What Is Adware – Adware Scam

Adware is a software application that displays unwanted banner ads or pop-up windows with ads. The justification for adware is that it helps recover programming development cost and helps to hold down the cost for the user. Consumers get a helpful piece of software for free because of the sponsors. But in many instances adware can be a form of spyware that collects information about the user and passes it on to third parties, without the user’s authorization or knowledge. Silent background use of an Internet backchannel connection must be preceded by a complete and truthful disclosure of proposed backchannel usage, followed by the receipt of explicit, informed consent for such use. Any software communicating across the Internet absent of these elements is guilty of information theft and is properly and rightfully termed as spyware.

Adware can be very intrusive. Sometimes they interfere with Web browsing by taking over the entire computer screen. They can be difficult or impossible to close. In bad cases, many windows will appear in rapid succession, making the computer virtually unusable. Sometimes adware pop-ups and advertisements are deliberately deceptive. There have been examples where the “no” or “cancel” buttons are actually “yes” or “install” buttons. Pop-up windows with fake Close buttons when clicked trigger malware installations, much to the shock of their victims. Sometimes sponsor program bundled with free software are advertisements that trumpet a warning the computer is infected with spyware. The screen will tell you to download the “free scanner” to erase the spyware. However in this case your computer is not infected and this is only a trick used by the con artists to make you believe in the computer infection and download the advertised application which can be a virus or a trojan horse.


Most suspicious spyware installs itself into internet explorer. Internet explorer is the default browser in your Windows OS and is generally the most unsafe browser out here. I highly recommend installing the Mozilla Firefox browser which contains no backdoors and will cause you not trouble with annoying adware, unlike internet explorer. In addition Firefox is faster and the features and user experience is way better. Mozilla Firefox is a Google product and is free.

Getting rid of Adware programs should be as easy as going to Add/Remove Programs and simply removing the offending program. Unfortunately, it usually takes something more to remove the bad adware. This is why Adware removal software exists. A very good anti adware, malware and spyware application is called Spybot S&D. The company has been running since the year 2000 and is an established business. Best of all is the application is free to use!

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  1. Outrageous…Stopzilla should be stopped. Thimking I needed to upgrade from Spybot. I thought I’d use the FREE trial to see if I liked it. As soon as it came up it knocked all my open files. It identified 65 infections I feel are prob bogus. When I clicked remove the infections it sent me to a pay screen. Then when I tied to remove Stopzilla it locked me out of add/remove programs, then almost crashed my whole system. Blue screen and all. I shut the computer down then disabled the internet when it rebooted. Microsoft message said it had recovered from a serious problem. I removed Zilla from the software list then pulled it off add/remove. Ran sppybot again shows no problems. Whoosh


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