBay correspondence to back up my claims. These are frauds …. and eBaY’S FALSE ONEWAY FEEDBACK system protects those frauds.

    Without a true two way system, like has been in place and works, ie, a true Feedback System ..fed-back, then eBay will continue to lose good quality sellers, and especially will lose those Handmade in America goods, because we have to make our living in a real world NOT this Fairytale Land of Make Believe!

  11. I recently bought a book on ebay which was defective and unacceptable. The seller was rude and derogatory toward me in her reply to my request to return this book. When trying to leave negative feedback, I found that ebay has made negative or neutral feedback impossible. I was forced to leave positive feedback or no feedback at all. My only recourse was to leave the required positive feedback. However, in the comment section, I was able to write…defective merchandise, seller refused to take book back. I don’t know how many buyers actually look at those comments. Most just look at the number of positive feedbacks and start bidding. From now on I will read sellers’ feedback comments before I bid!

  12. After not recievving and item for several months, I fowarded a letter sent by thee seller to EBAY. It said “My girlfriend and I are crack heads and live in a tent outside my parents house. We make our money buy ripping-off people on EBAY.
    EBAY still wanted me to pay for a mediator. Thanbk god I didn’t use PAY-PAL and after about a year my Credit Card Company returned my money.
    EBAY and PAY-PAL are all about the Seller and buyer be damned.

  13. Seller: sceusa ( 13269) —-I bought a 400watt power supply from them earlier this month. I installed it and it killed my motherboard, rendering my PC —useless. So I sent it back to above seller. Waited for a refund….got none. Told them I will not leave negative feedback if they would just issue PayPal refund ($35). They did not issue refund, so I left negative feedback. Now they send me a blackmail email for me to get my refund:—
    to me

    show details 12/29/09 (4 days ago)

    Hi David,
    Please remove the negative feedback and we will proceed and refund your paypal .
    go to http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/feedback-removal.html
    i will wait for your reply thanks.

    From: Winston Smith
    To: irdrive.com
    Sent: Wed, December 23, 2009 6:00:17 PM
    Subject: Re: RMA# 1903
    – Show quoted text –



  14. I sell movies on ebay.I have a no refund policy so buyers can’tbuy them ,copy them than get their money back.I do replace defective disc,however every time a buyer cries ebay takes my money and they keep the movie so I lose every time.I’m about to tell ebay to kiss my @$$

  15. Tom you are not alone in telling eBay to kiss your @$$.

    Today i had a look on eBay motors and it’s empty to what it was a year ago and looking at the bid history that shows most bidders are new or only have yellow stars it’s easy to see they are bidding against themselves most the time.

    Here in the UK we don’t get the 1***B alias names you get in the rest off the world so is it any wonder that shill bidding is rampant.

    Good luck with the move Tom.

  16. Ebay could CARE LESS about sellers using multiple accounts as long as they rake in the dough. Here’s my story:

    Frank, of Hot Ride Motors AKA L.A.R.S. Group Inc. (LARS), he likes his money more than his reputation or conscience.

    This is how he operates: He uses a number of ebay accounts, using even different names (when you call in and ask for the listed name, you get ‘he’s not in, you can talk to Frank), and uses prepaid phones so his phone number keeps changing.

    His ‘main’ accounts he uses for his better cars so the feedback is good. For his lower quality cars he sells under various new accounts, lists 4 or 5 at once, and after he gets the bad feedback just walks away from the account.

    He doesn’t take paypal and knows the ebay motors buyer protection very well so there is no recourse.

    I’ve only just started looking but found these ebay accounts:

    bestautodeals2010 , bestchoicefrank , bid-to-auto2010 , coastalhwy , buynsell83 , hadynadirvine , wilkedoug .

    They’ll be more as he abandons accounts and starts others.

    Long and short, if the seller is in Philadelphia and doesn’t list his address, email him asking for the address so you can look at the car. If it comes back Venango Rd or Kensington, run away screaming.

    If you came here on a web search and still buy from this guy, you’re either brave or thick.

    I’ve contacted both ebay and paypal and pointed out that at the very least his numerous accounts come up on an ‘accepts paypal’ search when he doesn’t accept paypal.

    So far, all they’ve done is suspend the account I bought the car from (which he already walked away from anyway) and after repeated protests the accounts above no longer came up on a Paypal search.

    That’s it.

  17. Ok so I want to buy a car. 57 super 88 oldsmobile on ebaym the starting bid was 200$ I bid 202$ and wyej I place the bid I get over bided. I check the bid history and the only bid other than my is a bid from yesterday….how is that possible?

  18. Given a bit of smarts, effort, and desire it’s not particularly difficult to scam a few buyers on Ebay. As for getting tracked down by linked cards, etc., like I say…a bit of smarts and effort. A new IP address, new phone number, new home address, new browsers, new cc, new new bank account, new email, and…well, that’s about it.

    Sadly, it doesn’t take but a few hours to create a brand new identity, new Ebay/Paypal accounts, and list non-existent items. Scam a few people, get half the money released by Paypal, transfer it to your bank account, repeat entire process from the top.

    Ebay and Paypal can “ban” accounts all day long. No worries. Create a brand new identity and start over. It’s work, yes, but consider the millions of people who work 40 hours a week for $400.

    Scamming pays much more. Unfortunately.

    years ago Ebay was awesome, but then after 2000 it seemed to change, I was getting ripped off more and more. The resolution system is so poorly operated, I remember purchasing with an Ebay Credit card when I was ripped off and reported it to the credit card company they told me it was the responsiblity of the resolution center on Ebay, then Ebay claimed it wasn’t their responsibilty. Finally it came to the day when I had three purchases in a row that different sellers had each shown a picture of their items that was totally different than items recieved, ebay’s handling of each of the issues was that of, “you should be more careful”, and they’re right I realized that Ebay will never be the same and being careful for me was never doing business with Ebay again. Ebay’s lack of responsiblity for fraud is the issue, thier lack of response makes them an accesssory to crime, which I do believe is still illegal in this country. The local, state and federal law enforcement do not see Ebay purchases as worth thier time and effort but then if you look at how much money Ebay profits each year you see a different picture, how much of that profit is illegal gain? nobody cares

  20. At a real auction house, there will usually be a guy at the back bidding away to keep the prices up, making sure items do not sell for too little.He will be a friend or relative of the auction owner. This is what is called shill bidding on ebay and is frowned upon. It has been the norm in auction houses for generations – its nothing new.

  21. Kodi is dead wrong. Ebay is not like selling at a physical site. In a store if a customer brings back and item you refund the money and everyone is whole. On Ebay the buyer wants a FULL refund of shipping and product and most times wants return shipping also.

    As for Ebay being smart enough to recognize and trace multiple accounts, please! Crooks are even smarter, they know how to build multiple untraceable accounts with no problem.

    EBay has no reason to raise fees and inflation is not excuse. If you want to claim inflation then the prices of items are going up therefore Ebay would make more money, the would not have to increase their percentage to profit more. Ebay raises its fee because of greed and nothing more. They know they have the online auction market cornered and sellers have no where else to go and now they even own and force you to use Paypal to complete your transaction.

    Problem is you accept it, go elsewhere, or get out, but please dont try to tell me Ebay is good and innocent!

  22. EBAY is not innocent! I got kicked off as a seller with 1900 good feedbacks when I left a bad remark on a guy in Chile’s feedback when he wanted money back and returned an empty envelope. I had a few choice words; yes I did. Now, I got together a bunch of old sellers and we are having an auction site built that will make them roll over! NO FINAL VALUE FEES EVER, no membership fees, fifty cents to list anything (monthly and annual deals for low value item sellers or higher volume sellers) including houses, cars, industrial equipment or whatever. Two way feedback, not that one sided nonsense, and when we hear someone gets ripped off…bye bye to the ripper offer via mac address and physical address both. Oh yes almost forgot, December 2010, look for http://www.bidpops.com to sell items that will make them take notice.

  23. So I sell an IBM T400 laptop screen on ebay that was pulled from a system that had a defective motherboard. It was bright and clear with no defects before it left my hands. Someone bought it and I shipped it to them. IMMEDIATELY after he receives it he files a dispute with both ebay and PayPal claiming the item didn’t work and that I was attempting to rip him off, he wanted a refund NOW, etc. etc. When I asked (with a please I might add) for photographic proof he became even MORE confrontational saying that it made no sense to do that and that I was wasting time – NORMAL people don’t act like this in my opinion. I said no photos, no refund, end of story. He then sent a small, blurry picture with 2 monitors side by side – one was washed-out looking while the other was readable. He claims the one I sent him (the readable one) was “very dim”, and that again I was wasting time and he wanted his refund NOW…am I supposed to take him at face value that he’s telling me the truth? I do not know this person from anyone and quite frankly the way he was acting made me VERY suspicious. Sure, ebay found for him (they ALWAYS will side with the buyer now and there is NOTHING you can do about it) and he left his negative feedback which I’m sure made him feel more like a man.

    But that’s not the end…

    A couple weeks later I receive the package back from him and open it and lo and behold in the box is some busted POS from an MUCH older Toshiba. Honestly, I had to laugh because in the back of my mind I KNEW this would happen. I filed an appeal with ebay so we’ll see what happens though in my heart I KNOW what’s going happen – ebay is going to “sorry about your luck” and I’m f–ked. It’s not even the money so much as the principle. Had this waste of oxygen just contacted me and acted like a rational human being I would not have hesitated to give him a refund and we would not be in this position today. So you may avoid this part swapping theif I am supplying his user id which is pcpartstrader, located in TN.

  24. With this so-called Buyer protection sellers don’t have a chance.I have 12 ebay user ID’s and 7 paypal accounts and onlythrough frustration and aggravation as a seller, I have learned numerous tactics from this evil entity. It is now possible for anyone to get anything free from any seller on ebay through the feedback system. Sellers are so afraid to lose their status’s using the DSR system that they will give you anything from LCD TV’s to diamond rings just to keep selling without restrictions or facing suspension. I will be happy to inform you further on this if you email or call me on http://www.flashco.us . Heck, I even have a club going with members getting thousands of dollars in items free on ebay..This evil entity must and will be reckoned with through the power of free speech…Just got a free I-phone in today..gotta love it..Seller told me to enjoy it as long as
    I left him positive ratings…Don’t sell anything of high value with this in place.

  25. I was ripped off by e-bay themselves. As a seller I sold for 10 years with perfect feedback. I sold a rare perfect shape synthesizer to a guy.
    He immediataly tried to re-sell again e-bays own policy. then saw pictures he put up and for some dumb reason took the thing apart. After a week and his ad saying how perfect it was and it was. He filed a BOGUS CLAIM NOT AS DESCRIBED. E-BAY never researched anything or talked to me and gave him his money back. The guy now has the synth and 600.00 and i was sent to a collection group and had to pay the 600.00
    Now I am -600.00, no instrument.Never had any forum to talk to anyone at e-bay or asked what happened. The never file an immediate claim like an honest person would instaed re-listing against their policy.

  26. please be aware of a mobile seller by the name superluxuryphoneshop2010 from hong kong. i paid for a phone. got it 4 week later, its faulty. i contacted them they promised to refund once they had it back. i posted it that day, got proof of posting and guess what 11week later still no money! i contacted ebay in the begginning they said you have to give at least 6 week for delivery. i then go to raise a complaint, and low and behold i cant because its gone over 45 days!! he is now refusing to answer my emails. ive written a officail letter and posted it, still nothing. Evil bays answer….. we will give you £20 voucher!! whoopy doo, im only down by £107. paypal says there is nothing i can do. cant take him to small claims xourt as he is in hong kong and not uk. ive been digging as so far ove found 4 accounts from him on ebay. makes me sick.

  27. eBay and Paypal (which is a division of eBay) are ripoffs in themselves. On a sale of $65 or so they charge the seller combined fees of more than $10. That is ridiculous, and if there were some competition to eBay and RipoffPal, then they would have motivation not to mistreat their customers so badly. I am seriously considering cancelling my eBay account because the ripoff level there is disgusting.

  28. If you have any faith at all in eBay’s phony feedback ratings you must believe in the tooth fairy. Just look at the number of 100% ratings given to so many vendors. It is simply impossible for any vendor to please every single one of thousands of customers. eBay makes it impossible to post negative ratings. I stopped using eBay several years ago as it is simply a scam.

  29. Let me tell you about a bad eBay seller: My daughter placed an order for the daily deal on eBay from Supergooddeals on 3/4/11 and I ordered on 3/15/11. They sent us an email that stated our packages got ran over by a truck and left tire treads on it but they would send out another item. Then they sent us both emails that said if you can’t leave at least 3 stars and positive feedback then don’t bother leaving them feedback at all. Because this will hurt their business and this is how she supports her 2 yr old daughter. Well check out their feedback now. They actually sent tons of people the same lies and never shipped their items either. A good way to support your family by taking peoples money and never sending them anything

    So if everyone would just leave 1 star on everything, negative feedback and also file a INR ( item not received ) through Ebay they will be out of business.

    As of today 3/31/11 they have 95.6% feedback, when I placed an order they had 98.9. I believe the problem is people aren’t dinging their stars. They have recieved 392 negative feedback in 30 days. But yet people are still buying from them. Now I see that they are buying $1 items in the hopes of getting some positive feedback. Well hopefully they already lost their 20% discount and soon will be Not A Registered User. So if your looking for a Blue Beast laser pointer, Golf hat, watch batteries,bug zapper, just go to the store where you can pay and get your items all at once instead of waiting for SUPERGOODDEALS to NOT deliver their Motto “Pay today Ships tomorrow”. I have a new motto for them “Give me your money and get nothing!” Sounds like a robbery??

    Don’t worry I’ll get my money back from them when I file INR and you better believe they are getting 1’s on their star ratings!

  30. I just been a victim of a scum as a buyer on Ebay.
    I am upset, and shocked, now I lots all confidence with Ebay and Paypal.

    I purchased a laptop for 180pounds, the seller stated that was only 4 month old and in top working order.
    After the seller cashed my money, I asked her about the delivery, and she stated that I will receive on Tuesday. Tuesday came and went .
    I then emailed her, and she now said that the laptop has some problem and is not 4 month old but 1 year old. .And also she said that she did not want to sell to me any more. Just unbelievable !!

    So I asked for my refund, she dont reply.

    I reported to Ebay and Paypal, but because I escalate the problem with Paypal, now Ebay say that they cannot help me because I issued the problem with Paypal.

    I always had the impression that they are linked together paypal and ebay. So now I am worried if I ever get my money back, If so , what about the seller?

    Will go unpunished ? So she can scum another victim ?

    I prefer in the future to keep away from ebay so to give less ammunition to scummer the rejects of society and the mother Earth.

  31. I would think that around 10% is stolen, 50% is counterfeit and 35% sub standard or graded. You are much better off buying from a high street store. Even Amazon now has tbayers selling on its site.

  32. I find eBay is ethically and morally bankrupt when it comes to protecting the consumers of their sites. They allow sellers to rip off consumers, posting of fakes, and the eBay cunster services representatives constantly lie to consumers over the phone and blame the consumers for the illegal actions and activities occuring on their own site.


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